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  1. With practically unlimited solar power from the sun, massive amounts of electrical and thermal power may be online faster than you think. Of course, the hurdle there is bootstrapping the means to create solar collectors and PV arrays in situ...
  2. He's probably trying to link to
  3. Kerbal Strike - gotta keep those ground crews happy...
  4. Well, you have a steamthrower or steamcannon for defense
  5. My avatar is a Thrint, aka a Slaver, It can telepathically compel other beings to follow its orders. If it can control a zombie, I think I'm in good shape, especially if I can find its amplifying helmet. If not, um, I'm done for. It would compel me to give myself to the zombies while it tries to escape. Which it wouldn't, because aside from (and because of) the Power, they're pretty useless.
  6. N/A/10
  7. I'm guessing it's more like "the bot randomly selects 2% to be sent to a human for rejection"
  8. Awesome job, thanks for the music vid
  9. Just doing what most of the others are doing....
  10. It's weird, it happens to me now and then too. I think it's bored and/or new forumgoers browsing back through old and long-lived threads
  11. No, it wasn't, I'm sure the Apple users say thanks for the info!
  12. Adjust your timing of the 90d burn, so your orbit crosses well ahead of the arch. If it's not close enough, reload, adjust, and try again. You could also just warp until the Arch comes around again. The "Trajectories" mod by Youen and Kobymaru et al can also show where your ground track will be, to take the guesswork out of setting your orbit so the Arch rotates into your path. I've used that mod in the past but not for this challenge.
  13. Woohoo! Scott Manley took up my challenge!
  14. Nice! That was a real worm-burner