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  1. Honestly I don’t think it needs variants at all, unless maybe you have one with an aerodynamic shroud
  2. KSP parts are standardized as 24-sided
  3. So uh... Who's the new artist?
  4. All of the other relay antennas are white so I thought I would make them consistent. Thanks for the compliment!
  5. if it helps, the default/stock animation in pood's gif is the one in the back right
  6. that is what it does, I guess Pood's gif might be a little confusing on what's the deployed and retracted state.
  7. On this Thursday update we're showing the Spectro-Variometer and the HG-5 Relay Antenna. Both of these parts are somewhat iconic shapes, but still in need of some improved models and textures. Some goals here were to keep the original designs as closely as possible but with higher fidelity and better similarity to other parts in their families. The HG-5 is based on the Apollo high gain antenna as well as the Lunar Orbiter spacecraft, and has the same white painted dish front and copper feed as the other relay parts. It also has 3 more alternate deploy positions to make using the part less frustrating, and in Restock+ there is the new HG-20 relay with 4 dishes, so you can recreate the Apollo spacecraft. The Spectro-Variometer I decided was likely intended to be a gas chromatograph, a real world instrument for analyzing the makeup of materials. I had some fun with this since it was one of the few parts where I could get away with fan vents as greebling . Screenshots thanks to @Poodmund since my laptop doesnt get along very well with graphical mods and a screenshot of the antenna in the VAB showing all the deploy positions available (and I think some unfinished textures oops)
  8. No, but Blowfish made a plugin to prevent redundant stock assets from loading using a blacklist
  9. Probably not, but you can easily do that yourself with a MM patch
  10. We're trying to keep colliders the same as the stock parts for save compatibility, ESPECIALLY for kraken-bait parts like legs or wheels, so modifying the shape of existing legs is a no-go. I'll keep that in mind for possible Restock+ parts though!
  11. It’s the one from Porkjet’s revamp before he left
  12. They both completely lack AO, and the poodle's engine bell is a really weird, almost spherical shape that makes no sense