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  1. Apologies for the late response! I suppose you could delete `GameData/SDHI/Service Module System/SDHI_SMS.restockwhitelist`. However, the reason SDHI SMS reverts the ReStock Mk1-3 skin is because the ReStock design clashes with the added SDHI Umbilical port model. Sorry, I have no plans to support alternative docking port sizes. Although the game developers retconned the Clamp-O-Tron Jr. as allowing Kerbals to pass through them, I personally think that the Jr.s are too narrow for a Kerbalnaut and their helmet to pass through comfortably.
  2. @sebi.zzr - My concern with your approach is that the light will no longer default to being bound to the Lights action group, as well as the lack of resource (electricity) consumption while the light is spinning.
  3. I'll give your suggestions a try, @sebi.zzr - changing the animation hierarchy sounds like something I could do fairly easily.
  4. (I'm not the original author, but here's something I've found and edited to fix spelling and grammar) Overheard whilst in the company of Klingon Software Engineers Defensive programming? Never! Klingon programs are always on the offense. Yes, offensive programming is what we do best. Specifications are for the weak and timid! This machine is gagh! I need dual Pentium processors if I am to do battle with this code! You cannot really appreciate Dilbert unless you've read it in the original Klingon. Indentation?! I will show y
  5. The recent changes to ModuleLight in KSP 1.11 mean my Strobe-O-Matic rotator light mod no longer works, so I've been trying to figure out how to revamp my spinner lights. Context (1.05~1.10 era) My mod provides rotator lights in five fixed standardized industrial colors - amber, blue, green, red and white. Each rotator light consists of a common base model (not relevant to this discussion) and a colored lens model containing the light source and animated rotating mirror. As it is not possible to actually redirect a light beam off a mirror, I actually have two light sources - a s
  6. @dprostock, I've confirmed the bug in my own game as well. However, it's been a very long time since I've modded for KSP, so it may (also) take a while for me to figure out how to fix this.
  7. This mod should still work fine in the current version of KSP. Are you experiencing any particular errors?
  8. [MOD - Moved to the main Add-on Releases subforum, as this is content that is directly used in-game rather than a standalone software tool.]
  9. V4.0.4 released - see first post for download link 4.0.4 - 11 October 2020 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.10.x - Fixed MechJeb compatibility patch to prevent duplicate MJ modules or local settings on the Crew Module Adapter If you want to support me without paying real money, please download my add-ons from CurseForge - the more downloads I get from there, the more Author Rewards points I can redeem from Curse, which will help me buy bowls of ramen to keep me going during late-night modding sessions
  10. Good catch, thanks! I'll roll this into the next update. @Souptime - Please stop pinging me about your patch. As I've said, I neither endorse or disapprove of what you're doing, so you don't need to seek my permission.
  11. No - the rotation speed is baked into the animation of the strobe models.
  12. @Souptime - I neither endorse or disapprove of what you're doing, as I don't use ReStock myself. If you are publishing this as a separate mod, please start a new forum thread and make sure you follow the official Add-on Posting Rules.
  13. Looking at your screenshot, you seem to have attached at least one of the fairings correctly. Did you try using 3x symmetry to attach all three in one go, or are you instead trying to attach them individually?
  14. V4.0.3 released - see first post for download link 4.0.3 - 29 August 2020 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.10.x - Added ReStock compatibility - If ReStock is installed, the game will be forced to use the original Mk1-3 Command Pod, to ensure compatibility with the SDHI SMS Umbilical Port I also updated the FAQ in the first post, this time stating that ReStock is (partially) supported, although that won't stop me from still acting like a tsundere about it If you want to support me without paying real money, please download my add-
  15. After a quick test, I can confirm that this mod still works in 1.10.x without any updates. Disco ain't dead, folks!
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