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  1. Front-wheel drive, and front wheel making the noise, I assume? It could also be the CV joint on that side
  2. Thrust is generated by throwing reaction mass (which could be anything) out the back. Propellers are immersed in an ocean of reaction mass (water or air). Jet engines suck in a huge amount of air for reaction mass, then burn a little fuel in it to heat it up, which makes it expand and go shooting out the back. Rockets need to carry their own reaction mass, and then throw it out the back. The faster it’s thrown, the more efficient it is. It can be thrown by thermal expansion either by running it through something really hot (NTR) or by using a fuel and an oxidizer as reaction mass and burning them together. Some compounds decompose exothermally, sometimes needing a catalyst. Or it can be thrown electrically in an ion engine or rail gun. Or just use pressurized gas, just like an untied balloon. Bit if you’re carrying liquid air around, it’s not getting the benefits of being an airbreather anymore Fun fact: Car engines run on air. The more air you can pack in, the more fuel you can add to generate power, hence the addition of turbo/superchargers. It’s the expansion of the air/exhaust products that pushes the piston down
  3. If a suitable crater could be found that would contain the ejects, that would be great! Perhaps an oblique impact at the base of a crater wall… Or aim for one of those holes into a lava tube…
  4. Let’s assume both SS and SH are sitting on their mounts beside the OLM. All three are ready for launch with no major testing left to be done. After the FAA issues a launch license, how soon can they get everything stacked, verified, and launched?
  5. Pretty much all of the pre-Sandman Metallica is good. But to truly appreciate “One” you have to watch the video…
  6. Of course, because I'm around to catch it live. It'll only fly when I'm unavailable to watch...
  7. It was a launch commit criteria fault, recycled with currently ~41 minutes and counting. Probably pulled a SpaceX and adjusted the criteria
  8. Better to wait than be picking up pieces and scouring the telemetry…
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