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  1. WinkAllKerb''

    You Know You're A Nerd When:

    when :3 #Steam "Capitalism Add venture" %% included :3
  2. WinkAllKerb''

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    nope @Time Sheep
  3. WinkAllKerb''

    Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    "you know the fun about, sponsor, pr, story telling , mass media ? no ; same we don't know either, and believe it we don't intend to studies this kind of phenonema or get grabbeb in da flow in any mathematized way or not"
  4. WinkAllKerb''

    New Years 2017/2018 Megathread

    can't wait for 2034, but not sure who's still around then, me included ; so ; , )
  5. WinkAllKerb''

    Back when I was a kid

    back when ... i lost my memories ^^ *both yipee and yick @ the same* in/out ;
  6. WinkAllKerb''

    KSP or Flyout alpha?

    :3 ^^
  7. still it lack some ergonomics and intuivity ... why this overview isn't available per default when clicking on the status notification ? it's a tad bit weird you have to use your own profile to browse the notfications with a preview ... the preview SHOULD be avaialbe per default when clicking the "bell" notifications button ... i maintain ... ergonomics/QA/intuitivities ... especially as the function exist a l r e a d y *grumpf* bis
  8. WinkAllKerb''

    How to jump to first unread post

    *grumpf* because ;;;
  9. WinkAllKerb''

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    history is useless throw YstoryAway you'll never somethings from weird store-E ^^ ((awkward)) sorry @TheSaint just poking arround because why not ^^ sup'(s) btw
  10. WinkAllKerb''

    Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

  11. WinkAllKerb''

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    why theyr'e not much thread about neuro science around here ? and why each time there's one post it's fastly bashed and underated ? because more toaster ; ) /vostokconcordia&etc&etcpalm i'd like to remind that you need a "first step"achievement , a second step achieve, a third step "a.", &etc ...
  12. WinkAllKerb''

    I have officially been here for 4 years

    don't count just be here ^^ whatever ^^ counting is a reminder, what do you need such ? affraid to forget something "essential" so you need the number memory trick ?? ? ? ?
  13. WinkAllKerb''

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    i m counting how many sub atomic "moving/living" particule i walk on each time i make a single step ^^ and i do recommand anyone to do the same, ; ) watch your step(s) ^^
  14. WinkAllKerb''

    How to jump to first unread post

    well you'll be an idiot as long as you won't be able to do like the moon , ) aka moving the ocean each time you pass over ^^ beware moving the ocean like the moon is dangerous and can create overscaled event ^^ do not copy the moon ; ) just watch it doing it stuff's at your own scale ^^ sometime being an idot is comfortable it could even be a bless ^^ while being a moon and killing bazillion of beings because gravities ; ) could be a damn & lot of painz ^^ especially when you do not intend to , because you just move around like you do everyday ^^ "that moment when, well now all your matter really start looking like gravities ; ) don't forget to insert your body, another body scale within the equation, and do never forget , ) the moon do not lisp or assembly to move the ocean it use something else, believe me or not scale really matter in that case, pay attention not walking on ants, thks, winkalltralalala /signed ^^"
  15. WinkAllKerb''

    Don't Click This

    click like => == remove like => oops => can't reaad it => daily limit ... >me stupid<