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  1. I'm stuck at level 3 and really want to get to level 4 and 5. Are there some things you can do that really boost their exp a lot? I finished a mission recently and was bummed to see my pilot got no exp from it. Are there any tricks to leveling up scientists and engineers too? Thanks
  2. This is all super helpful. But what if you build a lopsided design like mine, or something much worse? Wouldn't that create some kind of weird Statement #3 I don't understand. Is fore/aft the "H and N" key? If so, why do I want to change how many will do this?
  3. Whoa... I just had a Eureka moment. So I removed the RCS thrusters up top and discovered the amount of bad torque generated was cut way down. WHat I didn't realize is that the capsule thrusters were adding issues with the places thrusters. So things will rotate a lot slower but now I won't be knocked off kilter translation so badly:
  4. Thanks for answering Moving the top quads doesn't change how much of that torque is added no matter how far or close to CoM it is. WHen you say add more quads on bottom do you mean another quad right above it? When I switched it from symmetrical 4 to 6 or 8, it didn't change torque either.
  5. I can't find any placement of RCS thrusters on my Mun lander and docking craft that will get rid of that red torque arrow. Am I screwed as far as this design is concerned? Because when I've tried to dock I always get some stupid twisting. Do you see some way I could alleviate that torque I haven't noticed? The red arrow is bad right?
  6. It does, but since I have tubes of different diameters wouldn't that change things? I installed RCS Build aid, but I'm not sure how to interpret its findings and use it. But an interesting thing I found in these images. You can see I started with thrusters at the very bottom and at the very top in #1. Then I move them down to what I thought weas equidistant in #2. Then in #3 I put the top thrusters right on the CoM and the red circle disappeared. I wish I didn't have to go all the way to the Mun to test this as that's where my space station is, so testing these would take a long time (hoping I get it right before next trip). So apparently, the red circle might just be rotation speed so large red circle is fine. What is bad is red arrows, and when I change the view I see these all have a large red arrow which represents torque and I can't seem to find a way to eliminate it:
  7. I keep screwing up where I put RCS Thrusters on my latest Mun lander. It is filled with science and my last attempt saw me not able to rotate properly in space, it would always slant a bit when I was trying to rotate clockwise/counterclockwise while trying to dock around the Mun (I dump the grabber before I dock as it's for a mission on the way). If someone could just tell me which thrusters to put where I would be eternally grateful. I'm also wondering how those built in RCS thrusters on my capsule affect things and if you think I should get rid of the bottom slanty fuel tank if that makes it more difficult too. I really appreciate the help. Thanks!
  8. What exactly does the maneuver node lock on and target lock do when your kerbal hits level 4 or you have advanced probe that has them?
  9. I hate the fact my helicopters and prop planes fly around silently. If someone made this I would be incredibly grateful as would a lot of people I'm sure.
  10. Do you know if anyone has made a mod to add sounds to them?
  11. I can't get this to show up the game's main toolbar in space mode. I can make it show up on the blizzy toolbar, but I'd really like it to show up on the main toolbar but it's not an option when I click the wrench. What am I doing wrong?