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  1. The only difference between poison and cure is dosage. Even too much water will kill you, and that doesn’t include drowning…
  2. I guess you never had liquid nitrogen poured over the back of your hand? The Leidenfrost effect is your friend...
  3. The downside is that the machine takes twice as long to do multiple loads of laundry…
  4. Click -> rt-click -> save image as -> desktop backgrounds
  5. She actually got her start in Vancouver, when some small label execs saw her perform at a chicken-coop jam session and signed her... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-chicken-coop-unlikely-location-of-country-icon-loretta-lynn-s-big-break-1.4251788
  6. That was my next guess. We had some tube-TV's when I was a kid... An 18W vacuum tube?
  7. @18Watt... Is that some sort of light bulb in your profile pic?
  8. Webb got a pic of the impact site… sorry but I couldn’t resist…
  9. The slower the orbital velocity, the less dV to change inclination, so yes, it’s cheaper in a higher orbit. In an elliptical “egg-shaped” orbit, ideally the An and Dn will be at the Pe and Ap. Since the orbit is slowest at the Ap, it takes less dV to change inclination there.
  10. Would it be possible to use the SuperDracos? I suppose they’d need to be modified from the current abort-use-only design. Would probably only need or want to fire two of them
  11. It does have inclination, use the "normal/antinormal" toggles. This will also raise the far side of your orbit, so some retrograde is also required if you want to maintain your current Ap/Pe
  12. Twice the heart rate, half the volume pumped per beat… Wanna get funkier? Multiple hearts in strategic places around the body! See “Protector “ by Larry Niven for an example…
  13. That's the only version of that song that I know... No phones, no lights, no motorcars...
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