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  1. Banned for missing your chance to ping me. @ColdJ got em teehee 003305242022 and sadly no movement yet
  2. Nuggets from chick fil a 003005242022 003105242022
  3. Anti spam 185705222022
  4. Jesusa Purificacion Levy Sonora-Poe (July 28, 1941 – May 20, 2022), better known by her screen name Susan Roces 171905202022
  5. Margaret Ann Peterson (January 10, 1941 – May 15, 2022)[1] was an American actress and singer. She was best known for playing Charlene Darling on The Andy Griffith Show. 182005182022
  6. Hey guys! Its open!! @Spaceman.Spiff @kerbiloid @SSTO Crasher 121605182022
  7. @Nate Simpson I am sad to hear KSP2 is delayed again. I am sad because I must wait longer to play it. I am however happy to hear and see that all due care is being taken to bring a product to us of the highest standard and quality. I for one am willing to wait to get a product that is of high quality and that makes it worth it. 131005162022
  8. Raqhid Jevon Render (March 16, 1998 – May 13, 2022), known professionally as Lil Keed, was an American rapper. 053905142022
  9. Banned because the kraken demands it! Also because Dres wants it too teehee ha ha ha <cue joker laugh> 052605122022
  10. Nope. Im sitting in my car in a drive thru waiting to get my breakfast tacos. @BekfastDerp13 ever read the manga or see the anime Death Note? The context for my tubm: "L do you know Shinigami love apples" if you havent seen the anime you should. Its dark but well done. tubm has seen the anime as well as the japanese live action version. 085805102022
  11. Cant say that I do. I just wish theyd stop pushing the test launch back. tubm knows what shinigami love. 082305102022
  12. I shall apply another click! And another! 082105102022
  13. I am here! I hath been summoned to affix a click and here is that click! CLICK! 073405102022 oh hey @Geonovastit seems the door is open again. Oops I clicked it again! 073605102022
  14. I ban you for your shame. I also ban your shame for bringing itself to you. 095405092022
  15. @kerbiloidbanned because you failed to notify us of the new page. A duty I will now perform. Hear ye! Hear ye! I hereby declare for one and all we are now on page 1140! 091205092022
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