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  1. yaclog-ksp A command line tool for converting markdown changelogs to KerbalChangelog config files. available on github and pypi Installation run: pip install yaclog-ksp Usage Usage: yaclog-ksp [OPTIONS] Converts markdown changelogs to KSP changelog configs. Options: -i, --input FILE Input markdown file to read from. [default: CHANGELOG.md] -o, --output FILE Output file to write to. Uses 'GameData/{name}/Versioning/{name}ChangeLog.cfg' by default. -n, --name TEXT The name of t
  2. Try it again now, I didnt realize having test images in a submodule would cause issues. Not sure how to help with your windows issues though
  3. Pillow-mbm To go with Quicktex, I created a python module for converting MBM files, also available on github as well as pypi License: AGPL Installation To install from Pypi, run: pip install pillow-mbm Usage To decode MBM files, use the convert-mbm command, along with a glob or a list of files to decode. By default, it will convert to png in place. Usage: convert-mbm [OPTIONS] [FILENAMES]... Decode Kerbal Space Program MBM files Options: -f, --flip / -F, --no-flip Vertically flip image after converting. -r, --remove Remove input image
  4. Quicktex Available on Github License: LGPL Quicktex is a python library and command line tool for encoding and decoding DDS files. It is based on the RGBCX encoder, which is currently one of the highest quality S3TC encoders available. Quicktex has a python front end, but the encoding and decoding is all done in C++ for speed comparable to the original library. While it is not only useful for KSP, KSP is what I initially made it for, so I think it can go here for support and visibility. It should have higher quality than NVTT or DDS4KSP, while still being reasonably fast, as we
  5. you can just use an older version of B9PS, it should work fine yeah sorry, I know about this but the next major update involves a major overhaul of that part, and Ive been sidetracked by other projects. just use text without symmetry in the meantime
  6. Released version 0.2.8 Update bundled Shabby to support Harmony 2 for compatibility with other mods Update bundled B9PartSwitch to 2.18.0 Using Harmony 2 makes this compatible with other mods now using it, like Kerbalism, but also makes it incompatible with any older versions of Harmony, so make sure you have updated any mods that use Harmony 1 (namely Kerbalism<3.13, Tilt'em, and LunaMultiPlayer) before installing this update! Harmony 2 also means that I can finally look into adding ConformalDecals to CKAN, I'll just have to work with @taniwha to get Shabby on there fi
  7. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the github repository from before around November? I seem to have lost the affinity source files while migrating out of LFS. Thanks for nothing, rent-seeking Github/Microsoft. Edit: thank you to @Mecripp for forking the repository several months ago and saving all the files I had to delete on Github’s servers! I know it wasn’t intentional but it probably saved me hours of work recreating the source files.
  8. Yes, emissive decals are currently possible. See the documentation for details Technically, yes. It will load decals from any decalfont file and definitions from any conformal decals config block. But in practice, creating new font packages requires a source copy of an old version of TextMeshPro
  9. Just offset it downwards, the collider is designed for it. I couldn’t add a variant for it because the part already uses the variant switcher for colors
  10. I think you need to write a new module. The new ModuleLight is too limiting for anything beyond the stock lights
  11. Released version 1.1.2, which fixes the depth mask not applying after a part is repaired. KSP 1.11 is required, if you are using an older version please use ModuleDepthMask version 1.1.1
  12. It’s not that simple. The space dock version of the mod bundles dependencies, including Shabby which isn’t on ckan either
  13. Released version 0.2.7 Supported KSP versions: 1.8.x to 1.11.x Notes: Attaching decal parts in flight using engineer kerbals is not supported. Fixes: Fixed certain non-ascii strings not rendering correctly under certain circumstances. Yet another attempted fix for the planet text glitch.
  14. If anyone is thinking of trying to attach decals in flight with the new inventory system, I'll tell you right now its not going to work. Might never work, I'm not sure how the UX of editing a decal in flight would work
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