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  1. If you get the docking ports very close but they haven't connected, try this. Quicksave first in case something explodes. Press "[" to jump to the other vessel, that sometimes triggers another docking check. Try it a few more times. If it still won't dock, turn on a bit of timewarp, cancel timewarp, and the little jump that surface parts do exiting timewarp might trigger a successful docking. I like to use the Kerbal Planetary Base Systems (KPBS) mod for surface bases. It has a new docking port profile and retractable wheels for maneuvering parts together on the ground. Retracting and extending the wheels several times can sometimes help a stubborn docking attempt. The KPBS wheels and attachment points guarantee that both sides of the docking port are at the same exact height.
  2. Landing that in one piece might be tougher than launching it. I see you're using KPBS parts. My usual method for building such bases is to launch the base in linear sections, with KPBS retractable wheels and some form of docking port at the end of each linear section. Launch in sections, land in sections, then roll parts together on the ground to assemble a large base.
  3. Adding to what @Blaarkies said, you'll get a warning message when you load a game that has vessels in flight with unrecognized parts. If you continue the problem vessel(s) will disappear.
  4. I found a Near Future Construction glitch with the hexa-girder and octo-girder parts when they are set to "support" (monoprop and electric). Monoprop works fine but electric seems broken: batteries are uncharged at launch and during staging/docking the battery meter vanishes and will never accept a charge. I don't know if it's a mod conflict, if I somehow installed incorrectly, or if it's a bug. I've been playing my current 1.8.1 save for quite a while and haven't noticed any other installation issues. Note that the original craft I tried was a complex assembly being used to expand a station, but I can reproduce it with minimal craft such as: Example 1: A single hexa-girder or octo-girder truss with no other parts. In VAB it properly shows 1200/1200 electric and 200/200 monoprop in the truss. On launch, it sits on the pad reading only 200/200 monprop; the electric charge vanishes. Example 2: A very simplified version of the craft where I originally found the issue. HECS 2 probe as root, a docking port connected upside down (so the probe is the undocking part), and a hexa-girder set to "support". On launch, the hexa-girder shows 0/1200 electric. After undocking, that turns into 0/0 and the electric bar completely vanishes from the part. Redocking something else to it does not bring back the bar so it's impossible to recharge the battery. Files Zipped Player.log: This looks pretty empty so might not have enough info to help; I already quit my save before grabbing this file. Zipped Player-prev.log: A much larger log from my prior gaming session where I had the problem. Simple craft file, no mod parts other than NFC. On launch both trusses show 0/1200 electric. After decoupling the node the trusses lose their entire electrical component. Workaround I first noticed the problem long after I expanded a station with "support" trusses. Open persistent.sfs. Search for the part name, "truss-hex-01" in my case. Look for 2 sections (because I have 2 trusses in my craft) beneath the vessel name. Make a single edit to the maximum electrical storage as highlighted below. Restart the game, jump to the craft from Tracking Station, watch as the trusses refill from the solar panels. Things look okay now. P.S. I found a similar post from 3 years ago, and a few posts later someone else comments that they had the same issue once. No obvious cause.
  5. If you're not on console and can run mods, the Craft Manager mod can sort on date created and date last updated. It does many other nice things; my favorite is custom #tags for filtering by craft categories.
  6. I'm seeing a lot of good suggestions here, but I hope KSP 2 is far enough along in development that they've already made their choice about file formats.
  7. Can the top post be updated to say that asteroids are broken? The changelog merely says "Updated asteroids: Now they are only 3.3x dense as stock where they were 33x which was far too much." which suggests that they are working okay.
  8. I'm trying to redirect an asteroid but the Advanced Grabbing Unit won't connect. This is the first time I've tried grabbing an asteroid in JNSQ. It's a massive class E asteroid. I searched this thread and didn't find any similar reports. Are there any known asteroid difficulties or glitches caused by JNSQ's asteroid rescale? Approach speeds ranging from 0.2 m/s to 4.5 m/s keep bouncing off. Most of my attempts have been at 1.2 m/s. Sometimes the grabber bounces off before visual collision, like the asteroid has an invisible force field a meter above the surface. Other times my asteroid tug sinks a few meters into the surface before bouncing off. Note that I've already tried pressing [ rapidly just as docking should occur. That sometimes helped when docking was stubborn in stock. I've also confirmed that the grabber is working; I can grab debris.
  9. @The Justice King I'm commenting on a few things you wrote. It is only really used as refueling: Laboratories on stations can be used to process data collected by science experiments (applies to science and career saves). Contracts can require building a new station, expanding an existing one, or bringing tourists to a station (applies to career saves). Even in sandbox mode, I've used stations as a place to assemble large ships that have to be launched in multiple pieces, and as a good rendezvous point for SSTO shuttles to meet space-optimized ferries/tugboats. There should be hunger and thirst: There are life support mods to add this. I've never played with life support, but I think Kerbalism and Snacks are popular mods for those who do.
  10. I don't know the fix but I've seen other posts about similar pink squares. If you didn't already do so, search the forum for all threads with "pink" in the title. You might get better help if you edit your thread title. Something like "Pink square on rocket" will draw more attention.
  11. Not all words that end in "s" are plural, regardless of the ancient origin of the word. You probably have a pancreas. Just one. If a surgeon removes part you aren't left with a "pancrea".
  12. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod. Pick from the original, "Continued", or "Next" forks depending on which KSP version you use.
  13. Either one can work. Built into the core: One less part to forget during assembly. Doesn't interfere with the clean lines of some of your probe cores. Easy to implement with edits to existing part CFG. Separate part: More flexible; can be used with your probes, stock command capsules, other mods. KSP already has the stock Experiment Storage Unit but it's bulky. Maybe make a smaller part and have it unlock a bit later in the tech tree? (Restock Plus already has an alternate science container as a 1.25 to 0.625 conical adapter that is good on a rocket or plane nose, but looks weird on a hexagon or square probe.)
  14. I found a mod that displays it in VAB. It's yet another saved by linuxgurugamer.
  15. @Starhawk My original post already had the link you provided and described why it's inadequate. It only lists stock instruments not mods. Stock is completely memorizable without documentation, anyway, since only 1 experiment (gravity scan) works per biome in orbit, other experiments are global for low orbit and high orbit. Mods are not in the wiki and mod-specific documentation usually doesn't detail every part. Right-clicking in the VAB only shows the experiment name but not where it works.