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  1. Since the dawn of Kerbalkind, the eager green creatures have always looked to the skies, but when they tried to reach the stars, they ended up unsuccessful, with themselves wading (or drowning) in a reflection of the night skies across the surface of glistening water. Some kerbals who managed to swim to the surface after a near-drowning experience realized the beauty that lied right back at home in the murky depths, and eventually invented the submarine. But it wasn't until the best of both worlds were combined that everyone-- both the space program and submarine program kerbals, was/were pleased . In this depiction of the 57th Kerbal Sub Test of the submarine/space program, near dusk in Jool's atmosphere, a brave kerbonaut tried to "walk" on deck with a hose attached, during the start of a fiery reentry towards the hopefully-navigable greenness below. Sadly, those who were aboard or dangling from a cord noticed that the below "liquid" now seemed to resemble clouds... The kerbals inside now started to wonder where else besides Kerbin could they find such beautiful views and the conditions to allow the use of a submarine... This is the result of my urge to make kerbals enter a gas giant with a submarine, after having read this: https://what-if.xkcd.com/139/, giving me inspiration. It might be fun to actually try this in KSP, now after creating this...
  2. This is a place for me to post my artwork for Real Space Program. All official versions will appear in this post, unfinished versions will appear in subsequent posts. If you have any requests, feel free to ask. Badges Veteran Badges Logos Icons Project NorthStar Orion One
  3. Hey everyone! I just thought that I would share a little project I have been working on. Over the past few days I have designed a Kerbal papercraft. It's made out of card stock and glue, with some tape for the visor. Here is a link to the Google document with pics and details. Hope you guys like it! I'll try to post the plans once I refine them. This was designed by hand, like all my projects, since I don't have any software. There are a few components I need to adjust, then it will be ready. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17d60FzyTSmLOF6EicC6zIVlPmeQUfQC_3VbEBRB9UdQ/edit?usp=sharing Let me know if there are any problems with this link, or if you have any questions about the design or the process. Thanks!
  4. The theme is that of the greek god Hephaestus so there's a bit of gears and such in the art. ENJOY! Vanilla Flag Album http://imgur.com/a/rZmUL --- Project Kerbol Moho Eve Eve Gilly Kerbin Kerbin Mun Kerbin Minmus Duna Duna Ike Dress Jool Jool Laythe Jool Vall Jool Tylo Jool Bop Jool Pol Eeloo
  5. I have a request for all artist. Im in a role-play group on Facebook. Its a military based RP and when 1.1 comes out i want to role-play a war with another country. Unlike most in the group the enemy won't be just a bunch of terrorist or extremist. It will instead be a actual military. As such i want to give more in depth and more story to the enemy and my forces. This is where y'all will come in. I need a picture that will give face to the enemies leader. My idea for her is that SHE will be totalitarian almost like Hitler was. So you need to come up with a picture that when people see her, they see someone who strikes fear into them while also giving sense of leadership. Im giving y'all a bit of artistic freedom but there are some things that need to be in play 1. Keep it clean and professional - A suit and tie or very dignified dress would be best - Attractive but not revealing (think of the promo for when Valentina was introduced only instead of a space suit something a leader of a country would wear) 2. Unlike most female kerbals…give her long black hair. 3. She needs to have a smile. One thats confident but not hubris. Also slightly psychotic (Think power hungry) 4. Needs to include the flag in the picture 5. No real world emblems. I know I'm asking you to create a picture of a totalitarian leader for my RP group to fight against but no swastikas or anything like that. I ll let you know who the winner is when i pick one. Good luck and have fun
  6. Hi y'all i'm Planetfall, I made this dragonfly. I had a lot of fun make in this craft so I thought lets make a challenge to build insects with maybe kerbals riding on them! Rules: Since I want this thread to be about creativity I don't want too many rules, but I feel there need to be some guidelines. -You can choose any insect to model -Accuracy is a big plus, try to make the craft look reasonably similar to the insect you're modeling. Put up a photo of the actual insect so we can compare. -kerbal riders are not required, but are encouraged -your craft should be able to move (if the bug walks the model should roll, if the bug flies than so should your craft) Static models will still be accepted though -Have fun!
  7. Hey there, It was not the first time that my son Alex(7) saw me playing KSP. He seemed to develop more and more interest over the time. He even asked me to teach him how to play the game! (I almost lost a tear in that moment) I told him lots of things about the game and space in general, even though i doubt, he understood everything. This evening after coming home from a long work day, he surprised me. First, I was about to send him to bed. (How dare he stay up so late?) My wife calmed me down and told me to wait. He took out a large piece of paper, he had rolled up behind his back. It was a watercolor painting he did in school, titled "Alex and Pa together on Dune" (I think he meant Duna). I almost cried, Never been so proud. I'll certainly spend more time with him now. I'll have to switch some shifts and maybe do one or two extra, but spending time with my son, see him grow, see him develop an interest in science, that is just priceless. Here it is: He's planting the flag, while I'm landing with my spacecraft.
  8. Today I made something I thought was pretty cool and that I should share with you guys: Play with it here! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13276416/Unity/WarpTest/WarpTest.html It's a little interactive "simulator" thing about relativistic space flight. I've made the galaxy much smaller than real life (only two light-minutes across) for obvious reasons, and it isn't quite scientifically accurate in all ways, but it's based on the real science behind relativistic optical effects and thus with any luck gives the right general impression. Here's hoping some of you guys have some fun with it! And please be sure to let me know what you think. Old post:
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