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  1. Banned because you didnt touch twelfth base! 194206202021 oh look new page!
  2. More clicks! We need more clicks! @Spaceman.Spiff @Melontime @CollectingSP @Souptime @Starhelperdude @cubinator @Dientus @Admiral Fluffy I call to you all! Will you all get here before they can lock this again? 093106202021
  3. I add another click and send the call out to @Spaceman.Spiff 173606192021
  4. Woohoo!!! I add my click! 173506192021
  5. Yup. Yukon Ho! Has been my avatar since I joined in the way back time of 2013. That said will @Deddly be next? 125406142021
  6. Nope. Tis me. @Deddly it did. Just needed sleep and hydration. Will @Superfluous J be next? 235805312021
  7. Yup! Ive a nasty headache so im goin to sleep. I guess @Deddly is next? 091805312021
  8. Yup! Perhaps @Deddly will come here after letting us click? 000805292021 oo new page! 000905292021
  9. Dont Click This is now still locked and on page 3. Im starting to think that after 26 days (27 starting in a few min) @Gargamel wont unlock it. I think this is a sad random fact! 235405262021
  10. Anyone else wonder when @Gargamel will open the so called barn and let us click again? 203205222021
  11. it has been since April 30 2021 since the Do Not Click thread has been unlocked. 232505192021
  12. Nope. @Dman1791 are you next 203205122021
  13. Nope. Tis me. Srry i missed ur page @Spaceman.Spiff Will you be next? 194505122021
  14. Nope. @Spaceman.Spiff I was stuck on some rock with out a good freem drive. So you next? 180005082021
  15. Im way late. But im here. @J O N maybe? 164605082021
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