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  1. Ive fought with enough photo import tools that I find it easier to just email them to myself lol
  2. Is it cube-shaped? Perhaps resembles a Rubik’s cube? And if not why not lol
  3. Hmmm, launch the Dynetics lander on a Starship, then they shouldn’t have mass problems. Cost problems and redundancy problems, sure, but it should solve the mass problem. If not it’s hopeless
  4. And when it come to that sort of thing, SpaceX may be a “space contract shark”. The DoD/FH contract appeared high by SpaceX standards (possibly not depending on what is in the contract), and it can be assumed Starbase etc is a bit of a money pit. So it’s understandable that others may have thought the SpaceX bid would be higher. Kinda smells like a pool shark to me
  5. SpaceX looks to be the exception that proves the rule, much as there are a few old, bold pilots. But they are quite rare; as rare as moonwalkers (coughBuzzAldrincough). Gotta be bold to be one of those. (Sorry, off on a tangent again)
  6. Oh, BO wants it to be a competition? Then maybe they should compete, instead of expecting to get second place just for showing up.
  7. Fresh water from the area will not sink and could stall the Atlantic current, which IIRC is the return current for the Gulf Stream. At least, according to an old documentary tut I forget the name of
  8. And this process slows down as temperature rises (according to an 80s vintage textbook I read), which is a possible reason why Venus found itself in a runaway greenhouse while Earth did not. Another threat of melting Greenlandic ice sheets is that the fresh water can slow and possibly stop the Gulf Stream, making Europe much colder
  9. Dammit. My cat got out yesterday morning. Normally when he gets out, he's back later in the morning, but he didn't come back. Cats are not allowed to roam in our strata, but try telling a cat it's not allowed outside. It'll find a way, and if it doesn't want to be caught, then good luck if you don't have some help and some good treats. Then my cat was found dead at the base of a tree in the complex this morning . No apparent injury, so the consensus (without spending stupid money on a post-mortem) is poison of some sort. Maybe coolant? Quite possibly a poisoned rodent, since there are baits around. And my dog found a mouse behaving oddly (to me; it didn't seem to be trying very hard to hide) this morning while I was walking her, but we didn't harm it. So yeah, I left work to come home and collect Malibu and bury him. Then while running errands for our almost-done kitchen reno, I stopped at the vet to pick up the footprint memorial plaque of our old dog that we had just put to sleep a month or two ago. So Oreo has gone from two furry companions to none. We will probably have to fix that, so she has company while everyone is away during the day. Not quite sure whether to go canine or feline (pros and cons, etc) but the name will definitely be "Gilligan" aka 'Little Buddy' The hazards of having a cat that likes to be outside, but I suppose he died enjoying his short, four year life. He's still the undefeated champ. This was unexpected and it freakin hurts E: On the bright side Oreo, you get your bed back...
  10. If you don’t have a job aboard a vessel, and you paid to be aboard, then you’re payload, no matter what medium your travelling on or through
  11. I do like what I see in that trailer, even though it sort of gave me a Hobbit on Arrakis feel
  12. I believe the closest approved thread to that would be...
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