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  1. It should be noted that, if you have it, the Dessert Launch site is 6 degrees below the equator, so due east launch will automatically put you into the same inclination as minmus without needing a plane change or a dogleg.
  2. I wouldn't use a craft that you want back. Remember, anything you send to Kerbolar escape velocity is going to need almost that much delta-v to get back to kerbin.
  3. I saw a review of it on Xplay on G4, way back in the day.
  4. ok, that does help make them way more visible, still haven't been able to find a large crater though.
  5. lol, yes they are enabled, and I started a new game when BG came out. I am also in NW Crater, one of the biomes suggested by the contract, although the wiki does say the mun large crater can spawn anywhere on the mun. I'll look for that. How is this Surface Feature Finder supposed to work?
  6. Is there a trick to finding the new surface features? I've been driving around the mun for hours looking for Mun Large Crater to complete a contract, but I have yet to see one. I've seen a few Mun Stones and a couple of the smaller Mun Craters, but no large craters. It doesn't help that the features seem to blend into the background from any distance over a couple hundred meters. Is there something I'm missing? Anything that might improve my chances of finding one? Someone on Reddit suggested making a low orbital pass over my landing zone, but it seems like that would run into the same problems that I'm having driving on the surface, plus the added hassle of only having seconds to spot potential targets before my craft passes over the horizon.
  7. it's mainly so that the new update doesn't break people's saves. They probably will remove it eventually, but not for a patch or two, so that players have time to filter out ships using the old parts. You can always delete the old part yourself.
  8. well, one of the common complaints about the old parts was that they didn't have a uniform look, so rockets tended to look slapped together.
  9. IIRC, a while back someone did work out what kind of propellant LFO was, based on the ISP, although I don't recall what the answer was. In my headcanon though, it's equivalent to a hypergolic, like Aerozine-50/Nitrogen Tetroxide, as it doesn't simulate any of the traits of a cryogenic, like boil-off or extreme cold. I use the Cryogenic Engines mod to add those.
  10. can you please use normal formatting so your posts are easier to read? If I understand your questions right, yes you want an antenna on your scansat. Either a relay or a direct antenna will do, as long as it has the range to either reach Kerbin or bounce off of a relay that can reach kerbin. The same goes for any vessel with an antenna, as relays will still work as direct antennas. I'm not sure why you're asking about GPS, since that's not included in this mod. I suppose there's no reason you can't use the same vessel for both purposes, but generally the ideal orbits for a GPS/GNSS constellation aren't going to line up with the ideal orbits for your scansats.
  11. thanks! It does seem to happen for most if not all crafts, so I will try reinstalling GT.
  12. I need a little help, my Gravity turn plugin has picked up some bad habits. I'm not sure what I did, but the last few launches have been extremely steep, to the point where the final stage doesn't have enough Delta-V to circularize. If I understand the tooltips right, the AP hold settings should control steepness, but they don't seem to make a difference in this. How can I correct this? If i reinstall GT, will it reset the plugin to the default profile?
  13. that's what I was thinking, but I don't think I have Interstellar Fuel Switch installed right now, and I can't think what else might be trying to handle fuel type switching. I will post the log as soon as I get a chance.
  14. I've been getting an error pop-up for B9 partswtch on the loading screen for the last couple of updates. I'll post a screenshot when I have a chance, but it mostly looks like errors that say the resource LH2 is being handled by more then one module, or something like that.