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  1. If I underatand that correctly, reactors will dynamically reduce power to meet demand. That sounds great, with less micromanaging of xenon/argon/lithium ships. Will radiators be activated/deactivated automatically to match the reactor's changing demands? Will that automation work during a timewarp? Full reactor power at the start of timewarp to fill batteries, then scale back to run whatever laboratories and SCANsat sensors are turned on.
  2. Duna airplanes are a fun challenge. The toughest part IMO are the fast landings. Possible solutions include huge wings to get enough lift when flying slowly, or reversible-thrust engines to come to a quick stop, or parachutes and an engineer to repack them after each landing.
  3. ... in a game with little green astronauts If Hyperedit is too easy, use KIS/KAS with a fuel truck that you build from rover parts. There are mods for ground trucks.
  4. You can use Hyperedit to fake it: refuel whenever you meet whatever criteria you imagine.
  5. I think all of these mods except TUFX can be installed via CKAN. Environment Improvements Pick one; either mod works with all the others I've listed Astronomer's Visual Pack: Purely visual changes, doesn't relocate or chnage any planetary characteristics. I'm using it with KSP 1.9.1. JNSQ: Has good visuals but it's much more than just a beauty mod. It's a full planet pack that rescales the system (2.7x scale) and adds several planets. JNSQ is great if you like designing larger rockets - a 2 stage rocket with stock planets often needs a 3rd stage with JNSQ. SSTO spaceplanes are much more challenging. Distant Object Enhancement Continued: Shows Duna and Jool from very far away. Also allows tweaking of the skybox contrast and star visibility when you are near a bright planet. Environmental Visual Enhancements: Clouds, aurora, and surface dust. Scatterer: Atmospheric haze, greatly improved water surfaces, and beautiful sunrise and sunset. General TUFX: Adds postprocessing so you can customize the look of KSP. Contrast, antialiasing, shadow, and other effects. Modular Launch Pads: Adds towers and other infrastructure around your rocket on the launchpad. Real Plume and Smoke Screen: Engine effects.
  6. NF Aero is alive again! I have better news. NF Aero v2.0.0 has been released for KSP 1.10.x. It's an actual update. More info in the big Near Future thread.
  7. FYI, this thread is 5 years old, and the OP hasn't logged in for 3 years so they are unlikely to reply.
  8. Outer Planets Mod OPM and Grannus Expansion Pack GEP have already been mentioned, and work well together. For any playthrough, and especially when using planet packs, I strongly recommend sticking to a single KSP version. I think Kopernicus is stable with 1.9.1 (I haven't personally tested it) so that's a good starting place. Don't play directly from the Steam install folder, make a copy instead, so there's no risk of a forced update breaking your game. Note that the GEP dwarf star is very far away. If you don't use a mod for FTL or off-world construction, each new mission from Kerbin needs a century of timewarp. I like FTL Drive Continued for extreme distances. You still have to get your 1st flight there the hard way with conventional propulsion, but then you can teleport subsequent missions to meet that 1st flight. Gravity wells and ship mass are constraints that still keep some challenge while avoiding the timewarp boredom.
  9. I think it's unrelated to your graphic card and settings. It's a bug in KSP. I've seen the same issue in 1.9.1 and earlier versions. A little bit of timewarp or a tiny burst of thrust often stops the problem.
  10. That's good news. I frequently build stations with radial docking ports, and KSP's stubborn insistence for SAS "hold target" to aim at center of mass rather than the selected docking port often made radial docking frustrating. This mod made docking so much easier and fun. I was crestfallen when this mod broke in 1.9.1. After a bit of playing, though, I found that I've mastered docking. This mod was like my training wheels and I don't need them any more. KURS docking camera, thanks for the fun times
  11. I have some questions triggered by the biggest fairing I've ever needed. It's a huge egg-shaped fairing to carry the largest Stockalike Station Parts 'Mercury' centrifuge. My base ring is 7.5m with the widest portion of the egg set to 12m. This is with KSP 1.9.1. 1a) When I set the base ring to 7.5m, the 2 nodes for fairings scale up huge, and new fairings from the part menu refuse to snap to those nodes. Is this a known issue? 1b) My workaround for 1a is to make the ring smaller, attach a single fairing part to it, and scale back up. I then finish my internal construction, reshape the single fairing as needed, then alt-click to copy the fairing to the other node on the base ring. It's an easy workaround after I figured it out. Is there a better way? 2a) The "Density" parameter on the fairing changes the mass and cost. Does it have any other effects? 2b) Reducing density drops the mass as well as the cost. For game balance, maybe a lighter fairing should be more expensive. Thoughts?
  12. Interesting design. If you're thinking about reusability concepts, I wonder if Whiplashes can replace the Panthers and Skipper. Stage 1 would just be jet engines that detach and fly home.
  13. Questions 1 and 2 seem ok as written. I have concerns about Question 3 quoted above about delays. It's diving too much into the internal dealings of KSP 2 development and I think it's best not asking in a poll. if you keep question #3, you need more multiple choice answers. Choice #1 is the only "don't delay release" option. All the other choices are "yes" with varying amounts of delay. #1 needs additional variations: No, if it causes delays don't include it in launch, and add it later in a paid update that I'm willing to pay for. No, if it causes delays don't include it in launch. Add it later if it can be done in a free update. No, if it causes delays just forget about it. I want multi window support but only if it can be put into the initial release without causing any delay.
  14. It should be easy to fix. You can keep your saves, settings, and won't need to reinstall mods. Playing on Windows? Check the recycle bin to undelete the file. Do you have backups, or do you have multiple KSP folders (such as for testing different mods)? You can copy that file between folders as long as it's the correct KSP version. Purchased KSP via Steam? If yes, make a copy of your entire KSP folder because a reinstall might erase settings, then reinstall KSP to get the file (use Steam "beta" function to get versions earlier than 1.10). After installation copy just the 1 missing file to the copied folder, and play from that new folder.