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  1. That sounds like fun. A big ol’ heap o’ fun. I’d request some junk to tear into, like old cars, RVs, shipping containers, old structures.... Also gives me a reason to go to Vegas, since I’m not big on gambling and there’s only so many shows that would interest me...
  2. Well, for the Chinese there’s an (a) and a (b), and I think it’s only one lander, so I guess those are the main and backup sites, in case of dust storms or Marvin
  3. Made friends with a raven? That would be interesting to see
  4. Okay, these pics may not be of the same stunning quality of other pics in this thread, but what the hey. I had my dog out for what I call "night ops;" fetch at night with a phosphorescent ball and a light on her collar. Then I decided to try out the camera on my iPhone 12... All set for night ops, with a shredded gaga-ball she found and school lights in the background: Then I remembered hearing something about night mode... Not bad actually, considering the nearest light besides her s is at least 100m away Those were the best, more in the spoiler...
  5. Yeah, my cat is probably sleeping right now. Getting all rested up for a busy night of keeping us awake by clawing at the underside of our bed (E: at least until I wake up enough to find the spray bottle )
  6. I was driving home from work down the highway with the Sun and blue sky at my back, with a dark wall of menacing grey ahead (turned out to be a blast of enough hail to coat roofs). The road got steadily wetter until the trucks were throwing waves of spray into the sunlit air. It was like driving through a rainbow
  7. Musk said on a recent Joe Rogan podcast that reuse roughly breaks even after two flights of the same booster, and is definitely profitable after flying a booster three times.
  8. That pic also gives a sense of just how tall the Superheavy launch mount legs are already.
  9. What do I remember about Mir? How about a fire aboard the space station? Having a supply ship crash into it? Scary stuff! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragonfly:_NASA_and_the_Crisis_Aboard_Mir Good read.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mechanical_counterpressure_suit E: The MIT Bio-Suit sounds promising: If it can fit loosely for normal wear but tighten up in an emergency, that would be excellent. Then you just need an inflatable emergency airbag "helmet" to pop up and seal itself if pressure drops. Not sure of the mechanics of that; has a reasonably gas-tight powered zipper been invented yet? It doesn't have to be perfect, just emergency grade to get to a shelter.
  11. Oh, I’m sure The Boring Co. would have equipment on Duna Mars on one of the first few Starships
  12. I guess the better question if there is another element or compound besides water that self-organizes into a crystal as it freezes so that the frozen state is less dense than the liquid state? As in, has that rare property of ice where frozen bits float instead of sink as a pool of liquid freezes...
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-idB7XK2xI8&ab_channel=LearningBotNoob Hehehe....
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