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  1. I'm getting an ejection optimization failed message when I try to make an interplanetary transfer to duna. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2o9a2ye8dfl3m1/KSP copy 2.log?dl=0
  2. best I can figure it was somehow being caused by having both these suits and @-ctn-'s suits installed at the same time. I removed the phoenix suits and recovered the affected kerbals, and haven't seen it since.
  3. Ok, I noticed a small bug, although this could be in the base game, suit models do not persist after reloading, when you return to an existing craft, or choose a kerbal who's suit you changed on a previous mission, they will appear in the default suit model instead of the chosen suit. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4z0fmweoot9jtis/KSP copy.log?dl=0
  4. Hey @-ctn-, Sorry if this has been asked, but is there any plan to bring back the cubesat mod? I really liked the form-factor of those parts.
  5. This mod is awesome, but is there any way to make it so that if the Kerbals debark on Kerbin they wear their IVA suits? IIRC, TR does that, but I think it only works if you enable personalized suits.
  6. thanks, I downloaded it from a link in the PS thread, so I'm not sure how that happened. Maybe I stumbled on an old thread.
  7. I'm back in the game after a while, and after updating my favorite mods and loading the game I started getting the infamous pink square glitch. I've read up on it, so I know it could be related to a number of visual mods, including EVE, Planetshine and Scatterer, but uninstalling all three of those didn't seem to help. here's my KSP log file, I'm a bit rusty at reading those, so any help would be appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7hprubfgg4ahyrj/KSP.log?dl=0 EDIT: I tried deleting PS again, and started a new save. That seems to have fixed it. It's a shame tho
  8. highlight the email link, right-click and "copy" that's all there is to it, and this is how pretty much all websites link emails. AFAIK it might even be something your browser does automatically when it detects a link that is an email address. What are you expecting an email link to do? Go to your personal gmail account?
  9. There's a few problems going on here. As @bewing mentioned, you're coming in way too fast and too level, you should come in at about half that speed, and let it roll a bit on the back wheels before you bring the nose down, especially with that extreme of a downward rake to the aircraft when the wheels are level. In addition to reducing the friction, you should also reduce the springyness of the suspension, as that could induce a bounce at higher speeds. The extremely compact design is probably not helping, increasing the length between the nose and main gear will make the plane less likely
  10. I get this sort of thing all the time with mods. One of the things Anti-virus software like Norton looks at is how many users have downloaded this file, and Norton has absurdly high standards for how many it takes for a file to be "trusted," so mods that only a small indie game community download are immediately suspect for it. It especially doesn't like KSP mods because they tend to use .DLL files for plugins like this. I doubt the Anti-Virus is even looking at the code for anything malicious before it's throwing warnings. Norton gives me a hell of a time because it will just automatically
  11. Someone posted some real views of the Earth from Space a few pages back after your previous comment about the milky atmosphere. You might want to check those out. Long story short, Scatterer is actually pretty close to the real atmosphere (note, as mentioned above, Kerbin in the main menu is slightly more saturated then the ingame version).
  12. IIRC, how it is now is that you can "enable cooling" with the rightclick menu for any tank to prevent boil-off, but the Cryo-tanks are still more efficient at cooling, so they do it better.
  13. Yeah, it would be handy to disable staging on solid boosters, that would properly enable more dynamic igniting. Right now for example, I've got a rocket that has Delta style staggered boosters, using KM Smart Parts to trigger them at certain altitudes, but because I can't remove the boosters from the staging, Mechjeb gets confused if I don't have them in exactly the right order on the list.
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