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  1. StrandedonEarth

    Planning a Mun mission (rocket design basics)

    I generally use the best probe core available. You may want to stack two probes, and send one with a relay antenna well past the mun to act as a relay. So you may as well do the orbital rescue anyways; there are many ways to tweak the kerbin departure orbits to get to the different orbits. Or combine the surface rescue with the sat launch.
  2. StrandedonEarth

    Planning a Mun mission (rocket design basics)

    A fairing would definitely help, not only for drag reduction but to protect from heat on a decent launch trajectory. Unless you want to waste a ton of dV by going straight up for awhile then pitching hard over at 30 or 40km high. More important, I see that those orbits are going in different directions. The most efficient place to change direction would be at a high (edge of SOI is best) AP, or to land and do the surface rescue and then launch in the other direction. Alternately, on the way to the Mun, you could release the sat to match orbits on the one side, then tweak the trajectory so the rescue ship is lined up to match orbits on the other side. The earlier you do the tweak, the less dV it will take.
  3. StrandedonEarth

    Google Picture War RELOADED

  4. StrandedonEarth

    Fun Kerbal names!

    Back in 1.05 I had a scientist named Theoory Kerman... I just noticed in that screenshot there's an engineer named Barmore Kerman, I think that could be taken to mean "Moar Struts"
  5. StrandedonEarth

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I hate head colds *sniff*. First one I've caught in quite some time... *waaACHOOO!*
  6. StrandedonEarth

    What does everyone think of my wood computer?

    It's a nice looking setup. As for interference from the sub, I'd have to give it a definite maybe. Probably best to shield it anyways, and see if the random crashes go away. As far as I can remember from my basic electromagnetics ejumacashun, it takes either motion or a changing field to induce a current. So it's possible that vibrations (heavy bass?) could be enough to flip some bits. When trying to determine the root cause of a problem, eliminate as many variables/possibilities as possible.
  7. StrandedonEarth

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    And IIRC, fairly heavy, or they'd build entire spacecraft out of it In Star Wars, the Iconic X-wing fighter is listed as an Incom T-65. I've always had a sneaking suspicion that Incom is a play on inconel, but I suppose it could be coincidence.
  8. StrandedonEarth

    Generate errors!

    Error - Flux capacitor not fluxing. Please go back to the future.
  9. StrandedonEarth

    A380 production to be cancelled

    So are wide-body passenger jets going to become a thing of the past?
  10. StrandedonEarth

    NASA Commercial Crew Landers

    Hmm, not a bad plan, use the fuel tank as the airlock and the dregs in the LOX tanks could be used for repressurization. Equipment/cargo pods could also be hung outside. Ideally there would be a way to connect them together So I see a request for landers, but I ya rant heard anything about base modules. What I think is really needed is a lunar bulldozer so that base modules could be buried for radiation and MMOD protection.
  11. StrandedonEarth

    NASA Commercial Crew Landers

    For base building, how about a two-stage lander? Reusable crew ascent stage, mated to an oversized landing stage designed to work as a wet lab, using a benign fuel such as LH2 or methane. Leftover landing propellants can be drained and stored for future use, and then the tanks can be outfitted from the cargo pods, or simply open hatches leading to the equipment bays. I know, I know, wet labs always sound great in theory, but devil is in the details.
  12. StrandedonEarth

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    As I understand it, the main problem with the NK33 was quality of the build and/or materials
  13. Will the console version also get the engine plates? The Ant/Spider sure looks nice.
  14. StrandedonEarth

    Real Life "Kerbalisms"

    Seems like a logical upgrade to me. Many of the deHavilland Beaver (fantastic bush plane; the “workhorse of the North”) floatplanes were also upgraded from radial piston to turboprop power