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  1. Yes, but it’s a bigger fraction of 50 than 75. And I did say “over 70” It’s an easy stretch of road to get speeding on, but I limit myself to 70. And I slow down before the light and make every effort not to run red lights. Because that’s when collisions happen, often severe. On the highway, 120 in a 100 kph zone is generally accepted by police, but people go blowing by at 140 or more quite often, traffic permitting.
  2. Well, I did say significantly, and I don’t consider 85 in a 75 to be significantly over. But I would consider 20 over to be significant, which is common in my area. Worse when people blow a red light at over 70kph in a 50kph zone, which regularly happens 50 feet from my driveway.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). In fact, the local provincial auto insurance monopoly, ICBC, offers a discount for vehicles with AEB. IMO, it should be mandated as standard equipment for all vehicles going forward. Even if a particular manufacturer's system is inferior, it's better than nothing. I don't think any FSD system (capable of rendering pedals and steering wheels redundant) can be operational without the infrastructure for V2X connectivity (vehicle to other vehicles as well as traffic monitoring and control) in place. I'd love to get into a discussion of how I think traffic control should be overhauled, which is long overdue, but that would require politics. But it certainly seems Tesla missed the boat by not monitoring for driver attentiveness. Odd that Autopilot allows cruise control to be set significantly higher than the posted speed limit.
  4. I can imagine all the hurdles to clear to set up an F9 (and fairing?) LZs in Cuba, except there's probably ones I haven't imagined...
  5. Since the engine (and supporting hardware and feed lines) will be mounted vertically, it wouldn't have to handle the loads associated with a horizontal orientation? Also:
  6. How long is it supposed to hang around? Long enough for someone to send a probe to it? Preferably with a Klaw, a honkin' big xenon tank, and a bunch of ion engines?
  7. ? 2020 shows 30 F9 launches from LC-40 It's easy to mix up the lines on tables like that, without colors to help read straight across...
  8. Well, it does show 30 F9 launches from LC-40. Although the preceding description doesn't specifically list Starlink, it could be lumped under "commercial," even if the customer is SpaceX itself.
  9. While I also want to get a decent budget 'scope, I haven't run across one that fits my budget (which at this point in time is non-existent anyways), the one thing I do know is that the most important thing is the mount. A cheap mount makes it hard to keep it on target, making for an unenjoyable experience and it ends up gathering dust instead of light. Ideally, I would like a tracking mount, because in my (limited) experience with my current 'scope, by the time I get locked in and focused on a target, it has rotated out of the field-of-view.
  10. Two hearts: a secondary heart can be a boon by helping pump blood back up from lower extremities, as well as increasing blood flow during fight-or-flight conditions.
  11. Calling 911 to report that the battery in your phone d... er, um.... Asking someone else to call 911 to report that the battery in your phone died
  12. Oh man, if I called 911 every time the NES cartridge lost its savedata....
  13. That's the thing I don't like about the current self-driving features in cars, not just Teslas: It's difficult for a human to stay focussed on the road when not actively driving, nearing impossible the longer one is on the road. Heck, humans have a hard enough staying focused on the road after a long highway cruise even when actively driving
  14. Bravo, I say, bravo! This will be a big boon to comsat operators, especially as the MEV's evolve and expand their capabilites