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  1. Well, 79 D-man clones would be enough to fill 13 typical ice hockey rosters with defensemen (six each), with one sitting out. Although it's not rare to see a team dress seven D-men. So, about 40.6% of the NHL teams... E: Makes me wonder how big of a lake would be a good size for a game between teams of ~170 skaters per side... But now I'm getting silly again...
  2. https://www.nasa.gov/pdf/291744main_NASCAR_Ares_Nov_08.pdf
  3. Wait, so there are 78 other Dman's? So what, does he play defense on a hockey team? (pardon my ignorance, but are there other sports that refer to defensive players (defensemen) as "dee-men"?
  4. “There is no Dark Side of the Moon really. As a matter of fact it’s all dark… (thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump….)
  5. Guess where we’re camping near this weekend? Which inspired me to introduce this movie to my kids? (an oldie but a goodie) ”They drew first blood, not me…. They drew first blood”
  6. They need to tweak the number of thrusters so the total is 42. That’s the answer to everything…
  7. As said before, lifting them out of the thicker air where recontact may be an issue. The trade off for slanted nose comes on the solids; ULA need to go the kerbal way and slant them to aid in separation (j/k, I’m sure there’s other complications with that). It could be worse; one of the Indian launch vehicles has the core burn out before the boosters! (IIRC) Glad to hear it was apparently a successful launch though
  8. It would probably overshoot the pad and do the flip over water (or at least over the shoreline) and then come back in for landing from the east.
  9. Well then, from my perspective KSP2 will be released Kanuary first, 0 A.K (Anno Kerbali. or Year of our Kerbals)
  10. Clouds are teasing me tonight. I gave up hope after a day of rain, but right now the eastern horizon is mostly clear. But the Moon won't rise for another 25 minutes and the clouds are moving back in that way.... But I'm rigging my phone to my little pentax monocular(AirMiles special pos) anyways, just in case E: Yup, Moon should be up now, but there's hardly any sky visible, and certainly not where the Moon should be...
  11. Time to revive this... walked into a dark kitchen while boiling water for tea and... whoa! https://i.imgur.com/oIhmmiW.mp4
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