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  1. Better make sure it cleans ALL the entries, and when we uninstall the game, it cleans the registry of everything but the product code/serial number entries. Some of us with health issues don't have the energy to go through editing all this stuff out ourselves (I'm waiting for a lung transplant).
  2. That's what I thought. Thanks!
  3. Does USI need to be updated to work correctly with 1.8?
  4. Set all visual settings to max and start a new game with all DLC.
  5. USI requires ample housing space over and above vanilla? If so that's fantastic.
  6. Oh darn. Do any of them do that? Like you need to have a rotating chamber for them to live in or they go nutso or get unhealthy?
  7. Does this life support mod introduce the need for gravity on long distance routes?
  8. Cool! And thanks again for making our game so much better. I would not enjoy the game nearly as much without your mods and the fantastic things you've done for the experience. You're awesome
  9. Awesome thanks! Did you have fun at the KSP event with Scott Manley?
  10. I'd like to turn them off in the tracking station. This doesn't let you do that. This is for when you're physically in orbit with your ship. Neat! Will give that a try. Thanks!
  11. Fantastic. Thanks for replying and filling me in. I really appreciate that
  12. @Poodmund - I was wondering what your Barn script does in the game. Do you get less, more, or the same science for tasks around Kerbin? In general do you get more or less science for tasks vs. vanilla? Cheers mate
  13. Is there a way to turn off the orbits of planets and moons? Need to do it for a video. Thanks!
  14. You could try Spectra. That has a beautiful Aurora too. Also, you may have left some parts of Astronomers behind which is mucking things up. If you use CKAN I see no reason to not fully get rid of all the previous graphic mods and just reinstall what you want. That would be the safest and best way to do it. Just make sure you delete any extraneous stuff left behind.
  15. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/23172 I think it's ridiculous this hasn't been fixed yet, and there's no light at the end of the tunnel from the player perspective. Since Squad isn't putting out a hotfix out for this, nor any attention according to the bug tracker - any modders want to tackle it?
  16. I can't believe there's not a huge thread for this already. ------------------ This is exactly the kind of thing I've wanted to see for years and has the potential to make a dramatic difference in the game. I just wonder what month they are targeting this release for?
  17. Is Jool supposed to have rings around it? One of the loading pics shows that, but I've never seen it.
  18. Hey, it looks really good with Astronomer's and the patch code listed.
  19. Ohhh perfect. I was asking about this very thing in a new thread. Glad I looked in here!
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