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  1. biohazard15

    [1.7.0] Knes 1.0 - L3S Update

    Can anyone point me to ideas on what I should edit in cfg's for old Arianes, so they would work nicely on 2.5x rescale? The main "problem" is the third stage engine (Zebulon) - it's simply too weak. Surprisingly, Ariane 5 works fine, if not overpowered.
  2. biohazard15

    [1.7.0] Ж-20 "Moroz" Spaceplane

    After several flights, I must say: this is absolutely the BEST spaceplane out there. - Works great with BDB's Titan IIIC (as USAF intended). Perfect ascend, be it manual flight or MJ. (Tip: disable control surfaces before flight, and enable them shortly before reentry). You might want to use original plans for winged Titan II, though, especially on stock Kerbin and with career save - IIIC is sorta overpowered (and expensive) for it. - Glides very well both in passenger and cargo configurations. Landing isn't a problem, as long as you have some flat terrain. - Can take one passenger in its trunk (aka Silbervogel service connector), which makes it quite useful both for tourist and rescue missions. Suggestions: - Small payload parts. Simply cut the existing cargo bay and passenger bay in half. - Inline Clamp-o-tron Jr (as a "small" part, would be useful if you want to use X-20 as a small service craft for your satellites.) - Custom rack for science parts that fits into large cargo bay.
  3. I do indeed use stock recover button. Thanks for suggestion, will try it next time.
  4. What I did: Started a new career, all options are default, except funds (gave myself 500K for testing). I've also enabled logging both in OhScrap and ScrapYard, and disabled ScrapYard inventory. I then made four flights. All crafts were made from scratch (I've used new craft button each time). Flight 1: BDB probe, fuel tank, engine, 1.25m launch clamp. Engine is on top (means it would fire up). Engine and launch clamp were staged together. I let engine burn all the fuel, then recovered vessel. No changes in reliability rating. Flight 2: Same setup, except I've put launch clamp into another stage. Activated engine with launch clamp still active, let it burn all the fuel, recovered vessel. No changes in reliability rating. Flight 3: Actual rocket this time, with Mk16 chute for recovery. Chute failed at low altitude, craft landed on it, chute exploded. The rest survived and was recovered. No changes in reliability rating. Flight 3: BDB Obelix probe and BDB small SRB. SRB "failed to ignite" almost immediately after launch. Craft recovered, no changes in reliability rating.
  5. Not sure if it works. I've been using the latest versions of OhScrap and ScrapYard, I did 10+ test firings with starting engine (BDB's Viklun-50, BDB's fuel tank, BDB's Obelix probe as core part) and got nothing - it's still level 1. Of course, this might have been some problem in BDB... but I doubt it.
  6. It seems I've got it totally wrong... you have to re-use parts to get less fails, is that right? If so, this mod isn't for me, unfortunately. I was looking for something that increases reliability with every flight, successful or not.
  7. Hmm. Maybe. I was (and still am) under impression that you don't need to use already used parts to increase reliability rating... I've disabled ScrapYard inventory for this save (I want a non-reusable career, except shuttles, which are covered by stock recover mechanic) - I've probably done something wrong, isn't it?
  8. Tried this mod on my fresh career... and unfortunately, had to uninstall it. Maybe I don't understand how it works. But... I've testfired an engine at launchpad, like, ten times, without any failures - and it still says its safety rating is "terrible"? Come on? This isn't how it works in real life.
  9. Nothing wrong with Mercury, mate. But... I have used it in... let me think a bit... maybe four careers for my 1st manned flight. Or was it five? I want something different! Like that nice Sharik, from which I'll have to eject at 5000m (because that's how actual Vostok worked) Anyway, I've edited the Vostok avionics bay cfg. Now all what's left is to mate it to Kosmos-2...
  10. Ehrm... So all Vostok parts are in "Start" node, as it should be... except avionics module, which is located in "Advanced flight control" node. Which is obviously not available at the start, and not available immediately after start. Immediate consequence: I have abandoned my plans for my fresh career's first manned flight using Vostok, and switched to Bloeting\BDB's Mercury-Redstone. Not cool, dude.
  11. Is there any chance you will add airlocks to crewed parts that don't have them? It might look like nothing, but actually it is a big problem. You see, if you take a rescue contract, it can spawn any part that has space for one or more kerbal. You obviously need to use EVA to transfer the said kerbal to your rescue craft... I guess you see the problem. The only way to fix it is to edit your save.
  12. Yes, of course. I've used the one from BDB install (guess it's the latest version). Also, I don't use anything from Extras.
  13. I have no fuel at all. Unfortunately, it didn't work - it still has no fuel.
  14. Found a bug with S1F tank: it has no fuel inside. The fuel returns if you delete mesh switching module from .cfg, but that introduces texture glitches on lower half (like there's two textures applied at the same time). Might have something to do with my other mods, but I can't think of anything. I'm using B9 switcher from BDB v1.4.1 package.
  15. The part is still there and it loads normally. However, unlike other "deprecated" parts, the decoupler somehow does not appear in part list in career mode (something with .cfg, I guess), and thus throws "locked part" error on every ship and subassembly that uses it. As for being upset... I had to load and fix every craft and subassembly that used this decoupler (and since it's basically a default 1.875m decoupler, I used it a lot). Doing that purely for eye-candy is NOT FUN. Well, at least it's not Tantares with its five or so Soyuz "revamps"...