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  1. I wore that T-shirt to Disneyland... As for the picture war...,
  2. As a teenager I had a dog (dam was a chihuahua/terrier cross, sire was believed to be a Cocker spaniel) that seemed quite intelligent. It figured out sliding pocket doors no problem, even managing to open it when secured by a hook-and-eye (after which he chewed up my mom’s oil paints, he was lucky neither the paint or mom killed him. Red ev-ry-where! Including red poop when the snow finally melted). It also opened doors that had a lever for a knob quite easily. Mist impressive was the time he was trying to get comfortable on the cement hearth in front of the fireplace. Eventually he went into a bedroom and came back with a pillow, put it on the hearth, lay down with his head on it, and promptly zonked out.
  3. I would imagine that one of the reasons for only getting 40% is to deliver a slap upside the head for biting (one of) the hands that feeds them (SpaceX lawsuits).
  4. Well, a political decision being bizarre from a logical point of view should not be unexpected....
  5. I suppose another market for the beginnings of space mining would be selling commemorative coins and other keepsakes made from the first batch of space-mined resources brought back dirtside. Until some shyster tries to sell terrestrial aluminum as Lunar aluminum (alunarnum?). Or space-platinum “snake oil”
  6. 1g acceleration wouldn't get you out of the gravity wells of the giant planets, which is the biggest hurdle in acquiring resources from other planets. Much easier to return resources from asteroids. But if you return large quantities of rare resources and dump them on the Terran market, the prices would plummet, cutting into or destroying any profit. My strategy would rely on that. Platinum and other platinum group metals are extremely useful catalysts for many industrial processes, but are too expensive for widespread use. For instance, much research has gone into reducing the amount of platinum needed for fuel cells. I would deliberately crash the price of platinum, with a production line ready to crank out consumer fuel cells and other devices that could make use of abundant, cheap platinum, and profit that way.
  7. I’ve had to use the right alt + f12. Or was it right-alt-shift-f12.... Again, nvidia hijacking, I think
  8. Dayum...
  9. Yeah, they actually hammered in at least one accelerometer upside-down. The kerbal equivalent would be the probe core installed upside down *whistles innocently* My mind expected some lag on impact as the Matrix processes the explosion....
  10. I believe the B2 just uses a radar absorbent paint/covering, while the F-117 also uses straight lines to reflect the radar waves away from the receiver. Come to think of it, the side of the B2 facing the ground is flat, also reflecting radar away Not sure how the B2 fares against airborne radar