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  1. I dont know but I am happy to clickity click this! 071803082021
  2. I dont know if its interesting but i know it isnt funny. My role as a caregiver for my mother is winding down to an end in the next 2 weeks she will be moving out from where we live into an assisted living facility. I have had the fortune to be able to live with her my whole life and care for her directly for the last few years. I urge everyone to cherish even the smallest things if you have the fortune to have your parents in your lives still. Send warm thoughts our way, we would appreciate it in this time of tremendous change. 221103072021 grammar fix 222603072021
  3. what funny/interesting thing happened to me? Well, I was playing Elite Dangerous and I was in the system called: SPF-LF 1 chasing a bounty that was running from me and I tripped over a fleet carrier. What was special about this particular fleet carrier that has me posting about it here? Glad you asked! That is how it first appeared to me. I decided to get closer and abandon my chase. This is what that same fleet carrier looks like: And just for fun this is what my ship looks like. It is an Anaconda named Stellar Stiletto. Props to you if you know where my ships name comes f
  4. Im rarely on my pc lately and only once lately have i been able to view signatures when i go into landscape mode. It was a fluke that I was able to see Dmans signature. Which is why I had asked for a link. Thank you for said link! 0257030062021
  5. Exactly those! @adsii1970 you wouldnt happen to have a link to that thread? 180903052021
  6. Sadly I cannot find a picture of it. They were little green rectangles directly under our avatars. The higher your reputation the more of them you had. They ranged from a darker green like the shade of grass at ksp to a lighter green after a while. Next time i am at my pc i will see if i can search fu my way into a picture. 233203042021
  7. What are the chances the folks who run the code side of the forums ever reenable the green boxes we had as a visual indication of our reputation way back in the day? Even if its optional I think it would be neat. You know a way to honor where it started? 203603042021
  8. 1. Geoffrey Scott February 28, 2021 aged 79 2. Jahmil French March 1, 2021 aged 29 3. Bunny Wailer March 2, 2021 aged 73 005003032021
  9. I am here but going to bed. @K^2 shall you be next? 095603022021
  10. I click! I click for those who cannot click! I click for those who want to click but may miss the chance! I click for our past! I click for our future! I click for us all! 073503022021
  11. Nope. amending my guess. @Matt Lowne will you be next? 231003012021 050003022021
  12. @STORMPILOTkerbalkind thanks for throwin me into Jool! It tastes like lime jello! ok will @Fraston be next? 221103012021
  13. I am here. Late but here. Instead of guessing, im gonna throw him a bone. @Dr. Kerbal 202103012021
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