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  2. Does he wash it down with a nice glass of mercury "on the rocks"?
  3. How hard would it be to assign a button that, while pressed, instantly shows a a view that is 180 degrees from the current view, still aimed at the current aim point (as in the viewpoint would have to move to the other side of the craft)? Similar to the rear-view button in car racing games... Yeah, it may not get a lot of use, but it could be useful at times...
  4. And to think, I had no idea who he was before now. It just goes to show that heroes must stand on the shoulders of giants who toil anonymously in the background.
  5. Easy Rider star, co-writer and producer Peter Fonda, son of Henry Fonda and brother of Jane Fonda, died Friday from lung cancer. I guess I know what movie is next on my "to watch" list.
  6. There was ivy growing all along the retaining wall beside our townhouse. I terminated it with extreme prejudice. Pic was taken after I peeled it off the wall, and already had some loaded in the truck. When I took it to the waste transfer station, it weighed in at about 100kg according to the receipt (probably rounded up). Good thing I took it down too, because there was a nice crack in the wall (along with some smaller hairline cracks) that the strata might want to do something about. At least it's not my problem. "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that." "Nah, I don't feel like it" "Here's a red stick [or the classic black ball] with a burning string hanging out of it..."
  7. Excellent, thanks, I'll try that. I also added a zero to "DataSendFailedTimeDelay" although that isn't really an issue in 1.7.3
  8. I'm a RocketMan... Cuz planes are too tedious and take too long to get to orbit. I lost patience with that. But if I have to get to the other side of Kerbin, I'll build a Tomcat-alike of the fixed-wing variety and make a fast, hot trip.
  9. I have ten thousand planets? I must be a god! If not, I’ll form a Galactic Empire.
  10. Further to the no comms issue, depending on your settings and how fast your ascent gets, plasma (the re-entry effects that you can also get on a fast ascent) can also block comms. And no comms means no control
  11. Reminds me of an old Muppet show, where one muppet was interviewing another about his furry puppets(?), and asked “Do you use shampoo on them?” The answer was:
  12. Is there a way to reset them by hacking the save file?
  13. But if you do send a Scientist on an ERV, then you can return with full science instead of only what can be transmitted
  14. My car stereo finally kicked this up on random, and now it's "hooked" in my brain...