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  1. Hello. Could you tell me what tools I need to make KURS work in 1.6.1?

    1. DennyTX


      hi. nothing i guess, just recompile. but seems like it has issues with scatterer.

    2. Bob Jub
  2. if (part.internalModel == null && part.partInfo != null) { ConfigNode getIVA = (from cfg in GameDatabase.Instance.GetConfigs("PART") where cfg.url == part.partInfo.partUrl select cfg.config.GetNode("INTERNAL")).FirstOrDefault(); if (getIVA != null) part.internalModel = part.AddInternalPart(getIVA); }
  3. Well, i know that service to show "what we have inside" already are in KSP vanila, but to my mind it are complicticated for design. But i remembered a way how to do this with any item or in one click. Dunno, are such thingie needed for community? However, trick is simple enuff. We just need to find a model's transform (any or all) that we need to do translucent, get its renderer, material than - and change its shader on the fly. Of course we need proper shader. If the need disappears, we need to do reverse operation. I have not saw someting like that (missed?), so meet X-ray. It can be added like a partModule to any part (or any mesh in part) without any 3D and Unity work.
  4. hmm... cant reproduce. may be because "the miracle of engineering thought" pc installed on the table, and i see no any noticeable lag. mod just creates lists of available biomes and experiments while onStart, calculates values. Are there any lag while regular game, or only on load and SOI changes yup, according to my logic - this should be so. but i thinking about restrictions.
  5. noise in cfg is obsolete. use the radio button in the DockCam's drop-down menu. it should remember its state. Upcoming version will provide start without noise by default
  6. why? it should be under OLDD. Did u remove previous version? on testing now.
  7. yes. path for model was changed, but names - not. should work. PS: found. CKAN netkan issue. quick way - go to the GameData\DockingCam\Parts and change MODEL node. CKAN installed it wrong way. Will be fixed
  8. Docking camera (KURS) v.1.7. still present on CKAN. it was removed from Spacedock. Plz, remove it too. Correct one is Docking camera (KURS) (without v.1.7.)
  9. @DennyTX and @linuxgurugamer has united their efforts in "Docking camera" modification and become a co-authors. link in OP leads to the correct page. use CKAN "Docking Camera (KURS)" without + "v.1.7." to install right version with fixed direcX11 issue. "Docking Camera (KURS) v.1.7." should dissaper soon from CKAN, i hope.
  10. I did not rule *.netkan myself. thought all should be done by Spacedock itself? it seems that I have ceased to understand how it works.... ;(
  11. uhh, indeed... there were hard coded dependencies for DMagic and SEP in (Released on 2018-01-30) dependencies were removed in (Released on 2018-01-31)
  12. Привет. По отзывам пользователей - нет. А [x] Science! при всем его великолепии - действительно перегружен и притормаживает. особенно когда у тебя 100+ модов, и многие добавки экспериментов. восстановил функционал DockingCamera, заодно решив проблему с DX11. Никак не получается обновить данные на CKAN, т.е. версия мода обновляется автоматически через Spacedock, однако название и описание редактированию не поддается. Не подскажешь пошагово, где что и как сделать? (Инструкцию CKAN читал - сделать не вышло).
  13. REBORN. Recompiled for KSP 1.3.1 Fixed problem with texture creational while -force-d3d11 (DX11) (post with problem) assets will load only once reduced spam to log DELETE previous versions by me or linuxgurugamer before installation
  14. the same thingies here. because of this i have decided to restore ScienceAlert. [x] science are great and wonderfull, but ... jedem das seine ;). I count ScienceAlert's minimalism are usefull.
  15. i know the cause. Fixed. it was simple with DX11. but I want to re-release my version of the mod, if @linuxgurugamer does not mind. need few hours for testing.
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