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Found 7 results

  1. So, what is your favorite ksp challenge that you have done (if any)? One of my favorites would be the Kerpollo Science Career in 9 Parts Challenge because of how it was an interesting idea for a challenge and I like doing challenges. What about you?
  2. Yesterday, i launched a scientific unmanned mission to Gilly. The mission was a sucess, and i transmitted to Kerbin science of the space over Gilly and of all of the (only) 3 biomes of that small moon. After the end of the mission, i started to think one thing: I started to think if Gilly was made propositally by the devs to make a perfect contrast with Eve. I started to think that after i see the caracteristics of Eve and Gilly. Eve is really big (is the biggest rocky planet of the game). And Gilly is really small (is the smallest body of the game, with the exception of the asteroids). Eve is the planet with the biggest gravity in the game (1.7 G). And Gilly is the body with the smallest gravity in the game (0.005 G) The SOI of Eve is big (85,109 km), but the SOI of Gilly is very very small (126 km). And the last thing: Eve have a big and thick atmosphere, and Gilly dont have nothing (obviously because of his size). So, Gilly was made to make a contrast with Eve? Let your opinion here.
  3. PLEASE READ! Do people prefer their ships painted (like Da Vinci's Combat Kit) or stock parts and colors? This is for reference when sharing craft links in this Forum.
  4. PLEASE DISREGARD, WRONG THREAD! Do people prefer their ships painted (like Da Vinci's Combat Kit) or stock parts and colors? This is for reference when sharing craft links in this Forum.
  5. I'm wanting to do an alternate 1.3 install with new mods to freshen the gameplay. I'm trying to get through the "stock" career because I barely go interplanetary before I lose interest, but I also want to start playing with new mods. Right now, I have a couple of mods I really want to try out. One is Kerbalism, and the other is The Gallileo Planet Pack. I also want to add KSP Interstellar Extended and other parts mods. So, should I go with a Kerbalism-focused install around the stock Kerbin system, or go with a new planetary system with a few realism mods added for challenge? With either choice, I might make a thread in Fan Works since career modes turn into their own exciting stories. Timely feedback would be very appreciated, including recommendations for mods or other mod sets, or any facts like if Gallileo's Planet Pack can run with Kerbalism or not. EDIT: Discovered GPP does support Kerbalism. This might make my choice simpler.
  6. After playing Career mode a lot with Quicksave/Quickload enabled, I decided to start from scratch without Quicksave/Quickload. What a change! In my experience, Quicksaving/loading makes you lazy; it makes the game more a trial/error experience than fully trying to account all the variables. And it also makes losing a Kerbal something much more emotional... like when I killed Jebediah in one of my first sub-orbital flights. What do you think? Have you given it a try this way?
  7. In advance, I apologize if you can't have that sort of stuff here.
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