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  1. Released version 0.2.6 (build 1) Fixes: Fixed stock flags appearing stretched by forcing their aspect ratio to be correct. Another attempted fix for the planet text glitch. EDIT: Just found a nasty bug in this immediately after pushing, give me an hour or so to push a new build to fix it before downloading
  2. Honestly, absolutely zero. There doesnt appear to be any code in planet rendering that uses render textures, and I cant reproduce so I suspect its only on DirectX (which I cant test). I pushed some blind attempts at a fix to the main branch on github. can you try that and see if it works? Also please file a bug report there with detailed reproduction steps
  3. Released version 0.2.5 Fixes: Fixed line spacing, character spacing, and vertical settings not applying to symmetry counterparts
  4. Released version 0.2.4 Fixes: Fixed red text appearing on planets due to KSP bug by clearing render textures afterwards. Fixed fonts not saving correctly. Changes: Lowered step size for decal size and depth to 1cm. Changed default max size to 5m. Changed default text decal size to 0.2m Text decals now show as a circle if they contain only whitespace.
  5. Hmm, looks like some mod is being naughty and not clearing a render texture before using it. Can you reproduce with just ConformalDecals installed?
  6. Wow that's... baffling. If I had to guess it has to do with both the wheels and the decals being physicsless parts, making it a KSP bug
  7. Released version 0.2.3 Fixes: Fixed TMP subobjects being deleted, causing fallback fonts to fail in some situations. Started using URL-style encoding for text decals behind the scenes to prevent issues with certain characters. Fixed text decals having zero size when they had only whitespace or an empty string Fixed decals having drag and causing issues when using FAR Fixed broken saving of text decals in certain circumstances.
  8. Released Version 0.2.2 Fixes: Fixed corrupted text rendering when a vessel loads during a scene change.
  9. Does it fix it permanently? because Ive been able to replicate the issue when going from flight to VAB reliably with any text. Updating the text once you're in the VAB causes it to re-render, so of course doing that would fix the corruption until it needs to render again on a scene change
  10. This is actually a bug in B9partswitch, and its already been reported This one I'm completely baffled by. It seems unity is doing something weird when the text gets rendered on the first frame the VAB or SPH scene is loaded, and it causes this to happen. I think the only workaround will be to force editor scene text rendering to happen a few frames late of part creation. Very weird. I also cant seem to replicate it happening in the flight scene but I suppose the fix is the same
  11. I thought I did, turns out I put it in "boon.config" now I'm getting the same error but the KSP runtime is printing `debugger-agent: Unable to listen on 8` to the console, I guess time to figure out what thats about
  12. I tried following this and successfully got KSP to run as a "development build", but whenever I try to connect to it from Rider from the running process list, I get Failed to connect: Connection refused Unable to connect to UnityPlayer Did you run into this? any idea what I'm doing wrong? Rider is version 2020.1.4 so maybe something changed recently?
  13. Released version 0.2.1 Changes Pressing enter in the text entry window now types a newline. Fixes Renamed font assetbundle. The old extension was causing the game to try to load it twice on Windows due to legacy compatability features. Fixed text rendering on DirectX resulting in black boxes by using ARGB32 instead of RG16 for the render texture in DirectX.
  14. I found the problem and will push a fix tomorrow. Turns out its caused by a windows compatibility feature older than I am
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