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  1. Its a planet. Period, its a planet. 224110222020 224310222020
  2. @Deddly fwiw this is what i am seeing with my task bar blotted out for privacy sake: and I am with steve_v in wondering why all that empty space... 014310222020
  3. Ok. First time seeing the new web ui on my pc. gotta say, still do not like it. I am glad however that I did not immediately get flood lit as it loaded as it did on my phone the other day. That is... something? But, ya, what is the deal with all the wasted space? Never saw it <or perhaps noticed it?> on my mobile, but here on my monitor I see it, and I do not like it. I would love the ability to toggle how this looks back into the old style. 004510222020
  4. I saw this same thing on mobile myself for the better part of an hour or so. And it was wildly messed up too. Jumbled and what not. 221410212020
  5. @tater i could just be dense but on my phone all of the fonts in your list on top of page 7 look identical. Or at least so similar my eyes perceive no difference. Fwiw that is. 155810212020
  6. Nope. I am not fond of it either. 081010212020
  7. @Deddly kinda like any ol update to any other program? Okies then, makes sense put that way. Thanks Deddly! 065310212020
  8. @computercat04 the touch was successful. The next 24-48 hours will reveal if samples were collected and how much was if they were. Such an exciting time! And congrats to the whole Osiris-Rex team! 024110212020
  9. @ManeTI I think however given the rather serious question posed by @razark below needs some clarification if only to ease the concern posed : “What prevents the third party from exposing you email and password if they so desire, and does the server owner bear the responsibility if they push out an update that does so?“ Is there a way to clarify on this that is security protocol safe that can ease the concern? 022310212020 edit: i apologize if my query is out of line or something but, i do echo his concerns. So, if my query is inappropriate or something feel free to
  10. @razark you know, youre absolutely right. I had not even thought about it until now. I was planning on getting ksp2 from the store and not steam but, now im leaning back towards steam. I hope our information is secure and remains so. 002610212020
  11. As I popped into the forum this time just to look at the thread that notice was not seen this time. Seems fixed now. Happy to have played a part! 235710202020
  12. Anyone else seeing: Important Information guest_terms_bar_text_value —end copy paste— as they come through here not logged in? Ive clicked “accept” more than 12 times yet it keeps popping up... 232310202020
  13. @Geonovast in the 34 min between your most recent post and mine the progiles returned to square. Yay! 220010202020
  14. @Aperture Science ive been on mobile here posting since this garish update and had to dial my phone back from 45% or so bright to 25%. This update is painful all around. 2010202020
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