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Found 2 results

  1. P-101 Boomerang Stock KSP 1.3 Personal Flying Wing Download Craft File @ KerbalX! Inspired by early flying wings such as the Gotha Go229, the P-101 brings back the pioneering spirit with its radical, yet simple flying wing design. Featuring just 22 parts, the pint-sized Boomerang is powered by two Size 0 turbojets making it one of the simplest aircraft capable of controlled flight at subsonic speeds.
  2. Stock tiny aircraft

    After years of intense building a the creation planes along the concept "bigger is better" the design department decided that it was time for change. As a result project minus was started, with as only objective: building small aircraft. So far the project has led to the construction of a line of 4 small lightweight aircraft, all controlled from an outside seating position. These aircraft turned out to be very maneuverable but most certainly not the easier to fly, so be careful with the controls if you decide to take them out for a spin. As far as size goes, the smallest model "Femto" (very left in the image) has a height of 1.4 meters, a width of 2.3 length and a width of 2.1m Following up in size is the "Pico" (which is on the very right) measures 2.0m high, 3.2 wide and 3.4 long. Next up the "Micro" (second from the right) 2.7m high, 4.4 wide and 5.1 long. And the "Nano" (which one would it be...) 2.2 high, 5.5 wide and 5.0 long. We now also construct the "Atto" which is 1.5m high, 1.7 wide and 1.5 long. For this new one i've gone a tad bigger, the Milli is 2.6 meters high, 6.6 wide and 5.3 long. it's a twin engined twin seater plane. More images of this craft: All of these planes are powered by a juno jet engine and can reach speeds between 100 and 200m/s Full album: Download links: Femto: Pico: Micro: Nano: Atto: Milli: