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  1. There's already a good answer above. I'll add that Mk1 parts, especially cockpits, have poor heat resistance. Mk 2 and 3 parts are safer during reentry.
  2. I like the Craft Manager mod to replace the default VAB/SPH load window. It does not use folders, though. Saved craft can be sorted by name, cost, crew count, mass, part count, or date updated. Craft can be further filtered by auto-generated tags (ex. crewed vs uncrewed) and user-defined tags. It also has KerbalX.com integration. It works in 1.12 despite no updates since 1.9. There's an intermittent bug of some mouse clicks being ignored.
  3. I answered "other" because "Forums + CKAN" wasn't a choice. If a mod doesn't have a forum thread, I'm highly unlikely to install it because it suggests the mod is already abandoned by the author.
  4. Near Future Aeronautics. It includes a dual-cycle 1.25m engine (similar to the stock RAPIER but with different stats), and also larger 2.5m versions so you don't have to add dozens of small engines on larger SSTOs. Mk2 Stockalike Expansion and Mk3 Stockalike Expansion add engines in those respective profiles. I see you're new here. I'll add that it's possible to make an SSTO without an SSTO-specific engine type. Jet engines are very fuel efficient so most SSTOs start with jets. After jet flameout, you can try regular rocket engines, NERV nuclear, and even monopropellant.
  5. I do not know how to fix it (sunflare visible through the shadowed side of Earth), but I suspect it's a sunflare configuration problem. My initial use of KSRSS had the same problem. I also noticed that sunflare was using what seemed to be Kopernicus' default rather than RSS' version. I tried to get the RSS sunflare working, without luck, but somewhere along the way the sun no longer shone through Earth.
  6. I think the OP is delving too far into micromanagement. This a flight game, not a mechanical maintenance game. Here are other "resources" I don't want modeled in KSP 2: Tire wear from the repeated stress of landing. Metal remaining on engine pistons. Engine oil. Brake shoe thickness. Lubrication of doors and other moving parts. Paint wear from high-speed airflow. Metal fatigue due to pressure and temperature changes. Turbine blade wear. Degradation of solar panels and batteries. Etc.
  7. Welcome back. It's a long way away, but 30 year old future-you will often look back at past-you and think "I did what!?" Making mistakes are part of life. Youths get a pass for being naive and immature. Learning and improving is good.
  8. KSP has no copy protection so you can copy the entire install folder to a new folder. If you don't know where the folder is, right-click on KSP in Steam, then pick Properties (I think; not near my PC to check). I always play from a copy folder, and if I'm changing mods in the middle of a playthrough I'll make a backup copy of my working KSP folder so it's easy to revert. Steps like this should work for you: Copy your main 1.12.2 KSP Steam install to a new folder named something like "C:\KSP_1_12_2\". The name can be anything you like but I recommend avoiding spaces. Test that you can run KSP from that new folder and your saved game still works. Use Steam to get whatever version of KSP is recommended for RO/RSS. Copy the KSP Steam folder to another new folder like "C:\KSP_RO_RSS\". Install RO/RSS into the folder from #4.
  9. @Izzy001 What are you trying to reverse? Rovers with motorized wheels move backwards with the "s" key, assuming your control point faces forward. Atmospheric jet engines with a thrust-reverser feature don't have a default keybinding. Create an action group to toggle the reversers.
  10. Thanks for making this mod. For the benefit of CKAN users: It's named "ULA Vulcan" there. Searching for "Hephaistos" doesn't find it.
  11. This thing looks cursed but flies well during ascent and landing, and is mostly recoverable. Cargo capacity is 36 tons (one Jumbo-64 orange tank) to 250km Earth orbit (KSRSS 2.5x scale). It's still a work in progress subject to cosmetic and convenience tweaks. The quad-booster arrangement allows for a conventional easy prograde gravity turn without having to offset engine thrust. I was concerned about the risk of boosters tanks hitting the wings, but multiple test flights say it's not an issue. SRBs zip away while the main engines are at full thrust and don't have a chance to hit anything. The SRBs are recovered with parachutes and the Stage Recovery mod. The external liquid tanks empty near sub-orbital apoapsis. I shut the main engines off to give those tanks time to safely drift away and burn up. A future revision will use sepratrons to nudge the tanks. The shuttle fuselage has a small LFO tank to circularize orbit, and monopropellant OMS for docking maneuvers. The Puff engines are ugly so I might clip them into the fuselage, or add side tanks to look more like the real shuttle, or replace with modded parts (with an option for all-LFO thrusters to unify the fuel supply without any monoprop). Wingtip rudders. I prefer that because a tall central tail can get in the way while unloading cargo. I use some non-stock parts but something like this can be done fully stock. The external liquid tanks are from BDB and Restock Plus. Most docking ports are from BDB to match what's already on my Earth station. B9 Procedural Wings. Comments welcome, especially if anyone knows of similar quad-core shuttles. I looked on this forum and KerbalX but didn't find anything.
  12. Your link is not working for me. From your description, I'll guess that the connection between 2 (or more) parts has bent. Going in and out of time warp, especially physics warp, can cause quirky forces that bend ships. Ships usually straighten themselves after returning to 1x time, but sometimes they stay bent, and if you save the game with the ship in a bent state it will stay that way forever. In extreme cases, large stations can bend into pretzel-like shapes. Having many reaction wheels spread around different parts of the station makes the bug more likely.
  13. The new launchpads are probably closed and you are only seeing open pads. Use KK's Launcexcrementse Selector window, 2nd button from the left, to toggle display of closed pads. You'll then be able to click on closed pads to open them. A less likely cause, if you have multiple KSP instances in different folders, is that you updated the wrong copy of KSP with CKAN.
  14. Something is happening in my install that partially breaks Procedural Wings editing in KSP 1.11.2. A restart of the game always fixes it for a while. I see 2 symptoms when things partially break: All of the draggable handles stop displaying. Sliders in the wing window still work, but the wing doesn't change shape until I save and reload the craft. Is this a known issue? Is KSP 1.11.2 still supported for this mod? I'll post logs if this is a new issue.
  15. Some early tall and thin BDB rockets, Thor included, benefit from small stabilizing fins around the engine or bottom tank. That's based on my experience with production ckan BDB, KSP 1.11.2, and 2.5x scale KSRSS. Without the fins, I had frequent 180 degree flips during gravity turns. It's possible to avoid the flips with careful throttle management, but fins make ascent safer and easier.
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