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  1. [MOD - Moved to General Mod Development Help and Support subforums] Strictly speaking, one does not "program code" for a liquid fuel engine in KSP, as you're technically not compiling anything. Instead, you define the behaviour of the engine part using CFG text files. The best way to figure out how to define your own liquid fuel engine is to examine the vanilla engine part CFGs, to see how they were done. If you go into your KSP installation directory and look inside GameData\Squad\Parts\Engine\liquidEngineMainsail, you'll find a file called liquidEngineMainsail.cfg. Have a look through that, and refer to the following wiki page for what each of the parameters and PartModules mean:
  2. @Bill.I.Am56 - The Enhanced Edition is simply the console version of KSP. Since you bought KSP 0.25.0 back in 2014, I presume this means you actually have the mainstream PC version. In that case, you can download the latest version of the game for free after signing in to your account on the KSP Store website.
  3. Indeed, because a 32-bit system can only support up to 3.5 GB of RAM. So even if one starts the 32-bit version of the game, there simply isn't much free RAM available to run it. So it is most likely that @b9y will need to consider investing in a new 64-bit computer with at least 8~16 GB of RAM.
  4. [MOD - Moved to Science & Spaceflight subforums, as the thread is mainly about real-life rocketry]
  5. is good for log files. I think that's most likely where the problem lies. Although Windows 7's minimum RAM requirements are in the order of 1~2GB, your other non-Win7 system background processes will likely consume up to another 0.5~1GB, which doesn't leave much memory to run even stock, unmodded KSP. You'll need to upgrade your computer with more RAM modules up to 8~16GB (just to be on the safe side), or consider investing in a new computer altogether.
  6. sumghai

    Should I update KSP?

    [MOD - Moved to KSP Discussion subforums, as this is more of a general inquiry about changes between game versions rather than a specific suggestion for future versions of the game. Also, folks, if you see a thread, topic or post that seems to be in the wrong place, just click on the "Report post" link at the top-right of the content in question. There's no need to publicly call people out.]
  7. [MOD - Moved to Technical Support (PC, modded installs) subforums] Try verifying the integrity of your Steam copy of KSP Check to see if the parachute parts reappear if you change the language to English Check to see if the parachute parts reappear after you remove RealChutes and change the language back to Italian
  8. Most of this has been implemented by the Ferram Aerospace Research (FAR) mod, which admittedly hasn't been updated for quite some time. While I'd definitely agree it'd be neat to have improved drag physics in the stock game that accounts for the overall craft outline, I'm concerned at the amount of time and effort to maintain the accuracy of that drag model for future game updates, which would mean SQUAD would have to hire someone of Ferram's caliber to understand the intricacies behind aerodynamics.
  9. I'm not a Mac user myself, but my understanding is that the Launcher (for all platforms) has been broken for a very long time, and there are no current plans to fix it. Can you try starting the game directly from the KSP.dmg file?
  10. Yes, this mod works just fine in 1.5.x without any changes since 1.4.5. But for the sake of clarity, I've updated the thread title so that I don't need to publish a new null-change release for the sake of incrementing version numbers.
  11. sumghai

    Do any of you actually use the chat?

    I used to frequent the main and modding IRC channels to seek help with modding, but soon found that the chats had devolved to off-topic discussions, and that many mod authors leave themselves logged in for literally months without actually being online. Therefore I left IRC, and now predominantly use the Add-on Development subforums, where people can actually take the time to come up with helpful responses, and we can publicly document what we've learnt to help other newbie modders (whereas IRC transcripts can all too easily be lost to history).
  12. sumghai

    Message to Squad to Retire Curseforge

    <<The following is my personal opinion as a mod author, and not an official statement in my capacity as a forums moderator>> I still use CurseForge to host my mods, primarily because that is the official mod hosting site as designated by SQUAD, and will continue to do so as long as SQUAD maintains their existing agreement with CurseForge. The only other download location I maintain it on GitHub, which doubles as a public project/issue/code tracker and wiki. As for unofficial mod repositories such as KerbalStuff and SpaceDock, I choose not to host my mods there, as my perception is that they were founded on the principle of "we're not Curse!", and none of the features they offer particularly benefits me. I also prefer to maintain as few download locations as possible, so that I can consolidate sources of feedback to a few key sources. <<End of personal opinion>> As for slower updates on CurseForge compared with SpaceDock, this is because all uploaded mods / updates need to be vetted and approved by CurseForge moderators to prevent unscrupulous modders sneaking in malicious content, whereas AFAIK SpaceDock allows modders to upload directly with no moderation.
  13. How else would MechJeb maintain its sythno-organic replica of Jeb's brain?
  14. The current rover wheels are all-wheel Ackermann-style steering, which would always leave a non-trivial amount of turning radii. Crab steering, on the other hand, would allow rovers to move fully-laterally in any direction relative the the cabin. Here's an old suggestion thread I made regarding this:
  15. I'm really pleased to see that SQUAD is exploiting the part variant system to its full potential, especially with mesh and model switching. The Mk2 Lander Can and its butterstick rover cabin variant is an excellent demonstration of this feature. On the subject of rovers, would it be possible to add crab steering as an option for rover wheels?