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  1. I haven't really seen to need to add ladders myself, since I just position the FASA launch tower crew platform so that the deck is close to the bottom of the BPC/Mk1-2 capsule hatch area.
  2. 本人是台灣人, 現在住在紐西蘭. 很高興認識大家!
  3. I have no plans to support other docking ports beyond the stock Clamp-O-Tron or the FusTek IACBM. It is not practical to make a universal stack chute part and the Boost Protect Cover compatible with the varying dimensions of all the third-party docking adapters out there.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll look into it over the next few days.
  5. @Jhorriga, I suspect you do not understand the full situation. Yes, Comfortable Landing is already released, and I have been aware of it quite some time before you first asked about my flotation collar. The problem is that the way the plugin is written right now, airbags and buoys cannot coexist on the same part, as documented on the GitHub wiki - my desire is for the SDHI SMS heatshield to be able to support both the airbags for ground landings and flotation collars/buoys for splashdowns simultaneously. Based on my last correspondence with @Icecovery , he either does not understand my request, or does not wish to implement it. I may consider resuming work on my own derivative flotation collar plugin in the distant future; right now, I'm putting this feature on the backburner. *I've been dabbling in plugin coding for RimWorld recently with the help of a more experienced modder, and so far I'm enjoying the process.
  6. KSP USB Control Panel

    [MOD - Moved to the KSP Fan Works subforums, as this is the generally-accepted location for hardware control panels and simpits] Looking quite nice!
  7. @Jhorriga - I am waiting on @Icecovery to redevelop his Comfortable Landing plugin, before I can fully-implement flotation collars to SDHI SMS.
  8. Try removing those and see what happens.
  9. Imgur albums broken ... again?!

    Can confim that attempting to embed albums results in a link instead:
  10. I'm happy to hear that your game is now working, but "64 bits 1 tb and it is up to 2.7 GHz" doesn't contain any information about your operating system. Is it Windows 10? Windows 8? Windows 7? Windows Vista? Linux? MacOS?
  11. Can you please tell us what operating system your computer has, and provide the game log files from the last crash?
  12. [1.3.0] Comfortable Landing [V1.3]

    I suppose I can give your workaround a try. However, for the sake of convenience, I would prefer to activate prelanding mode without necessarily knowing in advance whether I will be making a water or terrestrial landing, and have your plugin automatically choose different models and animations to play for each scenario. Is there a particular reason you cannot (or do not wish to) make the CL_Buoy and CL_Airbag part modules coexist and operate independently of each other?
  13. [1.3.0] Comfortable Landing [V1.3]

    Great work on this mod, @Icecovery! I too definitely like how the buoys/airbags are directly integrated into various pods instead of having dedicated parts - definitely makes integration into existing and new craft much easier. I do have a bit of a request, however. Reading through your (comprehensive) documentation on GitHub, I see that you currently support buoys that work only on splashdown, as well as airbags that work on both splashdown and landing. Would it be possible to also have an additional part module that deploys on landing only? I'm asking this because my SDHI SMS mod uses the stock Mk1-2 pod, and I would like to have separate models and animations for the buoy and airbag - specifically, I would like to keep the default CL flotation collar and righting balls in the pod for splashdowns, while having a custom SDHI airbag in my custom heat shield that only works for terrestrial landings:
  14. So I've had a play around with Comfortable Landing on my prebuilt SDHI SMS vessel, and it pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin - automatically deploys airbags on splashdown. There is little configuration or fiddling required by users - the airbags and righting balls are integrated into the stock Mk1-2 Pod itself via MODEL{} nodes (although existing craft may need to be rebuilt). I'm more than happy to use this mod myself, and would definitely recommend it to everyone, so work on my proposed Hanbart-Thompdrin mod is redundant. In fact, I like CL's own flotation collar design so much, I'm going to try to repurpose my original heat shield airbags for terrestrial landings instead:
  15. As the third-party Comfortable Landing mod already provides most of the proposed functionality, work on this is no longer necessary. Closing.