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  1. why not either hebaru either sarbi or devogen enventually , but i guess it's been a while xDr
  2. aside my internet box dcing and being unable to reconnect when my pc is linked to it & turned on, nothing special to complain about ^^
  3. it's been a while but i think i was really creative and inspired today: off course it might depend wich kind of rules your usually follow or not ^^
  4. <pseudo necro & slight side off topic ON> Awww, some missing comment and edit notification early on, weird ;...; may be not, still i don't remind the last time i played starmade, but wookayr after all <pseudo necro & slight side off topic OFF> work as intended, don't live in bubble , we had a tralalala
  5. post it for later: "i don't see how this could impact a ... way "
  6. "trading joe" hum, this apply to a large range of being, even some you won't think at first ;§; true true ^^
  7. do not summon @Souper in the magic boulder thread
  8. what the difference between electronics arts, keen software, wild card, paradox, squad, unkown world, chucklefish & [insert a few others]... oh oh oh
  9. nope nope nope @sibar because the mud is strong in that one, mud did i just said mud ... oh well ... for what i m concerned with mud nowdays ...
  10. i m any ceo(s((ZzzzzZzzzzzzzz)) ) everyday best friend ... yup yup ...
  11. in/out
  12. you just draw ink how to you oink if you not a pig ?
  13. "tommorrow we're gonna realease on e-bay a tutorial that explain how to hack civilian liner planes using the sat network and else to make them crash easily for everyday warmongering scenaries, in the old mayan sacrificial spirit"
  14. ah yup between 2dc rc ... 'sigh' ... @max_creative
  15. Still some issue with my internet box, it seem to shut down after i turn on the pc, it work properly with other devices but use to invariably lost connection a little while after i turn on the pc and then refuse to reinit until i remove the electrical cable for like some time.

    wich suggest that either:
    - my own pc send a ghost request somewhere
    - my own pc is used for some ip rooting stuff by someone else
    - the ip strike persist as long as i don't remove the box cable for a while even when the pc is turned off afterward

    not spoted anithing so far with the standard os tools but as it's start gettin' boring might investigate deeper soon ... almost two week now ...

    1. WinkAllKerb''


      another option would be something that periodically single ping my home pc ip, and start to ip strike from distance with a timer when it get a positive ping answer ...

      after two week i ll start being more and more in a capricious earth core mood

    2. WinkAllKerb''


      the caracteristic thingies is it only happen when i turn on the pc while i can use the box without problem with some others devices when the pc is turned off ...