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  1. [1.3.1] Sonic Realism

    FYI: The usual way of packaging mods is in a directory inside GameData, alongside the Squad directory. GameData/SonicRealism or something similar. While putting DLLs in the old legacy structure might work, it's deprecated and has been for some time.
  2. Rover liftoff. How to recover?

    Jumping bases is something the adjustments in 1.3.1 are supposed to fix or at least reduce. If that's created ballistic rovers in the process, it's probably worth reporting, especially if you have it happening on an unmodified game and have a way of making it happen repeatably. If you just want to recover from the game engine breaking on you, I don't think many people would call it a cheat to launch a rover plus landing system, open up the alt+F12 debug menu and use SetOrbit to save a bunch of time putting a replacement there.
  3. Development Update for Consoles!

    @LegendaryAce It's a shame I'm very limited in what I can say. However what I can say, in line with what you'll inevitably read almost every week on KSP Weekly, is that work on the console updates does continue, and at quite a pace, too. XB1 and PS4 owners have not been forgotten, and Blitworks' update will be available at no extra charge to people who have the FTE version. We'd just like to get this one right, yaknow? @The_Rocketeer It's not "entitled" to want a game that works after spending $40. Hence, Blitworks.
  4. KSP Glitch

    Moving to Tech Support (modded installs). It may help if you provide a copy of your output_log file (should be situated in KSP_x64_Data in your KSP folder if you're running 64 bit).
  5. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.1 part 1*]

    There are github and curseforge links on the first post?
  6. Ship Becomes Non-Responsive ~ Resolved

    Assuming Windows and running 64 bit, it'll be in a KSP_x64_Data folder inside the main KSP folder as output_log.txt.
  7. Crash on startup

    Moved to the modded installs forum. Looks like Kerbal Planetary Base Systems is throwing an error, and there's other problems in the log that look like an old version of DMP might be involved. I'd suggest starting from a stock 1.3.0 install and trying the mods one by one until something breaks. In some cases, the broken mod might have an update available that fixes things.
  8. Rich vein of ore?

    Moved to Tech Support (modded installs). Usual advice applies Re: providing an output log for people to examine.
  9. Making Mods

    In addition to what other people have replied with wrt cfg files, these are fairly easy to answer. .mu files are meshes - the actual 3D shape of the parts themselves. There is an export tool to convert from a Blender 3D mesh to .mu, or you can use the Unity editor. Textures and other bitmap images are stored (mostly) in the .dds or "DirectDraw Surface" format. Unity will also understand .png, but .dds is very much preferred wherever possible for various reasons. From the end-user's perspective, they load faster and take up less RAM. You can open up and save dds using The GIMP plus a dds plugin, and there are various other image editors.
  10. Imported ships explode on launchpad

    A lot of ship-explosion bugs have been fixed in the 1.3.1 prerelease. However, your mod list may or may not currently support 1.3.1.
  11. Making Mods

    Speaking of that, learning ModuleManager (a kind of meta-mod in itself) will allow you to do CFG edits without actually clobbering the stock CFG files. It also means that if you make something awesome, you can distribute it as your own mod (without clobbering everyone's stock CFG files).
  12. Making Mods

    Eh, probably. Movinated.
  13. Given the amount of people asking: Probably not. There's a development thread linked further up on the page. I imagine @Thrimm will post any news there as it happens.
  14. [KSP 1.3] Graphics Enhancements Assembly (GEA)

    Darnit. Edited the text, didn't remove the pic link. Well, that's fixed. Do understand that this is only until the mod has been brought into compliance with the licensing for whatever other mods it depends on. Once that is sorted, @Davian Lin is free to put the links back up.
  15. [KSP 1.3] Graphics Enhancements Assembly (GEA)

    The problem with kerbin2 and sands images still exists. Scaling them up and rotating them does not make them your own artwork. Please address this problem. Your links have been snipped for now.