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  1. sumghai

    Teleport to location

    [MOD - Moved to C# Plugin Development Help and Support]
  2. [MOD - Moved to Modelling and Texturing Discussion, as RCS thrustTransforms are related to Blender and Unity GameObject definitions]
  3. [MOD - Moved to Modelling and Texturing Discussion, as this issue is related to orientation of modelled 3D meshes.]
  4. If you have a modding question unrelated to Modelling, Texturing or Plugin Development, this is the subforum for you! Suitable topics include: PartModule parameters and configurations (both stock and mod) ModuleManager patches kOS autopilot scripts Kopernicus planet configs plus any other CFG-related issues!
  5. I'm currently working on a new aftermarket heat shield for the stock Mk1-3 pod. This heat shield is supposed to be more resilient than the stock 2.5m one in that it consumes Ablator more slowly under similar re-entry conditions, but would char/blacken almost instantly. What charmin/charmax and ModuleColorChanger curve settings should I used to make this possible? MODULE { name = ModuleAblator ablativeResource = Ablator lossExp = -7500 lossConst = 0.01 pyrolysisLossFactor = 6000 reentryConductivity = 0.01 ablationTempThresh = 500 useChar = True charModuleName = shieldChar charMin = 0.99 charMax = 1.0 } MODULE { name = ModuleColorChanger moduleID = shieldChar shaderProperty = _BurnColor useRate = False toggleInEditor = False toggleInFlight = False redCurve { key = 0 0 key = 1 1 } greenCurve { key = 0 0 key = 1 1 } blueCurve { key = 0 0 key = 1 1 } alphaCurve { key = 0 0.8 } }
  6. sumghai

    Show off your drawings!

    My preferred medium is 2D vector art, and I've created various logos/insignias/patches for KSP mods or fictional organizations Outside of KSP, I've also done vector art for my other great passion, Star Trek Online: And finally, I periodically dabble in anime character art by digitizing pencil sketches, doing lineart in Paint Tool SAI and coloring in Photoshop CS6:
  7. sumghai

    Kerbal Space Program RP!

    [MOD - Locked at OP's request]
  8. sumghai

    TESS Satellite

    [MOD - Moved to Add-on Releases subforum, as this is a single-part mod]
  9. Just checked, no problems editing there.
  10. I poked that post by adding (and removing) an innocuous character, and I was able to save both edits successfully. And as you previously noted, the problematic post had a quote. Try editing that post now, see if my poking had any effect.
  11. sumghai

    Show off your flags MEGATHREAD

    As part of a headcanon storyline from a few years back, I made some national flags. My design philosophy favors the use of flat graphics with significantly contrasting colors, avoiding text and gradient effects. I also arranged various elements such that the flag would remain recognizable even when distorted from flapping in the wind or rendered in monochrome (such as equipment stencils). Confederate States Analogous to the modern United States, a democratic Federal Republic with an economy based on the sciences, robotics and medical innovation. Krussia Analogous to modern Russia, with an economy based on heavy industry, forestry and mineral extraction. Krussian People's Republic [DEFUNCT] Predecessor to Krussia, a Communist state founded after the overthrow of the ruling monarch Kzar Nikolas I. Noted for its military and industrial might during the Great Kerbin War. Honko Co-Prosperity Union Analogous to a modern, capitalist China, with an economy based mainly on agriculture and aquaculture, but is transitioning towards manufacturing. Honko Hegemony [DEFUNCT] Predecessor to the Honko Co-Prosperity Union, and analogous to the waning days of Imperial China / WWII Japan. Ruled by a long line of Blessed Heavenly Emperors for centuries. Most of the population were peasants and merchants supporting a small feudal and imperial elite. Keinsberg Analogous to postwar Germany / France, famed for its cuisine, brewed beverages, castles and landscapes. Special Administrative Region of Keinsberg [DEFUNCT] Puppet state created during the KPR occupation of Keinsberg, while a resistance movement formed by oppressed citizens secretly continued supporting the Confederate States. United Kingdom of Kritannia Analogous to Britain / England, a seafaring nation boasting one of the most powerful navies on Kerbin, with many former colonies now part of the Kritannian Commonwealth. Kerimera Analogous to the Mediterranean, with a rich history as the center of the Ancient Karimos civilisation. Economy heavily based on tourism, which the local government wants diversify away from. Kashkeeree Republic Analogous to the Middle East, wealthy due to apparently bottomless oil reserves. Whilst its numerous ethnic groups have lived together in harmony for centuries, it was previously ruled by a Khanate. Kantana Analogous to Spain, and a rival to Kritannia during the colonial era. Many of Kerbin’s greatest artists and architects were either Kantan natives, or studied there. Isla Muna A former colony of Kantana, and now a Banana Republic with successive generations of eccentric leadership. Primary exports include tropical fruit, rubber and coffee beans. Ikxcal Analogous to Mexico, famed for its colorful cultural history and cuisine, a combination of native Ikxcan and colonial Kantanan influences. PLATOON, software publisher of the hit computer game "Human Space Program", is based in the capital of La Ciuda. Kerbal Federation Unified world government founded at the end of the Great Kerbin War through the Kerbal Armistice Constitution of KY 498. A constitutional, liberal, and representative democracy governed by a council of representatives from each major nation-state, whose seat of government, legislature and judiciary is located in the Confederate States capital, Kerbin City.
  12. I have definitely noticed seeing the Cloudflare image CAPTCHA test every time I try to edit one of my existing posts, too, although the edits are saved successfully.
  13. sumghai

    Hot Kerbin [1.3.1]

    I confirm that your download now contains the appropriate license. You may edit your post to put your download link back now. However, the SpaceDock listing for your mod still says: License: Attribution-NonComercial 4.0 International When it should say: License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Remember that Creative Commons is the top-level name of the license, and that Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International describes the specific flavor of the CC license. In the future, please make sure you write the name of the license in full every time.
  14. sumghai

    Hot Kerbin [1.3.1]

    @Alaygrounds, your download does not contain a copy of the Creative Commons license you have chosen, and so I have removed your download link until you rectify this. Also, you had only written down the partial name of the license in your first post, and so I have edited it to include the full name and link to the full license terms. Please remember that you will need to do this yourself in the future.
  15. Hi @Sokol_323, as per my comments two posts above yours, I am slowly working on updating these parts for 1.4.x, and will definitely look at fixing the umbilical.