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Found 21 results

  1. This challenge was continued with permission from the previous thread manager @sdj64 LINK to the old Jool-5 thread There are over forty-five pages of entries and discussion, so look and see what made it and what didn't LINK to the older Jool-5 thread. There are hundreds of pages of entries and discussion, so look at it to see what worked and what didn't! CHALLENGE RULES Given the scale of this challenge, everyone who completes the mission successfully gets a spot in the hall of fame. 1. No cheating, including the stock debug menu cheats, HyperEdit, kraken driv
  2. The Jool-5 challenge. A classic KSP challenge. One of the hardest. And with this variation of the challenge, I want to push things further. OBJECTIVE: Land on all 5 of Jool's moons and return to Kerbin with a craft (or several craft) made out of nothing but 0.625m parts (except for crew modules). RULES: You should only use 0.625m parts, but for crewed craft, you may use a command chair/radiator combo, a service bay, or a fairing CM. No part mods AT ALL. No mining AT ALL. Modular craft are ALLOWED. Spaceplanes are ALLOWED. EVA pack should only be use
  3. Jool 5 Delta-v Chart NOTE: This is based off of my flown mission but can be used to plan other missions to Jool. This chart is nowhere near perfect, but it should give you an idea of what to do or how much to build. I know circularization is not a word but I am trying, I am meaning it as making you orbit less eccentric. If you have any questions please ask me or someone else in the Jool 5 Challenge's main page listed here... The Chart Itself Action Rough Delta-v Requirement (meters per second) Launch to LKO (Inefficient launch)
  4. Hello all, it's been almost forever and several updates to KSP since I last posted a mission report thread... Here is my entry into the Jool 5 Challenge, Jeb's Level: Episode 1 is here: The craft file is here: The mothership was inspired by this photo: Mass on the pad: 3 014.78 tons Cost: 1 825 046.0 (on the pad, no refuelling missions... yet) Parts on the pad: 410 Crew Capacity: 33 Crew on Mission: 2 of 6 Snacks/not Snacks on board: Loads...
  5. Hello, B14TC1-1 Just kidding, i'm currently planning a Jool 5 mission, but it's no ordinary Jool 5, it's a "no docking, no refueling, no MechJeb" landing mission, now i only got Tylo landing and return Stages here. the Laythe stages are too big so i had to return to this state, any suggestions that should keep the mission in this way ??? order type : Pol-Bop-Vall-Laythe-Tylo
  6. Note: This isn't being played as part of a campaign, so there pretty much isn't any RP. I'm coming at it as an engineering exercise, since that's pretty much my play style. So there's going to be a lot of dry reporting on engineering, testing, and development. Comments and questions are welcome! A week or so back, I came across a mention of the Jool 5 Challenge. I've played KSP since 0.19, so it's not like I haven't heard of it before - but for some reason, this time the bug bit. I decided to take on the Challenge, even though I've never attempted anything nearly so big before. Since
  7. LINK to the old Jool-5 thread. There are hundreds of pages of entries and discussion, so look at it to see what worked and what didn't! IMPORTANT INFO The Jool 5 Challenge has a new owner! @JacobJHC has started the new thread here: The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge Continuation for 1.4/ Making History Post your new entries there! This thread is now closed to new entries. CHALLENGE RULES Given the scale of this challenge, everyone who completes the mission successfully gets a spot in the hall of fame. 1. No cheating, including the stock debug menu cheats,
  8. Like a child's blanket, I try to bring my favorite command module with me wherever I go. Though it's absurdly heavy, as is completely unnecessary, I just like the way it looks. To me, it's the coolest command pod by far. It's girth does presents problems however, but the challenge of getting past those hurdles is a lot of fun. Wanted to log two of my most recent, and current favorites, because they were so tough. First up is my just completed mission to bring the Mk1-2 to Eve's surface and return to orbit. It was a monster, at almost 2,000 parts and over 7,400 tons. Not to mention 3,000,0
  9. After being incredibly busy uploading new videos and pushing myself on youtube, I have finally decided to come back and be active on the ksp forums! To start off I will be attempting an extremely hard challenge. I will be calling it Jupiter 5. The mission will be in RSS and I will have to fly to Jupiter, land on 4 moons (only has four moons at the momment, I am counting Jupiter as part of the 5 :P), and return. While I attempt this I will be uploading other videos on my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmP0rv_z2IOe0V6GaYQLe4w Don't forget to check out my 1 tank to Vall challe
  10. Does anyone have some good tips for jool 5 challange? I am goong for a lv 3 completion.
  11. Werner : "What do you mean, 'Inventory Problem' !" Gus: "One of our warehouse staff caught a bag of Nachos with his bar code scanner by mistake. Turns out they use the exact same SKU codes as the Rockomax Conglomerate. Threw our stock control all out of whack." Werner rolled his eyes. "So what do we actually have?" "Well doctor, we've just finished the manual audit. Four NERVs, two Rapiers, Two Whiplash, a Panther, and a Poodle, also", said Gus, rustling through some papers, " we found a some Twitch motors in the creche facility. They were being built into
  12. I was flying a fuel tank with a Kerbal strapped on the front to Eeloo and back for the Fly to Eeloo and Back with 2 fuel tanks No Refueling Challenge. Since it takes alot of delta-v for a plane change I decided that a Jool flyby would do the trick. Since I am filming the submission to make a video I slowely warped towards Jool when I saw Laythe, Vall and Tylo. This is pretty normal around Jool since the moons are so big, BUT then I noticed the 2 small glowing specs above Jool. I moved my mouse to make sure they were moons and not stars, now I present this image: Here's the original s
  13. After many failed design projects, the KSP software engineers decided they needed a hardware update. After a new installation, the engineers at KSP found themselves capable of flying larger ships with higher part counts. This lead to a desire to take up a mission so challenging that it would test the abilities of the new computer tech at hand. Thus the Juno 5 mission was born. The mission profile calls for six kerbalnauts, 2 pilots, 2 engineers, and 2 scientists to visit all five moons of the Jool system and then return safely to Kerbin. The first issues faced by the engineers wa
  14. Jool. That great green gas giant we all love. Well, except me, Jool is #3 On my favorite planet list, but you get the idea. Dres is #1. You might remember me as "that guy who has HUUUUUUUGE ships" or as "that guys who really likes Dres," but yeah. So, The Jool 5 challenge. One of the most famous challenges ever. Everything is ready. The main cruiser, called the KSS Creativity, and maybe the lander launch tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow because I didn't have time today. *facepalm* Uh, but yeah. Sorry guys. *facepalm* (And, yes the name is a reference t
  15. III have been wanting to complete the Jool V for a while now. I have gotten pretty adept at SSTOs, have landed on almost every planet and returned in the stock game and gotten pretty far on a career save. Recently, I was thinking what if I carried some ships, packed with DV, Jool and then releasing them to go to all the other planets, then meeting up and taking the kerbals back to Kerbin. So I didn't think this would work at first, these ships being heavy would require a big mothership. I put together a small 30 ton mk1 SSTO with about 6k m/s with the nerv. I built a 400 ton mothership an
  16. It was a long time since I posted a mission report here, but this will be my most complex mission to date so I thought that it deserved it's on thread. The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge with KScale64 KScale64 is a mod that increases the size of the Kerbol system by x6.4. All planets have 6.4 times the radius and ~41 times the mass. So surface gravity remained unchanged. This is closer to our real solar system that is 10 times bigger (100 times the mass) than the default Kerbol system. The main challenge here is the effect this has on dV requirements, they are ~2.5 times large
  17. I am pleased to report a successful outcome to my first Jool 5 expedition. I've called the ship the Outrigger, because the side-mounted fuel tanks remind me of canoe outriggers, as used by the Polynesians on long voyages. This was really a sandbox dress rehearsal before the “real” mission on career, though I'll make some more small tweaks at that point. But it's a full Jool 5 run-through. Pictures and mission narrative below! http://imgur.com/a/OyaGo Some more info about the mission and vessel: Design Constraints / Principles In addition to the basic Jool 5 rules, I'v
  18. Im attempting to build a tylo lander, and im wonder a few things about it. 1. What kind of TWR should i have for my decent stage 2. How much Delta v would it take to land, and return to LTO (Low Tylo Orbit) 3. I am using a Ion Tug to de-orbit my lander, so I don't need to worry about that.
  19. Dear Billy-Bob, Here are the first few newspaper clippings you requested regarding Project Zeus. KSC is trying to put a Kerbal on each of Jools moons in one go. How amazing! Anyway, I put the clippings in the right order, but they aren't all here yet -- the mission is still going on, after all. I'll send more of them when I find them. I also found a stack of photos, so I've included them. Be sure to look at the descriptions that I wrote on each one. First, the latest stories. Project Zeus Begins Exploration of Jool System By Jebbles Kerman Y1 D241 KERBIN SPACE CEN
  20. A Jool 5 entry like no other Here is my attempt at completing the Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge. The challenge, for those unfamiliar with it, is to send one spacecraft to the Jool system, land on each moon with varying numbers of kerbals depending on the difficulty level you're attempting, and then return to Kerbin. What makes my entry different from many is that I am sending 24 kerbals to the Jool system and land 3 on each moon. I'm sending 3 multi-moon landers for one kerbal each, and will be attempting to land in different biomes where possible (Laythe will be a challenge in that regard).
  21. Hello, this is my first entry here. I wanted to share my Jool 5 mission with you. Thought about this for a few months now, but never had enough time to do it. But, the mission: It´s an IRSU level entry, and because thats not enough, i´ve put a station on my ship, that i´ll leave at Jool when i return. The ISRU unit is built into that station. Mods used are: KER, MJ (call me lazy, if you want ), Kerbal Alarm Clock, NavHud, AntennaRange, EVE, scatterer, Planetshine Part 1: Planning Part 2: Orbital construction Part 3: Journey to Jool and first mining run
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