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  1. I just read an interesting article on Ars Technica about whether a rescue mission could have been mounted if the critical damage to Columbia had been recognized before reentry. The article is based primarily on an appendix to the Columbia Accident Investigation Report. Reading it brought to mind the movie Marooned and the dilemma of risking additional personnel to attempt a rescue. Thanks to eight months of KSP, I have a much more intuitive understanding of the constraints imposed by orbital physics.
  2. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Space Exploration Division - Mini Space Shuttle Skip This Craft has been through a few changes, many launches and videos so you may see some minor changes in the Craft. I've added some extra launch pad action so the part count will not be accurate, this seems to matter from some. Hope you enjoy it and as always feedback is welcome. "Remembering Atlantis The Final Mission" Parts - 101 Mass - 111.8t Height - 22.2m Width - 5.6m Lenght - 10.5m
  3. So, here are some images of my mission with KSB. It was very fun! Hope you enjoy it too! Mods used: Distant Object Enhancement TextureReplacer (Markus1002's Galaxy Skybox and some own suits) Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics (Model Rework & Expansion) EvironmentalVisualEnchancements OPT Space Plane Parts Kerbal Planetary Base Systems PlanetShine Hyperedit (To get KSB to space)
  4. The Astraeus Orbiter The race has begun Hello everyone, Avera9eJoe here with the latest and greatest in space shuttle technology. Originally named the "Zephyr", I started this craft in the early days of 0.90 and after progressing through iteration 24 ("mk. XXIV"), I can finally catch some sleep with a full release. I hope you all enjoy Download: Astraeus Orbiter (Dropbox) Control Points: Control from the large probe core the vectors are attached to when you jettison the boosters. When firing the rapier
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