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  1. "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance." -last words of Union Army officer John Sedgewick
  2. I remember once going to a theatre/drama class, where there were some costumes hanging along the wall, and on the mini-stage in front of class, holding up two dresses and asking which looked better on me. Consensus was the blue dress.
  3. This may be an odd inclusion, but I was demonstrating KSP to a friend of mine a few months ago, and as I was timewarping away from Mun, I turned off the HUD and played "Arrivederci Roma" by Dean Martin. Result was oddly magical.
  4. Unfortunately not, I have never been super into the Halo universe, although I played some Reach and Halo Wars in the past.
  5. Howdy, everybody. I am bored. Really, really bored. Now, I could go to the gym or something, but I have multiplayer games sitting around and not getting much use. I have actually been playing with a couple people recently, but I want to maybe expand this, and see if anybody might be interested in banding together on Steam and hitting some games for various funs. My current goals: L4D2: Running expert campaigns, Versus matches Ylands: Surviving and character roleplay Minecraft: ^^^^ Age of Empires II/Rise of Nations: Strategy gaming So, anybody wanna play?
  6. Howdy everyone, I've been playing more KSP recently in my free time. I figure that I have the hardware and internet speeds to support it now, so if y'all wanted, you can pop over to Twitch and check out as I livestream KSP, keep me company in the chat! I don't have an exact time frame beyond starting here in a few minutes from the creation of this post, but a goal I set for myself just a few seconds ago was not to end until I've successfully landed on the Mun and Minmus. Happy 50th, Apollo 11, and my twitch is riiiiiight here. See you soon!
  7. One might think the objective provided to us is quite difficult. Nevertheless, I hope my repertoire of words not commonly used is sufficient in producing some numbers of sentences without use of the letter A. Aw, drat.
  8. Granted, but another, even more sinister, even MORE greedy game company will take its place. Fool. I wish I never had to be tired again after waking up at 3:30 AM for work.
  9. Why it's my good buddy Realcurveballthreetimes, how are you?
  10. 9/10 Wish I could be that more often.
  11. Soooooooooon, I know what you dooooooooone, there's only way you can outrun me You better prayyyyyyyyyy your taaaaaaaaaank don't beat mine to E E - Matt Mason
  12. 3/10 Haven't personally seen you around, but you aren't new new either. Hello!
  13. Today, my father, who is recovering after knee surgery and is staying at my grandmother's house, apparently lost wifi signal because the router needs to be reset, which is down a flight of stairs in an office, and nobody in the house is able to help reset it. Meanwhile, I had internet services enabled in my house the very same morning, about 15 minutes prior to his going down.
  14. Glad to see things worked out well for Zeus, that's never a good thing when animals get hit. Here's to getting him back real soon! Everybody needs a big ol' doggo.
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