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  1. How Were You First Introduced to KSP?

    Seeing this GIF on the Internets.
  2. KSP Weekly: From publisher to a comet's name

    Stay on the English version then. Problem solved. I see another issue here, since localization stuff might even lead to emergence of non-English only mods. I don't get all the hassle with the localization though. There's too little meaningful text in KSP - contracts' description doesn't make sense anyway, strategies are a joke, part descriptions are irrelevant. The only stuff that actually matters is a handful of spacey terms and figures. Figures are kinda like digits and quite universal by themselves, while learning a dozen of terms can't hurt anyone. The localization actually might be a sort of a PR stunt to boost some regional sales. As a guy from a non-English speaking country I personally know a handful of dudes who upon stumbling on a non-localized game go all like "Hurrdurr, this game is in English only, they don't respect us, I'm not paying for it." And use it as an excuse to pirate the game and play it with some sort of half-baked pirate localization. Or even without one. But it's highly unlikely that such people would actually buy the game if it ever gets localised, so such PR stunt might go in vain. Anyway, localization is up to SQUAD, but strictly IMO it's a waste of time, since it could help, in terms of playability and sales, some text-rich game, but that's not the case.
  3. [1.x.x] Kerbal Hacks: Wearable KIS Props

    Finally, a mod crucial for my gameplay. Thank you, sir. UPD. @Enceos, Mic headset is missing a category in cfg.
  4. Development Update for Consoles!

    Many ITT are badmouthing Flying Tiger, that's not fair. FT should get some credit. When SQUAD announced making ports for console, the community was really sceptical about it. While some were outright hostile, waving around "PCmasterrace" agenda, and others expected an outright fraud, the majority was sceptical about the very possibility of porting KSP to consoles. The modern consoles are nothing more than a really average PC with restrictions and licensing, and such a complex resource-hungry (and not very optimized) game like KSP is not the simplest stuff to port. So, KSP console port was expected to fail and fail miserably. Flying Tiger however managed to pull off the port kinda well. Yes, the port failed as expected, but in a good way. A couple of game breaking bugs is really far from the expected full-blown disaster.
  5. Check this out. It's really old, but still rocks.
  6. KSP Weekly: The new Devnotes

    Came there to whine about rocket part revamp, stayed to watch butthurt console guys.
  7. What Facts Do We Know About The Devs Leaving?

    Cheaters will rejoice? Or there's some deeper meaning?
  8. Please let me apologize

    Welcome back.
  9. I like the upgrade feature, hopefully it'll make into stock. It'll definitely add depth for building craft series and generations. Since it's tied to .craft file, there's no problem with craft-sharing too. Some decals (like a letter in the model number or smth) for upgraded engines would be nice though, to cut the guesswork on the screenshot - whether it's a simple LVN or 'Legendary LVN of Mighty Thrust'.
  10. The v1.2 Hype Train Thread - Prerelease is Out

    Lol, in the first screen it looks like the dish's overheating.
  11. The v1.2 Hype Train Thread - Prerelease is Out

    Any news on 'Part Upgrade' thingie yet?
  12. Devnote Tuesday: Many hands make light work!

    But, but I'm too drunk. Anyway, where're the devnotes?
  13. KAS Issues

    Try asking in this thread, current one is a bit too old.
  14. IMO it'll just create clutter on screen. Those who care about funds/reusability land at KSC. Those, who always land at other side of the planet will see like 20% recover value. And so what? Not recover the wreck craft?