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hey guys just a quick and simple craft came in my head before I go to bed 


"Phoenix Flyer"

Kerbals reuseable orbital space transport vehicle 

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ok had to use my laptop to upload my sketches, so here is one of them, (one of 20 designs i've recently sketched).

i will add more soon

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ok Sorry guys these are unfinished sketches: but you get the picture, i will add a bit of colour to it in the future so you can get more definition of the designs.

again, apologise as i've been busy this week as i have not added any artwork recently..








able to cruise on land or sea, could carry large vehicles.

Kerbals be able to stay for months at a time on remote places.

The challenge is coz its so big, its VTOL

( inspired by Interstellar)









If you guys have a better names for some of these craft happy to share and rename it.. we'll have a vote!

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