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  1. @Alaygrounds The past is the teacher of the present so that the future can be bright. If you open yourself to the lessons of the past (which seems you are ) then you will learn and grow. Embrace the lessons your past has to offer you now! It is how we grow and learn! 214609263021
  2. 9 hours and change later! After my new dryer was installed i went to go to bed. Woke up at 445 am 12 hours after install lol. So now i return the page! @Admiral Fluffy will you be next? 094109252021
  3. And from what i heard when they tested it after install, a few decibels too! nice! Ive a 24 yr old crt tv in my old bedroom. I dont use it but i think it still works. Im kinda sad to see my 32 yr old dryer gone, but i feel better knowing that it can finally rest in peace then get recycled AND that my homes safer for having a new whirlpool dryer! 163809242021
  4. A week, nearly 2 weeks ago my dryer decided it wanted to sound wrong (drum sounded like it was rubbing) and when I aborted the dry cycle I was running by opening the dryer it smelled like it was burning. Today its replacement is scheduled to arrive by 1400 cst. I have mixed feelings on this. I learned by running its serial number it was likely made in may 1989 in marion ohio. That means its a 32 year old dryer. I was (born after may) 7 years old when it was made and likely 8 when it was bought. Its interesting the emotions that can be dragged up when you reflect on the history an appliance or any item that has been around has seen. Part of me wonders if I imagined the sound and smell or not. In the end replacing it is safer but still. 123809242021 hi new page!
  5. He however was not next, for I and my stressed out stomach turned up first! @N_Molson will you be next to our game? 153309232021
  6. songs stuck in a dueling fit: Theme from the Nutcracker One We know the way Playin with the boys Danger Zone I Remember / Stranger than you dreamt it yup its wild in my head right now lol 155709212021
  7. @ColdJ <chucks a water bucket of water onto the camp fire> i have no <kicks the sleeping bag away> eh hem idea what youre talking about! <innocent smile> @K^2 you next? 083109212021
  8. Its a thread in which we try to guess who the next user to post will be. You do this by pinging them. Lets say i guess you are next. I do: @Just a random person but since you just posted its unlikely you will be next. Sometimes our guess is right, sometimes not. @Deddly you next? 075209212021
  9. Dunno. But here on this new page i say @Spaceman.Spiff Tag youre it! 085609202021
  10. @ColdJ want mucked up sleep schedules? Went to sleep at 3pm yesterday and woke up at 2am this morning! @Spaceman.Spiff glad your ok! will @Deddly be next? 071509202021 071609202021
  11. SE you cannot do anything that you have not physically seen done in extreme detail first. SP the ability to suppress emotion like the vulcans. 035309192021
  12. He is elsewhere. I am the 4th post on this here new page. As is custom here, I guess that @Deddly may be next. 091509182021
  13. Banned because i can! 043809182021
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