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  1. Use DXT5, I have a script here: (Requires imagemagick and nvcompress).
  2. I'm just going to use Helvetica, fonts are loaded for use with TMP as just an atlas anyways, which seems to be under the usual desktop usage licensing of Helvetica that comes with most OSs
  3. Looks like this mod's patch to add its own parts to the decals category is targeting all MODCAT nodes
  4. Theres already an IVA nav ball prop, why not reverse-engineer how it gets its data?
  5. Is there any way to reuse the color picker UI from the suit menu for something else? at first glance it seems to use a lot of unity-editor-assigned values and prefabs locked in private variables
  6. Unless you're projecting onto a part with a lot of meshes, it shouldn't be any more draw calls than a normal part. Also your pixel light problem is caused by the terrain shader being unnecessarily heavy, I think they're not making proper use of texture arrays or something
  7. Released version 0.1.4 with some EVE cloud bugfixes, and confirmed that ConformalDecals works fine in 1.10, Though I recommend updating B9PS and MM once they get official 1.10 releases Fixes: Fixed decals rendering onto disabled B9PS part variants Decals will still not update when their parent part's B9PS variant is changed, both in flight and in the editor. This is known and awaiting a change to B9PS to be fixed. Fixed decal bounds rendering as dark cubes when shadowed by EVE clouds. Fixed decals being shadowed by EVE clouds, causing the part underneath to appear overly dark.
  8. Did you use "download zip" in github on the master branch? Github struggles with Git LFS stuff and will sometimes download the reference file instead, either do a git clone or download the zip file under releases
  9. @DirtyFace83 Use module manager to append the folder path from one onto the other with a semicolon in between. Which mod is adding the other decal category?
  10. Completely harmless, but I just fixed it for the next version It'll revert to either the first or the default variant... I forget which but those two are usually the same thing
  11. I wrote a post about how the projection works: