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Found 4 results

  1. Latest Releases Download: GitHub, SpaceDock Source (DSEV), Source (WildBlueTools) BARIS Wiki Now with CKAN support! Kelbin looked out the window of the orbital transfer shuttle at his new command: The Discovery II! Its long truss assembly had several radiators attached to it to keep the ship's revolutionary fusion engine cool. Its liquid hydrogen tanks held enough propellant to let Discovery II leave for Jool at any time. It'll be a long journey, but the cryopods let the crew sleep the whole way. Before he knew it, Discovery II will reach Jool, and the crew will b
  2. Joolian Discovery Inspired by the USS Discovery One from 2001: A Space Odyssey --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supports TweakScale and AVC. Contains some settings for Snacks, Life Support, and RemoteTech2 IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an EARLY BETA -- While we'll try to avoid breaking people's savegames with future updates, it may be unavoidable at some point. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Cover Photo Gene (JEEN): Go for launch? Hayene (HYE-een): Yep. For sure. Gene: Okay. T-minus 10...9...8...7...6...ignition sequence start...4...3...2...1...and liftoff! Hayene: I hope we will survive! Hope and pray! Theorie (THEER-ee): Well, keep hoping, sister! This may be the last of us! Hayene: Hey ATONE-3192...what's our current chance of survival? ATONE (AY-tohn): Your chance is currently a 75%. Theorie: Never tell me the odds! ATONE: Never tell me whether or not to tell you the odds. Theorie: What the...thank
  4. I discovered 3 mysterious islands on Laythe when trying out Hyperedit. I teleported to Laythe to find these in the distance. As I inspected further, it became more and more astonishingly similar to an Easter Egg. The Islands are different from the rest of Laythe's landmass. They are perfect spheres all in a straight line. They are not part of Laythe's terrain! You cannot land on these islands, making it impossible to plant a flag on them. The Islands are at roughly the same coordinates as the KSC Launchpad back at Kerbin. They are not visible in the map.
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