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[1.10.x] Stockalike Mining Extension [1.1.5 Release 7/8/2020]

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Stockalike Mining Extension

SME adds a number of mining and ISRU-related parts in a variety of form factors. Currently a Work-In-Progress

Album a/3tTgR will appear when post is submitted

Current Part List:


  • 0.625m stack mount Drill
  • 1.25m stack mount Drill
  • 1.25m Inline mount Drill
  • 1.25m aircraft Inline mount Drill
  • 2.5m stack mount Drill
  • 3.75m stack mount Drill
  • Mk2 inline Drill
  • 1.25m Stack Oceanic Extractor
  • 1.25m inline Oceanic Extractor
  • 2.5m Oceanic extractor
  • 1.25m Atmospheric Condenser
  • 2.5m Atmospheric Condenser


  • 3.75m ISRU converter
  • Mk2 ISRU converter
  • Mk3 ISRU converter
  • 0.625m ISRU converter


  • Mk2 Ore Tank
  • Mk3 Ore Tank
  • 0.625m Ore Tank
  • 3.75m Ore Tank


  • 0.625m Fuellcell generator
  • 1.25m Fuelcell Generator
  • Mk2 Fuelcell Generator
  • 2.5m Fuelcell generator


  • 1.25m Superheavy-Duty landing Legs
  • Deployable Rover Wheels
  • 0.625m Klaw
  • Radial Klaw
  • Anchorable Docking Port
  • Asteroid Crew Can


  • 1.25m Mass Driver
  • 2.5m Mass Driver
  • 0.625m Mass Driver RCS

Download from SpaceDock or GitHub

Kottabos Review (Version 0.8)




KSP 1.10 update
-Fixes Asteroid klaw and Radial Klaw textures
-Miniklaw moved to legacy due to stock miniklaw; non 1.10 installs can find it by removing the TechHidden = True line from the /MiningExpansion/parts/size0klaw/part.cfg
-Adds CometHarvester modules to all drills
-Improves Atmospheric Condenser Xenon harvest rates

KSP 1.9.x update
-New Part: Vertical landing Gear
-New part: Shrouded Vertical landing Gear
-New part: Deployable Rover Wheel
-New Part: Shrouded 1.25m Inline Deployable Wheel
-New Part: Shrouded 0.625m inline Deployable Wheel
-New Part: Radial Klaw
-New Part: Radial Superheavy landing leg
-New Part: Anchorable Docking Port
-New Part: Inflatable Asteroid Crew Can
-Superheavy Stack leg now has deploy sounds
-Adds Example Craft
-Restock Whitelist updated
-Various parts crash tolerance/bulkhead tags fixed

KSP 1.8 Update
-LH2 conversion now needs CryoTanks instead of kerbal Atomics
-Mk3 Converter now has LH2 option
-Mk3 converter now has proper bulkhead profile
-Fixes texture error on size 3 ISRU

-Fixes KA patch
-Mk3 ISRU now has KA config
-Size 3 stack drill now has EPL recycler functionality
-Mk2 and mk3 parts now have correct impact and temp rating for their formfactor
-Fixes mini grabbing unit typo
-Ore tank masses brought inline with stock masses

KSP 1.7 update
-Fixes Tweakscale patch, no longer conflicts with TS's SME patch
-Fixes scaled flag for agency contracts
-Fixes missing bulkhead profiles
-Adds Whitelist for ReStock compatibility

-New Part: Mass Driver RCS
-New Part: Size3 Stack Drill
-New Part: Mk3 Ore Tank
-New Part: Mk3 ISRU Converter
-New Part: Size2 Oceanic Extractor
-New Part: Size1 Inline Oceanic Extractor
-Fixes Size0 Stack Drill attach node size
-Fixes Size0 Fuelcell texture
-Fixes Size1 Fuelcell texture
-Fixes Size2 Fuelcell texture
-Fixes Size1 Stack Drill bottom Node
-Fixes landing leg texture.
-Landing leg now properly mirrors in Mirror Symmetry
-Mass Drivers now have bottom node, fairings
-Tweaks atmospheric Xenon abundance for Atmo condensers
-Various part description/tags/Localization fixes
-Adds Tweakscale patch, see readme

version 0.97
-Update for KSP 1.3.1
-Adds Localization support
-New Part: "Onager" Size 1 Mass Driver
-New part: "Trebuchet" Size 2 Mass Driver
-Fixes missing texture on heavy landing leg
-Adds Size 1 Aircraft Inline Drill
-Adds Size0 Klaw
-Mk2 and Size2 Generators now have coreheat
-Added ELP recycler functionality to Tremor and Terravore Drills

version 0.96.1
Update for KSP 1.3
-implements new SpecialistHeatBonus values for drills/converters
-MaxCooling values updated for drills/converters

Version 0.96
KSP 1.22 Update
-Fixed 0.625m generator attach node
-Mk2 Inline Drill now has particle FX when active
-0.625m Stack drill now has particle FX when active
-1.25m stack drill animations tweaked
-1.25m stack drill now has particle FX when active
-1.25m stack drill req'd/max cooling adjusted to 200kw
-2.5m stack drill animations tweaked
-2.5m stack drill now has particle FX when active
-2.5m stack drill req'd/max cooling adjusted to 300kw
-1.25m stack pump now has particle FX when active
-inline drills req'd/max cooling adjsted to 75kw
-mk2 inline drill mass increased
-1.25m generator output changed to 50 Ec/s
-mk2 multifuel generator Ec storage increased to 500
-mk2 multifuel generator output changed to 75Ec/s
-0.625m fuelcell generator mass and output reduced
-3.75m ISRU max cooling increased to 600
-mk2 ISRU required cooling reduced
-3.75m ore tank dry mass increased to 4500 kg
-mk2 Ore tank mass reduced to 1000 kg
-drill Ec/s costs adjusted to reasonable values
-New Part: 2.5m multifuel generator
-Fixed the Extras/Ore.cfg MM patch will no longer add Ore ot Eve's oceans
-Fixed the KS MM patch
-Added Extras/patch/EngineerEfficiency MM patch to fix asteroid drill overheat without an engineer

Version 0.95
-New Part: Size 1 Oceanic Extractor
-New Part: size 1 atmospheric compressor
-New Part: Size 2 Atmospheric Compressor
-Added NFP compatibility MM patch
-Added KA compatibility MM patch
-All parts now have search tags

Version 0.93
KSP 1.1 update
-fixed landing leg
-New Part: size 0 inline generator
-New part: 0.625m stack drill

Version 0.92
-fixes size1inline drill now appearing
-new Part: 1.25m stack superheavy-duty landing leg

Version 0.9
-Added Flag & Agency for editor filter: Coreworks Extractions Consortium
-Removed Mk2Expansion mk2 mining parts and rolled them into MiningExtension
-New Part: 1.25m inline drill
-New Part: 0.625m oretank
-New Part: 0.625m ISRU refinery

Version 0.8
-Initial Release
-New Part: Size 1 Stack FuelCell
-New Part: Size 1 Stack Drill
-New Part: Size 2 Stack Drill
-New Part: Size 3 ISRU Refinery
-New Part: Size 3 Ore Tank
-New Part: Mk2 FuelCell
-New Part: Mk2 Drill
-New Part: Mk2 Ore Tank
-New Part; Mk2 ISRU Refinery


The contents of this mod are distributed a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
This mod uses Module Manager.

Currently a Work in Progress; feedback and suggestions welcome.

Edited by SuicidalInsanity
Update OP
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0.625m stuff will happen at some point, but keep in mind a 0.625m ISRU Refinery would be neither fast nor efficient..For the 3.75m drill, an inline one is planned, a stack 3.75m drill depends on whether or not I can come up with a decent design that doesn't look like a repurposed Tunnel Boring Machine.

I'll add MKS/USI support MM patches for the next update - any others that would be good to have?


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22 hours ago, SuicidalInsanity said:

Something to look forward to for the next update - Got the first of the inline drills done:



Also, just saw your mod....I clicked the DL button almost instantly :D

nice mod, looks like it fits great with stock. Can't wait to try it out! (now to unlock the parts in my career save.....)

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If that's what you aiming at, maybe it would be better for 0.625 converter to be monoprop only? Because making it LFO only, even less efficient than 1.25 variant AND unable to produce monoprop makes no sense. Compact monoprop only ISRU module for probe/rcs remote refueling would definitely have it's own utility niche.

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I've considered it, and in light of your argument, I'll leave the micro refinery with the usual LF, O, LF/O, MP conversion options - You're correct, LF/O only and no monoprop is needlessly limiting, but while a MP only would have its niche,it would still be the case of lower efficiency and a fuel type limitation.

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  • 2 weeks later...

TBH I can't see him doing a review of it in its current state either.

Making some progress on 0.625m drills. I also started fooled around with some landing leg concepts that might be useful for mining craft/bases and so forth, ended up with this:


Waiting on 1.1 and its new wheel code to start rigging it.



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