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Found 21 results

  1. ^Model is not actually 8-bit After lots of research, lots more math, and lots more tinkering, I am proud to present this 3D model (version 2.0!) of the KSP solar system. This tool provides accurate visualization and measurement of KSP’s celestial bodies with respect to one another using GeoGebra, a free and open-source graphing software. Sure, it’s pretty to look at, but its real strength is that you, the user, can use it to model and/or measure just about anything in-game. All planets and moons are represented accurately in terms of scale, eccentricity, orientation, inclination... a
  2. Dres Moons Mod (1.8.1) What Does this Mod Add? The Dres Moons Mod adds two moons to Dres. Pacito: A small, reddish brown moon that orbits near Dres. It is thought to contain a small amount of iron. Ceric: A small, bluish snowball with a bright orange crater and a very faint ring. Quite the curious world indeed, especially since it (like Eeloo) has no surface scatter. Pictures Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/mod/2328/The Dres Moons Mod?ga=+3102+'kerbal+space+program'> All Rights Reserved
  3. With Kerbal Space Program 1 the Planets and Moons generally feel relatively small to our real world counter parts. Will Kerbal Space Program 2 feature larger scaled planets and moons of the current Kerbal system or will planets and moons stay relatively the same size in Kerbal Space Program 1?
  4. Eve Moons Mod (1.7.3) What Does this Mod Add? The Eve Moons Mod adds two moons to Eve. Scarab: A world that is considered to be Eve's twin. Containing the same explodium oceans and a similar atmosphere, the only thing less vicious about this world is it's weaker gravity. Vurn: An orbiting ember, a cooling ball of Magma, formed from the collision that created Scarab. Before long it will cool entirely into a gray dud, might I suggest visiting its poles before then? Pictures Download Dependencies: Kopernicus https://spacedock.info/m
  5. The Anziephus System [1.7.3] More screenshots will come, but for now here's a 53 second video briefly showing each world. What does this mod add? The Anziephus System adds a ringed dwarf planet with rings and a fun moon system to the solar system. Anziephus and its moons reside just past Eeloo's orbit. Anziephus: An ringed with an enormous crater exposing some blue ice from underneath. Epam: This tiny moon orbits just outside Anziephus's rings. Its small size and blue coloring suggest it was formed from debris that gave Anziephus its rings and crater. Cur
  6. Download The Varuta System (v0.3.0): https://www.spacedock.info/mod/2088/The Varuta System The Varuta System is a mod that adds the planet Varuta and its many moons to the game. Kopernicus is required for this mod to work! What are the planets and moons are included in the varuta system you ask? Well here they are: Varuta: Is one of the larger planets in the kerbol system, located between duna and dres. It is host to many unique and intresting moons, all of which should be explored Theonus: Is the closest and of the more intresting looking moo
  7. Moho Moons Mod (1.7.3) Hello all, tired of spending all that fuel just to get to Moho with only a Mohole to explore? Well, do I have something for you. Introducing the Moho Moons mod! What Does this Mod Add? The Moho Moons Mod adds four moons and a submoon to the game's brown furnace. Moho: Same as usual, but with a larger SOI to accommodate the far out moons. Rotisserie: This moon is decently sized relative to Moho and grey in appearance, but boasts several impressive red craters. Honeybaked: This moon is a nice yellowish color and is a great co
  8. Hello, B14TC1-1 Just kidding, i'm currently planning a Jool 5 mission, but it's no ordinary Jool 5, it's a "no docking, no refueling, no MechJeb" landing mission, now i only got Tylo landing and return Stages here. the Laythe stages are too big so i had to return to this state, any suggestions that should keep the mission in this way ??? order type : Pol-Bop-Vall-Laythe-Tylo
  9. Does anyone have a table or list of calculator with the upper limits of the Delta-V require to go from say a 50-100km orbit to a safe landing. I get it wrong too often. I just landed a base segment on Minmus with literally 10 times the Delta-V it needed. I ended up just throwing away all that fuel because it was late at night and I had to get to bed. It would also help if the resource you supply me with also listed optimal acceleration figures for landings. That's been on of my problems in these 155 years too. Help me improve my game, please.
  10. This is where you browse for useful information for your planet/moon and some helpful tips to not die. Please share your own useful information, that would be so great!
  11. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Ever get bored with the stock system and wish someone would just move things around to make it (slightly) more interesting? That has become a reality with MoonReorganizer. A small Kopernicus config compatible with 1.3.x (at least) moves Minmus to Duna and renames it. It also puts Gilly in J
  12. I got this idea from watching a E sized asteroid get an encounter with Minmas, the Mun, and obviously Kerbin all in one pass by of Kerbin. This put it's orbit to where it could make contact with Jool at some point and it did. It actually ended up becoming captured by Jool by making a close pass by of Jool, then Tylo. The idea it gave me was instead of having several premade moons orbiting the gas planet of KSP, it would be more interesting to see randomly generated asteroids (possibly larger than the ones we have in game now) orbiting Jool as pseudo moons. With Jool's IRL counterpart (Ju
  13. In the Kerbal Grand Tour, you are to land on as many planets and moons as possible, and circumnavigate them on land/ocean/water. For Jool, an atmospheric circumnavigation is sufficient. Rules. All Stock parts except Vens stock revamp. (FAR, mechjeb, KER, and other informational mods allowed) KSP 1.2+ Video is recommended, although photo albums with enough pictures to document essentials are allowed No Alt-F12 or other cheats/hacks. No exploiting Krakens/bugs/glitches. Use part clipping only for decorative parts(lights, ladders, science parts, etc.), not for
  14. The Kerbol system alone is a bit boring. It's also relatively easy to get as far as Moho or Eeloo. We need a new challenge.
  15. Werner : "What do you mean, 'Inventory Problem' !" Gus: "One of our warehouse staff caught a bag of Nachos with his bar code scanner by mistake. Turns out they use the exact same SKU codes as the Rockomax Conglomerate. Threw our stock control all out of whack." Werner rolled his eyes. "So what do we actually have?" "Well doctor, we've just finished the manual audit. Four NERVs, two Rapiers, Two Whiplash, a Panther, and a Poodle, also", said Gus, rustling through some papers, " we found a some Twitch motors in the creche facility. They were being built into
  16. I was playing KSP yesterday and flying an probe to Jool (I called it Tekto), but because I can't get probe further out than to Minmus, I used infinite fuel Recent Juno Jupiter approach movie inspired me to do the same thing and take some print screens and then stack them together. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ttNNhgNe04 Then I changed my orbit a lot of times to flyby different moons: First Tylo flyby: http://i.imgur.com/SBJmggz.png First Vall Flyby: http://i.imgur.com/s2eDEtD.png First Laythe Flyby: http://i.imgur.com/QdPIXDR.png Pol Flyby: http://i.im
  17. I believe that KSP needs more moons than they have currently. It gets boring after a little while, and I already have OPM installed. I believe a potatoroid moon for Duna, a volcanic moon for Jool, and maybe a small ice and dust moon for Dres. That's just my opinion, though.
  18. A few members of the KSP community have been asking for new planets for a while, but the discussion was always around improving the old planets vs adding more. I personally would like to see both, however I'll get back to that. Currently, Kerbin has no clouds or weather patterns of any kind, which are a very real thing in the actual Spacecraft and Aircraft industry, launches are often cancelled or delayed due to poor weather conditions and planes have to take wind and turbulence into consideration when taking off and landing. Also I think weather would make a great visual difference to th
  19. More Planets In The Kerbal System? I think there should be more planets in the Kerbal System, Zeng and Rhota, which will have there own moons like all the other planets. Zeng will be a little planet like Pluto, and Rhota Saturn. Maybe on Zeng there will be plant life?, which would be interesting. Rhota should have rings like Saturn which will make it hard because the rocks, ice and dirt of the ring will explode you. Zeng will be a very icy planet, as Rhota... You would need loads of fuel but it will be possible to get there. Zeng will have an atmosphere that takes 10 seconds at 45 mp/s, and
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At0w3pnIVgc It's all the major moons and planets of our Solar System in scale to one another. For KSP reference, Kerbin is about the size of Eris (give or take a itty bitty bit).
  21. So, I bet you have been in the situation where you picked out a perfect landing spot, made a maneuver node, executed it perfectly, and then the moon/planet turns, and you miss it. This is the solution I came up with: Get into an inclined orbit that will go above the selected landing spot. *VERY IMPORTANT* When above landing site, switch your speed to Surface mode, and thrust retrograde until velocity is zero. (not most fuel-friendly) Land! This can actually help you land on that fast-spinning moon in the planet factory mod...
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