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  1. Alright, not sure how this has been missed, but some of the conversion ratios (actual liquid weights possibly) from liquds to gasses and vice versa are off by a staggering margin of a factor of 5 times, one way or the other. I tested this on a clean install with only KSPI's package installed and some of the numbers are off by a ridiculous amount, like 100k O2 weighing 141kg converting into 618 LOX weighing 705.1410kg. This works both ways as well for all of the afflicted resources, so that 705kg of liquid O2 will convert back to 141kg of gaseous O2. Actual Numbers for a variety of resources incoming EDIT : Alright, tested a number of conversons, and here we are. Some of the other possible conversions are probably off too: Is it possible to temp fix this in one of the config files?
  2. Erm... how? Where are the "liquidator" and "universal storage unit?" I can see that the refrigerators are supposed to have converters in the VAB, but once out on the pad or in space, the inline refrigerator has no options for conversion at all, and the hex core one can only convert the resources it possesses its own liquid storage for, namely Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Deuterium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen EDIT: Ohh... I see. Thats extremely handy the tanks can do that. Seems like one of my mods is interfering with some things including preventing converters from working unless the converter part itself has local storage for the liquid. which is slightly odd.. I'll have to hunt that down. :[
  3. Maybe I'm blind, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to condense gasses like hydrogen, nitrogen, ammonia etc into liquids and vice-versa. I'm trying co condense gaseous nitrogen, ammonia etc into liquid form for fuel use and none of the IRSU parts seem to have any facilities for accomplishing this. Plis Halp.
  4. magnetic nozzle definitely still uses fuel no matter what, but the OP definitely mentions an energy-only mode for the plasma thruster. is it currently supposed to have one or no?
  5. So its the magnetic nozzle and not the Plasma Thruster? The descriptions in the OP certainly need to be updated if the plasma thruster no longer has an electricity-only mode. EDIT: No, the magnetic nozzle doesn't do this either. It still uses fuel no matter what, but the OP definitely mentions an energy-only mode for the plasma thruster. Does it currently have one or not?
  6. Thats pretty lame. If thats the case it seems quite backwards, considering this is supposed to be futuristic technology, not copper bin tech that's questionable at best. And bloody hell, if all of that is out of date, how much of the other documentation doesn't have accurate info?
  7. I believe you haven't read the documentation for the plasma thruster. Unless all of it including on the front page is so out of date that the changelogs don't show the changes.
  8. How does one set the plasma thrusters to electric-only mode? I can't seem to find the option for it even while in orbit. I have all the research for them unlocked and have also tried in sandbox mode, but still only have the fuel burning modes.
  9. Is there any chance the 2.5m to 3x 1.25m adapter in this picture will make a return? Its missing completely and was very useful for a lot of my designs in the past. Also, the SE-4 looks kinda wonky too and doesn't fit with the rest of the multi-adapters. Yellow tube master race.
  10. Sure. Is 1.2 supposed to be coming out some time soonish?
  11. Not really. More specifically with the problem though, with GN, Strategia mostly seems to go all wierd and replaces missions for indivudal gas giants and their moons with landing on every body around an extrasolar star, which in GN includes impossible things like landing on actual stars and on the M-Kel barycenter, which are both obviously impossible. I suspect it has to do with GN replacing the stock sun with the 'galactic core' and creating a bunch of stars that orbit it at a great distance. Does mean that you do get crewed/uncrewed programs to do grand tours of entire extrasolar systems when you use planet packs which is kind of neat.
  12. Is there a way to get this to work (less wierdly) with galactic neighborhood? or with mods that alter the base solar system and/or add other stars? It seems to conk out with the exploration strategies and wants me to plant flags on the sun or other stars
  13. And how are you meant to deal with the "Helium 4" that builds up in the OMEGA fusion reactor?
  14. How exactly is the heat dissipation on the radiators supposed to work? The values they show in the VAB seem quite inconsistent relative to the surface area of the parts.
  15. Some of the structural components and the vast majority of the engines arent showing up in either the tech tree or in sandbox mode for me. Running vanilla KSP with KW 3.0.12 installed and nada. EDIT: Ok so it looks like a whole bunch of part.cfg files are straight up missing from the 3.0.12 RAR but not the 3.0.11 RAR (which works as it should). May wanna check up on that.
  16. Right @blackrack, so I gather that this was supposed to be fixed previously, but in the latest version on vanilla install, I'm seeing both moderate to severe artifacting around shorelines and the water level flickering up and down, clipping through the ground whenever I move the camera. Don't suppose there's a way to fix without disabling the water effects altogether?
  17. Is it intended that the EVA-X Can't be picked up without a wrench? Seems less than ideal.
  18. Any way to keep ATM from messing with the textures from the rework parts? Adding specific folder overrides doesn't do anything, they still end up all black :\
  19. Whats the point of having the <enabled = true/false> in every config file if it does literally nothing? Regardless of which setting you use, ATM still converts, caches, and uses compressed/reformatted versions of the textures from the specified folder, which is somewhat aggravating when you're trying to get a specific mod excluded from being touched at all.
  20. uh... i'm talking about DeadlyReentry-KWRocketryFairings.cfg breaking the nosecones from KW. Whatever the case is, the file(s) from the link does nothing to correct them not loading.
  21. The module manager config for KW rocketry is broken. It causes the game to be unable to load if the cfg files for the KW Nosecones are present.
  22. Is there any way to get this to work with Texture Replacer? I disabled compression in the configuration file but KSP always crashes while the main menu is trying to load when I have TR alongside LOD.
  23. Not to nitpick here boss, but I think you may have forgotten to include the plugin part of the plugin with the latest release
  24. Oh, question, is there any way to get the exhaust particles to actually collide with objects and the ground like in the teaser?