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  1. Europa F-7 + STV (1968-70) Been thinking where to put this - CRE or KNES (since both mods are essential for this rocket). One coin toss later, here we go.
  2. AWESOME! And my sincere condolescences, since you'll have to deal with KSP's wheel physics. Hopefully it'll turn out okay!
  3. Gorgeous! I must ask, though - five parts, as the current one, or more? Also: a 3.125 -> 2.5 petal adapter, pretty please? To use LDC and Delta IV as Apollo launchers?
  4. Some 2 cents: Rotanev structural end cap for 7K-L1 (as specified in @Friznit's wiki) becomes available much, much later than other Zond-related parts. IMO, all these caps should be available at Engineering 101, if not at the very start. They are, after all, just end caps. Also: please consider adding RCS to Blok-D. Sure, you can add existing parts - but this looks like (and in fact is) a "kolkhoz tuning", as we like to say in Russia (means "hillbilly mod"):
  5. It looks like it's okay, but I had no crafts in transit or on unstable orbits (completed all current missions before updating). Anyway, backup your save(s) and KSRSSKopernicus folder before updating, just to be safe. Source code for the DLL. It's not needed to run the mod.
  6. So I've been surfing around and found this: CobaltWolf/BREXIT: British Rocket EXpansion and Integration Technologies (github.com) Doea anyone know if Astris was picked by some mod, or is there a fixed configs for it? Looks like it's the only Astris model for KSP in existence, and it's totally pre-alpha.
  7. WRESAT The WRESAT (Weapons Research Establishment Satellite) was the first Australian satellite, launched from Woomera Tet Range at 29 November 1967 on Sparta - a Redstone rocket with two additional solid upper stages.
  8. @tony48 I see that in the latest commits on Gitlab there are some orbit changes. If I use these on existing save (0.7 beta & 1.10.1), will that save be okay?
  9. There is a new fix on Gitlab that address this issue. For me, it fixed mirrored surface in VAB\SPH. But it seem to introduce a new one - now in VAB\SPH the planet surface itself is black or more like dark gray.
  10. KSRSS. They are bundled with it (0.7 only), just install EVE and scatterer. Note that the pack itself is somewhat buggy - see last few pages of KSRSS thread.
  11. Mirror surface as in space center scene itself, not in VAB\SPH? That's new. As for equator - you can't, since there is no real launch sites that are located directly on equator (except SeaLaunch, but it's not implemented here). Closest thing you can get is Kourou. In theory, you can edit Earth.cfg to change default launch site to somewhere on equator.
  12. So at least the main stuff will be able to use existing RP effects? That's very nice. Because I can't force myself to see this:
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