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  1. Yeah, that one comes to mind. Almost as bad as...
  2. Thou shalt not release the launch clamps before igniting thy engines, and running said engines up to full thrust.
  3. My wife has had another active day chasing down another bratty kindergartner who hasn't learned how to accept not getting his/her way, which also includes accepting "No" as an answer. I feel the problem boils down to the lack of effective disciplinary tools in schools today. When corporal punishment isn't an option (for good reasons; as the boundary of what if anything is acceptable is extremely hazy), what is a teacher to do when the kid refuses to go stand/stay in the 'timeout' corner? I think teachers should be armed. With squirtguns. It won't hurt the kids, but it will sure get their attention! I'm reminded of an exchange from the The Chonicles of Pern: First Fall: (paraphrased; I don't recall the exact quote) @adsii1970, care to weigh in on this? I know you teach at the other end of the grinder, but I value your input....
  4. Oh look, another pit to shovel money into. See, they're going to decompocatalyse the dollar bills to make hydrogen to fuel the RL-10s....
  5. Please for the love of little green dragons, DON'T DROP IT!
  6. Ever since yesterday's Hagar comic.... Yup, I remember that one too!
  7. Sorry, but, this is the only video I can imagine with that music...
  8. https://spacenews.com/starliner-valve-investigation-continues-to-focus-on-moisture-interaction-with-propellant/ It'll be ready when... it's ready
  9. Are they raiding the Mad Max movie vehicle storage lots?
  10. The primary reason for building the 553m CN Tower in Toronto was so the signal from the TV antenna on top could reach into the small valleys in the area, something no 10m tower could do unless there was one on every ridgeline, which would probably cause some sort of multipath interference, please excuse the run-on sentence I’ll stop now.
  11. I don't mean to pick on BO, but they make it so easy. I also want them to succeed, and I want to cheer them on, but there's precious little to cheer for. But I applaud their efforts with NS; at least they seem to be beating VG in that turtle derby. But space is hard,..
  12. The mind boggles at the size of, well, everything. If you wanna build it BI-I-I-I-IG, yup, build it in Texas! Yeehaw!
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