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  1. Found this joke on Facebook

    this single joke, gonna cost you whole life, nbothing less nothijng,more nothing else
  2. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    ... [eidted] head hited
  3. Movie idea.

    a well you autoplayed that far ^^ but i started much depper, on my most loved video rarley pop, and isn't even browsable
  4. Pun-A-Thon

    kage ru i sensorship not gonna solve anithing ... drop it in cc l as time goes 2cp '' ''' ((((( ((((( and as far ass i m con cert to head with it or them )))))) / § silly f*hr biped and there cc if it was belong to only me i ll just nuke them all instant to teach them how not enough they are s**** f****r i have some some patience to show people some stuff, but let me tell you one thing time always gonna teach them us better than i do
  5. What the heck is flying over my area?

    air do always fly in evreryone(almsot mùany all hole) area ? ever noticed it ? (in/out]
  6. What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    nothing special i attempt to get drunk without stomach and headache and i fail miserably getting drunk, still i m avoiding the headache and stomach hurt part .... avogadro ... never heard ...
  7. Google Picture War RELOADED

  8. nice find , ) i definetly could wear this and feel happy in the street ; ) and it really tickle me to do a prototype just for myself ; )

  9. Google Picture War RELOADED

    that would be fun imho ^^
  10. Movie idea.

    you may find some inspiration here : ) nice channel ^^ the autoplay do it all ^^
  11. Back In My Day...

    back in my days, i was alive, then i died more than 9 time being a passenger at random event and i m still (alive) , back in thoose days i wasn't hoping the next would be the last
  12. The Ctrl+V thread!

    throw the earth into the sun, this way every one gonna melt altogether and be one again ^^
  13. Movie idea.

    what about a movie full of prof xavier from the x-men or precog kinda like that one with tom cruise , the red hair girl and the floating pyramid ? a movie full of people in stase and chair ; ) well somhow it's kinda like the matrix ^^ hahahah
  14. Pun-A-Thon

    i m someone fun and cool ; ) for real ^^
  15. Has anyone been at the DT 2017 concert in Toronto?

    wich years in the inca calendar 12 november do you refer too ? (sup matu srry for the hikjack thread)