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  1. My main concern about multiplayer across platforms is mod support, as historically only PC releases allowed the use of mods, whereas consoles didn't.
  2. Rest assured, the name has no meaningful relation to the real-life CSA. I simply chose it as the name of the United State-like analogue in my Kerbal headcanon, without having to resort to a more blatantly obviously "United States of Kerbal".
  3. Oh, I've been around, and working on FusTek Station Parts veeery slowly in the background, although I tend to release updates to SDHI SMS faster because the latter mod is less complex and is therefore low-lying fruit. My time is limited these days because I've moved overseas to start a new job, in a country where (due to various nasty political reasons) I need a VPN to access the usual websites and resources I use to help with my modding projects. As for FusTek CBMs, I did a few pre-release dev builds a loong time ago, and while you can still dig through my old commits and repos for whatever old version of FusTek you want to play with, I'm holding off on my trademark progress reports until I have something more substantial to share (especially because newer updates to the base game meant I've had to rebuild FusTek repeatedly from scratch).
  4. Hi @qq115298, please note that only English posts are allowed in the main subforums. Chinese questions should be posted in the official Chinese subforums. (@qq115298 请注意 - 在主要论坛只能用英文, 想用中文的话你必须在官方中文论坛发表主题.) As for your issue with Part Icons not showing correcting with dx11/12, please refer to the solution here:
  5. @josselin2196 - I deliberately set up the Service Module Fairings to disallow surface attachments, because that's how it is on the real life Orion MPCV SM. If you want a Soyuz-style abort configuration, you're better off using a Soyuz mod instead.
  6. @WarpSpeed127, In addition to @Cheesecake's questions, are you running a Sandbox, Science or Career savegame? All parts should be immediately available in Sandbox and Science, while for Career mode you need to research certain technologies to unlock all the parts.
  7. [MOD - Moved to Add-on Discussions, as this is a question about mods rather than a release thread.]
  8. I definitely would prefer a scanner that gradually reveals the biome overlay, rather than a magical insta-unlock part - this would nicely complement the upcoming Breaking Ground DLC's science-over-time mechanic.
  9. Indeed. In fact, cross posting links between both the forum thread and the bugtracker issue would be beneficial to forum users, too. Users can then upvote the feedback on the bugtracker, and increase the likelihood devs take issues into consideration.
  10. I think the best way to make use of both the Suggestions subforum and the official bugtracker is a two-pronged approach: Use the Suggestions subforum to pitch your ideas, discuss it with fellow users and hash out the details After a while, submit the idea as feedback on the official bugtracker, containing a summary/consensus of what was discussed in the forums
  11. Thanks for documenting this, very useful. Based on recent correspondence with JPLRepo, parts should only have one ModulePartVariants containing definitions for all possible variants and permutations, due to the aforementioned issue regarding nodes overriding one another - in fact, no stock parts have multiple ModulePartVariants. This is why I have instead opted to use B9PartSwitch for enabling/disabling meshes, independently of a separate ModulePartVariants for changing part textures/skins.
  12. [MOD - Merged discussion regarding propellers into existing thread.]
  13. A modding-related question - would the API support motion in discrete increments? e.g. A modder may want to make a turntable that only turns in 45 or 90 degree steps each time a button is pressed, or a linear actuator that extends in steps of 0.5m
  14. There's a step-by-step guide on the GitHub wiki, which explains exactly how to set up the LAS. Not really possible without a bespoke plugin. The LAS and BPC stage to jettison by default, because that's what supposed to happen during a normal flight. It's not that difficult to then assign the abort engine mode as an action group. And while SDHI SMS does support PEBKAC, restructuring the LAS and BPC to function identically to the PEBKAC's own reference implementation would make PEBKAC a hard dependency, which I'd rather avoid.
  15. I concur with all of the OP's sentiments, especially consolidating all experimental reports (including flavor text) in list form.