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  1. This story uses both fictional and Real History! ------------------------------------- Chapter 1: A New Player Joins The Race? Its the Year 1956 when 1 kerbal created the Khinese Rocket and Defense Program Which would later be named The CNKA (Khinese Space Program), under the heavy pressure of the Koviet Union and the United Kerbal States the Kerbal's Party of Khina decided they could not be left behind so they assigned Khua Kerman to Set up the Khinese Rocket and Defense Program or KRDP shortend. Khua decided he needed and highly ranked party to develop Rockets, so het travelled to Kermania where he met doctor W.v. Kerman who joined him in the Mission of Creating Rockets and not soon later Werner and Kua started on their first Project called Project K66 which would involve secret rocket Testing and developing Spy Sat's. a Year later when the Kerbal's Party of Khina decided to put more funds in the program the propaganda started and they began to build an copy of the Kerbal Space Center located in UKS but it would be obvious to see so they builded it near the water and forests so they thought it could not be found. Project K66 made big steps and they almost had their designs ready... but then.. what to launch? the KPOK leader's asked, Well Khua said we are planning on Launching up Spy Sat's to look on Koviet Union and UKS! The Leader's of the KPOK were pleased by their plans and gave them even more funds! and soon the first Engine Test of the rocket KhangKzeng 1, but in that time period the would just launch a whole rocket to test it... it failed.. the rocket exploded at +t-50 seconds due to an guidance malfunction. 3 months later the CNKA had finished the second Test Rocket Which they Launched With success it reached orbit but because it had no payload it fell back to earth after 10 orbits. So!!!... the Creation began of the First CNKA Sat which would be getting the name Khang Foo Poo I which would be like the Stayputnik. After the Success of the Second rocket launch the CNKA decided to create more variants to the KZ1 which would get KZ1 A and KZ1 B, but the Development of KZ1 A came in danger because the Rocket Exploded while being assembled killing 76 Khinese Kerbals which stopped Production and Funding Eventually... Could the Khinese Space Program Be saved?
  2. I was looking at Scott Kelly's pictures of the recent snow storm to hit the east coast. While looking at it I was trying to understand the orientation of the picture and to see which cities were visible. After some time with Google Earth and Microsoft Paint I labeled what I could distinguish in the photo. Just wanted to share and maybe see if anyone can see if something is mislabeled. Scott Kelly's - https://twitter.com/StationCDRKelly/status/690865242327351296/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Labeled - http://i.imgur.com/6O7Kfv4.jpg
  3. DMSP

    Space Daily!

    Well, I decided to make a space blog. It's not too scientific, and I feel like it's a better way of spreading info then writing on a whiteboard. http://dmsp.blog.com/ Enjoy, and hope to see some of you guys there!
  4. Chapter 1: Jeb his Check As an fighter pilot in the Kerbal 1st air company, jeb had much experience in aircraft so he was elected as one of the 4 test pilots of the biggest project the kerbal government ever planned to do... Their own space agency.. Jebediah Kerman, Bob Kerman and Valentina Kerman were the first 3 kerbals to be elected when the KSA ceo decided 3 was enough for that moment.. They underwent many special tests to see if they were up to the high standards, as seen with the last 5 sattelite launches Gee Forces can rip stuff apart.. First the health check was conducted! Jeb had to run for as long as he can after a piece of cake.. He managed to do that for 15 minutes untill the man running away from jeb got tired... Anyways! Jeb passed everything in this test just like bob and valentina! Meanwhile Werner von kerman was designing an orbital pod which had enough space so the kerbinauts could conduct some tests! Werner told the KSA that he needed another 3 weeks to complete the design untill further notice the kerbinauts would fly the flight sim...
  5. I've heard that mission controllers, the ill-fated STS-107 space shuttle Columbia, knew that the ferry has damaged thermal coating, but they did not tell the astronauts because they were not able to help them, so decided that since the space shuttle probably burned up in the atmosphere during re-entry so better if astronaut die unexpectedly, not knowing their fate. I think it's a little annoying, for whom mission controllers they think they are? For gods? Astronauts need to know these things at least be able to say goodbye to loved ones. I know that even the Soviets during the Soyuz 1 mission during which the cosmonaut Komarov was killed, brought to the control center his wife in order to talk to him one last time,
  6. http://leadpeople.blogspot.com/2009/09/albedo-anthropomorphics-spacecraft.html An old comic that spawned a passable RPG, Albedo is as hard a scifi as the author could make it with the exception of an FTL jump drive. Weapons primarally consist of ACVs, basically expendable drones that can either mount weapons and submunitions or simply be kinetic kill vehicals. Thoughts?
  7. know that the first mission control center at Cape Canaveral was, but was later moved to Houston, I wonder why NASA has done so, is not it better to have everything in one place?
  8. The State of Ohio i counted the most American astronauts comes from Ohio, which BTW was also State where Wright Brothers ware born? I do not know why this is such a big coincidence, maybe it's just my Asperger
  9. http://www.voanews.com/content/analysts-russian-space-agency-restructure-unlikely-to-fix-problems/3124917.html The renationalisation of Russian Space is unlikely to fix anything, analysts say. And this is coming at a time when SpaceX is reducing profit margins for commercial launches, and CCDev is finally going into full force thanks to Congress. This is a little off topic, but might Rocosmos be able to make a profitable business by using commercial astronaut rides into space, or something similar to DragonLab with their Soyuz, while competing with Dragon and CST-100? Just an idea.
  10. I read interesting story about Apollo 7, apparently the astronauts not listened to controllers from houston and thus they not flown into space again But the astronaut are more important than mission controllers, they are in space alone and controllers are far far away, and in future mission to Mars independent thinking would be even more important given the fact that lag in communication would be 10-15 minutes.
  11. HI all, Wanted to share with you all an article that outlines the potential impact of SpaceX's recent achievement in re-usability, and how it could enable fast internet everywhere due to much lower costs of rocketry into LEO. http://www.degeneratestalk.com/posts/2015/12/22/fast-internet-everywhere-is-now-possible-thanks-to-spacex
  12. http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=38959.msg1454018#new http://news.yahoo.com/russian-government-already-paying-space-195035280.html?nf=1 http://money.cnn.com/2015/04/27/news/economy/russia-space-crisis-cosmodrome/index.html Oh noes. "On Monday, Igor Komarov, the director of Roscosmos — Russia's version of NASA — announced that the space agency will receive a total of $22.5 billion dollars in government funding over the next 10 years. That might sound like a lot, but it's close to how much NASA gets from the federal government each year. In 2015, alone, NASA received approximately $18 billion, and is projected to get a similar amount each year through 2019 ." In other words: Rocosmos, with new cuts- $22.5 Billion Budget for the next 10 years. NASA Budget, currently- $18 Billion. (though this is not just space budget) These cuts have been made due to the deteriorating Russian economy. It's also the 3rd cut this YEAR, and is HALF the amount originally planned for in Rocosmos' long term plan. There goes Russia's plans to land people on the Moon...and PPTS (aka Orionski)...and OPSEK (Russia's next gen space station). Even the new Russian ISS modules are at risk at this point. Vostochny Cosmodrome is still happening though. Also, a comment from NovaSilisko, (former) KSP Developer: "So it sounds to me like this basically means the end of Russia's lunar and planetary exploration short of ExoMars, with most of the budget going into Earth-centric operations like the ISS. No Venera revival, no Luna revival, no Phobos-Grunt reflight..." This sucks.
  13. Scenario: NASA gets 1 Billion Dollars of money every five years (or $200 Million per year)to spend on any of the 3 planetary exploration programs (it might be realistic). NASA currently has 3 of these programs: Discovery ($450 Million cost cap), New Frontiers ($1 Billion Dollar cost cap), and Flagship (generally $2 Billion per mission). Which one would you fund? (Or would you make a new planetary exploration program, with a specific goal? [Remember that such new program would need approval by the gov't, and would need a specific goal, like test technologies (New Millemium), or explore Mars (Mars Scout).] Discovery Program: -$450 Million cost cap per mission, used for smaller, more focused missions. -Generally limited to the inner solar system + the Asteroid Belt (due to practicality, and potential budget overruns) -Examples of potential future missions include: NEO Scout, VERITAS, and Phyche. -Using the obtained money, can fund 1-2 extra missions every 3-4 years (current rate of missions, however, mission pace expected to increase, within the coming years, with either 2 future missions being selected this time around, or the next call for missions being in 2017) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discovery_Program New Frontiers Program: -$1 Billion cost cap per mission, used for medium-class, missions. -Able to go anywhere in the Solar System. -Examples of potential future missions include: Lunar Surface Polar Sample Return, Comet Nucleus Sample Return, and Venus In-Situ Explorer. -Using the obtained money, can fund 1 extra missions every 5 years (however, New Frontiers has been only sporatically putting out calls for mission proposals, so spending the money here will be more like fully funding this program- with a little extra left over) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Frontiers_program Flagship Program: -Generally $2 Billion in cost, used for high-cost missions designed to get as much data as possible from a single location. -Able to go anywhere in the Solar System, with more designed to go to the Outer Solar System. -Examples of Current Missions include: Solar Probe Plus, Curiosity. -Examples of Planned Future Missions include: Mars 2020, Europa Clipper -Using the obtained money, could accelerate existing flagship missions planned (Mars 2020, Europa Clipper) or use the money on preliminary work and instrument funding for Uranus Orbiter, for launch after Europa Clipper, once the money is freed up from the current flagship missions. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flagship_Program
  14. Today I made something I thought was pretty cool and that I should share with you guys: Play with it here! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13276416/Unity/WarpTest/WarpTest.html It's a little interactive "simulator" thing about relativistic space flight. I've made the galaxy much smaller than real life (only two light-minutes across) for obvious reasons, and it isn't quite scientifically accurate in all ways, but it's based on the real science behind relativistic optical effects and thus with any luck gives the right general impression. Here's hoping some of you guys have some fun with it! And please be sure to let me know what you think. Old post:
  15. After Rocket Builders was dissolved, this is the Alphasus showcase thread. To be clear, I will still collaborate with Sharkman Briton in craft development, and all craft with SAP-C names are relics of the past. Classifications: (LF)Light Fighter<5 tons (F)Fighter<8 tons (HF)Heavy Fighter<10 tons (B)Bomber<15 tons (GS)Gunship<20 tons (FR)Frigate<30 tons (LD)Light Destroyer<40 tons (DD)Destroyer<50 tons (HD)Heavy Destroyer<60 tons (CL)Light Cruiser<70 tons (C)Cruiser<100 tons (CA)Battlecruiser<150 tons (BC)Heavy Cruiser<180 tons (BB)Battleship(no limits) Craft will be posted here once I have time to recover all of them.
  16. For those of you interested in more than just fanworks, Radion is running a roleplay on an offsite server here: http://kerbalroleplay.com/
  17. The utterly pointless and useless Kerbal Superhangar! This kit contains the following: the one and only Superhangarâ„¢, my own SpaceFlyerâ„¢ spaceplane, and much more(not really)! Extremely laggy and no usefulness whatsoever! Thank you for testing out this product! Coming soon to stores for only $1000000000 Kerbal dollars! [ATTACH]34862[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34863[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34864[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34865[/ATTACH] Note: pics in SPH because of EXTREME LAG on the Runway.
  18. -BBCIs it so bad that the first thing I thought when I saw this was "Damn, that'd be fun in KSP." What a discovery huh? Can't imagine how the orbital mechanics must work, four stars relatively close together, with a planet in a stable orbit. Binary systems are bad enough to get my head around.
  19. I decided to land on all planets and moons. First target of course after Mun and Minmus is obviously Duna. After few days of building and unsuccessful flays I finally did it! I called my ship " Curiosity 2" (Curiosity 1 was send to Minmus ) It toked me 26 Kerbal's years. So after this short introduction I invite you to watch some screens <center><FONT size="+2"> 3...2...1... Lift off !</center> <a href="http://imgur.com/5Dl7a"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/5Dl7a.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Jebediah's console. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/kTANw"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/kTANw.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Bye dear Kerbin. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/NNhYS"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/NNhYS.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Last view of home. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/Kl9cp"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/Kl9cp.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Welcome Duna! </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/YCVqX"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/YCVqX.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> First orbit. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/tieE4"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tieE4.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Finally on closed orbit. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/0nFXi"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/0nFXi.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Curiosity 2, Duna and Ike. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/Efdjy"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/Efdjy.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> View from capsule. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/z4J3A"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/z4J3A.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Beautiful view. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/mzGLj"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/mzGLj.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> After opening the parachute. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/5fcFM"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/5fcFM.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> First step. </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/7CGdR"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/7CGdR.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> <center> Bob, Jebediah and Bill on Duna! </center> <a href="http://imgur.com/hAecq"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/hAecq.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com" alt="" /></a> </FONT size="+3"> That's it. Thanks for watching and wait to some new screens. Next target: Dunas pole and Ike
  20. Welcome to Brand Co Air & Space, where we mass produce planes and rockets to help you achieve missions or just to help you have fun. Below you will find our currently available stock: :cool:L99thebeaver's products: The LTR32(.16 requires c7 mods... for now) Description: Being the 32nd of the series, it is BY FAR the most stable, and the fastest, being able to get upwards of 400 m\s horizontally, this baby does some work! Pictures: 39 P16-Mongoose(.16 requires c7 mods... for now) Description: Pictures: 50-60 L42-Onyx(.17) Description: Highest speed: 567 m\s Pictures: 75-81 J_Man_X_663's products: SK Flyer(.17) Description: Pictures: Imgur Link: http://imgur.com/a/nERXF#0 BF-909X(.17) Description: Pictures: Youtube Link: ]Current Positions: L99thebeaver-Head CEO\Misc. Designer J_Man_X_663-Test Pilot\Head of Military Plane Division\Military Plane Designer Exelcior_esp-Head of Rocketry Division\Rocket Designer Pictures: http://www./?x4pu95usuo6jb We are currently looking for Engineers to create planes or rockets, receptionists to handle specific orders, and possibly test pilots to test and photograph. To make a deal(including plane recommendations or requests) or send an application, PM me...
  21. Hello, first topic here. Anyway I have been trying to make a to-the-Mun-and-back kind of spaceplane. I use 2m rocket parts as the shuttle is meant to have a crewtank onboard. This is to facillitate passenger transfers to the Mun and back. It's supposed to be reusable, thus it can only have one stage. Refuelling is not a problem. That can be taken care of. Basicly, I need to know how to make a spaceplane that follows the specified conditions below: - 1 Stage - Nothing that has to be decoupled (No SRBs etc) - Has enough fuel at start to get into orbit - Has at least 1 Crew Tank - Must have landing/takeoff capabilities - Must be able to go to the Mun and back. That's all. For the record I use the Down Under Aerospace and Party Supplies Pack, Crewtank, Deep Space Parts Pack, NovaPunch Remix pack, Shuttle Booster System and MMI's Payload Pack as my core mods. Thanks for anyone who can help. I can upload pictures of my current design if needed. EDIT: I mean refueling as in on the ground refueling. Refueling can be done in orbit as well once I get my satellite up there, so don't count on that one. When I manage to establish a Mun Base that will also have a refueling station.
  22. Just for fun I did a KSP Promo Video. And in case you are wondering about the music. I created it specifically for this video. I hope you guys like it
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