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  1. If all they had to work with was CO2, then yes, but if you want LOX, no need to I was thinking more along the lines of as long as they’re separating the 20% oxygen, they could separate the 400ppm of CO2 too, and stockpile it for future use or storage/sequestration
  2. Hmm, but as long as they're separating the oxygen, it can't be that much harder to stash the CO2 for future use while they're at it, can it?
  3. It does seem wasteful, but if all the landings are in one place, such as the speculative Shackleton ISRU base, then hopefully it wont be too difficult to arrange to have specific disposal zones crasher stages and drop tanks for future lunar colonists to recover and recycle whatever they can. Future career option for Lunatics: cratercomber! Sorry, no wrecked Star Destroyers to salvage (yet ).
  4. C6 (ok, C6-5) was one of my favourite rocket engines... for losing rockets.... Seriously though, I’m surprised I haven’t heard of these guys. Nice to see a Canadian entry in the smallsat launcher race. Hope they make it.
  5. Would a senator be arguing SpaceX’ case if BO was the sole winner?
  6. Thanks! Oh yeah, and HUZZAH! for number 10! See, these F9 launches and landings all the time are starting to get routine and boring, which is a good thing, really. Which is why the Starship program is going, to keep things spicy. Hopefully, SS/SH ops will become routine and boring in five more years. But the spicy must flow, in the form of Mun, Duna, Moon, Mars, and asteroid ops.
  7. My 10 cents (2 cents adj. for inflation) on the asteroid mining economics: Here in BC (British Columbia, not Boca Chica), we have rich resources nestled in the mountains and valleys, carpeted by softwood rainforests. But mining project after mining project has been cancelled due to environmental opposition, not that I can blame them given the pristine watersheds that stand to be spoiled. As the cost of satisfying such opposition rises and the cost of space access falls, asteroid mining becomes more and more attractive.
  8. I'm going to assume this simulation was not done in KSP...
  9. I have to wonder if the edge-of-the-pad landing was a result of the wind. It blew the smoke/steam away from the landing site fairly quickly.
  10. True. This time it didn't break the ground at all.
  11. Hmmm, yes, considering vacuum tubes have glowy hot insides, the temperature shouldn't be a problem. The pressure, on the other hand, will require pretty thick glass on those tubes!
  12. Are they gonna get that fire out this time?
  13. Awesome flight! Now is anyone else trying to rotate the screen to get a better look at that little fire?
  14. So, videos and pics will upload at 1 baud?
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