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  1. Are you crashing with an error message, or locking up forcing a hard reset? Share your log files. See post "How to Get Support".
  2. Some things to check: What Scatterer version and planet pack? The latest Scatterer is v08something. That version breaks some older planet packs that still need v077something. Alt-f11 to open Scatterer settings. Make sure you are not using temporal antialiasing. Try MSAA instead. Do you have TUFX installed? TUFX profiles allow a motion blur setting. If you are still stuck share a screenshot with an example of the blur.
  3. Did you open a save started before Skyhawk, or try to play in Sandbox mode? I ask because I saw that same message yesterday. Mine was a special case where, while checking something else, I accidentally opened a very old Sandbox that was started with a different set of mods. I don't consider my case a Skyhawk error.
  4. @rogerwang86 I can't find a "crew report" experiment in the ascent module or airlock. Is it supposed to be there? Screenshots from my 1st Altair mission using a modified Saturn lifter. I skip the Earth rendezvous by launching with a crew return capsule already attached. The descent stage uses hypergolic fuel (Skyhawk Science System) to get lots of DV for biome hopping and freedom from boiloff concerns.
  5. Check your Scatterer version. I don't know if it's responsible for your issues, but JNSQ works with Scatterer versions up to 0.0772. Scatterer changed some things at version 0.08xx that partially breaks older planet packs.
  6. Yes, you can have multiple folders with different version of KSP, different mods, etc. CKAN works fine. Specifics depend on operating system and how you bought the game. Just take whatever folder you currently use for KSP and make an entire copy of it with a new folder name. You now have 2 completely independent copies of KSP. You can point CKAN to one folder at a time to manage one copy's mods.
  7. KSRSS is another pack that works well in 1.12. Like many other packs, it requires Scatterer v0.07xx, never 0.08xx.
  8. @rogerwang86 Thank you for this. One of the files is misspelled "depoupler.cfg". It doesn't break anything just something to note. EDIT: I haven't tested this new feature of Skyhawk Science System but the changelog suggests my patch is no longer needed. "The addition of a automatic patching system to allow for unsupported mods to have their parts still show up properly in the tree" If anyone wants to use this with the Skyhawk Science System tech tree, by default none of the parts will load. The spoiler has a draft patch to place Altair parts into Skyhawk. I just put everything into the same tech node for testing. Skyhawk's modded fuel types look like they are getting correctly applied to Altair's tanks.
  9. I'm having issues with Conformal Decals on BDB "skin insulation" fairings for Skylab labs and Centaur tanks. I get log spam, but the more significant issue is that the decal on the skin reappears after it should be blown off with the skin. I think it's technically a Conformal Decals issue so I posted details there (link below), but I wonder what BDB users do when they want decals on Centaur's white insulation but not the underlying gray metal tank.
  10. @cineboxandrew Great mod. I've been using it for a while. I'm having 2 problems related to fairings. The 2nd problem is the more significant one for me because it permanently alters my vessel appearance. Problem #1 - Log spam after staging away a fairing that has a decal on it The problem on SAF-style fairings was previously reported by @jefferyharrell. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/194802-18-112-conformal-decals-0210-decals-done-the-right-way-now-on-ckan/page/11/#comment-4038986 I'll skip posting my own log because it's 300 GB. The log spam an inconvenience and will eventually lead to a game crash, but goes away after a game restart. Problem #2 - Decal reappears forever after being staged away on unusual fairings The more significant problem for me is with parts that have a "skin" layer that stages away. 2 examples are the BDB Skylab laboratory (it has a black and white exterior that stages away to reveal pale gold surface) and Inon-D-1 1800 Centaur tank (white insulation stages away to show gray metal). Those parts' staging triggers the log spam, but the bigger problem for me is that the decals reappear after being staged away. Launch: Decal shows on exterior skin. Staging: Skin and decal vanish, log spam begins. Restart: Decal reappears on the new surface below the staged-away skin. I can sort of understand why the decal reappears; the decal part is attached to the underlying part not just its skin, and CD works its magic based on the current appearance of the part. It's understandable but undesirable on some craft. What can I do to hide a decal? Conformal Decals aren't selectable as parts in flight, so I can't access their part window nor remove them with EVA construction. I might try save file editing. I can delete the entire part if I'm careful to grab all its associated modules, or perhaps I can just hid the decal with a single line edit. Would setting "isEnabled = False" in the spoilered text below safely hide the decal? Any other suggestions? Here's an image to show the problem. Those 2 decals were originally on white insulation, and should have been blown off along with the insulation. They keep showing with no in-game way to manually hide them.
  11. The recent discussion of probes reminds me that BDB could use 1 or more probes with higher pressure tolerance. I don't think any BDB probe can survive a KSRSS Venus landing with pressure limits enabled. The PNR10X "Caelus" and the Venus flyby subsat (I forget the name) seem like good candidates because they already have great heat tolerance. Caelus is the closest thing we have to Pioneer 13.
  12. Is the SIB the basic unstretched variant? Is your 2nd stage SIVB set to cryo fuel, or something heavier?
  13. Any help resolving these issues is greatly appreciated. I don't know whether they are user error, KCCK limitations, KK issues, or interference from KSC Switcher. Problem 1: I can't get new KK sites to work I created new pads near Vandenberg using KK's ctrl-K interface. If I go to VAB and click the KK button I can see the new locations, open them, and make them the current launchsite. When I actually go to launch, though, I end up on the stock pad. The new Vandenberg KK pads only show with the KK button. They do not show in the scrolling list of launchsites below the launch button. Have I missed a step creating my pads, or are the KCCK pads done in a manner where no amount of fiddling will let me launch from new KK sites? Problem 2: Rotated navball from the stock pad Launching from the KCCK pads means that the navball might be rotated where 90 degrees is not always aligned to the right. This complicates manual gravity turns (can't spam "D"). I used to get around that inconvenience by doing tougher launches from the stock pad; the navball is aligned "correctly" there. While testing multiple launch sites, I somehow ended up with a rotated navball while launching from the stock pad. How can I reset this?
  14. Autostrut is unavailable in Skyhawk Science System. Multiple users have the problem. I'm testing KJR now to see if the latest release works with EVA construction.
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