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  1. Howdy, everybody! It is once again that time of the month- a GOOD time of the month, that is, because it is time for some of the best threads the forum has to offer to get celebrated by you, the forumgoer! If you wanna see last month's thread, you may find it right here. If you think that we've missed any important threads that should be recognized, don't hesitate to contact one of the site moderators and we can put them in the running for TOTM. I'd like to give special thanks to @Deddly, @monstah, @Kerbal101, @Vanamonde, and @Dman979 for helping pick this month's winners! Here is this month's very special TOTM badge: Dun dun dunnnnn.... Time for our winners! First of all: Do you like graphs? Do you like experiments? Do you like travelling at Mach 5 across polar ice caps? Then this thread by @Stratzenblitz75 is the thread for you! I'm a sucker for land vehicles, and especially fast ones. Bravo. Now, if you're like me, then all this crazy coding nonsense bungles your mind. Well, it certainly doesn't seem to bother @cantab, as he's using something called Python (or something) to fly missions. Excellent going, and I'm surely still going to be confused an hour from now. Now this next thread is a bit of a doozy (aren't they all, though?), but I'm confidently told by a confident confidant that this old thread by @Warzouz is really good for helping figure out efficient launches. I'd tend to agree! Nice going. Hoooooooly crap. Tanks. In KSP. Tanks. In KSP. Pretty much sums up this thread, by @Makc_Gordon. It even manages to do a bit of educating! Now, I'm not gonna lie, this next thread is a bit of a tie. It belongs to one @qzgy, however.... I believe the credit should go to every single one of the participants in this thread- Remember that dumb little Eclipse thingy that rocked North America this last month? Here are some amazing photos of it! It was a magical moment, and I wanna thank everybody on the forum here that was able to share it with me and then share pictures here. You know, building a rocket isn't simple.... Hey... That sounds like a great idea for a mod na- Oh, you're kidding. @Angel-125 beat me to the punch. Well, here's this mod that really pushes the limits of what skilled building can do! Redundancy, people. I just want to note that this thread is now the record holder for most users suggesting it to me! Way to go, man, this mod really seems to have something special! Wait.... It's over? Aw, I was just having fun. Ah well- Time to end this installment of Threads Of The Month. Congratulations and back pats are in order to all of our winners this month, and don't forget to message myself or moderators that are not myself to suggest threads for the next round! I love seeing threads like these, they're such a source of inspiration. See you next month!
  2. What Have You Done In real-life, Space related?

    I own a little telescope that I use to sometimes make observations of the Moon. I usually don't because I live in a town, so the light pollution means I don't get to see much else. I did sign up as a member of Asgardia, but other than that not too much real-life stuff beyond teaching concepts and discussing space science with other like-minded people.
  3. How effective would the "rocket ship" be?

    I whipped up a craft in a few minutes as a hypothetical. In fact, I called it the "Hypothetical." I retained the same basic shape with all stock parts, mirroring the shape of the clip art as closely as I could. Came up with this: Around 2,500 m/s. Not quite enough to get into orbit, but the TWR was extreme so of course I gunned it going straight up with all the orange suits inside. However, I was encouraged by that number. 2,500 m/s of delta-v? Surely I could squeeze it out somewhere. I made a few refinements, higher ISP engine, and used every possible fuel space. I used no part clipping other than to cheat a tiny bit by squeezing two toroidal fuel tanks into the tippity top of the rounded nose cone, as it couldn't store fuel. The top section, right above the hitchhiker capsule, is a C7 brand 2.5-1.5m adapter, because it holds fuel and oxidizer. At this point I was like Holy crap, this might just be possible. It was so tantalizingly close to be able to make orbit, and while all of these designs had the guts to get into space, none would make orbit. Then it hit me- fairings. Use a fairing for the upper body, and stuff as many fuel tanks as possible as I could. So I did just that. Yeah, a little cheaty, but the point was to keep the same basic body shape while still having as much fuel in there as possible. I pretended that the fairings were solid pieces that contained fuel tanks. Besides, you can't tell from behind a fairing anyway. Shush. Then guess what happened? It worked. It freakin' worked. Way, waaaay back a long time ago, I did the K-Prize challenge and got a badge by the skin of my teeth. This vehicle, this thing I hammered out in twenty minutes from a piece of clip art, was literally the first SSTO I have built and flown that wasn't based on a plane. Ever.
  4. The main thing that arouses my skepticism is the quality of the picture. Hell, I'd really like to believe in the idea of a hollow Earth or plenty of the other supernatural places or phenomena- the problem is that the science just doesn't line up with the stories, and "photographic evidence" that is conveniently too blurry or low quality to be worth it actually detract from the story, in my opinion.
  5. What science podcasts do you listen to?

    I love Startalk. I need to listen to more, but so far it's the only one that captures my attention. I've fallen way behind on it, though.
  6. Howdy everybody. So I'll admit that when I'm not playing with rockets or airplanes, I love driving and seeing cars. I have so many things I want to learn and do with cars, but one of these things is attempt to build cars in Kerbal Space Program. I have done so in the past, with various vehicles under my Kerbolet brand, but some things I simply can't seem to figure out. namely quarter panels and fenders. And trunks. And having wheels that don't lock up from parts being too close. Any car builders have any tips for building these tricky buggers?
  7. I'm in the KSC2 camp. Would be a fun place to mess around with a launch site that isn't on the equator.
  8. Oh boy, so many. I push things to the limits a tad too much sometimes, so it's usually all my doing, but it still makes me smile when I can put a craft down that's limping. There was: -The time I had Valentina make an emergency water landing after some failure of her airplane (Don't remember what the problem was, but I DO remember the plane being a big one). Then again, I've had to do a ton of unplanned water landings. -The time just this morning when I pulled out of a dive too steeply under phys-warp, knocking Jeb unconscious and removing most of the wings and the front landing gear. Destroyed the nose upon landing but managed to grease it on at the northern ice cap. -The time my plane inexplicably stalled while doing photography for a mission report on the forums, resulting in a destroyed plane, a surviving Jeb, and some cool photos. -The time in an early career game where I suppose I had the re-entry angle a bit off, causing my Science Jr. module to be destroyed and leaving just the heat shield hanging on by air. As in, the only thing saving my bacon was the superheated air cramming the heat shield into place. -The time I had to complete the final 3/4 of a mission on only 10 units of electricity because I not only had no batteries but no way to charge them either. I think it was a Munar flyby. -The time I had to design, launch, and attach an aftermarket parachute pack onto a Munar lander in order to fulfill a contract objective. The list goes on, but my memory does not. I'm working on some new near-death experiences, though, so I shall return.
  9. I've got Tex Kerman to fly me out of the situation. That, or he pulls out of a dive too steeply and blows up half the plane like he did earlier today.
  10. The one skill I can say I definitively haven't mastered yet is being able to design rovers and package them into crafts for use on the Mun or elsewhere. I've built plenty of cars, and rockets, but for some reason combining the two hasn't managed to stick in my brain yet.
  11. What are the wierd parts of our community

    Roleplaying is generally not allowed on our forums because it is highly difficult to moderate- Not from an over-moderation standpoint, but from one where personal attacks are disguised or dismissed as "just roleplay." It's one of the most common questions asked, and the reason why roleplay isn't allowed goes back a very long time. It just causes headaches and more problems than it's worth allowing.
  12. Tex, do you want me to land Tex Kerman on the Mun?

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      But I'm gonna try the Gemini first.

    3. Lo Var Lachland
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      Going to try the Dragon V2

  13. Submit some 'Murican facts!

    Both, if at all possible. I'm a sponge for weird facts.
  14. Howdy, everybody! Now, this may come as a shock to some people, but I happen to live in the United States. And, as part of my ideas I want to start putting out on YouTube, I want to do a video series on strange facts from America. In the future, I think I'll probably do some videos about strange facts from other countries, but I want to start with my home country. Does anybody have any obscure, amazing, or weird facts about America that I can do some research on and include in my videos?
  15. Doing some research with your guys's aid led me to uncover just what I was looking for. Adrenaline/epinephrine, dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin, and vasopressin. Oxytocin and vasopressin are enormously complicated little buggers, but the other three are nice and simple, and actually quite similar in structure.