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  1. Can I see through the eyes of a Kerbal while sitting in command chair?
  2. [1.2.2] Maneuver Node Splitter v1.7.0

    Yes, please! We need this mod live! Especially for lolg-long Near Future Propulsive transfers
  3. Please, make some king of electric propeller! Just something, please!
  4. [1.3.0] Mk3 Airliner v1.0

    Are you sure? I see cheap and light orbital hotels incoming
  5. So cool you are back! Thx for updating the mod! But seems DE mod didnt likes autostruts and ignites it! Even in hangar when activating autostruts...
  6. NyanCat 1.0 [KSP 0.25/0.90/1.0]

    @godarklight also may be a bug with rainbow appearing not behind the plane, but right inside of root part: PS: I forgot to thank you for this cute little madness
  7. NyanCat 1.0 [KSP 0.25/0.90/1.0]

    @godarklight Is it possible to activate/deactivate Nyan behaviour without game restart and install/uninstall the mod? Because I want to just SOMETIMES surprise my viewers, when they didnt expect, but not always at conditions of over9000m&~500speed
  8. Can we rebind hotkeys in cfg or elsewhere? Because I have Stage action on my Enter..
  9. Does this mod effects corresponds to stock kerbal personal g-limits?
  10. @magico13 I've noticed MagiCore.dll inside of modlets folder of latest release, is it normal? Or we still need GameData\MagiCore\MagiCore.dll ?
  11. Holy Snacks! Congrats on the release!
  12. Idea is good ...if this won't clutter persistent and craft files like an Action Groups Extended do. But UI is not intuitive and pretty confusing, IMO. It would be much better to unify it with stock AG editor. AG list on the left, current assigner actions in the center column and the rest of actions on the right. Click on vessel part -> see it actions, click on action group -> highlight affected parts. Simple, intuitive, handy...
  13. @DMagic some feedback about Basic Orbit: Panel scale setting did not saves itself and switch back to 100% at scene change, but slider still indicates 110% Transparency of panels somehow differs with vertical position on the screen. Panels distinguishable more transparent on the top and more opaque at the bottom of the screen. Definitely need a current craft name string on a Orbit Panel. Like target's name but for current controlled vessel - very useful on a cluttered bases and after crashes More uniform, even strait plain background panel texture would be highly appreciated! Ability to move and swap around info strings on a panel would be very useful for better personal experience. Basic DeltaV is absolutely gorgeous! Nothing more, nothing less. Now I dont even know, do I need a Kerbal Engineer in VAB any more! Thx for you wonderful work!