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  1. Banned for banning reasons 090603312023 161103312023
  2. @Superfluous J sadly i think they are serious, at least given their posts… 200103302023
  3. @zemiel123 its a joke because: 1. They wont do it because there is 0 reason to do so. 2. They wont do it because the time to do so would kill ksp2. 3. They wont do it because it would financially kill ksp2. 4. They wont do it because ksp2 is built off ksp1 which is built off unity. 5. They wont do it because ksp & ksp2 are far far far more complex than you realize. 6. They wont do it because it makes 0 sense to do so. im no programmer but even i know what you want is grossly misinformed by a complete lack of comprehension of just how fundamentally unrealistic it is. Your desire is functionally the same as trying to reinvent the wheel. Im not trying to be mean here but dude seriously if you are unhappy with ksp2 right now just walk away. It is in EARLY ACCESS. That means in 0 uncertain terms: it will be as buggy as a bayou in deep summer, it will be as optimized as a mud airplane, it will be lacking features, each step forward to address my prior points about an EA title will likely break prior unbroken things and drastically break other broken things. This will NOT be a quick process. This will not be a pretty process. This WILL BE a LONG and likely painful process. How long? Who knows. I joined ksp in july 2013 a day or 2 AFTER 0.21 was launched on steam and it was 5-7 YEARS before 1.0 was out. I fully EXPECT this to be years. Consider this a paid access to an ALPHA version as we clearly can see its not even polished enough to be a beta version. So again, if any of this is displeasing walk away and watch from a distance. Its what Im doing. In the mean time im playing diablo 2 remastered, waiting for jedi survivor, assassins creed mirage and flying my heart out in MSFS. So relax, be patient and please accept the fact an engine swap will never happen because it flatly isnt feasible on multiple levels. Again im not trying to be mean, but brutally honest. Cheers 184403302023 184703302023
  4. Banned for not announcing our time honored, dare i say customary “new page” 173703302023 new page!
  5. @MechBFP i get the feeling they think swapping engines is as easy in gaming as it is in say swapping engines in a car or a 787. That said i would suggest that if @zemiel123 wants someone to make a mod to swap engines they do so themselves. 084103302023
  6. Banned for forgetting the tea in aboutea 071003302023
  7. I just found this article on cracked (a humor site if you somehow never learned of it) and wanted to share in honor of Calvinball https://www.cracked.com/article_37480_14-calvin-and-hobbes-comics-for-the-comedy-hall-of-fame.html 061303302023
  8. @zemiel123 its not going to migrate. The amount of work required to do such a thing would end ksp2. Its not financially viable or frankly warranted. Yes ksp2 is buggy and needs a ton of work but its early access. Its not a complete game. If youre not happy with whats available right now then dont play it. Ive been a ksp fan 10 YEARS this summer and have yet to plunk my money into ksp2. Im waiting for things to get more refined and honestly recommend given the posts ive seen from you here in this thread you step back and wait for more refinement in ksp2 as well. Cheers 030103302023
  9. @Lewie With regards to the wheel, I would say for you to tell them it needs to get to a mechanic asap. Reading your response to StrandedonEarth (@ removed to not ping him needlessly) I am more convinced its a wheel bearing. If I am correct and given your parents apathy (per your description of how long it takes them to do even an oil change) at getting work done, they are risking the wheel getting torn off the car. If it is the bearing and it fails completely there is a chance it could tear the hub apart and yeet the wheel. I dont know how long it could take for it to happen or if it will happen but, its a risk if they do nothing for long enough. With regards to your debit card, if the card and account are in your name or if its a shared account but you have full account access/privileges can you contact the bank to report the card being missing as you said it was your card? In both cases I wish you the best of luck! 000003302023
  10. Ive already crabbed about the ads you cant skip on youtube but holy smokes guys its gotten worse. Im watching Adam Savage make a T handle for a new bench vise and ive seen an ad for the new D&D movie 7-8 times this video. Its popping up every 3 minutes. Look im a D&D fan, im watching campaign 3 every thursday critical role airs one but why ram the same ad w/out being able to skip it every 3 minutes???? 053203292023 053303292023
  11. 0/10 first time seeing you. Hello there. 030603292023
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