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  1. Magnetic fields aren't modelled (though the Kerbal Interstellar Extended mod does allow for antimatter collection by putting your ship in the correct orbit as a kind of simulated Van Allen belt around various bodies). The Karman Line is actually an interesting question, that I've seen asked elsewhere recently too. I'd guess somewhere around 40km, but don't take my word on that. It probably needs some experimentation to find out.
  2. Moved to Technical Support (unmodded installs). Could you upload your output.log file and provide a link to it? This should be in (KSP)\KSP_x64_Data or (KSP)\KSP_Data depending on whether you are running the 64 or 32 bit KSP executable. Also, what store did you buy the game from, and is it launching the (no longer supported) Launcher.exe or the KSP executable itself?
  3. Blatant insults snipped out. Chill, shall we?
  4. Scrolling back a page or two, it looks like a v1.3 compatible version is in the pipeline.
  5. Hi. One method is to use Windows cmd.exe (or the Bash terminal in Linux or OS X) to rename the file. I'd also recommend making backup copies of the persistence file before editing it, because it's very easy to get wrong, and the slightest error means a broken save. You might also consider using the game's built-in cheat menu (alt+f12 in game) and add funds that way. It's a whole lot easier and less likely to cause game breakage due to fat-fingering the keyboard.
  6. Hello @ShiningNeedle, I've hidden your post, as it's killing mobile clients. You can copy the file to Dropbox or similar and link it here if you like. If @sarbian (or @ferram4) want a copy, I'll drag it out of the hidden post for them.
  7. Hi. Given this report is for an old version of KSP and its no-longer-supported launcher, you might want to post this as a new thread. Don't forget to include a link to your output.log file and any other relevant information.
  8. Why

    "Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition", right? Right? Ahem.
  9. Much of the stuff in the changelogs is available on the wiki's Version History article here. You'll want to be looking at the changelogs for v1.1.1, v1.1.2, v1.1.3, v1.2, v1.2.1 and v1.2.2.
  10. 1: So agree beforehand what mods you're using. Every other multiplayer game works like this. 2: Also a problem when you're using a potato computer, and you join a Minecraft server with a metric boatload of redstone lag-machines running in spawn. Avoid those servers. 3: Same as every other multiplayer game. Guess no more multiplayer games should ever be made, because trolls exist. 4: If you want to use life support mods with non-subspace time warp, that's your prerogative. Subspace warp prevents that. 5: It is right now, yes. The DMP mod shows that multiplayer is possible, and playable. All of the above is my take on the matter, and should not be taken as any kind of official policy or hint of development direction, your mileage may vary, caveat lector, yada yada.
  11. Oddly, if you open the image locations in a separate tab, you can view them properly. However, @bewing has the correct answer. "Landed" means landed, not splashed.
  12. It looks like you attempted to attach an image or link to it? All I see is URL encoding. Edit: Huh, images of URL-encoding. Even odder! Edit edit: Oh, I see. The image host you've chosen is doing something odd. Passing this one on anyway.
  13. If you enable advanced tweakables in your settings menu, you can adjust the fuel flow priority of various fuel tanks, so that they will drain in whatever order you like. Highest-numbered priority drains first. (It starts at -10 by default, so that can be confusing). You can adjust priorities in the VAB/SPH, so you won't need to adjust things while in flight, every time you launch the craft.
  14. Moved to Gameplay Questions. (And I believe there is a mod that allows you to remove certain types of contract. Anyone?)
  15. When it's ready!