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  1. @Jarin But WHY wont they say anything anymore? Why the silence? The facts that I know: 1. Its coded into the game as a stock feature, but is turned off. 2. They (one of the devs, forget which one and cant find that post, possibly lost during the swap to the current setup) stated the reentry effect is an extension of the rocket plume seen during launch. 3. Fact 2 is visually and categorically shown true in the picture supplied of an over built launcher of mine showing both the exhaust trail and plasma trail cutting off at the same distance from the vessel. 4. Was also stated by a dev that it was default off for performance concerns, a legit concern on older versions of both KSP and unity, but, in the more than a year since even this threads initiation the game has seen various performance upgrades as well as an engine upgrade AND stock stable 64 bit support. Given this the absolute silence is bothersome and disheartening. I see this mod in use on videos from well known players like scott manley and hottips and wonder why @SQUAD or the devs seem to refuse to say something. op 03:29:30
  2. @Jarin this is a valid issue, should be addressed. To say something, one way or the other. the silence is deafening. op 00:09:30
  3. Still wishing, hoping for some official word, as this would be nice to have turned on, would reduce all our mod packs by one at least. op 23:17:30
  4. @qzgy Why should it be a menu option? The smoke plume we get during launch is not a menu option, and my posts that tell of the devs stating the fact that the plasma effect is an extension of said effect and the picture providing direct visual confirmation of this as the smoke trail cuts off at the exact length of the plasma trail proves such claims, so, I as again why should one (plasma) be an option when the other (smoke) is not? And if you say it is a performance issue, I repudiate your assertion on the following criterion: 1. Reentry typically has the fewest parts. 2. Plasma is a confirmed extension of the non optional smoke trail at launch. 2.a which typically has the MOST parts 3. KSP 1.3 is a much better running game with major performance upgrades over all. original post 18:13:30
  5. @Snark I personally have zero idea how to find s seed value. I barely know enough to bring Jeb back from death before a respawn timer does. Its why I think if there was a list of planets and stars for the game to choose from that has the love the current stock set has to be chosen at "random" at start of save like legos - that could be fun because the base is the same for all at a code level i think. Im not a programmer so im guessing. op 12:25:30
  6. @Hotaru I forget what dev said it last year but the plasma effect is an extension of the smoke seen during launch. The picture i have further up the page confirms it. Im sure they still know its there as they go thru the code each patch, each update so I doubt they dont see it. Id also wager with all the performance upgrades its even more trivial to flick the preverbal switch to on and not burn any OS's down. But until someone like @TriggerAu or @Arsonide or any other dev @SQUAD weigh in we can only guess. Im hoping they do turn it on as they did include the code so long ago. op: 02:11:30
  7. Im still hoping a dev comments on this as it does need addressing.... op 23:38:30
  8. how much longer i wonder...

  9. @KSK I could NOT make the same argument I made with regards to mods or planet pack mods. Why? Because of the following: 1: Modded install, problem comes up, like say the issue I had once I upgraded to 1.3, game crashed on load. I pulled ALL my mods out, reloaded 1 at a time until problem came back. Issue: bad dll in 1 mod. 2: thats why there is a modded install support section. 3: modded game play is still contiguous across those installs that use them, ie my use of mechjeb and planetary base performs like your set of same. 4:players using mods are familiar enough with KSP to know to start at point 1 when problems start, so at base levels if the problem is contained to say an issue with say Jool being say solid 1/3rd the way down the devs have a solid foundation to poke at. If the issue is on some RNG made planet thats 100% unique to you, finding the root is orders of magnitude harder. 5: Now, if say its NOT 100% random and all planets and what not are a known set of say lego bricks and the only application of chance is what bricks the game picks but the devs made those bricks, that could work as then contiguousness is there. Did that last one seem coherent? Im a touch sleepy atm long night lol original post 11:21:30
  10. I was launching a quick repair mission to fix something I forgot during the build of the other mission, and well, my over built launcher showed me something. It was said that the plasma effect shown by the mod in my very first post in this thread which is nothing more than a mod that turns on the code Squad themselves has placed into the game some years back is nothing more <the plasma that is> than an extension of the smoke plume you see during launch. Well, as I said, my over build launcher was screaming through the atmosphere fast enough during launch that I saw the plasma of reentry AND the plume being left by the engines themselves. I zoomed out to see the entire trail of both the smoke and plasma. They are the SAME length. The plasma is above the smoke, but, they are BOTH visible. have a gander: original post time 23:32:30
  11. Something like this could in theory be done, but wont be. It wont be done for the simple reason that Squad wants game play to be as contiguous as possible for everyone. Why? Support honestly. If you have random planets with random stats and I have a different set of random and we run into problems how exactly can support be effective if soo many variables are in play? Honestly it cant, which is why they wont do random planets, well, not with out some way to make play contiguous for all at least. original post 22:42:30
  12. @CaptainTrebor The mod reentry particle effects turns the code on. But id still like someone @SQUAD to comment on this. @Confused Scientist The effects are already STOCK, the mod enables the code that is already IN the game, its just squad has it off for some reason. op 19:04:30
  13. I finished my "kerpollo" mission today. Having used the create a kerbal feature, I placed myself into KSP, and my flag since the passing of my beloved kitty Pumpkin <flag was made by a fellow player I found whilst watching Das Valdez, sadly I forget who made it, but, I do still thank him quietly every time I see the flag> in her honor. My kerbal is facing the flag with helmet lights on to illuminate the flag. Thats Bob standing there mugging it up for the camera! By sheer accident I managed to splash down near the KSC. That burn was meant as a periapsis change only, wound up way way too deep and just went for it. The final picture is after I spotted the island runway and swung the camera back to see the KSC! and landing First Munar Landing mission in the new save, is in the bag! original post 02:03:30
  14. I conquered a personal KSP demon today! I made a reasonable Apollo Facsimile! On the pad, the Kerpollo Mission ready for departure ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Transposition ----------------------------------------------------------------------- after a quick dock and decouple from the orbital stage, we connect up and make ready for the Mun!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ All the pictures here are done here at Kerbin for visibility, I had a quick save set for the actual mission I am beyond pleased with myself!! I have been playing since KSP 0.21 when it hit steam way way back when. Now, all this time later to finally slay that demon is a feat for me! original post time 00:18:30
  15. @JPLRepo I was wondering if you or any other member of the team have any thoughts on turning the code that is already in the game with regards to the plasma trails to the "on" position? original post 22:05:30