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  1. I checked right now, they are up to date regarding the engines' thrust and Isp. Regarding the mass... I'm not sure... did the masses change at some point? The charts with upper stages might not be valid anymore because there were some changes to many upper stages.
  2. If you want to be EVEN MORE precise, there are some charts in the wiki showing the Atlas performances. There is also a manual on how to use those because a stage and half rocket can be quite tricky to calculate the Δv https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/wiki/Atlas-Payload-Performance I think they have been updated after the engine balance in BDB 1.6
  3. This seems to be a CommNet Constelation issue. Are you using the CNC's newest version?
  4. You can change the KIS patch on Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Bluedog_DB\Compatibility\KIS. Just look for "bluedog_LEM_Descent_Tanks" and change the maxVolume to whatever volume you might need for your thing @PART[bluedog_LEM_Descent_Tanks]:NEEDS[KIS] // Sina-MEM-DST Descent Stage Assembly { %MODULE[ModuleKISInventory] { maxVolume = 400 externalAccess = true internalAccess = false <~snip~>
  5. (@Jso or whoever is doing the thermal balance) This can be mitigated by reducing the decoupler's heatConductivity value or increasing the Transtage's thermalMassModifier
  6. The free_square scaletype is just like the free scale, however, the mass goes by the scale squared instead of cubed. This is ideal for very thin parts like solar panels and whatnot. Take a look at the DefaultScales.cfg and ScaleExponents.cfg files, they have all the parameters used by TweakScale and how they change with the scale.
  7. Coatl uses Firespitter, not B9PS. You need to to install Firespitter Coatl usa Firespitter, no B9PS. Usted necesita instalar Firespitter
  8. You can use Tundra's Space Center to add the launch towers in this thread Tundra Launch Pads and @AlphaMensae Launch towers combine so perfectly! I made a custom Cape Canaveral using KK and Tundra Space Center
  9. This happens because the solid rocket motors (SRMs) have both a ModuleDecouple and a ModuleEngines. This kinda messes up with KSP's staging delta-v calculation, it assumes that both modules are activated on staging so the SRM would be jettisoned and not accelerate the spacecraft.
  10. Will the new Pioneer 6 be a single part (plus the antennae) or use a probe core and a service module? Because the Pioneer 6 service module is very useful for small relay satellites.
  11. This mod is very helpful to balance RCS for rotation, translation or engine placement in shuttle-ish crafts.
  12. That can be done just by creating a new B9 Tank Type and adding it to the cargo carrying parts, just like the USI/B9 patch
  13. Missile Row! Missile Row! Missile Row! from top to bottom: LC-5/6, LC-17, horizontal test pad pretending to be LC-1, LC-36, 3 LC-14's, 2 LC-19's, LC-37, LC-40 and LC-41 The launchpads are very close, I know. But it looks kinda nice like this.
  14. I also has a biome scanner and an anomaly scanner. Maybe the early corona could use the biome scanner... I think that resource constraint is the way to go with KH-1 and KH-4
  15. Yes, it has a very nice Atlas V with a modular centaur. You can put an RL-10 to have more realism or any other engine, hey, you can even add an F-1 engine that would REALLY solve the low TWR issue.
  16. I rewrote the part that handles the Atlas parameters, it now only calls a table. So when I have to make changes I just need to adjust ONE file. Thank you for the head up yesterday I changed the code to handle the flight after sustainer engine cut-off and used a more accurate model.
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