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  1. [MOD - Moved to Modelling and Texturing Discussion subforums] Most part mod authors do in fact use more than one mesh/object in their part files, as this makes it easier to model and UV unwrap for texturing. And many part models can use multiple textures for a single part.
  2. [MOD - Renamed thread for clarity and moved to Suggestions & Development Discussion subforum, as that is the place for proposing new game features] The standard vanilla game itself does a very good job of teaching the (simplified) basics of real orbital mechanics, and a KerbalEDU version of the game already exists to cater to STEM educators' needs. Other than replacing the in-game planets with the real solar system and rocket parts with ones from real-life historical spacecraft, how would a proposed Realism mode differentiate itself from the existing game modes in a meaningful way?
  3. sumghai

    Dislike Reactions

    While I quite like SV's wide range of positive reactions, at the moment I personally don't think the same system would work well for the KSP Forums. Some particularly sensitive users may actually take offense at what proportion of positive reactions they receive. For instance, a user may post something intended to be funny, and receives mostly Funny reactions as intended and desired. However, one or two other users may respond with just a Like or an Informative response, leading to the poster internally panicking "What? Wasn't what I said funny enough for them?". Limiting the KSP Forum post reactions to just "Like" would eliminate this sort of problem. Any other reactions, people responding to the OP can articulate through post replies. Agreed. Hopefully, this won't come to pass, since my understanding is that the "Like" reaction feature is the analogue of the old Reputation system.
  4. sumghai

    Dislike Reactions

    I agree with the prevailing opinion that implementing a dislike button would be a bad idea for this community, as the feature would be abused and cause divisions in the community. Another forum that I frequent, Sufficient Velocity, has implemented a wide range of post reactions (e.g. Like, Funny, Insightful, Informative) but also left out all the negative ones (Dislike, Picard Facepalm, WTH?) for the exact same reasons above.
  5. V4.0.1 released - see first post for download link 4.0.1 - 25 December 2018 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.6.x - Tweaked textures to better match stock parts Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, folks! If you want to support me without paying real money, please download my add-ons from CurseForge - the more downloads I get from there, the more Author Rewards points I can redeem from Curse, which will help me buy bowls of ramen to keep me going during late-night modding sessions
  6. Not really, but if you or anyone has put together suitable RealPlume effects for the SMS main engine and the LAS jettison/abort/steering motors, then I'm happy to accept a pull request via GitHub.
  7. sumghai

    Mod Request: Venting Rockets

    [MOD - Moved to Add-on Discussions, as this is a suggestion for a third-party mod rather than the vanilla base game]
  8. sumghai

    A farewell is necessary!

    Best wishes for the next chapter in your life, @Darth Badie - and many thanks for all the work you've done for the community, as well as your help and support for the moderation team.
  9. sumghai

    Hyper Drive Mod!

    [MOD - Moved to Add-on Releases subforums] @Exodus_Solis - Since it appears you intended this to be an announcement/release thread for your mod, I think it would be more helpful to users if you edited your first post to include a description of what the mod does, some screenshots, download links and the license it is to be distributed under.
  10. [MOD - Folks, just a friendly reminder that at the end of the day, modders create third-party content out of their personal love of the game, and while they may take user feedback into consideration, they are not obligated to implement every suggestion (especially if it is technically infeasible or contradicts their personal vision for their mod). You are welcome to continue making suggestions, but please don't repeatedly pester the mod author, especially if they (or those closely familiar with the mod) have already addressed whether or not your suggestion has been accepted. Thanks!]
  11. [MOD - Moved to General Mod Development Help and Support subforum]
  12. sumghai

    Comunidad hispanohablante

    [MOD - Moved to Spanish (Español) section of the International subforums. Please remember that any content posted outside of the International sections must be posted in English only.]
  13. sumghai

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Moderator and mod author here. Let's take a look at your questions, shall we? As you have already surmised, the KSP Forums has been around for a number of years, and has gone through at least two major forums backend forum updates. One of these was the infamous April 2013 incident where a significant number of threads and posts were actually lost during the upgrade, while the more recent one involved changes to how thread URLs are formatted. At the end of the day, mod authors are ordinary people with real life obligations and commitments, and while they may have time to update their mods, they might have accidentally overlooked the fact that their links in their OP haven't been updated. The best (and polite) thing to do is to quietly PM the mod author letting them know which broken link should be fixed, and provide them with the new links. The forums has a search tool in the top-right hand corner of every page. Try playing around with different permutations of keywords for the mod / content you are looking for.
  14. sumghai

    Romulan Space Program

    [MOD - Split from another thread, as this was an off-topic necropost]
  15. sumghai

    KSP mobile game/app

    [MOD - Moved to Suggestions & Development Discussion subforums] @ItsBentacular, the issue with KSP on mobile isn't so much 4K graphics, but rather, CPU physics. This is because KSP's physX implementation is based on the CPU rather than GPU, and mobile CPUs are generally inferior compared to those found in most laptop/desktop PCs. A mobile port of KSP would most likely require a heavily stripped-down featureset and limited physics, which wouldn't be as enjoyable as the full-fledged PC game. Games like Fortnite and PUBG don't require as much physics simulation as KSP, and so are easier to port to mobile.