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  1. I just sent a probe into a polar orbit of Eve. All the talk in the threads about where we have been gave me the itch to send something to Eve. Some day I may even send a kerbal down to the surface. Someday XD But, here is a picture of the ERA or Eve Reconnaissance Array. 030005292020
  2. ive answered this before in a similar thread called "The Places You've Been" but I am happy to answer this again. If it is a body in stock KSP, I have at the very least sent some kind of probe to it. I have landed and returned a crew from Eeloo some years ago which was fun. I have been playing KSP off and on since 2 days after the release <assuming that steam and the website released .21 at the same time> of .21 ksp some 7 years-ish ago but have yet to send a kerbal to eve let alone try to land a kerbal and return said kerbal from the surface of Eve. 233605272020
  3. @Joe.L when i need to launch a fuel tank into orbit i tend to disable the tank from being able to allow fuel flow. I then build a large launcher for it with tons of srb as a first stage lifter. If that sort of thing fails you, you could launch the tank dry and put it into a parking orbit then send multiple refueling missions to it before going onto taking it to a station or making one out of it. Good luck! 103705232020
  4. @archiebald cant say I have ever seen that. then again, I have 2 or 3 captures under my belt, and that is including since they were a thing lol. The most recent I captured just up and vanished on me and I had it in a stable orbit around kerbin too. no clue where it went. Im chalking it up to a kraken snack.
  5. I was digging through some images of mine on imgur and I saw an image of mine that triggered another thread. the above image contains a flag of my dearly departed kitty on my EVA pack. This happened to be also after I learned how to name kerbals and this kerbal had my name. I was on an eva, building a station and the emotional impact was intense. I think that instant was my finest hour in KSP. Here is the thread that image triggered me to make. 234005222020
  6. I think given all the stress of the world right now, I thought I would dig into the way back machine and dust this off so that we may all continue to share our finest hour in ksp what ever that may be. 010405182020
  7. Honestly i think if this is implemented its likely going to be in ksp2. That is IF its done. I do think it would be neat tho! 174005122020
  8. I have been to every planet and moon in stock KSP. If memory serves I have put a kerbal onto every rocky planet with the exception of Eve. Been playing since version 0.21 and I have not yet landed a kerbal there. Sent a fair share of various probes and robotic landers there, but have yet to actually land a kerbal lol. That said, yup, left Kerbins SOI and once even left Kerbol's SOI with a kerbal. Was a test save seeing how fast I could make a ship go. Poor guy would still be goin if I had that save file still. Though, I find most my ops lately since my return tend to be no further out than the mun's orbit. Ya I have a few things out at Duna satellite wise, but, no kerbal in my new save on my new pc has gone further than Mun. My fav places to have visited are Dres and Eeloo. Fun times! 014905122020
  9. @Citizen247 you sir! You just absolutely made my day!! Thank you!! 162605102020
  10. @Bej Kerman I wish I knew why squad did what they did with the <my opinion> dismal stock fairings we have. Why they chose to not use what is in my opinion the perfect system for fairings and instead again, did what they did is beyond me. I can speculate until I turn smurf blue and still probably be lightyears away from the correct answer. As to why we are forced to click each time every time into clamshell is beyond me. Another user gave me a module manager config file made by yet another user that resets the stock fairings to clamshell by default. I have 0 clue how to post in code, SO, instead, I will just copy paste it in with ---- a few lines above and below it and a helpful moderator should they see my post has my permission to change it to an inserted code post as again, I don't know how to do it. It may already do it by default, but, I am going to guess it wont. Again the ---- above/below are not part of the code. ---- // Default fairings to Clamshell // Author: Alshain @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleProceduralFairing]]:FINAL { @MODULE[ModuleProceduralFairing] { useClamshell = true ejectionForce = 1000 } } ---- the code in that box stops just under that final } and starts at the // . I hope this helps. Again, any helpful moderators who know how to make that a proper code insert <if it doesn't happen automatically> please adjust it accordingly 232405092020
  11. @Bej Kerman lol, ya the forums can do some funky things at times. ive been here since august 2013 and I don't even know how half this stuff works lol. im lucky if I can correctly link a thread 001505092020
  12. Uh question: why are you attributing the quote you have under my name to me? It is in fact from @kspnerd122 . My viewpoint directly contradicts the idea that procedural parts are bad. I myself have stated numerous times that I wish they had integrated the mod procedural fairings as in my honest opinion its the gold standard that the fairings we got fell parsecs short of. My opinion of course. Again I am simply trying to understand why a different users words are being attributed to me. 051605082020
  13. the devs don't like saying that this update or that update or in this case KSP2 will be available by X date. Mostly because when that date comes and goes and what ever thing was promised for that particular date is not delivered there tends to be some um salt in the water for some folks. There is an old joke that older forum users know all to well: "Soon™" All I can suggest is just be patient, it will arrive when it arrives. Right now, I myself am bouncing between Farming Simulator 2019, DCS World and KSP. Heck, Im even considering American Truck Simulator just for kicks. 013104292020
  14. personal reference numbers for me. beyond that, I cannot say. 005204292020
  15. I honestly miss those green dots. I wonder if who ever designs/maintains the site itself could implement an option in each users settings to have either the green dots or the ones we have now... I don't know how easy or hard that would be, but, in some update of the software down the road id be thrilled if it could happen. Heres hoping teehee 235504282020