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  1. IMO, procedural fairings usually look nicer than stock. In terms of gameplay they work the same way. Some modded fairings include decouplers, and can be set to automatically open at a set altitude. I recommend the Simple Adjustable Fairings plugin mod with the KW Rocketry Fairing Pack. It provides a versatile collection of fairings. P.S. In stock, it's possible to get a nice looking curve by clicking a bunch of points, but it's much easier and more consistent with procedural fairings.
  2. Congrats on release. Do you recommend this in career mode, or limit use to sandbox? What's the general difficulty of the planets compared to stock? How much DV is needed for orbit?
  3. Close guess. The actual mod for that fuel switch is Configurable Containers. AT_Utils is a dependency.
  4. Does anyone have comments on these minor issues I've encountered? If they are install-related I'd like to get them fixed early in my playthrough. 1) Vessels sometimes sink partway into the ground. It seems like a visual bug and I haven't experienced explosions. Cycling landing gear raises the vessel, but that doesn't help craft without wheels or legs. I'm using Parallax 1.0.1 not the newest, as per the top post. Is this a known issue? If not, I'll look for steps to replicate the problem then post logs. 2) Has anyone managed to get Kerbal Alarm Clock's transfer windows to give correct
  5. @BN2, you might want to edit the top post to say that this adds new planets and moons, and does not change stock planets. The top post is vague and I wasn't sure if I'd be launching from a new Kerbin replacement.
  6. That looks great, very well done. Sitting inside two air intakes is a very kerbally thing to do.
  7. Nothing weird about it. Gilly is only an "asteroid" in flavor text, but in terms of KSP game mechanics it is a moon. KSP Moon: It has gravity and you can land on it. You can't change the orbit no matter how much thrust you use; it's "on rails". KSP Asteroid: A free-floating object that you can redirect.
  8. Coatl Aerospace and Near Future Exploration have already been mentioned. Tantares is a good one for historic Soviet probes. It includes much more than just probes with engines, rockets, stations, etc. It's actually a combo of 3 mods and the link has all 3. Most of the probe parts are in TantaresSP. Bluedog Design Bureau is another good mod. It adds historic United States parts for probes, rockets, and stations.
  9. I've noticed it, but I don't think it's unique to JNSQ.
  10. I've encountered similar timewarp overheating and seen other discussions of that issue. I think it's a stock bug that becomes more noticeable when using Kopernicus and larger rescaled planet packs. Some commenters say that vessels with many small parts are more susceptible to the problem. I haven't had the bug since upgrading to 1.10.1, but I haven't gotten beyond JNSQ's versions of Eve and Duna yet. My personal experience says the problem occurs more further away from Kerbin.
  11. I've never played with Realism Overhaul so I can't say much about it. It's a complex mod and understandably lags behind KSP by several versions. My understanding is that RO's purpose is to make KSP more realistic and difficult (ex. fuel ullage, weaker reaction wheels, decreased solar panel effectiveness), rather than improved graphics. If you mainly want better graphics and less complexity than RO, start with the Scatterer and Environmental Visual Enhancements mods. You'll get clouds, atmospheric haze, colorful sunsets and sunrises, and ocean waves. I highly recommend the JNSQ modded
  12. Yes, I can see in that 2nd photo it's currently at 0.00°. Maybe try rotating the ports until they are far away from each other, out of magnet range, then rotate them back to 0 and see if the magnet reengages. I'm not sure if you noticed my "Docking Acquire Force" comment. You have it at 100%. Try boosting it to 200% (save your game first in case of physics glitches). If that still doesn't work, reduce it, then boost it back up, and that might shake the ports together. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod might let you use just one port, without the glitchiness of trying to get multiple
  13. #1: If you enable Advanced Tweakables in settings, you can then increase the docking acquire force in each docking port's right-click popup window. It goes as high as 200% for me. #2: Install DockRotate and try wiggling the connected ports back and forth in 1 degree increments.
  14. I haven't moved to 1.11 yet, but in earlier versions my orbital encounter symbols "randomly" stop working. (It's probably not really random but I haven't noticed a pattern yet) Save/load sometimes corrects the issue, other times I have to quit and restart KSP. It's usually good for a few hours after a restart. The only mod we have in common is KER.
  15. Grabbers hold through Kerbin reentry. The part is on Minmus. Picking it up with a grabber might be the most challenging part of the mission. Minmus is forgiving due to very low gravity, but still make sure to include enough RCS or reaction wheels to help with targeting. I assume you are playing with default heat settings and no mods that make reentry more dangerous. Even so, the random mystery part you pick up might have low heat tolerance, so I suggest saving your game before committing to reentry. If the part burns up, reload, keep the part in Kerbin orbit, and send a cargo bay wit
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