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Found 20 results

  1. Download Link: Preamble: Hey everyone! I wanted to release any future mods of mine as one bundle instead of separately. Unfortunately, the hard drive containing all of my other mods is long dead and inaccessible, so any new mods going forward are created new-from-scratch. I decided to create a new, single thread for the new mods and to keep things more organized for maintenance and updating. For these reasons, all previous mods are officially no longer supported by me. At least one is graciously being continued by @bcink here: The Martian for KSP. Description: This m
  2. I wanted to build some sort of Duna Science unmanned space plane, to visit multiple biomes on Duna and send data back to Kerbin. I think a small Ion powered plane makes sense, but I’m not sure. Do you guys have any tips, suggestions? Has anyone ever tried this?
  3. Where can I find Ion engines and how do I put them to use? They don't make much sense to me.
  4. I once made an ion craft in a sandbox game and spun it out to Duna but it was able to do it in a single burn. When I watch videos on youtube I often see people doing multiple burns at periapsis to take advantage of the oberth effect, which I get. What I don't know though is how do you calculate what burn you need to do the transfers? Obviously you can't set up a single node ( or maybe you do ) for a single burn and surely after say 5 burns the planet your orbiting will be a day or 6 ahead in it's orbit so how do you know if you're still on target? The only video I've seen that ev
  5. I have been away. Had an intense and torrid love affair with Elite Dangerous - which will only run in Windows. Most of my games are installed in Linux which meant I didn't play anything else but ED for a few months! Having had Windows force an update while I was playing ED ( and in combat no less, the digital rug was firmly pulled from under my feet) my system, set up as it is, defaulted to Linux on reboot so Here I am again! To get back into KSP I thought I'd try something in Sandbox before getting back into my proper career mode game and after killing Jeb on re-entry after a Mun O
  6. My ship had no shaking problems last night but when I load today on any of my 3 or 4 saves with this ship it shakes itself to pieces. Very repeatable. Nobody appears to have a solution on the forums so I guess I have to relaunch. I needed to modify the ship anyway. I used autostrut on almost everything and set it to various modes. I also used rigid assembly on a lot of the ship. The following was written before I encountered the shaking. Ion engines can be useful. I meant to build a rocket with some ion engines to fine tune navigation, but I ended up with nothing but ion engines for
  7. After recently sending a probe to the Mun, I have came across some issues regarding the Ion Engine, but rather than list everything bad about it, I've decided to turn this into a conversation. What are your pros and cons of the IX-6315 "Dawn"? Please feel free to post your opinions on this topic below! - Mr_Kerbal
  8. Please post your craft using dawn ion drives. Why did you choose dawn over something like nerv? Is this a craft built "for fun" or is it a career game workhorse? I'd love to hear all about your design decisions and engineering choices. (if this repeats a thread, please post link? Happy to just continue conversation there.)
  9. Does anyone have any experience and/or tips regarding the use of ion engines when voyaging between Kerbin and Moho? (Pardon me if this has been discussed elsewhere. Search seems inop at the moment.)
  10. After an "unfortunate accident", all of the liquid fuel tanks at the KSC were ruptured by angry gophers. While, inexplicably capable of functioning in atmosphere, these tanks will violently explode once they reach orbit. Sadly, however, a Mun mission is scheduled, and the tourists don't want to wait for things like "supplies". However, an intern found that the helium supply for the balloons was actually xenon. With no other option, the mission must go on. THE RULES: Once you reach LKO, you cannot use any liquid fuel or solid fuel engines. Monopropellant is only allowed for RCS sys
  11. Please excuse my crude physics. Since both VASIMR and ION drives work on the principle of accelerating propellant magnetically, presumably you can improve efficiency by increasing the length of it / adding bigger more magnets for more acceleration? I'm probably gonna make a VASIMR and i like doing engines capable of driving things bigger than probes. Presumably i should run on more logic than 'make it bigger'. Thanks!
  12. For small SSTO probes or larger, long term long distance SSTO travel, I feel like our 0.625m Dawn ion engine needs a bit of love. Well. Not the Dawn engine itself, but the Ion engine mechanic. We have a huge whopping/gaping hole in Ion engines or Ion fuel tanks which desperately needs filling. Sure, we have nuclear engines... I guess? But they are also somewhat limited to LFO, and man - that stuff's heavy! Xenon gas and electric power is as light as air!... Hence... "Gas". Bad pun, huh. As more ION engines are needed/wanted, this is an idea for an SSTO based Ion drive:
  13. Am I doing my interplanetary burns correctly? When travelling to Duna and the rest of exterior planets, my escape burn from Kerbin must be done on the night side of the planet to make use of the optimal ejection angle. This is of course is a problem with ion engines, so right now I'm dealing with it by doing multiple burns in consecutive orbits around Kerbin. Am I missing something, or it's inevitable due to orbital mechanics to have to burn on the night side?
  14. I attempted to capture a Class-E asteroid (HSJ-227) using an ion-powered pusher, it actually worked, but I need to make some adjustments and learn how to aerobrake better. the system was designed to be fully recoverable, which is just as well, due to the cost of the whole thing. perhaps my next attempt will be successful.
  15. Anybody tried pairing Dawns with Nervs? How'd the go? Can't tell if the boost (Nervs have alternators) is worth it in practice.
  16. When the game was still in Beta I see that folks managed to create electric powered ion planes. I missed out on all that, but wanted to see if it was still possible to do something remotely similar. I used tweakscale to boost the size of the Ox-Stat panel as much as possible , and covered my wings in them... (also note the thrusters have been boosted to 1.25m diameter, and the larger Advanced Canard) I knew that the Ion thruster wouldn't produce much thrust in the lower atmosphere, so i stuck a jet engine on the back with the idea to jettison high up, and fly to orbit
  17. Following my recent post on the pros and cons of Ion Engine and the overwhelming amount of response, I've noticed that a few of you fellow kerbonauts use ion engines mainly for your rovers. That's the background of this challenge. -- Mission -- Get to Minmus using a stock only lifter that has a rover powered by ion engines only (No delta V). Then you must land the rover/probe on the surface and drive around. While there be creative, maybe add some science parts for those of you in career mode? That is about it for the mission, if you attempt and/or complete this mission share y
  18. I know this may sound silly, but there should be some way, to get xenon from some sort of air intake or something. Also, maybe some different solar panels/ ion engines? I love all of these things. I love efficiency, can you also maybe add just overall more efficient engines? Oh ,and stock life support if u have time *wink* I understand that it has to be realistic, to me the more realistic the better anyway, thx -Me-
  19. Hi all, I've made this little guy awhile back but hadn't the time to post it. Anyway here it is. It fly's OK but I made it mostly for aesthetics so I'm happy with it. the one thing that threw me (and Carolltie) off was...well... clipped landing gear. Yeah. The Kraken drive was actually rather controllable (as K drives go) when i switched to the lander when it was 2 Km away it would stop and loading quicksave turned it on. Never the less I removed the landing gear on the Mk 2s. Here are some more pics of it on Minmus I have some photage of the K drive but I haven't e
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