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  1. Neither of those parts are added by Restock+, take it up with squad The colliders are designed to allow offsetting downwards over a junior docking port I haven't looked into it, but I'm pretty sure this would hurt save compatibility. any existing vessels when this change is made would have the shrouds on by default even in flight with nothing attached
  2. Decals in Squad/Flags are locked to a 5:8 aspect ratio due to how squad made the textures. if you want your own flags of a different shape, put them in a different flags folder
  3. Do you have MH installed or is this the RS+ version of the engine plate?
  4. Heh, nah. I'm not going to desecrate Cobalt's work like that
  5. I looked into doing it. the part makes no sense. the CoM is in a nonsensical place, its a similar size to the mk1 can while holding more kerbals, and its RCS is unbalanced
  6. I'm curious if the circular solar panels deploy correctly? the way the panels are oriented when stowed doesnt seem correct relative to when deployed
  7. Quicktex is now on PyPI, so you can now install it with just pip install quicktex Prebuilt packages are available for mac, linux, and windows on x86_64. If you're on ARM you'll have to make sure you have a C/C++ compiler installed so pip can build quicktex from source, at least until github actions has ARM support.
  8. yaclog-ksp A command line tool based on yaclog for converting markdown changelogs to KerbalChangelog config files. available on github and pypi Installation run: pip install yaclog-ksp Usage Usage: yaclog-ksp [OPTIONS] Converts markdown changelogs to KSP changelog configs. Options: --path FILE Location of the changelog file. [default: CHANGELOG.md] -o, --output FILE Output file to write to. Uses 'GameData/{name}/Versioning/{name}ChangeLog.cfg' by default. -n, --name TEXT The name of the mod. Derived from the current directory by default. --version Show the version and exit. --help Show this message and exit. for example, running yaclog-KSP --path MyLog.md -n "My KSP Mod" would output to GameData/MyKSPMod/Versioning/MyKSPModChangeLog.cfg Input files are in markdown, and use a certain syntax to be readable by the tool. Metadata is included in a table at the top of the file (which row you make the header doesnt matter). Each version is an subheading with the version, an optional date, and the KSP version as a tag on the end in brackets Example Changelog: # Changelog This is the changelog for my cool mod! | modName | MyCoolMod | | ------- | ------------- | | license | CC-By-SA | | website | Example.com | | author | A cool person | ## 1.0.0 - 2020-04-16 [KSP 1.11] First full release ### Fixed - Nyan Cat now has correct music ### Added - Multiplayer ## 0.9.1 [KSP 1.10.1] Supported versions: 0.2.0 beta to 1.10.x ### Changed A very complicated thing that I can't easily explain in bullet points, but this paragraph works pretty well to get the point across! - Another thing that has multiple specific items - this bullet point * and this other one + oh and another one! ### Removed - Herobrine I'm currently working on a command line tool to generate and append to markdown changelogs
  9. Try it again now, I didnt realize having test images in a submodule would cause issues. Not sure how to help with your windows issues though
  10. Pillow-mbm To go with Quicktex, I created a python module for converting MBM files, also available on github as well as pypi License: AGPL Installation To install from Pypi, run: pip install pillow-mbm Usage To decode MBM files, use the convert-mbm command, along with a glob or a list of files to decode. By default, it will convert to png in place. Usage: convert-mbm [OPTIONS] [FILENAMES]... Decode Kerbal Space Program MBM files Options: -f, --flip / -F, --no-flip Vertically flip image after converting. -r, --remove Remove input images after converting. -s, --suffix TEXT Suffix to append to output file(s). Ignored if output is a single file. -x, --extension TEXT Extension to use for output. Ignored if output is a single file. Output filetype is deduced from this [default: .png] -o, --output PATH Output file or directory. If outputting to a file, input filenames must be only a single item. By default, files are decoded in place. --version Show the version and exit. --help Show this message and exit.
  11. Quicktex Available on Github License: LGPL Quicktex is a python library and command line tool for encoding and decoding DDS files. It is based on the RGBCX encoder, which is currently one of the highest quality S3TC encoders available. Quicktex has a python front end, but the encoding and decoding is all done in C++ for speed comparable to the original library. While it is not only useful for KSP, KSP is what I initially made it for, so I think it can go here for support and visibility. It should have higher quality than NVTT or DDS4KSP, while still being reasonably fast, as well as having a (in development, unstable) python API for custom scripting and tricky image types like light cookies. Installation If you are on macOS, you need to first install openMP from homebrew to enable multithreading, since it is not included in the default Apple Clang install: brew install libomp To install, just install from PyPI using pip (the package manager built into python) pip install quicktex and setuptools will take care of any python dependencies for you. The package also makes tests, stub generation, and docs available. To install the required dependencies for them, install with options like so (Docs are still a work in progress): pip install quicktex[tests,stubs,docs] Quicktex will be available on Pypi once it is out of alpha. Usage Usage: quicktex [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]... Encode and Decode various image formats Options: --version Show the version and exit. --help Show this message and exit. Commands: decode Decode DDS files to images. encode Encode images to DDS files of the given format. To decode DDS files to images, use the decode subdommand, along with a glob or a list of files to decode. To encode images to DDS files, use the encode subcommand, plus an additional subcommand for the format. For example, quicktex encode bc1 bun.png will encode bun.png in the current directory to a bc1/DXT1 dds file next to it. For KSP textures I recommend quicktex encode auto -r [filenames] encode and decode both accept several common parameters: -f, --flip / -F, --no-flip: Vertically flip image before/after converting. [default: True] -r, --remove: Remove input images after converting. -s, --suffix TEXT: Suffix to append to output filename(s). Ignored if output is a single file. -o, --output: Output file or directory. If outputting to a file, input filenames must be only a single item. By default, files are converted in place.
  12. you can just use an older version of B9PS, it should work fine yeah sorry, I know about this but the next major update involves a major overhaul of that part, and Ive been sidetracked by other projects. just use text without symmetry in the meantime
  13. Released version 0.2.8 Update bundled Shabby to support Harmony 2 for compatibility with other mods Update bundled B9PartSwitch to 2.18.0 Using Harmony 2 makes this compatible with other mods now using it, like Kerbalism, but also makes it incompatible with any older versions of Harmony, so make sure you have updated any mods that use Harmony 1 (namely Kerbalism<3.13, Tilt'em, and LunaMultiPlayer) before installing this update! Harmony 2 also means that I can finally look into adding ConformalDecals to CKAN, I'll just have to work with @taniwha to get Shabby on there first
  14. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the github repository from before around November? I seem to have lost the affinity source files while migrating out of LFS. Thanks for nothing, rent-seeking Github/Microsoft. Edit: thank you to @Mecripp for forking the repository several months ago and saving all the files I had to delete on Github’s servers! I know it wasn’t intentional but it probably saved me hours of work recreating the source files.
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