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  1. Capt. Hunt

    KSP Weekly: The Foreigner

    I think they mean it won't give you the reward just for launching from that site, you have to visit it the old fashioned way.
  2. Capt. Hunt

    Search is Broken?

    while I'm not getting errors, I also haven't really been able to get useful results from searches. Often, if I search for a mod's name, the actual mod's thread will be pages and pages back behind a deluge of other threads where it might be mentioned once.
  3. The TNG tech manual doesn't give any solid numbers for the impulse engine besides implying that the original design specs called for 10 km/s of Delta-V.
  4. well, actually Deuterium can be made from seawater, since it is a real isotope of hydrogen.
  5. Capt. Hunt

    Delete or deactivate account?

    why not just change the email associated with your forum account?
  6. Capt. Hunt

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    Don't even look at the camera view. Your navball is far more precise in this kind of maneuver.
  7. ok, I figured out what's going on, the alpha channel still has Reliant on it. Somehow Gimp is showing that part of the texture.
  8. That's odd, I don't see any names on that texture.
  9. Here you go, I think this is the original file: I made a .PSD paintkit for it too, I would post it but I'm not sure that it would be allowed under the license.
  10. Capt. Hunt

    ANOTHER how to load KSP faster (1.4.3)

    not so potato man? No offense, but that's a glorified paperweight, I'm surprised it's running windows 8.1 like you mentioned further down. That box has to be 20 years old. BTW, It gets slow around 50% because that's about when KSP starts loading MM.
  11. Capt. Hunt

    6 hours of creating an space station

    I think you might have underestimated the pervasiveness of the Kraken. It's not that they haven't done anything to fix it. IIRC the Kraken stems from a flaw in the way Unity handles very high precision numbers, the kind of numbers that make orbital mechanics work. They have tried remedying it with the so called Krakensbane patch, but it cannot be completely fixed.
  12. I've also noticed some funny business with how the engine plate's decoupler icons appear in the staging tree. Sometimes one will stick with your upper stage after jettisoning.
  13. I think the different shades could also be a product of weathering. Things like that weather in strange ways.
  14. It still fits with the general paint scheme of those varients though, even if the secondary color is not orange. IIRC, one of the larger diameter tanks is also grey and white instead of grey and orange. If you look carefully, not all the black and white tanks match 100% either. I kinda figured that, with the exception of the orange 2.5 meter parts (which are all based on the Shuttle ET), the Black and White was NASA style and the Grey and Orange was Russian Space Program, but those labels just don't fit in the game so they went with the more color based labels.
  15. Originally, kerbals were all the same beyond the BadS and courage/stupidity stats, but people asked for them to have more specialization so that you actually have a reason to choose which astronauts you want on each mission.