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  1. I posted about the same issues a week ago. Thank you for at least verifying that I'm not the only one having this problem. I filed a bug report on the PD support page, you might as well do one as well.
  2. yeah, I'm sure that the devs will release a new Module Manager sooner or later that will supersede both of these plugins.
  3. This is something I just encountered today. My view controls suddenly don't work in flight. I'm not sure of any details for why this is happening or what I did to cause it, just all of a sudden, my view controls totally stopped working.
  4. oh, that's actually pretty cool. That would keep Jeb from flying every rocket like in KSP1. It would be nice if they at least had a scroll bar on the list though, so it was clear that your Kerbals weren't just missing.
  5. Kerbals that you recover cannot be used again, they seem to disappear from your crew roster, and can't be placed in new spacecraft.
  6. I found the Private Division support page and posted these bugs there.
  7. well, I don't know what to say, I can use EVA just fine.
  8. What? If you hang around this forum enough, you'll find that to be a pretty common mistake. Anyway, I'm sure that there's an easy answer that you're not thinking of, that's how most of these things go.
  9. is this KSP1 or 2? In KSP1, you have to upgrade the astronaut complex in order to do EVAs
  10. I'm having trouble getting my HOTAS to work in game. I seem to be having multiple problems here. I went through the input settings and first off it was only reading the axe on my stick, it wouldn't even pick up my rudder pedals or my throttle, both of which work fine in KSP1. It did read the buttons on both my stick and throttle though. it would only let me set inputs in one direction. For example, I would pull the stick back to set pitch up, it would flash pitch down for a split second, but before I could move the stick it would close the window and set pitch down to stick up as well. This seemed to happen with both axis moves and button presses on any bi-directional command, the only times it would let me set both directions was with the keyboard. I tried the second tutorial to test my controls and it wasn't reading inputs at all, this may be related to problem two.
  11. it might be a corrupt file. Delete that part and run a force verify through Steam.
  12. hey, @benjee10, the craft files for all three versions of the SLS say they are missing a restock launch clamp part. Also, I couldn't help but notice that the Orion doesn't have a comm antenna.
  13. I updated MM to 4.2.2 and made sure I had v1.1.1 of the RMM, but it's still says there are 4 errors in vector_scale_SSME.cfg
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