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  1. I think it's still broken. KJR (Next and Continued forks) began having issues with 1.11 and as far as I can tell from their forum threads have not been updated. Additionally, the workaround of reverting to autostruts instead of KJR is no longer compatible with 1.12 because autostruts can't span the revised rotating docking ports. AFAIK the "best" solution requires manually re-attaching struts with an engineer after each docking. That becomes an extreme amount of effort.
  2. I've never seen that TV show but Sea Dragon made it much further than a napkin drawing. One corporation (Aerojet) submitted several hundred pages of design to NASA, and a 2nd corporation (a division of TRW) vetted the design. Sea Dragon died off because no one needed to launch that large, that frequently. The economics of Sea Dragon needed at least 120 launches over a 10 year period.
  3. Part mods are subjective. Do you want to fly historical rockets, and if yes from which nations' space programs? Do you like to kitbash rockets from scratch? Do you prefer spaceplanes? Bluedog Design Bureau (BDB): USA rockets. Tantares: USSR rockets. Knes: European rockets. OPT: Large, powerful spaceplanes. "Near Future" collection: Multiple mods with the same author and grouped into one forum thread. Many parts for kitbashing your own rocket designs instead of exactly duplicating historic rockets. There are many other good part mods but those are my favorites. IMO use 1 or 2 of them per save, at least until you get more familiar with each mod.
  4. It feels to me a bit slower, but that's because of unlucky timing. Some of the mods I use were already in the middle of enhancements before 1.12 came out, then 1.12 broke some things and gave the mod makers extra work to do.
  5. Which version of KSP are you using? I used mk2 Expansion a lot with 1.10 and earlier and never had the issue you describe. Maybe there's a problem with your installation or maybe there's a new issue in 1.12. Regardless, if you post links to your log files (see directions below) other people can help diagnose your problem.
  6. Has anyone found a good solution for building large stations in 1.12? These tricks no longer work reliably: Autostruts can no longer connect across docking ports in 1.12. KJR (both forks, Next and Continued) already had issues with 1.11, especially after engineers attached new parts. I don't think 1.12 changes that.
  7. I'm not pestering the team, just curious if there are any plans or dreams for future JNSQ enhancements? The mod certainly feels complete as-is and is my favorite planet pack.
  8. There are other ways to exploit strategies. With discounts you can put a rocket on the pad, don't launch, and immediately recover for free money. KSP offers so many other ways to "cheat"(*) without Strategia, though, that I don't fault the mod author for not fixing this. As players we can avoid the economic glitches by making different in-game choices. (*) IMO, cheating is fine in a single player sandbox game like KSP.
  9. From what I read on other threads, the rotating docking port feature added in 1.12 won't let autostruts work across docking ports any more.
  10. I last played KSP with 1.11 and didn't have any big conflicts with ~80 mods loaded. I have yet to test 1.12 with mods. Some of my favorite mods are in the middle of big refreshes to add new parts, so I'm waiting for the authors to finish that, and I suspect they'll deal with 1.12 along the way.
  11. Here are a few plane mods: Airplane Plus: Atmospheric planes. Includes new fuselage styles, propellers, rotors, and I think some jet engines. Mk2 Expansion: Atmospheric and spaceplanes using the mk2 profile. This definitely has a few jet engines. Mk3 Expansion: Bigger atmospheric and spaceplanes using the mk3 profile. This has some very big engines.
  12. How much KSP experience do you have? If you have enough that stock gameplay has become very easy and you want a bit more challenge, I highly recommend the JNSQ planet pack. It's a rescaled 2.7x system, so getting into orbit is more challenging and you'll need to design better rockets. The JNSQ thread provides a lot more information. 2 good visual mods are Scatterer and Environmental Visual Enhancements. They work with stock, JNSQ, and many other planet packs, There are so many parts packs that it's tempting to install too many, which clutters the VAB, complicates construction of new rockets, and slows down the game depending on your PC. Here are a few great options but I recommend using one of them at a time until you get more familiar with modding: Bluedog Design Bureau (BDB): USA historical parts. Tantares: Russian historical parts. Knes: European historical parts, plus many conceptual parts that never flew. Near Future: this is a collection of mods, not just one. It adds a flexible set of parts that encourage your own unique designs. Also looks for other mods by the same author (Nertea) that have a similar integrated art style.
  13. It might be your settings. I'm testing a 1.12 career game and my Jeb has no superpowers. He's only made it to level 1 and can hold current heading, prograde, retrograde. The other SAS modes aren't available to him yet.
  14. The '[' and ']' keys were modified approx. 1.10. By default, they now only switch between controlled vessels. Hold the Alt key while pressing those keys to switch to uncontrolled vessels and debris.
  15. Knes includes a 1.25 and 1.875 lab. Tantares has several labs; it's been a while since I used Tantares but my [sometimes flawed] memory says the labs are a mix of 1.875 and 2.50 sizes. Either one of those mods can be the framework for an entire KSP playthrough, for ESA or Soviet style rockets.
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