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  1. Eclipses!

    Scatterer is a pretty neat mod, however it didn't get to where it is today in one step. There have been some awful glitches on its way to the GPU-battering prettiness that it's at now, and I'm not sure whether the dev team really want to deal with the hassle that would come from a whole new round of development, this time with Cg/HLSL. Not when they could be working on core game features and the Making History expansion. As I recall also, Scatterer's shaders are all based on shaders that are publically available but for noncommercial use. I'm sure @blackrack would be able to correct me if wrong, there. So while it might be possible for a mod author to grab some available shaders, inject them into the game and tweak them until they fit, that's not quite so possible for a commercial venture. Not unless either some actually-free shaders become available, or a whole lot of work gets done to make shaders from scratch. So while I won't say it's absolutely impossible for a shader and HD-textures update to happen, it's possibly not the highest priority for development right now.
  2. You may have applied trim. You can reset it by holding L1 and clicking L3 on PS4, or holding LB and clicking LS on Xbox. (edit: Assuming radial control mode. In cursor mode you use LB+A on Xbox or L1+X on PS4). Now this I have no idea about. It's something we tested extensively for, especially since that was one of the biggest problems with the FTE release, but apparently a few people have still lost saves. The problem has been noted, and it'll be a high priority for a future patch.
  3. You can toggle fine-control off again using LB+LS in cursor mode. The indicators should go back to their normal orange colour. Unfortunately there is no way at present (on PC or console) to completely disable those functions.
  4. That's fine-control mode. You should still be able to control the craft, but the response will be much slower. (edit: In cursor mode, it's toggled with LB+LS, which is the same as resetting trim in radial.)
  5. You know I just scrolled up and saw you're talking about cursor mode, not radial. To reset trim in cursor mode, it's LB+A, on PS4 it's L1+X. Sorry about that.
  6. LS = left stick, RS = right stick. Incidentally, holding LB and clicking RS (or L1 and R3 on PS4) will toggle IVA view.
  7. On PS4, hold L1 and click L3. On Xbox, hold LB and click LS. It's basically the same thing, but the buttons have different names.
  8. The pink markers are trim, which is applied by holding L1/LB while moving the stick. Essentially it's the same as trim on the PC, but now you have markers that show you've got trim applied. You can reset trim to 0 by holding L1/LB while clicking L3.
  9. You may want to try the "Simplified" control system if you want to be completely rid of mouse-and-keyboard-alike controls. It's something of a radical departure from any other control method, and feedback would be welcome.
  10. CursorDeleter

    Huh. Seems to be downloadable here (and still working in 1.3.1). It is only listed as compatible up to 1.0.0 though. I'll see if I can change that.
  11. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope. Yes. Erm. @ManeTI
  12. [1.3.1] Sonic Realism

    FYI: The usual way of packaging mods is in a directory inside GameData, alongside the Squad directory. GameData/SonicRealism or something similar. While putting DLLs in the old legacy structure might work, it's deprecated and has been for some time.
  13. Rover liftoff. How to recover?

    Jumping bases is something the adjustments in 1.3.1 are supposed to fix or at least reduce. If that's created ballistic rovers in the process, it's probably worth reporting, especially if you have it happening on an unmodified game and have a way of making it happen repeatably. If you just want to recover from the game engine breaking on you, I don't think many people would call it a cheat to launch a rover plus landing system, open up the alt+F12 debug menu and use SetOrbit to save a bunch of time putting a replacement there.
  14. Development Update for Consoles!

    @LegendaryAce It's a shame I'm very limited in what I can say. However what I can say, in line with what you'll inevitably read almost every week on KSP Weekly, is that work on the console updates does continue, and at quite a pace, too. XB1 and PS4 owners have not been forgotten, and Blitworks' update will be available at no extra charge to people who have the FTE version. We'd just like to get this one right, yaknow? @The_Rocketeer It's not "entitled" to want a game that works after spending $40. Hence, Blitworks.