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  1. Yes, this is a precaution against known instances where spammers make seemingly innocuous posts at first, and then edit pre-approved posts with advertising links.
  2. I'll probably wait until the official mod loader comes out, and I have a better idea of what parts/API will be added to the game, before I look into modding for KSP2. I've learned the hard way through my intermittent attempts at reviving/revamping the FusTek Station Parts mod that updates in Early Access often necessitate fundamental changes to how I mod, and I'd rather not repeat that Sisyphean experience.
  3. I concur with all of the above, especially the ability to enter hex / RGB color codes. It would also be nice to be able to save and retrieve multiple presets, beyond the two Agency Colors.
  4. Personally, I think that for KSP2's career mode (or equivalent), mission simulations should have very limited fidelity, and be dependent on player progress: At the start of the game, the player agency knows little to nothing about other planets (other than they "exist") Players would first launch probes with scientific instruments to the Mun, Minimus and other nearby celestial bodies Using instrument data, the player can then generate very basic simulations to test subsequent missions The more missions and/or scientific instruments flown to a celestial body, the more accurate the simulations should be I also would prefer the scientific instrument unlock better simulations in a manner appropriate to each instrument - for instance, if your first probe to the Mun has a gravity sensor, your first simulation will include a basic gravity reading, but if not, your simulation will not account for gravity differences. I'd rather not see gamification in the form of trading genericized science points or cash for simulation fidelity. In short, simulations should really be for the late game, and the rest of the gameplay should encourage people to venture out and make mistakes.
  5. I think it would be nice if KSP2 took a similar approach to Ludeon Studio's RimWorld, and made the translation templates available on an open-source code repository like GitHub. Users would provide translations to these repos, which the developers can then periodically integrate into each game update. It would be interesting to see how moderation/vetting is managed - Ludeon generally lets the community self-manage translation accuracy / appropriateness, as it may not be practical for Intercept Games to appoint a language-specific moderator for every locale they want to support.
  6. For traversable IVAs to be a thing, I'd be interested to see how the developers address the following: Internal collisions: Probably by having a simplified invisible collision mesh to go along with the more detailed diffuse/specular visual mesh When to decouple internal physics from external physics (e.g. a Kerbal bumping against an interior wall shouldn't push the spacecraft off-course) Preventing Kerbals from getting wedged/stuck (e.g. by making sure IVA collision meshes are all convex) Camera clipping / zoom level control for first person vs. third-person views
  7. Thanks for the heads-up, dev team! I'm way long overdue for a laptop upgrade anyway, and I look forward to trying out the game very soon.
  8. [MOD - Moved to Gameplay Questions and Tutorials]
  9. [MOD - Moved to KSP 2 Suggestions and Development Discussion subforum]
  10. [MOD - Moved to Technical Support subforums and renamed thread title for clarity] Could you provide a screenshot of your rocket and staging in the Vehicle Assembly Building?
  11. Yeah, this was essentially the problem I had - they rotate once, then stop. And getting multiple light objects with the same name to play nice is also an issue that has plagued the SDHI SMS mod as well - I've struggled to get the docking port lights and emissives working properly again. In any case, if you do manage to figure this out, drop me a PM, and I'll fold your fixes into an official release.
  12. As much as I'd like that, the final update fundamentally changed how emissives and animations works, which basically broke the core functionality of this mod. It's the exact same problem that's plaguing the docking lights and docking hatch window emissives from the SDHI Service Module System mod.
  13. Well, the multiple docking light and docking port window emissives broke with the last few updates, and after trying various approaches, I'm at a complete loss at what to do about it.
  14. I'm slowly getting back into the groove of things, so here's what the revised docking port will look like with the new Clamp-O-Tron mesh: Current issues: The docking light LED emissive animation seem to be fine in the VAB/SPH, but are running inverted (!) in the flight scene (i.e. LEDs not glowing when the light is on, but start glowing when the light is switched off). I'm at a loss as to why this is the case, considering stock light animations play in the right direction for all scenes. The docking light LEDs need to be animated separately from the docking port window emissives, but ModuleLight and ModuleColorChanger don't play nicely on the same part with multiple independent emissives involved. Luckily, @Nerteahas suggested I could make use of some of his code from his NearFutureUtils' ModuleAdvancedColorChanger, which does seem to work independently of ModuleLight. I'll eventually compile my own plugin to include in SDHI SMS. So yeah, apologies for the delay, folks, but the KSP 1.12 update process hasn't exactly been smooth sailing.
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