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  1. I want to "capture" the thrust of an engine and would like to suppress the visual exhaust representation (if possible even with physical heating effects etc.) in a mod. Is there a proper way to do that? The engine should still run, but ideally not produce an exhaust plume/exhaust effect.
  2. The title says it all. How do I get engines to use real fuel?
  3. Hello KSP Team hopefully i am able to reach you in this way! As you maybe noticed, my Mother toung is german so I excuse from this Point for any english misstakes i make or allready did. Anyhow I noticed and i can tell u many Germans too that u also translatet the Names for the Engines for expample and to be honest they sound very very stupit.... so how about you will change it back to the original english names? sounds much cooler and better If anyone has an another oppinion about it, let me know it Nice regards Bash Kerman!
  4. After returning from a mission mid-game and full of joy in expectation to spend those 500 freshly earned science-points, I noticed that i was not able to do so: After clicking on the research building, the respective music appeared, but i was still able to see the space center. exiting the facility was only possible by spamming the red exit button top right. The mission control center was still visible but flickered heavily on certain unidentifiable mouse-movements. I tried verifying the game-files and re-installed the game about four times, nothing changed. The Game is pretty much unplayable right now, which is kinda sad, since its my favorite. ANY Help would be appreciated!
  5. So I've seen these optimal engine charts for helping select the best (set of) engines for a mission/craft, based to the TWR and Delta-V requirements, and (tried to) use them extensively to design long range missions and the like. Until I noticed that these are all horrifically out of date! https://meithan.net/KSP/engines/: for KSP1.1.1 https://imgur.com/a/OS6bk: for KSP0.23.5 So I am looking for some up-to-date charts, some tips on an at-home version of meithan's chart, or failing that, contact information for meithan so I can help update his web-app.
  6. Jeb took part of his experimental pilot bankroll and splurged on a new motorcycle. It's not like his insurance can get any more expensive. He lives for thrill. It's got a working v-twin (landing legs) with a clutch and a drive shaft and custom wheels. He's gonna need your help balancing and steering, though. It's pretty tall, so he's gotta jump to get up on the seat . I don't think I'm going to go into full detail on this one. If you have questions about a particular function or process, or have problems lemme know. All the comments on kerbalx so far have left me feeling pretty good, so thanks everyone. KerbalX
  7. Hi, So I was looking to build some sci-fi ships in the same league as Star Wars ships and I wanted them to have good thrust in atmo and out, but also be stupidly efficient, enough to have something the size of a x wing burn 4 rocket engines and still have fuel to get all the way across the solar system and participate in a sizable dogfight. But I looked at every Sci-fi engine mod I could find and they were all either huge or had some handicap like special fuels or pitiful thrust. Now to my request. I need a suite of engines that burn normal fuel and have thrust on par with stock engines, but have ridiculously low fuel consumption, enough to make every plane a SSTO and have interplanetary capabilitys. I'm fine with you copying stock models but please put them in a new tab if you do. PS. RCS ports too please.
  8. So, I'm attempting to combine two engines in my mod into one with a mode for each engine, like the Afterburning Turbofan. However, I'm confused at what I have to do, even after looking into stock CFGs with multiple modes. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!
  9. What's your favorite rocket engine? Be it the RS-25, Merlin 1D, or even the V2's engine! Personally, mine is the Raptor engine. High reusability, high thrust, high efficiency, uses methalox, beautiful exhaust, full-flow staged combustion, and an awesome name!
  10. Will there ever be an update or new version of this famous mod? I fell in love with this but I cant seem to find anything like it anywhere. Im wondering if there are any others like this or if someone has considered updating this beauty.
  11. Sorry if this is the wrong subforum. I'm trying to build a fusion-engine-powered ship with Interstellar tech, and I'm running into something that I think is weird, but maybe somebody has some tips? Or maybe it's supposed to work this way and I'm needing to design around it better. I have the ship in the screenshot below. The problem is when I throttle up the engine. The reactor and generators will gradually come up to the power level needed to run the engine at the selected speed, but this dips into my MJ reserves. Now that would be fine, except when the reactor/generators catch up, they only reach equilibrium, and don't actually produce any power to replenish my batteries. Same problem with the radiators, but in reverse - my WasteHeat will rise until the rads panels catch up and begin dissipating the heat, but they never work hard enough to bring my WasteHeat back down (which means my part temperatures go up, which means my generator efficiency drops, which means the MJ drain is bigger the next time I tap "Shift" to bring the throttle up a little bit more.) I was able to get this design up to maximum throttle by opening the throttle in very slow increments, but that's kind of annoying. How do I tell my generators and radiators to actually do their jobs (replenish my MJ reserves and cool the ship)? Or am I somehow using the wrong combination of parts? I have KAS, KIS, TweakUI (hence the giant radiators), Procedural parts, and a couple other mods installed. Is it possible one of them is conflicting with Interstellar somehow? Thanks in advance.
  12. So, I made a modded engine based off of the Mainsail. It works great! However, when I change the model to anything other than the Mainsail, the engine proceeds to: Turn on Make noise Consume fuel Produce no movement or drive plume of any kind No matter what I do, after changing the model, the engine refuses to show any sign of thrust or a drive plume. Right clicking shows that it is producing the correct amount of thrust, but it isn't moving the craft. It can't be a thrust-weight issue, because the drive produces 50,000 kn of thrust against a 3.75m fuel tank and a 1-2 Command Pod, both of which are stock. The debug console throws exception: nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object over and over. Does that have anything to do with it? Anyone know how to fix this?
  13. Hi, So I'm working on making my Fusion Tech mod all pretty. I'll probably use one of Nertea's Near Future Magnetoplasmadynamic Engine models if he/she says I can use them, but I'd really like to change the exhaust plume to something more fitting. Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the engine animations and how to make my engines use them? (preferably with screenshots) Also, if anyone knows of plume animations that are REALLY big and fiery, it would be great if you could direct me to them. Thanks, UbuntuLinuxKing
  14. KerbalsAreKute on kerbalx.com likes the train stuff I've done and requested some functional running gear. After greasing all the bearings, here's what we got. There is no steering and no reaction wheels. 562 parts makes this craft pretty laggy for me, especially during staging. I split it up into many stages to give the computer time to catch up. KSP still crashes pretty often. I wanted to recreate a somewhat realistic drive wheel setup. IRL the 2nd wheel is the first one driven, which makes the connecting rod longer so the angles are less extreme (I learned a few things I guess). Then a rod couples the rear driven wheels to the front so 4 wheels are powered. Sounds great, and I kinda made it work, but adding all the complexity of powering a 2nd set of wheels, in KSP, with sloppy bearings and the kraken watching, well lets say 2wd works WAY better. Delete the 2 RCS pods on each side per the description below for 'coupling rod' to disable 4wd. Since the connecting-type rods are virtual you'll have to use your imagination for now. So each piston is pushed back and forth, right. Same on the other side, but 90 degress out of phase, so I get a pulse every 90 degrees-ish that transfers through the solid axles. So kinda like a 4 cylinder. Probably not realistic, but I wanted to make it work. Oh, and to get enough oomph I had to stack a bunch of junos right on top of each other. Slop in all the bearings adds up, and makes valve timing difficult. I added one tiny turbine underneath to help keep the valvetrain taut. It does end up helping with locomotion a tiny bit. Button 2 turns if off, but power will be lost through poor timing and surging. I went all out on the knick-knacks (except for the cab) and added steam lines and a cattle pusher and doodads all over. The leading truck was added last to help bear some of the weight because this unit is front-heavy and was bobbing. If it breaks down, at least it looks neat. Enjoy KerbalX
  15. Hi to all kerbonauts i'm Diias, So let me tell you my idea, in a simplified version : I wanna reshape (not in a bad way) the way you start with your aircraft in the ground, I wanna add this items to my first iteration of this mod when it realeses which I have no date, 1. New small to mid size engine, I'm aiming for like a A320 to B737 engine 2. Add an APU system 3. Add 1 new type of material which is pressurized air So it would be like: So you would do your aircraft or plane, and to start the engines you need pressurized air.... and to make that pressurized air you need to start the APU (It's worst than it sounds) but to start the APU you need Electric charge which I will tweak during the development to be balanced. "Obviously the APU can only start one engine ( You could only start 2 engines at the same time if you putted 2 APU's but that is kinda obvious)" But here it's where it gets tricky, I know little about 3d modeling and I just have my girlfriend helping me doing it but she only had like a crash course of blender, so if anyone wants to help or in this case volunteer for this project send me a private message, and for everyone else I will try to update every once in a awhile the development of this mod thanks to all who red this post stay kerby 1st Update: https://imgur.com/Iu8IVTe 2nd Update https://imgur.com/UQ7n52k This is how it looks in unity now with some really fast textures but almost finished: https://imgur.com/TRrlnB5 and https://imgur.com/bQM2LS9
  16. All the rocket engine have a flameout thrust threshold (usually around 10-5%). Under that throttle percentage the flame actually disappear from the animation of the engine, but the thrust is still present. I was expecting that, since the fuel is not burning, a flameout means no thrust. Does anyone know if the flameout of a rocket engine have any impact on the way the engine works? Or it's just a graphical effect? Could be a suggestion for improvement? Thank you for any feedback
  17. Hi, This is the 1.0 release of my KSP Fusion Tech mod! Parts included: Two types of fusion drive: Kerman Drive (High thrust, High ISP) Basic Drive (High thrust, Low ISP) Both use standard Liquid Fuel Fusion Reactors, they make power from Liquid Fuel. Simple. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THINGS TO NOTE: The models and CFG files were made by and are the property of SQUAD. I simply modified them, mainly because A) I can't model and B) I'm too lazy to make a config from scratch. DOWNLOAD HERE. ENJOY! This is a ship with 8 2.5m Kerman Drives after 2 minutes of burning immediately after being HyperEdited into a 100KM orbit.
  18. Hi, I am looking for a RD-0110 engine which works with Realism Overhaul and especially Realistic Progression Zero.
  19. I have built my own engines for KSP by the usual methods; Blender, Unity, and then modifying a .cfg file to fit my specific engine. The engines work just great in KSP 1.1.3. However, when I install them in KSP 1.2.2, they have no thrust. They use fuel, produce smoke, and make noise; they just do not have any thrust on the pad and no thrust is computed on the stats in the VAB. I am using a completely stock install of 1.2.2, except for the engines, which are in their folder under GameData. Here are two photos of the same part in action in both versions. Here is my .cfg file: PART { name = hybridFirstStage module = Part author = Peter Balholm, after Kartoffelkuchen mesh = model.mu rescaleFactor = 0.7 node_stack_top = 0.0, 33.42, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1 node_stack_bottom = 0.0, -4.4, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 1 TechRequired = start entryCost = 0 cost = 2000 category = Engine subcategory = 0 title = Hybrid First Stage Engine manufacturer = Sarawak Tank Company description = A hybrid rocket engine which can be clustered to build the first stage of the Cassandra rocket. The oxidizer tank is bamboo plywood and holds nitrous oxide pressurized with gaseous oxygen. The fuel is paraffin wax and powdered aluminum. The sea-level nozzle made of Baekelite reinforced with asbestos fiber. // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 3.33 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.2 angularDrag = 2 crashTolerance = 7 breakingForce = 200 breakingTorque = 200 maxTemp = 3600 RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 6012 maxAmount = 6012 } RESOURCE { name = Oxidizer amount = 24048 maxAmount = 24048 } EFFECTS { running_closed { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_rocket_hard volume = 0.0 0.0 volume = 1.0 1.0 pitch = 0.0 0.2 pitch = 1.0 1.0 loop = true } PREFAB_PARTICLE { prefabName = fx_smokeTrail_veryLarge transformName = smokePoint emission = 0.0 0.0 emission = 0.05 0.0 emission = 0.075 0.25 emission = 1.0 1.25 speed = 0.0 0.25 speed = 1.0 1.0 localOffset = 0, 0, 1 } MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE { modelName = Squad/FX/ksX_Exhaust transformName = thrustTransform emission = 0.0 0.0 emission = 0.05 0.0 emission = 0.075 0.25 emission = 1.0 1.25 speed = 0.0 0.5 speed = 1.0 1.2 } } engage { AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_vent_soft volume = 1.0 pitch = 2.0 loop = false } } flameout { PREFAB_PARTICLE { prefabName = fx_exhaustSparks_flameout_2 transformName = smokePoint oneShot = true } AUDIO { channel = Ship clip = sound_explosion_low volume = 1.0 pitch = 2.0 loop = false } } } MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform engineID = AJ-26-62 runningEffectName = running_closed exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 924 useEngineResponseTime = False engineAccelerationSpeed = 20 heatProduction = 400 fxOffset = 0, 0, 1.5 PROPELLANT { name = LiquidFuel ratio = 0.4 DrawGauge = True } PROPELLANT { name = Oxidizer ratio = 1.6 } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 345 key = 1 268 } } MODULE { name = ModuleGimbal gimbalTransformName = AJ-62_Engine_Nozzle gimbalRange = 4 } MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateHeat ThermalAnim = --None-- } MODULE { name = ModuleAlternator RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 8.0 } } RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 0 maxAmount = 0 isTweakable = false hideFlow = true } }
  20. So I have built a vessel to carry my crew to the Jovian system in KSP. I am trying to leave the Kerbin system with a DT Vista Fusion Engine, but I keep running into the same problem over and over. Out of the blue, my thrust drops to 0. I check Kerbal Engineer and it says that my fuel is burning and all other resources are being consumed as normal. Check the engine itself and it says it has 600Kn of thrust, but my orbital speed isn't changing at all. There is a constant supply of power coming from the Nuclear fusion generator, keeping the power above 2.5Gw. This isn't happening right when I start my burn either, I will use 1,750DV in a certain direction with perfect output from the engine, but after that it just stops, with 250 more DV required to finish my burn correctly. I have been looking over this all night and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing this constant failure in engine output. Any advice? Anyone else seen this weird bug?
  21. After recently sending a probe to the Mun, I have came across some issues regarding the Ion Engine, but rather than list everything bad about it, I've decided to turn this into a conversation. What are your pros and cons of the IX-6315 "Dawn"? Please feel free to post your opinions on this topic below! - Mr_Kerbal
  22. How to change all engine Fuel Consumption? i try config like this @Part[*]:HAS[@Module[@ModuleEngine*]]:HAS[@Propellant[*]]:AFTER[@Module[@ModuleEngine*]] { @ModuleEngine[*] { @Propellant[*] { @ratio *= 0.1 } } } This Config only change first engine propellant ratio. how to change all engine propellant ratio?
  23. This might not be possible, but we need to make a VTOL engine that has a mark one part for the engine, BUT does NOT have an exhaust. Instead, you have radially mounted thrusters you add on that can be toggled between VTOL and normal flight. The trick being the thrusters don't produce thrust UNLESS the engine is present.
  24. Lately I've been using the infernal robotics joint parts to create usable U-Joints. Wanting to build a 4x4 off roader I took the engine model from the ICE engine mod (purely for looks, not using their wheels) and then bolted an IR rotatron at the end of the motor. Then of course I attached the U-joint and then the driveshaft, and another U-joint and finally that goes into a non-powered rotating bearing. Looks exactly like a real setup and by spinning the shaft when moving it looks real. It even articulates properly if the angles are kept reasonable. EDIT: Uploaded some Photos: http://imgur.com/a/Sqybh EDIT: Uploaded some videos below too inline. Here's the direct links. Kerbal Space - 4x4 Off-Roader with Simulated Differential and Driveshaft. Kerbal Space - 2-Engined-Driveshaft-Driven-2-wheel-drive Drag Racer Problem is there is no actual differential available to get this power to the wheels. So I had to "cheat" and add rotatrons again for each wheel coming out of the simulated differential. By driving all at once it "looks" like a driveshaft is powering the differential. Pretty cool! Looks very realistic to see a driveshaft working as the wheels articulate. It even properly "snaps" as it rotates by not using a linear speed as the joints bend. Using the bearings from IR I can even make multi-piece drive shafts. Worked way better than expected and got me excited. So then I decided to simulate the idea of driving using these shafts and just ran parallel driveshafts to overcome the diff limitation. I used multiple 45-degree Ujoints to basically bend the shaft 90-degrees so each shaft was dedicated to the left and right wheels. By then using two motors I got a rear-drive tractor built that drives without using any actual wheel parts. I attached the large heat shield scaled up for the wheels and it gets the *perfect* amount of traction. I even get wheel hop when making an independent suspension and less when making it a solid design just like in real life. So with all this said I have a quick request for help making a mod. I want a quick and basic hack to existing models to make a real differential that works on rotation. Should be easy to tack 3 IR rotatrons onto the Ground Pylon and simply transfer rotation torque from any rotatrons to the others . So if the input shaft rotates 90* then the two output shafts also forcefully rotate 90*. Basically the same if either side receives a torque load it would transfer into the other two rotatrons. Eventually more logic could be added for limited slip functions of a rear-end multiplier. (Shiftable 2-speed rear like a semi would be even cooler) I just registered here and this is my first post so I'll wait to upload photos until after this gets approved. I'm also a rather crazy software engineer well versed in C++ but not at all in C# but I'd be happy to code this if someone could point me towards what to do. Appreciate the help.
  25. So basically, I wanna use the "Thud" engine on my Shuttle but the "vector" uses the fuel for the thud, any way i can stop this?
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