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  1. Latest dev release works well on 1.11.x. Here it is - KSRSS / KSRSS · GitLab
  2. Back then boiloff was intentionally set high for testing purposes. You should be OK with default rate. Note though that some early tanks (notably Centaur D) have almost no insulation and thus cannot coast for long periods.
  3. Is there any plans for standalone R-4D, made as engine (e.g. with ModuleEnginesFX, not ModuleRCSFX)?
  4. For 2.2, please also consider a fix for Saturn IB milkstool stand: (NB: This is with Saturn rescale patch, so it would likely be present after BDB Saturn update) Saturn V Moon stack, with everything assembled as close to RL as possible: Saturn IB milkstool stack, using the same tower subassembly, milkstool is moved slightly down to match RL, tower arms are lined with Apollo\S-IVB: The milkstool is too short.
  5. Pioneer 10 (Atlas-Centaur, CCAFS) NOTE: This mission uses a customized Coatl Pioneer 10. Mass and scale are adjusted to match the real probe (and make it to fit inside AC fairing). This patch can be found below the screenshot spoiler. NOTE #2: The aforementioned patch does not change nodes. You may need to use Move tool. As promised - a patch for Coatl Pioneer: @PART[dish_quetzal]:AFTER[CoatlAerospace] { rescaleFactor = 0.85 mass = 0.09 } @PART[antenna_quetzal]:AFTER[CoatlAerospace] { rescaleFactor = 0.85 mass = 0.0012 } @PART[quetzal]:AFTER[CoatlAerospace] {
  6. As said above, Breaking Ground. The golf club is from KIS mod (unfortunately, it has no swing animations).
  7. Amazing! Also, a question: any plans to make lens covers movable on experiment launch? Would be a nice little detail IMO.
  8. Honestly, I have no idea Are you totally sure the Orbiter was the root part, and not the Agena? Because if you were able to launch the rocket by simply removing the Orbiter without selecting another root part, it means the root part was somewhere below. Maybe the game somehow decided that the Orbiter should be the default control point, and not the actual Agena root part? Or maybe removing and reattaching it reset the control points and moved the default one back to Agena? Again, I have no idea. Control point stuff in KSP can be quite peculiar - personally I tend to check every rocket on the
  9. Here's a thing about Lunar Orbiter - it flew upside down. If you built it with Orbiter being core part, your default control point is Orbiter's probe core - which is, as you may have guessed, is upside down. MJ thought that the rocket was facing in the wrong direction, tried to compensate, bam, fireball. The Russians actually did that back in 2013, when they tried to launch Proton with one of its control sensors accidentally installed upside down, and it did EXACTLY the same maneuver (with exactly the same result). Use Agena's probe core as control point until Orbiter separation.
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