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  1. StrandedonEarth

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I proposed something similar in this forum a few years ago. You’re forgetting the most important thing that will cut down the wait list: revenue! Sell time on the rovers! My I dea was to have a Lunar Racing League with reasonably fast, more durable rovers. And yes, dealing with the time lag would be part of the challenge. OTOH, this could be done with just a computer simulation, with simulator champions allowed to drive the real ones. There’s more to the idea than that, but that’s the core of it. The key is to sell time on these units!
  2. StrandedonEarth

    How to build real small rocket?

    I wonder what the max theoretical ISP is of Polish Spirit (96% ethanol) and HTP (high test peroxide)? edit: note that HTP is nasty stuff. Polish Spirit merely kills taste buds
  3. StrandedonEarth

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    So who designed it, Buck Rogers?
  4. StrandedonEarth

    Aretha Franklin

    I had heard last night that she was on her deathbed. F RIP
  5. StrandedonEarth

    Shower thoughts

    And Lucas wanted Chewbacca to be Ewok sized, but was overruled on the grounds of being too cutesy. But he got his teddy bear fetish on in ROTJ. Note: Ewok is a wordplay on Wookie
  6. StrandedonEarth

    The Positive Forum movement (Updated 4 December 2015)

    The first rule of communication: Use "I" statements instead of "You" statements. "I have an issue with how you do things" makes it your problem, not theirs. "You did it wrong" just puts them on the defensive and they shut down and block out.
  7. When it come to these "satellite in specific orbit" contracts, the An/Dn on the target orbit will show your relative inclination, but is not affected by maneuver nodes (until executed). While burning normal/anti-normal will change your inclination, it will also tend to raise your orbit, requiring some retrograde to compensate. Another handy mod for plotting this sort of maneuver is Precise Maneuver, or the similar mod (fork? clone? takeover? not sure which is which anymore) Precise Node, which has a button for changing inclination without changing the Ap/Pe.
  8. StrandedonEarth

    Rate The Spaceship Above You

    4/10 Lacks color
  9. StrandedonEarth

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    That sucks, hard. But what if all 70+ of you walked out? Either quit or wildcatted? Not an optimal solution, but they shouldn't be allowed to get away with that. Or sock them with a ton of bad press. It's amazing how fast companies change their tune when the media gets a hold of a "big bad company" story. Edit: or is it one of those situations where the company needs to do this to stay afloat?
  10. StrandedonEarth

    "Rokkit Syense" in CW's "The 100"

    Well, it doesn’t have to be a Kerbal movie. Just use the KSP engine and ships ( or mod in new ones) for the spacecraft.
  11. StrandedonEarth

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Yeah, I have Tourism Plus and run “Space Camp” missions on a 23-seat bus, which leaves room for additional tourists to pay for the launch. The big payoff from Space Camp is the three new kerbonauts, which are worth quite a bit in the later game. My Bus has oodles of dV to make Mun orbit, Minmus landing, and a peek into solar orbit, so that the new kerbals, and any other trainees or rescuees, come back as 3 star kerbals. Heck, I have one Bus on the way to Duna right now. Stacking as many contracts as you can into one launch is the way to go. The Bus often hauls a satellite secondary payload as well.
  12. StrandedonEarth

    "Rokkit Syense" in CW's "The 100"

    That said, I would imagine that if T2 and the relevant mod makers were promised a share of the profits or revenue, licensing the use of KSP-RO for a big screen production should be a possibility.
  13. StrandedonEarth

    The Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    My sons are wanting to start playing D&D (I never did; but I played similar things a time or two). Seems kinda expensive to get set up, from what they’re looking at. Not sure it’s all necessary. Figurines at CAD40 ea?
  14. StrandedonEarth

    "Rokkit Syense" in CW's "The 100"

    Science Fiction these days seems to have more fictional science than real science...
  15. StrandedonEarth

    Rate The Spaceship Above You

    4/404, ship not found