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  1. sumghai

    Camera Tools not working in KSP 1.4.5?

    [MOD - Moved to Technical Support (PC, modded installs) subforums, as this is a question regarding mod issues rather than a suggestion for the base game.]
  2. I would prefer them in the dev thread, thanks
  3. Hey everyone! Some of you may have been following my development thread for news and updates on the V4 revamp for KSP 1.4.5. I'm pleased to announce that I'm almost finished with the revamp, and that I'm now seeking feedback while working on updating all the documentation - I'm particularly interested in how well my mod provides support for third-party mods. Give the following a whirl, and post your thoughts in the dev thread: Download the Experimental Build for KSP 1.4.5
  4. Progress Report, 23 September 2018 Just finished texturing the final part - the Launch Abort System: I also overhauled all of the MM patches that add third party mod support, mostly updating part name references and consolidating patches via the pipe ( | ) operator. SDHI SMS V4 will support the following: Connected Living Space Deadly Reentry MechJeb PEBKAC Industries Launch Escape Systems RemoteTech TAC Life Support USI Life Support Support for the following have been dropped due to lack of updates / incompatibility with KSP 1.4.5: FusTek Station Parts (I know, I know...) Kerbal Optical Alignment System (KOAS) OLDD / KURS Docking Camera Ven's Stock Revamp (compatibility patch no longer needed as SDHI SMS V4 no longer reuses stock Clamp-O-Tron model) I'm aware that someone submitted a PR for Kerbalism support, but the submitter didn't follow the same life support strategy as I did for TAC / USI LS, and I couldn't make heads or tails out of what their patch was trying to do. Therefore, I'm probably going to ignore that issue / PR until someone actively works with me on setting up a patch that better meets my intentions for LS in SDHI SMS. The only outstanding tasks that remain are: Documentation How-to guide and screenshots on the GitHub wiki A nicer brochure / picture gallery RealChutes - @stupid_chris is quietly working on RC2, and we've been discussing a small feature that would make the SDHI SMS drogue-mains chute system work better at abort altitudes; for now, though, RC1 works just fine, so I might leave this minor improvement as an update patch for when RC2 comes out Download the Experimental Build for KSP 1.4.5
  5. Hey @JPLRepo, I just submitted a feature request for explicitly stating the converter name in the part's VAB/SPH Parts List context dialog. Please let me know if you need additional info to help with this.
  6. Progress Report, 22 September 2018 Textures for the Service Module Fairings and the Boost Protect Cover are done. Current WIP Download -
  7. Progress Report, 20 September 2018 I finished texturing the Spacecraft Adapter this afternoon. For consistency with the "design language" established by stock parts, I combined elements from both the Rockomax TD-series decouplers and the FLOOYD fairing inner walls. I really liked how the ribbing on the inner skirt surface turned out. As always, the outer white base ring matches the Rockomax fuel tanks: Here's how the Service Module sits on the Adapter - note the little decoupling "kickers" that fit into the notches on the SM trunk. This is purely a cosmetic detail, but one that would break up the monotony of a plain decoupler ring without making the part model too complicated: Current WIP Download -
  8. Progress Report, 19 September 2018 Sorry for the late update, folks - I recently moved overseas to start a new job, and have limited access to the internet. Now that things are a little less crazy, I've managed to finish the textures for the Crew Module Adapter and Service Module. Note that the slightly-wider ribs every 60 degrees along the surface of the SM trunk was a deliberate design choice. Getting the specular and normal maps to match the stock 2.5m Rockomax tanks was painstaking work, but I'm quite pleased with the result: The CMA and SM textures did end up coming out lighter than the Mk1-3 Pod, but given the design intent of matching the Rockomax tank aesthetics, this is acceptable. Current WIP Download -
  9. sumghai

    I need a craft that can lift ~6000 tons

    [MOD - Moved to Spacecraft Echange subforum, as this is a "solve my problem" request than an actual challenge] @Exodus_Solis, please note that a "Challenge" must be something you have attempted and documented yourself.
  10. @Borv413, please rehost your image on Imgur instead - Google Image sharing doesn't allow direct public embeds.
  11. sumghai

    Green Rolf Vehicles Development Centre

    [MOD - Thread locked and download links removed, as the vehicles in this mod makes use of GTA V assets from Rockstar Games without adequate licensing. @greenrolf, please contact a moderator if you wish to have your thread unlocked.]
  12. sumghai

    Career mode suggestions

    [MOD - Post split into new topic, as it has little relation to the topic of the original thread it came from] By default, the stock game already includes extra ground stations Kerbin-wide. You may want to check your game difficulty settings to see if you have accidentally disabled this. If debris enters the physics range of your currently active vessel, then yes, they already do have a chance of destroying vessels. However, for vessels and debris simulated in the background, they are deliberately put "on rails" (i.e. all collisions and physics other than orbital position are disabled) to save computational resources. Fully simulating all background vessels/debris to track when they collide would slow the game down significantly, especially if large numbers of vessels/debris are involved.
  13. sumghai

    How to set the initial state of the vessel

    That's because the stock game itself doesn't support arbitrary velocity vectors. Even if you could specify them, orbital mechanics immediately override them anyway.
  14. sumghai

    How to set the initial state of the vessel

    Open HyperEdit (Alt-H) Select Orbit Editor > Velocity Set the Speed value Choose the Direction (Prograde, Normal, Radial, North, East, Up - use negative Speed values if you want Retrograde, Antinormal, Antiradial, South, West, Down) Click Apply What exactly are you trying to do with your spacecraft? Setting it on a specific orbit?
  15. sumghai

    How to set the initial state of the vessel

    There's definitely a menu option to adjust the velocity (speed and direction) of spacecraft at any location.