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  1. You're going to want to fix the mesh path config, KSP doesn't support backslash paths. Also you probably want to add a license before the forum moderators get on you for that
  2. That’s what happens when you use the mapped specular shader with no normal map. I’m guessing the plug-in corrects that on export
  3. my point is that the shader node editor only affects its appearance in Blender. Editing the nodes has no effect on how it shows up in game.
  4. The mu files do not contain shaders. They only contain the name of the shader. What you are seeing is a result of an invalid shader, which defaults to a mirror effect. You cannot design Unity shaders in blender, it is not possible.
  5. That’s not the shader you made. That’s what you get when you use the standard shader in KSP. Shader information is not included in mu files, it has to be loaded through asset bundles
  6. If anyone has trouble installing through CKAN, run ckan compat add 1.12.2 B9PS is still marked as being for 1.12.2 but it works fine in 1.12.3 EDIT: This has now been resolved. thanks @blowfish
  7. Great! Do you have an official build of the 0.2.0 version that uses Harmony 2 I can use, or should I just use my unofficial build? I can also take over distributing Shabby (and put it on SpaceDock) if you are too busy these days
  8. Release 0.2.10 Fixed Fixed decals not projecting on loading prefabs Changed Re-enabled projecting onto TransparentFX layer Added Allowed for regular expressions to be used when blacklisting shaders Added all Waterfall shaders to the shader blacklist when Waterfall is present
  9. Looks like this is a side effect of the way I fixed the waterfall projection issue. I'm working on a fix. in the meantime you can remove and replace the decals What? conformal decals doesn't need any modules on the part they're attached to
  10. Sounds like a problem with your ISP upload speed. From GitHub actions im uploading a 2.5MB mod in under 5 seconds
  11. Released 0.2.9 Fixed Fixed text decals breaking when used in symmetry Fixed decals projecting onto the TransparentFX layer, such as Waterfall plumes
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