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[1.3.1] Imperial Planet Pack v0.6 [Alpha]

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Hundreds of thousands of years after the star Azure passed by Kerbol and deposited a wealth of new planets in the system...such as Olu'um, Quarta, and Scorch...a second star passed by: Helios. It was dragged along by Azure, and passed by the severely altered Kerbol system and changed the already shaken and unstable planets a lot - it effectively "stole" all of the Kerbol planets, rendering their orbits skewed and the planets very different.  The Voluxian Empire, from around Olu'um, meanwhile, was going out and colonising all the planets they could: after they got the technology to escape Olu'um, they felt an insatiable drive to spread their kind around the solar system, planting colonies on any planet they could, regardless of whether or not it was feasible. One day, however, they discovered another civilisation in the solar system: on Gaia. They quickly subjugated the population and made the Gaians do the Imperial bidding...


Apollo, formerly known as Moho, was once a nicer place: brown and airless, rather than with reddish orange colouration and fiery air: with oceans of lava to top it all off.  After it captured a small planet that was orbiting Helios, the initial stages of its rings were formed from the debris created from the tidal forces of the two bodies. However, Apollo's new proximity to the sun rendered any moons unstable in their orbits: as such, it crashed into the planet, heating it further and creating the remainder of the ring. Now, the only remnant of this moon is a small chunk of lava orbiting Apollo in an inclined, eccentric orbit...
Meanwhile, the Empire was colonising Apollo. Although it was very hot and hostile to life, they nevertheless tried: the components for an atmosphere and oceans were shipped there at great expense to initialise the terraforming process. They managed to get an atmosphere to retain its mass...though it was of such a high pressure that only Voluxians could go outside, not their Gaian servants. After an atmosphere was established and a dense ozone layer were implemented, water was added into the mix. Small oceans formed, but most of it went into the atmosphere. When the small moon crashed into the planet, it vaporised the oceans and a lot of the material on the planet, creating the dense cloud layer currently present and reducing the entire surface to slag for a while. It eventually cooled down enough so that land could form; however, lava still covers a large amount of the surface today. All traces of the colonists were melted with the surface....


Thanatos was once known as Eve...until the Voluxians came with their names and made it Thanatos for all intents and purposes; it is significantly different from how it used to be, though: rather than a scalding hot, toxic planet with very high gravity, it is now a hot, high-pressure planet with very high gravity. The introduction of a species of bacterium specialised at breaking down the toxins found in Thanatos's atmosphere converted it into a planet well-suited for colonisation, at least relatively speaking; considering that planets like Apollo existed, it was a mean feat to be considered viable. The conversion increased the liquid component of its oceans and reduced the gaseous, accounting for its lowered atmospheric thickness and increased sea level. The differences in terrain were due to geological activity from the tidal influence of its recently captured moon of Theristis - this airless, bluish grey body is a beautiful sight to see in the crimson sunsets of Thanatos. Theristis was a minor planet in the Helios system, and the large sphere of influence of Thanatos resulted in it being captured. Unlike Apollo's captured moon of Leto, this did not lead to any disastrous consequences for the fledgling ecosystem on the planet below.


Terra. Once known as Gaia, it has undergone drastic changes since the Voluxians first came and turned it into a planet of factories and mines in order to fuel their ever-voracious machine of expansion and colonisation. The ice caps have partially melted, oceans have flooded some of the terrain, vegetation has rebounded since the Empire - the majority of the planet is covered in lush forests of green, save those areas particularly devastated by the fires of industry: the massive, hot deserts encompassing the remaining land. Its moons have not changed much over the years: Luna has undergone some tidal shifting from the passing of Helios, making it somewhat different in terms of look, but fundamentally it is little different from Gol, other than of course the cooling of its crater. Selene's "goo" oceans that it had while it was called Gullis have also mixed back with the rest of the moon, rendering it more alike Minmus than Gullis, but more bluish. (note: I may make Luna [SEKRIT REDACTED NEFARIOUS PLANS FOR LUNA], but for now, it is simply the Mun but slightly different) Now that the Empire has crumbled and all their technology decaying in old fortresses, the Terrans are free to explore the solar system once more...


Formerly Duna, and now Ares, this body was one of the successful colonisation attempts of the Empire: unlike Thanatos, however, life on this planet flourished - the red inland of Duna is still present, however, due to the fact that the soil more distant from its oceans is less rich in nutrients; however, life will eventually spread there. Terrans, during the Imperial era, were not allowed there. It was a purely Voluxian world, the centre of their bureaucracy outside of Olu'um. As such, the legends of beautiful, strange forests under a red sky are prevalent in Terran culture from a lack of any ability to actually see the surface. For the first time in recent history, Terrans now have the ability to get to Ares and its beautiful moon Stratos.


The original name of Kyvernitis has been lost, but it still retains the characteristic green colour it had in times of old; its moons, however, have changed drastically due to the influence of the terraformers of the Empire. Erimos, known once as Laythe, was crashed into by Bop; Bop disintegrated and Erimos lost its water - the only reason it still has an atmosphere is the Empire. Insula, however, was more successful. By melting the ice in the surface and adding an atmosphere, a cold, archipelago world with a band of life around the equator was created...and then Nova: the pride and joy of the Empire. A desert and forest world, temperate, perfect for life, it was used as a vacation resort for the most wealthy of Voluxians; the government was already established on Volux, Terra, and Ares, so they saw no need to set up on Nova...but it truly is a perfect homeworld for life: hence its name, the Voluxian word for "New".

This planet pack is meant to be a continuation of the GPO planet pack by Gameslinx (link down below this) and all of his amazing planets, along with the stock ones. THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT THREAD, AND UNTIL I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW FOR EACH STOCK PLANET, I WILL NOT CONSIDER THIS A MOD IN A RELEASE WORTHY STATE, AND EVEN THEN PROBABLY NOT.

The order of releases is roughly established: Pre-Alpha is all the stock planets established; Alpha is all the GPO planets established; Beta is all of the stock planets well made; and Release is all GPO planets well made. As of right now, it is in an alpha stage. Enjoy! :D




@Gameslinx for inspiring me to make planets, providing advice and help, and just being an overall great influence on how this pack came about;

@GregroxMun for yelling at me when I did dumb things with the mod;

@Galileo for providing the skybox textures;

ThomasP for creating the Kopernicus plugin, without which this mod would not be possible;

rbray89 for making EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, which allows the awesome clouds on Apollo to be a thing;

blackrack for making Scatterer, which just makes everything work so much more well;

and @JadeOfMaar for recommending things to do, and how to do them better. Thanks all of you :D


09/04/17 - 11/14/17: Stock Replacement Making

11/15/17 - [tbd]: GPO Replacement Making

Discord for people telling me what to do and how to do it better than I could on my own (also Gameslinx's discord is this one so thats cool): 9T3uf2Z.png


Album a/CbI6Q will appear when post is submitted





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fixing broken DL link AGAIN
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9 minutes ago, Galileo said:

This looks like it has some potential! Great start!


i couldn't help but think of this when I saw the rings though :D 

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Wow, the great Galileo approves? :D
always good to hear :3

though the rings are not meant to be the looney toons logo, thx xD

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50 minutes ago, The Cuttlefish Empire said:

So I was thinking that I would add either an Eve analogue in a version 0.2 or an Apollo moon in version 0.1.5, with the Apollo moon being included in the 0.2 idea but not as its own separate update; what do you all think

Probably apollo moon/Eve an. in a 0.2

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Bit of news on Leto: due to what looks like a Kopernicus bug, I will have to hold back its release until I can get the issue sorted. Not sure if it's a Kopernicus problem or not, but if it is there's not much I can do unfortunately - may have to either rework it completely or get something different going, not sure yet. Good news though: the concept for Thanatos (Eve replacement) has been more or less finalised: the Empire had introduced bioluminescent bacteria onto Eve, which consumed the toxins and converted them into oxygen and water. After all the bacteria perished due to a lack of things to eat, the planet was left habitable and possessing an ocean of water, and with a vividly purple colouration. In space, though, a decent sized moon called Theristis came along and captured the Gilly replacement (still unnamed).

I am going to release Thanatos as version 0.2, and maybe with Theristis included there. Theristis and the Gilly replacement will definitely be released by 0.2.5, though. Also, I'm leaving the Leto config in the mod files in case you want to mess around with it.


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10 minutes ago, The Cuttlefish Empire said:

Is there an official timeline? I can't say anything about DDEB as I do not know the mod author, but AK doesnt really fit in with this - its more BK-Stock-GPO-IPP

Official gameslinx timeline. Also, gameslinx said that GPO is not in the same timeline as BK and AN. I think DDEB was a joke  what was after after kerbin 

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8 hours ago, The Cuttlefish Empire said:

Ah, ok :D

Well, I have a teaser image for WIP Thanatos....having a great deal more success than Apollo a great deal faster now that I know what I'm doing :P




Wish I was this good.

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the ring is borked for no apparent reason - when you look from that position now, the ring...disappears....for some reason...

I don't think I changed anything about it...which just is even weirder...and when I completely redid the ring node the same issue happens. I'll see about getting this fixed as soon as I can :P

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Bit of a teaser image for Theristis incoming...Screenshot_175.png

Not quite finished yet - I'd like to refine the maps and the poles are currently pinching despite polar distortion, so I'll have to look into that, but as of right now it is mostly finished - and I figured out what was wrong with Leto, as well, so I should be able to get Leto into either 0.2 or 0.2.5 depending on what other issues it may have, and any testing for Thanatos and Theristis has all been done from the tracking station, so it's possible there's something going horribly wrong, but I doubt it. Be careful about doing this pack in science mode, by the way - I haven't quite sorted out the value stuff yet, and there are no science definitions that I made in yet, so....I'm not too sure what will happen. All in all, the update is on schedule and should be out by this time tomorrow. :D

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33 minutes ago, The Cuttlefish Empire said:


Well...uh...its not going to be a copy...?

The alternative name i could use if it would cause problems would be asclepius, but I prefer the sound of Leto

Eh, whatever, just keep in mind, there are A LOT of other names out there too. If you are interested in Greco Roman history and names, there are quite a lot of really neat, interesting names out there to keep things unique. It's fun to look up names, their meanings, the history behind them, and try to tie them into your planet pack. Heck, you may learn something too. Don't get hung up on one or two names. Give yourself options.

Edited by Galileo
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@Galileo what im going for with this planet pack is greek/roman equivalents of stuff - i chose leto because she was the mother of apollo in greek mythology, and in this pack leto basically made apollo what it is, hence the name

i could come up with other names, but i feel like this one fits, and besides, no one should mix up the two :) 

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