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  1. Unfortunately not, since the decals don't have physics or aerodynamics. I considered having it increase the max heat of the part they're attached to but modifying *other* parts is a risky gamble
  2. Checked again, decals don't even show drag info in their PAW with debug info shown. if anyone can give actual evidence they have aerodynamics I'll look into it but I've yet to see that.
  3. I don't know what to tell you, the parts have no drag model. Even in your F12 screenshot the arrows appear to have zero length
  4. im not convinced there ever where memory leaks. at least not in OnDestroy()
  5. Released Conformal Decals 0.2.12 Changed Updated bundled Shabby to 0.3.0. Does not affect CKAN users Made flag aspect ratio overrides configurable with ASPECTRATIO nodes in the config. User flags added to Squad/Flags should now be the correct aspect ratio All decal aspect ratios can now be overriden with the aspectRatio field Fixed Reverted some changes from last version that were causing issues on launch
  6. The mod is hardcoded to make any image in Squad/flags 8:5 aspect ratio, due to the way the Squad flags are done (squad flags are 2:1 but expect to be stretched by the flag transforms. blame them). Put them anywhere else in game data and they should be the right aspect ratio. In hindsight maybe I should have kept a list of stock flags instead of doing it by folder. To be honest I had no idea users would modify Squad/ Released Conformal Decals 0.2.11 Fixed PR by LinuxGuruGamer: Fixed nullref caused when an entry in _targets was null Fixed memory leak caused by the OnDestroy() methods not being called due to them being virtual
  7. You can use the rackmount parts if you want. I’ve actually considered reviving the mod…
  8. You're going to want to fix the mesh path config, KSP doesn't support backslash paths. Also you probably want to add a license before the forum moderators get on you for that
  9. That’s what happens when you use the mapped specular shader with no normal map. I’m guessing the plug-in corrects that on export
  10. my point is that the shader node editor only affects its appearance in Blender. Editing the nodes has no effect on how it shows up in game.
  11. The mu files do not contain shaders. They only contain the name of the shader. What you are seeing is a result of an invalid shader, which defaults to a mirror effect. You cannot design Unity shaders in blender, it is not possible.
  12. That’s not the shader you made. That’s what you get when you use the standard shader in KSP. Shader information is not included in mu files, it has to be loaded through asset bundles
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