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Found 14 results

  1. Kerbal Flight Indicators Note: @DaMichel has given me his permission to maintain this mod in his absence. I have forked the Repository and will continue support going forward, or until he returns to continue support. I have cloned his page to note the change in mod support. I'm not renaming the mod to make it easier to keep track of it. What is Kerbal Flight Indicators? It draws a couple of markers directly in your field of view. It shows Horizon Attitude Velocity Vertical direction You can turn it on/off with the toolbar button. Download
  2. I'm creating a mod that requires a gui or some type of hud menu. Kinda like the gui of extraplanetary launchpads, or any other mod. I have found a gui tutorial on the ksp wiki Here That tells little to absolutely nothing in terms of anything. Could someone please tell me something, or update the wiki page to say something. That would be amazing.
  3. Hello, sorry in advance. I know maybe is a stupid question but someone know where this info comes from? I have a bunch of Mods so I can't differentiate if it's from a mod or from the original game. The thing is I don't know how I activate this (if is not a bug) and I want to hide it. Thanks & regards!
  4. Hello folks! Based on the warm response of my last Experiment on a possible Tweakables Redesign (Result) , I decided to take another take on a bigger experiment! The idea was to redesign the Flight HUD, by polishing existing UI and respecting the original project (aka: don't reinvent everything). My approach was: Adjust the balance between skeuomorphism and flat design, adding a bit of texture but removing overused bevels effects. Improve usability by working on clear affordance. If you can drag, press, toggle... Differentiate it in a consistent way. More con
  5. Kerbal Flight Indicators Draws a couple of markers directly in your field of view. It shows Horizon Attitude Velocity Vertical direction You can turn it on/off with the toolbar button. Download Release Page on GitHub (Source code on Github) Installation: Extract the contents of the zip file into the GameData directory. Configuration: Is done by editing settings.cfg in GameData\KerbalFlightIndicators\Plugins\PluginData\KerbalFlightIndicators. To change colors, you'll see lines like "horizonColor = 0,0.5,0,0.8". The numbers repr
  6. Show us your Kerbal Engineer HUD preset! The Kerbal Engineer Redux mod made by @cybutek is a fantastic add-on for KSP, and it has a wast library of data for us, and mods to use and calculate with. So wast even, that one might ask the question: What's the best Heads Up Display setup for my kind of mission? Well, this is the place. If you have a preset that you like, share it with us! The presets are saved in .XML format, and you can find them here: C:\ ... \Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KerbalEngineer\Presets To start off, here's mine: For ascending from a bo
  7. Allright my idea is the following: A customisable hud in the style of mobile devices. When you initially setup your hud it's empty and you can choose a grid size matching your preferences and scrensize like 50 x 40 for a normal screen and 100x80 for 4k screens, all depending on how big you want your hud. Then you got a button to "add app/widget" and apps/widgets in this case are the different elements of your hud. Gameclock, App-Bar, Navball, Stagelist etc are all "apps" or "widgets" you can choose different sizes and styles and drag them on the screenposition you want.
  8. I got this problem in cockpit from AOA tech mod. Can anyone help me ?
  9. I recently bought the full game after messing around with the demo for a while and decided to install Kerbal Engineer to help with delta-v calculations and such. I then unzipped the file, put the engineer file in GameData, and started to play. I then opened the game in a sandbox mode game I had a few ships in, started creating a ship with a probe, and placed the ER-7500 Flight unit on it. Thing was, no HUD popped up, although it seems like something should be there. Anything I missed or should do? Appreciate the help.
  10. Navball docking alignment indicator (Community Edition) To begin with, it is just fair to say that @mic_e is the original Author of this mod. His thread can be found here. As stated in this thread as I personally like this mod alot and he wasn't online for 3 Months I decided to pick it up and continue it's development in his absence. License and all will be kept exactly the same, the only difference will be the name (added Community Edition for clarity) and the sourcecode obviously. Now a little bit about this mod, what it does and what you use it for. Ever had the
  11. If you love at-a-glance information on your flight conditions, detailed information about your orbital dynamics or upcoming transfer maneuver, then VOID is a solution for you! Is it the solution for you? Give it a try and find out! I've long used VOID to fill the void (doh!) for detailed orbital, surface, and vessel information without adding any new functionality that other mods may focus on. As I find new data that I "need" for my missions, I've been slowly adding information to my own VOID displays and am honored to continue development following Iannic-ann-od's stellar release series.
  12. Hey everyone, like most of you I've been playing around with KSP 1.1 and naturally my mod list is starting to bulk in size. Something I noticed was that my Career save had a significantly better frame rate than a Sandbox save, even when the Career save have multiple ships and the Sandbox save was fresh. (Both stock and modded) I decided to try test this out and find out if a particular mod was responsible for this, alas I couldn't find any evidence. I did however come across this and couldn't come up with any real reason as to why this is a thing: With HUD: http://imgur.com/E0ARY9g
  13. As title says. Is there any mod puts some sort of hud that shows the trajectory in flight screen? I want to see my orbital trajectory in flight mode as a curve. If not, I might make one. I'm not really familiar with ksp modding but have some background in unity modding. Anyway, is there any?
  14. i think it quite obvious from pic. and it's annoying !
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