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    Hello there ! First of all, thank you for the massive work and passion involved here, in creating RSS and other Tools that make KSP so much more realistic... ... But as we are speaking of realism, I need to understand a few things since I'm a bit lost and I don't know where to ask. I've installed the whole RSS-RO-RPO thing from CKAN with all recommanded mods. I'm reading quite a lot of article by now, about Huge Payload landing on Mars and all the problèmes involved. Parachute won't be possible, terminal speed won't be reached and final velocity will require quite some DeltaV to break the payload before it reaches the ground. I've tried a little Something, using the inflatable shield, 16t, and, well, no trouble at all. Nothing special, I was about 200 m/s some kilometers above the ground and it would have been easy to kill that speed in order to land, almost without fuel. This does sound right to me : is the atmosphere of mars representative of what it should be ?
  2. Hello there ! I and many other players, are struggling against a weird problem. Did anything change in the past days ? It used to work following your procedure that we detailed and traduce in French here : https://kerbalspacechallenge.fr/2017/12/15/mods-ksp-presentation-et-installation-de-ssrss/ Many users told me they were getting a very dark ground even in daylight, I tried by myseld on an all-clean install and i'm getting the same issue, here are some Screenshot of KSC at various hours, morning, night and noon : Album https://imgur.com/a/YSrYS will appear when post is submitted Any idea ? Everything else is working fine, orbital view from Tracking Station is okay, just like orbital View from a vessel, but this vessel is not being in the light, as you can see in previous pics.
  3. Okay thanks ! Regarding EVE, you advise us to install it, what is it suppose to bring, if not clouds ? Also, if it brings visual enhancement, how to use EVE since in seems to lack a config file or I don't know ? I'll install back the SSRSS Clouds Folder then, waiting for tips to use EVE properly
  4. Oh I see for Scatterer ! Should fix the issue, will try as soon as I can Edit : Oh, uh... How can I find and download a previous version of Scatterer ? Like this 0.0300 Version ? :s Regarding the Clouds, yep I've installed them in a first attempt and then I removed them so that i'm able to distinct what come from this folder, or from EVE. With the SSRSS clouds Folder, I had clouds, not really as effective as EVE's ones, so this is why I want to get them Do not hesitate to tell me if you further informations or if you want me to test things Thank you for your quick reply !
  5. Hello There ! First, thank you @Galileo for your work, I already had the occasion to congratulate you, but there is not too much Kudos when it comes to superb succesfull mods with a lovely continuation The thing is... I just followed carefully (yeah, everyone says so...) your Step-By-Step guide on the HomePage, getting everything working alltogether until I want to add some Visual Enhancement. Same, I followed your advices regarding the well known EVE, Scatterer, DOE and PlanetShine. But I can't get them to work at all. No clouds, No Scatterer Effect, DOE looks okay, and I havent tried proper situation to test PlanetShine lighting the belly of a craft Let me sum up what I did to be sure of what we are dealing with : - Step By Step guide to install SSRSS and all its mandatory mods (working so far ) - Download and install of the very first link of EVE, here : https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases - Download and install of the Scatterer Mod, through SpaceDock : https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer - Download and install of DOE, through Github : https://github.com/MOARdV/DistantObject/releases/ - Download and install PlanetShine through Curse, the very last release : https://mods.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/224876-planetshine#t1:other-downloads Your link regarding PlanetShine does not seem to work anymore, so I had a look on the internet and people were saying that PlanetShine updated for 1.2.2 still works for KSP 1.3. Oh and finally I applied you patch for the highly detailed terrain, gorgeous !! I end up with this GameData folder in screenshot : But now, when I open the Game, no clouds, and the EVE button tells me that a Config File is needed... Yeah ! Of course it is, but I don't know which step I failed because it does not appear to be any Config File to pilot EVE. Regarding Scatterer, same it shows up at the Menu, with the control panel where, by default, somes boxes are uncheck. If I don't do anthying, well... Scatterer does not affect the game in any way, no water shaders, no atmospheric scattering, etc. So i tried checking theses boxes to activate, maybe, the water shader, at least to see if Scatterer is able to do anything, and still, nothing. I've read the mention "restard may be required", but nothing happen, even after a restard, Boxes stay uncheck. Anyhelp ? Of course SSRSS is great by itself but I definitely can't play without some visual enhancement Thank you in advance ! I've read many pages, here and on internet, not finding why I appear to be alone in that case.
  6. Haha, actually they really do not fly well... But quite reallistically I would say, just enough autority to make large turns
  7. Incredible, MDZPNMD ! Here is mine, it is more than 3 years old, so using the old souposhere : Here is the full thread, for some more pics : http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.fr/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=523&hilit=2000t&start=600#p26114 So what about the ranking, is it still up to date ?
  8. Thank you very much ! Just head up for my previous message, 6 april, to see how to download the launcher and its payload
  9. Hey there, I promised to show you some pics of the payload, the all-in-one Station. Here are my first attempts of KVV, for some very (VERY) detailed pics ! Please clic on thèses pics and once again on the website to see the full size. Just a small warning : they weights between 8 and 21mo Please do not hesitate to give me any constructive feedback !
  10. Dakitess

    KSP Challenge: Landing like Elon does!

    Not exactly following the rules as it was before this challenge, but this entry might interest some of you Totally okay to land without legs and chutes, done quite a lot of time ! Any bonus for a sweet water landing for thèses winged lateral boosters ?
  11. Let's hope you'll enjoy then ! Btw, I forgot to say that this last craft, the massive launcher, is available to dowlnoad here ! http://hangar.kerbalspaceprogram.fr/?showcraft=413 Since it is a french Platform, just follow me : first, hover your mouse in the upper right corner, on the altimeter-ish (which is in fact the number of downloads). Then Something shoud show up, and you'll have a big green button untitled "TELECHARGER" which is the french translation of "Download". Here you are, .craft is yours !
  12. Wow i'm very glad that you enjoyed the craft and the video edit itself ! It became my favourite craft even if I had to test it sooooo many hours haha. Very reliable and efficient while not using a single asparagus montage, and very fun to land each part Yeah really, thank you for your feedback, do not hesitate to point out any things you would improve ! Just in addition, since you probably won't read french, the third stage is also reusable, using a high speed deceleration from very high and energetic trajectory, capable of returning from mun without heatshield, thank to its resistant rear parts and extra fuel to reduce the velocity at key moment. I want to show the payload itself, which took me hours and hours as well, it is an all-in-one compact station, scoring 250 parts, and which need to be reassemble in orbit to shape a compact and complete station. But I doubt i'll have the time to do a proper showcase, so il will probably be a Twitch Live that I will record... But in french :s Anyway, any other comments are welcome of course, and maybe a day I'll join the team of "Epic Engineers"
  13. Hello there ! Thought I could post here my last showcase about a 100% reusable massive stock launcher, which took me about 100+ hours to build, optimize, shoot and edit Be sure to turn 1080p and sound on ! ^^ I hope you'll like it, here is my showcase thread if some of you want to see more crafts
  14. Well, not much enthousiasm here Maybe this one will be appreciated ! Took me a bit more than 40 hours to create and optimize this full stock launcher, capable of 100% reusability, with some innovative methods I think I really hope you'll like it, I did my best here, and any constructiv feedback would be appreciated ! Thank you for watching