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  1. The Kerbals may not show it, but they get lonely pretty easily. Of course, they have no issue sitting in a cramped 1-seat command pod for centuries at a time (Snacks and radiation permitting,) but the idea of being nothing but a bunch of frogs running around on a mote of dust in a sunbeam in a giant, empty room full of sunbeams and motes of dust in a building full of rooms that goes out in all directions as far as their tiny froggy brains can comprehend and probably much past that, is immensely disturbing to them. It makes them feel very, very small. However, if there's one thing Kerbals have learned since they swam out of the Kraken's maw and plopped into the primordial muck, it's that the building won't seem so tall when you're standing on top of it. So, just as they've conquered all the things that scared them in the past, the Kerbals are going to conquer that big building to make it seem a lot less small. (If they could ever research a way to climb the ladder without getting turned over every which way, that is. Attempt no traversal of the ladder. Untold horrors await there...) But their ladder-traversing days are far ahead of them still, so they'll work up to it by taking baby steps first. Namely, by hopping to another sunbeam. The nearest one, in fact - Proksimus Kiribani, Kerbol's neighboring star. To this end, they've established a crack-team of their best and brightest Kerbonauts, who have called themselves... The Lyra Aerospace Exploration Agency!!! Hmm. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? I knew we shouldn't have let the nerds name their own club! Oh, well; we'll just call it the LyrAEA for short. Playthrough's full modlist and description under the spoiler More updates coming Soon™. Fly safe! And here we are! A brand new, baby KSC. How cute! Well, we'd better get to work right away fulfilling contracts and collecting Science. This one looks fine. Thank you Gene, very cool! And we'll take "Reach for the Stars" too, while we're at it. Now, how to fulfill them...
  2. Begin a new career mode save on normal difficulty or higher. I strongly recommend keeping quicksaves and reverts *ON* and using named quicksaves frequently. In this career save, you may not destroy or abandon any part anywhere, nor strand or kill any Kerbal. Anything that's useless where it is should be either moved to somewhere where it does something useful or returned to Kerbin's surface and recycled within a reasonable timescale.
  3. I'm trying my darndest to get this thing complete. The requirements are: enough space for 5 kerbals, an antenna, a docking port, and the ability to generate power. So I built it (added a MPL because why not), landed, BUT forgot the docking port. luckily I had an engineer on it so I sent an unkerbaled supply ship up with a docking port jr. Welded the docking port on and...nothin'. I even made sure to have 5 Kerbals on board because the wording was iffy about whether they needed to be there or not. All notes checked off, but it won't complete. also I have a screenshot but it seems I can only add a photo from a url. Any advise on how to share the photo here is also appreciated.
  4. Start a new file in Career Mode, plant flags on every landable body and return safely as fast as possible. It's tricky, but boy it's fun! The careful planning of KSP mixed with the frenetic action of speed running is a match made in heaven. I've enjoyed quite a number of KSP challenges, and can say there's nothing that tests and rewards your KSP mettle quite like a real-time speedrun. This takes a huge amount of planning so please have fun posting works in progress. For example, see how far you can make it in an hour! These rules were chosen to make the run as entertaining and accessible as possible. If something gets in the way of your enjoyment, just ignore it and make a note in your post. 0. Put a flag on every body (except Kerbin, Jool and the Sun), and return all Kerbals home safe in a single segment of normal difficulty career mode. You're welcome to quicksave and quickload as much as you'd like, but it's all on the clock. If you do this in multiple sittings, just add 3% (added linear) to your time for each sitting to make up for getting to show up fresh. 1. 255 part limit on ships. This allows people with all varieties of computers to run in stride with minimally laggy time losses. The specific number '255' is convenient due to it being the maximum part count of the level 2 VAB. Though this rule may seem limiting, it encourages interesting and careful ship design. 2. No gross clipping. This is unfortunately not a hard-and-fast rule, so I'll detail the broad strokes. Rotating fuel tanks into eachother or using symmetry to clone tanks within eachother is not allowed. However, many parts are intended to work with a bit of clipping, such as the aerodynamic parts, structural parts and several utilities. These are ok! Just use your judgement (famous last words). 3. No phantom force drives. It changes the feel of the game too much. If they're your jam, you should totally do it anyway! I look forward to seeing it. 4. Consistent glitches only. Some glitches can be great for speeding up your run, but glitches can add a huge random element to your run. Please avoid using glitches that add more than a few minutes of random variability, If it's super sweet, exceptions can be made. This rule can either mean that a glitch should be highly consistent, or quick to retry. 5. If the game crashes, reload. This challenge goes to every available SOI often in a single sitting. It's yummy tasty Kraken bait! If the game happens to crash, just pause your clock and reload KSP. Start the clock again when you start loading your save file. We'll just do this by the honor system. Computer disparities could be an issue, though it's mitigated by the 255 part rule. If you want to play but think your computer will hold you back, just tell us your load times, and we can take it into account. Proof is not a big deal. It's all on honor system, really, but this is a forum so find some way to share your valiant triumphs and crushing defeats! A nice finishing shot is to show all the flags in the tracking station and the happy Kerbals in the astronaut complex. Versions of all sort are accepted after (naturally) v0.24. Mods just need to be noted in your posts. Please avoid physics rebalances, unbalanced parts or autopilot mods. The ultimate goal is to run this in vanilla KSP, though- it's much more exciting when you need to time your suicide burns by eye. Works in progress are hugely encouraged. The joy's in the journey, share it! Best Regards, - Cunjo Carl Leader Board @JonnyOThan Fastest time yet at 6h 37m @Ultimate Steve in 7h 50m 49s (Stock v1.4.3) @Cunjo Carl in 8h 6m 50s (Stock v1.0.5) (stock trophy pics incoming in the near future)
  5. In my years of playing KSP, I dont thing I have ever played a full game of post-0.90 Career mode. SO I DECIDED TO FIX THAT! HAHA! I also have a self imposed rule that all flights that are not immediately reverted are simulations- as in, I cannot quickload or revert during "real" flights. THAT MEANS IM GOOD RIGHT??? Otherwise, it's just Normal mode. I did not have plans to make this until I realised this was my first time. So there are no screenshots of the obligatory Jumping Flea replica and my test flights, in the Void series. The unsuccessful tests of Void "Baby" 1-3 do not have screenshots. But Void "Baby" Four DOES!!! Test simulation of Void Four this concludes the first and second flights. I am very very excited to do moar.
  6. So how do I do it? I usually play sandbox, but I decided to have a go at career. I’m getting lots of contracts to test parts. I’ve accepted two contracts and got into the speed/height criteria and then pressed ‘test part’ or whatever the button is called. So far it still hasn’t accepted one as completed. I also had a contract to test an engine on the launchpad, so I went to the launchpad and pressed test, but is still didn’t work. How do I test the parts?
  7. Hi guys, I was playing some career mode and my recent, rather time and funds consuming mission, doesn't seem to be paying off. Every point of the contract except of "everything completed" is checked, though I feel like I did everything according to the mission requirements. Any ideas there? https://imgur.com/a/iWe62x3
  8. Hey guys, could you please give me a hand, i was just playing kerbal space program career mode and i rescued some kerbals i put on the mun in a rover (not a contract) and when i started the mission i had 1MIL funds, and when i ended the mission and recovered all the kerbals (including the ones that were on the mun) i had 1.8mil funds and it said i gained 400 funds. So basically, do you gain funds from gaining reputation? I just rescued kerbals i put on the mun and gained 800 thousand when i recovered it. Thanks!
  9. As an experienced KSP player, rushing trough the tech tree by harvesting minmus for science feels like cheating to me, now you can say: just don't do it then... or decrease science value but wait wat if there was an extra difficulty option in the tech tree: Kerbal Road blocks we know that the game keeps track of all you achievements, like if you have landed on the run or not. what if we put this activity tracker to good use, instead of just offering different contacts. the road blocks will automatically unlock when you preform the specific task. and then you will be able to spend your science on the tech-tree nodes that come after that. terrier engine make orbiting easy? wel first show us you can orbit without it. I made a small image of the concept which is not fully worked out yet. but it is the idea that counts: when it is fully worked out you can probably have roadblocks that require: docking manoeuvres, surface sample retrieval, enter atmosphere of planet X, land on Planet X, maybe even: have station with +10 crew capacity IMO this will add an extra layer of depth to the game but it remains light weight and easy to understand. any ideas of this concept?
  10. The arrival of Breaking Ground was probably the happiest surprise related to KSP1 since I started playing a few years ago, but one thing that it has soured is the contract system. The contracts were already terrible, loads of them make very little sense and if you are sick and tired of certain types of them you can't just block them - you have to manually keep declining each and every one of them forever and hope the game randomly offers something you want to do. Now that Breaking Ground introduced a number of new types of contracts this has gotten completely out of hand, I've spent up to several minutes in a row doing nothing but declining extremely undesired contracts that keep respawning just to get a dozen good contracts of the types I have any desire to deal with. I did get out ahead of this situation and posted my concerns before the DLC dropped and @St4rdust did relay the information to devs for which I am grateful, however I feel far from convinced that the issue was placed on the "urgent issues" list. I'm well aware that Career Mode is actually not as popular among players as one might expect and that such a thing might seem like a good reason to put low priority on fixing career mode issues, however there is ample indication that the contract system is one of the absolute biggest reasons -if not THE reason- why many players shun the game mode in the first place. When players call Career Mode "grindy" it is more often than not primarily because of the contracts. Across the forum there are already many suggested solutions to the multiple issues with contracts, I'll refrain from regurgitating everything I've seen and just list what I estimate to be the most useful key points below for dev conscideration: <> VASTLY increase the number of concurrent contracts that can be viewed and accepted. This should be done regardless of any other changes made to contracts, having to sit through loadscreens every few minutes just to find a new desirable contract is grindy. <> Either split the entire contract list into categories and have each generate a good number of contracts regardless of what's going on with all other categories, or make it possible to block certain types of contracts from spawning at all. <> Make the contracts sortable by location in some way, either by listing them neatly sorted by location or by having a filter function to show/hide contracts for specific regions. <> Some contracts generate horrifying numbers of messages in the log, the log needs a purge button and there needs to be an option to disable log spam. (Take 12 contracts to ferry tourists to Kerbin orbit and back, send all of them on a big cruise ship and land safely to cash in. You now have over a HUNDRED log messages from a single 10 minute trip, the message window stops working properly after a few such trips and you have to manually click to delete every single one of these messages that extremely fast can number in the thousands.) Other suggestions of lower urgency: <> Ability to clear the contract history without resorting to using a cheat menu or tampering with the save file. <> Add strategies to the Administration Building that greatly influence the contract generation; sacrifice cash or fame to generate more contracts of several user specified types while all other types generate in far lower numbers. <> Make the "active contracts" tab more user friendly, most notably there should be no reason it can't scale depending on number of active contracts.
  11. Table of Contents Orbital Negligence Volume 1: The DSA (Demon Space Agency) Orbital Negligence Volume 2: SRAS Beginnings (StarRunnerAeroSpace) Orbital Negligence Volume 3: SRAS Continuum (StarRunnerAeroSpace) SRAS Continuum 1: Fast Track SRAS Continuum 2: Mistakes SRAS Continuum 3: Jool Odyssey SRAS Continuum 4: Deliveries SRAS Continuum 5: DSA Crew SRAS Continuum 6: E.L.E. Links to Wattpad versions. (more book like, no comments) Orbital Negligence https://www.wattpad.com/748919266-demon-space-agency-a-play-through-of-kerbal-space How this started:
  12. Welcome to my Kerbal Space Program career save I started this particular save file after Breaking Ground came out to try a career file with all of the new parts and functionality. So far I've been impressed with the new surface science experiments and surface science features, and my Kerbals had a great time setting up stations around the Mun and Minmus and later landing bases and rovers on both of Kerbin's satellites. At this point in my game, the Kerbals are ready to take their first step out into interplanetary space and have accepted a contract to send a probe to flyby Duna and return. To this end, the KSC has developed the Quicksilver probe: The payload for the quicksilver probe is mounted on top of an older style lifter developed during the early days of the space program, which should have more than enough delta-v to flyby Duna and return to Kerbin. However, the Mission Planners at KSC noticed that the transfer window for Duna only comes up very infrequently. So, in an attempt to launch the probe to Duna early, it was equipped with a slapped-together set of solid boosters for its initial ascent: The hope is that the extra set of boosters will give the probe enough delta-v to reach Duna and return before the optimal transfer window, leaving the best time for a proper Hohmann transfer open for the first wave of full scale exploration ships. Here we see the probe shortly after launch. It has very little control authority on initial ascent, but remains stable at least. The probe reached orbit without incident and deployed its solar panels and antennas. After circularization it still had its lower stage attached, minus the boosters. After some messing-about with the maneuver node editor, the probe was on its way to Duna after its interplanetary transfer burn, now minus the its lower stages. The probe is seen here framed nicely in between Kerbin and the Mun on its trip out of the Kerbin system. Shown below is the (very rushed and inefficient) transfer orbit the probe is on, as well as a picture of the probe's projected orbit once it enters the Duna system. There is a maneuver node planned in the Duna system itself to circularize the probe's orbit to match a satellite contract. The maneuver is tentative, as I am unsure if having this probe actually enter orbit as opposed to just flying by will prevent the next "Explore Duna" contract from being issued. So for now the probe will just head on its merry way until the KSP Mission Planners (aka me!) figure out how to best negotiate with the contractors to fund the full scale of the KSP Duna expedition. Up next: Designing craft for actually mapping and landing on Duna, as well as equipment and infrastructure for the first Kerbaled landings on Duna!
  13. Hey Guys, I recently started a game in Career Mode and starting out has been fairly easy but I've run into a contract that I cannot seem to complete. It's a contract where you have to ferry a tourist to their destinations and back. I keep thinking that I need to launch to a particular altitude but each attempt achieves nothing in the way of completion. I haven't unlocked multi crew pods yet so I've had to stack two pods to carry the pilot and tourist. Any ideas how to fulfill this contract? Thanks Wallace
  14. Hi. I have a game with more than 250 hours of the original game in career mode. If I install Breaking Ground can I continue the game with the new additions of the expansion? I have not found information about it. PD: I'm sorry for my English.
  15. Hello! I have a new challenge that I would like you to try called Extreme Career Mode! As it sounds, its like a hard career mode but more extreme and difficult. So far I've only done suborbital flights in the extreme mode, but I will try orbital flights soon. The 2 most important things you need to get in this custom settings mode in extreme career are funds and science. Here are the settings you need when starting a new career to attempt my Extreme Career Mode: Re-entry heating: 120% Starting Funds: 5,000 Science Rewards: 20% (1/5 of the normal science you'd get) Funds Rewards: 30% (About 1/3 of the normal funds you'd get) Reputation Rewards: 30% (About 1/3 normal reputation you'd get) Funds Penalties: 300% (3x average penalty) Reputation Penalties: 300% (3x average reputation penalty) Decline Penalty: 4 (Bigger losses if you decline a contract) As you play through this challenge in career and attempt it, tell me below how its going (via pictures or a reply)! I will also update you on how i'm doing in Extreme Career Mode as well, I hope you try it! Also, like Iso-Polaris said, I recommend you do this challenge with these mods, to make it more fair/balanced:
  16. Hello! Welcome To The Second of Many What I've Done So Far in Career Mode, where I share with you what ive done so far in my new career mode! If you haven't looked at the last one I made about the career mode, I suggest you read that post first before reading this one, so you will know what has previously happened. So, this is what happened this time I played my new career mode. First, Ikicked off space tourism by doing my first tourist contract from the tourist plus contract pack, as seen in the images below (everything went well!) Next, after successful minmus flyby and orbiter missions, I did the first landing on the minmus and safetly returned back to kerbin! (Though I ran out of fuel so I had to push the craft most of the way back) The next few images show the actual landing, which was easy due to minmus having low gravity (only 2nd to gilly's, im pretty sure) After landing, I planted a flag and did some science for a contract. (Tell me who's on the flag, in the 3rd image below) So after that I took off and headed back to kerbin. Expect that I ran out of fuel and had to do this for about 20 real life minutes just to get back... Now, the spacecraft is approaching kerbin, and had a successful landing in a grassy area of land. And so that brings the end of the 70, almost 71 day long mission to land on minmus and get back. But I have one more mission to share with you, Luna 2. So yeah for another historical progression mission, this time I did Luna 2 (AKA Lunik 2), which impacted the moon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luna_2 And that brings and end to the second post of this, I hope you see the next one!
  17. Hello! Welcome To The First What I've Done So Far in Career Mode, where I share with you what ive done so far in my new career mode! If you haven't looked at the previous 2 posts I made about the career mode, I suggest you read those posts first before reading this one, so you will know what has previously happened. Post 1: Post 2: Ok, so now that you have read those 2 previous posts or have already read them, lets get started! So, starting this off, the first thing I did after completing the minmus flyby, was doing a mission to orbit it (for some more science), as seen in the pictures below! The orbit I was in was roughly 18,000 m by 20,500 m so I could get more low science data and do EVA reports as I flew over different biomes I also got this awesome image of kerbin and the mun rising over minmus from orbit. After doing a few orbits and collecting lots of science, I did a burn to leave minmus and head back for a landing on kerbin. (Notice the mun orbiting around kerbin in the background as it changes position.) After reentering kerbin's atmosphere, I landed this time (not splashed down) near some mountains and planted my first flag, as seen below: After collecting lots of science from the minmus orbiter mission and spending it on better parts in the tech tree, since I have the historical progression contract pack installed, I decided to recreate the Soviet Luna 1 mission next, which was the first spacecraft to flyby the moon. (More about it at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luna_1) After a successful launch and burn into orbit, I did another burn to put the spacecraft on a munar flyby trajectory to put it into a solar orbit (like the real life mission). After entering the mun's SOI, I took a screenshot with kerbin setting in the background in 2nd/3rd image (you can call it kerbinset, since its the opposite of earthrise). So after ejecting the other stage from the spacecraft it changed the periapsis to just about 4,800m (which is dangerously close). Luckily the spacecraft survived the close approach to the surface and I got a good view of some rocks on the surface and later a kerbinrise (similar to earthrise). After that the mission was complete and I got the contract complete screen (as you can see below it shows what the acutal mission did, pretty similar to mine, but not as close) And so that brings an end to the first of many to come What I've done so far in career mode posts! I can't wait to share what I've done next tomorrow!
  18. Hello. I recently attempted a mission to kerbin's highest peak to complete an objective in career mode and this is what happened. First, here is a look at the craft I used, its a pretty basic rocket, it was able to get into orbit easily. After the rocket was done, it was time to launch! The launch went pretty well, as seen in the next few images. (I used Jedediah Kerman for the daring mission) After getting above 70,000 m, I coasted to my apoapsis, and did a burn to enter into kerbin orbit. Now that I was in kerbin orbit, I prepared to do a burn to change my inclination so it would match with the mountain's inclination. But before doing that, I decided to do a EVA Spacewalk. With the EVA complete. It was time to get back In the ship and do the burn, but, as I found out, I ran out of fuel before I could finish the burn. After loading a quick save I decided to give up on the mission for now and return back to the ground (or sea, because that's where I splashed down) I will reattempt this in Career Mode in the future, but if you have any tips or ideas to help me out, tell me below! This is JohnsterSpaceProgram, signing off until my next post!
  19. Hello! Johnster here again, with a new post about career mode, this time, its about my mission I did to minmus and back! So, after a successful launch, I did a burn for the minmus flyby (I decided to flyby at a distance of about 30,000 m so I would get lots of science) the first images you see are after the burn as kerbin got smaller and minmus got larger. First look at Minmus, from 28,367 K from Kerbin. (Its still pretty small, only slightly larger than a dot) Now I am at about 37,390 K from Kerbin, it has grown even smaller, and minmus is getting a little larger. The next 2 images, from 42,203 and 44,654 K from Kerbin, show the progression of Minmus's size from the spacecraft as it approaches it Finally doing what I came to minmus in career mode to do, get science! (First, I am getting some high space minmus science, then when I am a lot closer, low space minmus science) After doing that science, I decided to do my first minmus EVA spacewalk, from around 500,000 m away. (Its high space minmus spacewalk) Now I am getting really close to minmus, as I prepare for a second minmus EVA spacewalk and low space science. At this distance, I can start to see higher resolution detail in minmus than in the previous image Closest Approach To Minmus! Now that the spacecraft is at its closest approach to minmus, I collected some low space science, and did my 2nd EVA Spacewalk. Leaving Minmus. After that, here are some images of the spacecraft leaving minmus and the 3rd and final EVA spacewalk. Back To Kerbin and Landing. These Final Images Show The Spacecraft Approaching Kerbin, and splashing down, putting an end to the successful mission. And that brings an end to this post about the mission. If you have any tips or ideas for me, tell them below!
  20. Cough cough. **Starts speaking in a dull narrator voice This mission report documents the history of the Automated Space Program, lead by none other than the fearless HAL 9000, the A.I designed to run a space program. Why didn't a Kerbal of remarkable talent step up to the plate instead of this automaton? Because the Kraken banned space travel from kerbals. If a single cell of kerbal flesh escaped the upper atmosphere, then the Kraken would slaughter the population of Kerbin! Or so our several hundred mages/witch doctors/wizards kerbs state after coming out of intense trances huddled together in their holy places. Everyone knew that they spoke the truth. After all, they said that sensibility was an evil not to be practiced, which we have followed up to the extreme. We have NO cities whatsoever, and yet we built a magnificent space center. There are literally no other structures on the planet, except those which were related to the space program of the distant past. Also, our mages/witch doctors/wizards have spawned in green monoliths in random places, because they were being insensible in accordance with the Kraken's laws. Anyway, enough backstory, lets get into the meat of this story. **Changes to a scholarly voice, full of appreciation for his subject I have been messing around with the KOS mod for a little while, and I have decided to create this mission report series so that I will practice this to hopefully great effect. I will make this series primarily about the substance, that is, how I programmed X to do Y and not Z, but pop in the occasion joke, as seen above. I will launch NO kerbals, not one, doing everything with KOS. I will use kerbonauts inside the atmosphere, and rescue them from orbit, but nothing else. My install of KSP is 1.4.4, so mods that work for me probably won't work for those in KSP 1.5+. I have installed a fairly large mod pack, roughly 30 mods, seen below. And with this, I wish all comers, Happy Explosions!
  21. I present you a difficult engineering challenge: Build an SSTO that uses tier 4 parts and below, that can be launched using tier 1 facilities. You'll face juno jets, EC drain (no panels), tight flight envelopes, and toothpick landing wheels. Your only source of EC will be from your engines and those measly batteries. Special flight and re-entry planning is crucial. It took me a few hours, but this challenge is possible. If anyone wants proof or needs help, I can PM you my craft and some tips that worked for me. It meets all the requirements (and bonuses, except for the commnet one - that's untested). Hopefully I'm not the only one who finds engineering challenges thrilling... Rules: No refuelling or help from external spacecraft. No EVAs (tourists can't EVA, and crew can't EVA off the ground with a T1 astronaut complex). The craft should work on normal difficulty (regular reentry heating). Note: If you really want: You can disable commnet. Reach a stable orbit of at least 70 km using tier 4 parts and below. Have a payload of one tourist. This is the hard part! You can use building/pilot aid mods, but your craft and it's flight should be reproducible in vanilla. Note: If you really want, you can use SAS (in sandbox) even though the T4 stayputnik doesn't have SAS. You can build your planes in sandbox, but make sure they fit within the T1 facility restrictions (https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Runway) Note: If you really want, you can use action groups even though the T1 sph can't do that. Note: If you really want, you can launch/land from the grass, or use the T3 runway, or ditch in the water next to the KSC. The craft must take off, fly, and land like a spaceplane. Land in one piece. This is a reusable SSTO, isn't it? Note: If you really want, you can jettison parts at/during launch as long as they don't get destroyed. Basically, this means that fancy launch rigs are allowed. (I've decided to edit in this rule because it allows for more design variety). Hardcore mode (optional challenges): These are only necessary for the #3/#4 win category (see below): No SAS (stayputnik has no SAS) or pilot aids. Takeoff and land on the T1 runway. No action groups (T1 facilities can't set up action groups) Absolutely no jettisoning of parts, not even launch rigs. Use commnet (normal difficulty) and set occlusion to max (you can use ground stations around kerbin). No unmanned control during re-entry if you aren't careful! Who wins? This isn't really a competition... If you want to compete, here are some milestones to aim for: Use as few parts as possible to reach orbit (my design uses the max amount of 30). If there's a tie in part count, the cheaper vessel wins. Whoever's vessel can achieve the highest orbit apoapsis AND RETURN wins (basically delta v, but piloting and aerodynamics matter). Whoever fulfills all the bonuses using the least amount of parts. Whoever fulfills all the bonuses and can achieve the highest orbit apoapsis AND RETURN wins (basically delta v, but piloting and aerodynamics matter). Use plenty screenshots or record a video to show your design. Good luck!
  22. So i was thinking about adding countries. Before i continue, don't worry, im not suggesting turning ksp into a war simulator. Anyways, what i was thinking is maybe if you land in a different country, you'll have to pay a recovery fee. Some countries more strict than others, and others not requiring a recovery fee. Also contracts from other countries would give more money. Let me know what you think about this.
  23. Hey guys, It's my first post- and I want to kick off this journey with a new idea! The idea of multiplayer is not new at all. Many players have suggested it before, but the level of difficulty cooperating with other players would be nearly impossible. What I'm suggesting is a race to the science tree, and other Celestial bodies. The players would _not_ interact with eachother, however. They would only be connected via leaderboard. Each player would have their own save file. Time warp would not be an issue. (See scoring) I haven't quite though of a scoring value, but I think it would be a ratio of some sort. Maybe science per price of missions(efficiency), Reputation per science points(Public interest)- still needs to be _thought though thoroughly_ Its also vulnerable to cheats. Cheats = _bad_ Again, first post!
  24. Hey, so since update 1.4.2, I'm now getting a ton of useless messages regarding my contracts. Like if I'm supposed to test a certain part at speed and altitude, I'm getting messages telling me I'm at the required speed or altitude even if I don't have the part on the craft. When you have like a dozen contracts going at the same time, it gets really irritating, because I'm getting messages constantly and none of them relate to what I'm actually doing. This is something that cropped up as soon as I installed 1.4.2. Is there a way to turn this off? I'm running a stock install with no mods. The only weird thing I can think of is I started this career in 1.4.0 and carried it through until 1.4.2. Thanks in Advance UPDATE: It's gotten even worse. I have a contract for a satellite that specifies "Maintain Stability for 10 Seconds", and now every 10 seconds if I'm not rotating or accelerating, and no matter what craft I'm flying or what orbit it's in, I'm getting a notification that I maintained stability for 10 seconds. Please help, this is really bizarre and annoying.
  25. Hey, so since update 1.4.2, I'm now getting a ton of useless messages regarding my contracts. Like if I'm supposed to test a certain part at speed and altitude, I'm getting messages telling me I'm at the required speed or altitude even if I don't have the part on the craft. When you have like a dozen contracts going at the same time, it gets really irritating, because I'm getting messages constantly and none of them relate to what I'm actually doing. This is something that cropped up as soon as I installed 1.4.2. Is there a way to turn this off? I'm running a stock install with no mods. The only weird thing I can think of is I started this career in 1.4.0 and carried it through until 1.4.2. Thanks in advance
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