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  1. That certainly seems true, but when it comes to reliability, you have to look at who's been building the machines lately. There should have been significant staff turnover between thirty years ago and now. Maybe I wasn't paying as much attention over the last thirty years, but my impression is that the Russian space program has had more anomalies than usual in recent years.
  2. Yeah LEGO is fun. Being tasked with going through the bins of LEGO and reassembling as many as possible of the kits that the parts came from was not so fun. My kids are no longer allowed to play with the assembled kits because then they (the LEGO) ends up back in the bins, reduced to LEGO atoms. And I’m left resisting the urge to stuff the kids into the bins too Looking at the LEGO catalogues and drooling over some of the kits (Star Destroyer anyone?) is lots of fun. Looking at the price on those kits is not at all fun.
  3. Do they still have the soccerball-cam up there? I thought external fly-around pics was something that they hoped it could be rated for....
  4. Probably too late now, but the best thing to do when you notice that you just did such an oops, is to press ctrl-z (undo)
  5. But still, as I saw it before, direct input wasn’t available for consumables. As of 1.8.1, it is
  6. Nice, I tuned in just in time for a picture-perfect launch and landing! Looks good to go for Flight 5!
  8. My first video game was Pong, on Telstar hardware. It was the fancy version, with a “hockey” mode! And my cousin had Electronic Quarterback, and later an Atari console Anyone remember the toy car (Trans-Am?) that was programmable, with the keypad under the hood?
  9. Yet they would also benefit from hybridization even more, given the mass to accelerate and decelerate. Also bear in mind that trains use electric drives, with diesel generation when not externally powered.
  10. I've only been playing this game since 2013, and finally needed to use the object thrower to decouple something. A little un-intuitive that the unchecked checkbox says "unarmed" and one needs to check the box to change it to "armed." Took me a few minutes to figure that out. Then I had the speed set too high and it had no effect, just zipping through the target.
  11. Because someone threw a tub of sour cream at you for eating all the salsa!