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  1. Are you running KSP 1.8? can you post your log?
  2. Follow the instructions on the wiki to restore stock part models.
  3. I've only seen the 1e9 notation in programming context, mostly since the "^" operator is usually reserved for bitwise exclusive-or, not an exponent. so "1*10^9" would be 3, not 1,000,000,000 If you want to do this conversion easier without having to do the math, most calculators have an "exp" or "E" button that does this (shown here in pcalc in the lower left, I don't have easy access to windows but the windows calculator should have the same thing)
  4. You didn't even watch the whole thing and yet you're still demanding tie-in content for a bad movie from 1998?
  5. Who said anything about KSP 1 2.0? the next version is KSP 1.10
  6. I don't understand why the bell changes color between variants
  7. No you don’t, you’re working in spherical coordinates not cartesian
  8. It doesn’t work like that, the Pythagorean theorem works on linear directions in cartesian space, not angles in spherical space. If you start at the equator and go 90° east and 90° north, you’re 90° from your starting point, not 127° Degrees of altitude? What does that even mean? Why are you multiplying the altitude by pi? This whole set of code will work fine for small angles (see the small angle approximation) but completely fall apart with larger distance in any axis but r, but of course you only tested it in the r axis... if you want the real formula for distance between points in a spherical coordinate system, look at this stack exchange post
  9. Honestly not sure where to begin with how wrong this math is
  10. No fix for the game running at absurd resolutions on retina screens?
  11. I just double checked in blender and the restock HECS2 collider is identical to the stock one. The nose cone collider was also identical but the collider was rotated 15° which I'm going to open a ticket for
  12. What collider changes are you having issues with? the colliders should all be the same as stock
  13. what do you mean "not compatible with the regular docking ports", they replace the regular docking ports models so what are you trying to dock them to? for the second point: they are 1.25m in diameter, which is actually slightly wider than the stock ones