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Boeing's Starliner


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6 hours ago, mikegarrison said:
6 hours ago, DeadJohn said:

I wonder whether Boeing and NASA discussed removing one of the bad thrusters and returning it in the capsule so it can be studied back on Earth. It's likely the idea was briefly considered and ruled infeasible. I wonder which factor(s) are insurmountable:

EVA risks to the crew. Risks of thruster removal causing other problems. The thruster might be impossible to remove in space. Not enough time to plan such an operation. Various ISS safety policies. Crew isn't trained to do Starliner disassembly. Unique tools needed aren't available on ISS.


If this were a multiple choice quiz, I would be selecting "all of the above".

I was literally gearing up to say precisely that when you said it first. 

No shade to @DeadJohn of course — better to suggest an idea and learn new things than to never suggest anything at all — but “can we move the dead thruster to the capsule for return and inspection” is a level of difficulty somewhere between “can we safely remove Michael Phelps’s kidney while he’s swimming in the Olympic final” and “this is your captain speaking; does anyone know how to replace a main turbine blade before we land?”

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15 minutes ago, sevenperforce said:

this is your captain speaking; does anyone know how to replace a main turbine blade before we land?”

United 232: “this is your captain speaking; Can someone please go patch up the hydraulic lines in the tail so we can land this bird in Sioux City one piece? Assuming someone has a barrel of hydraulic fluid in their carry-on, of course…”

Yeah, something like that…

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Anti-gremlins. They repair even things which must be scrapped.

Btw if they also had taken Bill, the engines and the cooler would not fail.

Because the part failure mods depend on the presence of Engineer onboard.

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Posted (edited)

It occurred to me today that they went from having too much thruster use in the first OFT to having some thrusters fail in the second OFT. Apparently it is better to have a few fail.

Or maybe they didn't have Jeb on board the first time?

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On 5/26/2022 at 9:05 PM, tater said:

It occurs to me that Jeb collected surface samples from NM. And an EVA report.

too bad they don't have the upgraded astronaut complex that lets you do that in orbit

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Some of this is certainly scheduling issues as well at ISS. They have to make specific docking windows, or the next opportunity might be months away.

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