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  1. That's what I thought. Thanks!
  2. Does USI need to be updated to work correctly with 1.8?
  3. Set all visual settings to max and start a new game with all DLC.
  4. USI requires ample housing space over and above vanilla? If so that's fantastic.
  5. Oh darn. Do any of them do that? Like you need to have a rotating chamber for them to live in or they go nutso or get unhealthy?
  6. Does this life support mod introduce the need for gravity on long distance routes?
  7. Cool! And thanks again for making our game so much better. I would not enjoy the game nearly as much without your mods and the fantastic things you've done for the experience. You're awesome
  8. Awesome thanks! Did you have fun at the KSP event with Scott Manley?
  9. I'd like to turn them off in the tracking station. This doesn't let you do that. This is for when you're physically in orbit with your ship. Neat! Will give that a try. Thanks!
  10. Fantastic. Thanks for replying and filling me in. I really appreciate that
  11. @Poodmund - I was wondering what your Barn script does in the game. Do you get less, more, or the same science for tasks around Kerbin? In general do you get more or less science for tasks vs. vanilla? Cheers mate
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