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  1. Automatically inject the KSC transform into Kerbin, this makes it possible to change the template to something different from the Kopernicus 1.5.0-1 changelog. This will simplify how this mod works greatly if we choose to implement it. The future is now.
  2. for a Making History Mission, you could have a vessel that needs to be visited, and the vessel has "written" on it with parts that reads "Will You Marry Me?"
  3. Will check when power is back. I've been without power since thursday afternoon. Thanks, Hurricane Michael. Also you'll fly off of Statmun no matter the size of statmun (within reason) since I'm keeping density constant. Also Didd has a moon that will only show up in save files created after installing the latest version.
  4. Bill can not handle polar gravity. Semi-relatedly, I never posted this drawing here:
  5. Oops I accidentally remade Mesbin from scratch and now it has an 8K texture. I was supposed to be working on atmospheres for the other planets, but while designing Mesbin's new polar atmosphere I got sidetracked because I wanted to make sure the atmosphere was confined to some kind of polar basin and honestly I don't actually remember why I had to remake the whole thing from scratch but I did. It now has a slightly more complicated PQS terrain setup, and I spent a really long time getting the height and color maps where I wanted them. The heightmap is based upon a Tectonics.js map with a lot of work done to make it look less super duper blurry, and some bits of terrain from Earth, Mercury, and the Moon. The planet has more impact craters now, it's so large that it gets hit very often compared to Earth, and there's no hydrological erosion to smooth them out--but the planet's tectonics DO recycle land, so there are no truly old regions of the planet. The rest of the height comes from noise. A small scale noise evenly coats the planet while a larger scale noise taken from Tylo fleshes out the continents, using a Kopernicus Expansions Regional multiplier-map to ensure the noise does not affect the maria too much. An ellipsoid map also controls the height of both the continents and the noise to make things shorter and flatter towards the poles. There's also some volcanoes on the heightmap stolen out of Space Engine. The color map was based on a height export and the entirety of the planet's color comes from a single texture. (For now?) The dark grey regions are what would be considered oceanic crust on Earth. Denser, harder, and darker. The pale brown regions are what would be considered continental crust on Earth. Lighter, both in color and mass. This is mostly a simple height based relationship. The tips of some mountains are colored reddish simply because I'm reworking the lore of Statmun to be more like "Mount Sky" or something--a floating mountain before being known as a static moon, and having red mountains makes that more believable. The ejecta on some of the craters is stolen from a Space Engine export, and the layer of "noise" (non-height related darkening) on top is also modified from a Space Engine selena. The planet looks a bit flatter from space, but that's just a side effect of using an 8K normal map with a reasonable normal map power. (Consider that you don't really see much relief on Mars or Earth from reasonably far away) So now of course I have to redo the biome map AGAIN. But then I'll be finished with this tangent and I can give every body the atmospheres they deserve. Also I made Statmun small again. (I doubled it in 0.5, and now I'm halfing it back to the original size) And it has a good normal map too.
  6. This is quite a nice report so far! But uh... there are other planets in this system!
  7. this generally necessitates either retro-thrusters or a polar landing! It's a fun side effect.
  8. Whirligig World v0.5 Released. Moved Gememma down from 155 kAU to about 25 kAU. Lighting between the stars is much brighter. Gememma's planets appear to have two suns, while Gememma is still brighter than the full moon seen from Kaywell's planets, and Gememma is bright in the sky. Reander's texture has been recolored--Saturn's yellow because of haze which Reander's a bit too warm for. Added new moons to Reander, we now have, in a resonance chain of 1:12, 2:3, 1:2, 1:2, 1:1, and 8:4: Lito Yalthe Yokane (Smaller volcanic place) Dakkonme (Icy cracked moon) Totooa (Atmospheric Pluto) Mally (Red now) Yawer Redesigned Statmun Added SE-generated craters to Vizea, Mally, and Etrograd. Gememma's second planet, Lowel, is no longer hidden--subject to change? Tweaked orbits of some planets and moons--also subject to change. Added biomes to Mesbin. New heightmap for Adjar, new atmosphere color. Renamed Adjar to Egad. Lito has a new, somewhat chaotic heightmap and design, and a thin atmosphere. Mesbin's physical characteristics have been changed. It now rotates once every 28 minutes and is 64% the size. Mandrake and Rutherford have been rescaled and orbit Gememma, roughly coplanar with Lowel. A LOT of new tech tree changes. New cloud map for Derbin. Gememma and Kaywell have new sunspot maps. Added Yeerbor, an eccentric moon of Egad. Gave Rik a more interesting shape. New atmospheres for Tyepolbynar, Shol, and Egad. Basic biome maps for almost all bodies. Re-added timewarp altitude patch. Added science values to all new bodies. Doubled Statmun's size. Renamed Kerbin World Firsts Record Keeping Company to Mesbin World Firsts.
  9. Not quite ready for a proper release but for the brave among you:
  10. Kerbmun has air--nitrogen oxygen air. You got to quicksave and quickload when you're in mesbin orbit to fix the root explosion bug. I did know it was related to KSC altitude, never noticed it was the SAME altitude that the explosion occurs at.
  11. Mandrake and Rutherford now orbit Gememma, roughly coplanar with Lowel. It gets about as much light from Gememma as it does from Kaywell!
  12. You know it's funny, you got a fair bit of the actual W.I.P lore correct. (Including the bit shamelessly plagiarized from the WW OP ) EDIT: Hey do you want to play with a wip prerelease of the next version of the mod?
  13. I have just redesigned Mesbin's physical properties, and the rebuilt version will be available in the next update. MESBIN MASS = 3.777e24 (same as before) POLAR RADIUS = 1392609 (64% of before) EQUATORIAL RADIUS = 2367436 (64% of before) SPHERICAL DENSITY = 136 g/cm^3 (near four times greater--massive planets have a LOT of internal compression which shrinks them down) POLAR GRAVITY = 13.2 G TRUE EQUATORIAL GRAVITY = 4.58 G APPARENT EQUATORIAL GRAVITY = 1.286 ROTATION PERIOD = 1701 s (28 minutes.) The result is that getting to and from orbit is easier, Statmun orbits much lower, and escaping and getting to high orbits is more difficult. I've also been working on the technology tree. The changes are based upon both the different gameplay style, and the lore of Whirligig World, that is, starting from a society that already understands how to build vacuum-tight structures underground. I might also move many of these changes over to Tylo Space Program, as they have similar premises. The major changes so far: Aviation node merged with Aerodynamics, and therefore those parts are later in the tree. The aerodynamics section is subject to change even more... Field Science Node is now where Aviation was before. Science cost and node connections have been rearranged appropriately to fit. Changed Survivability from basic landing parts to probe cores. It's survivable because it's robots. Changed Stability icon from a winglet to the flight control icon, along with a few other icon changes. Landing node now contains the small parachute, the radial drogue chute, and the radial parachute, as well as all heat shields up to 2.5m. Unlock monopropellant and the linear RCS thruster in Stability. Both the radial decoupler and the 1.25m decoupler are unlocked in tier 2: Basic Rocketry and Engineering 101 respectively. Thermometer and Mystery Goo swap places. Barometer is unlocked earlier--and rebranded as AtMoCo surpluss cavern pressure sensors from a cave-city that lost all its air due to a tragic mistake. Added a scaled up Stayputnik clone called the Kaptunik, which is very heavy and lacks the internal antenna, BUT it does have full SAS autopilot (Prograde/Retrograde, Radial In/Out, Antinormal/Normal, Full Thrust/Cut Thrust, and Stage.) When you unlock the antenna you of course get all of that and manual control, but it's still really heavy. I may nerf it since I made the normal probe core appear earlier. It will have its own model in the future. The small ISRU parts are unlocked earlier, so you can take advantage of mining asteroids earlier on. Also, Mesbin has biomes. Though I need to investigate a problem--you can get northern science at the equator. the Reander System is now more populated. In order we have Reander, Lito, Yalthe, Yokane, Dakkonme, Totoöa, Mally (trojan), and Yawer (offscreen). Lito has been redesigned. I may show the surfaces of the moons closer to the release of this update. Gememma is now much closer to Kaywell. I added a sub-subsatellite of Didd: Diddmun. Adjar has been renamed Egad and has a better texture and a green atmosphere. And a moon! It's not finished yet though. Mally is now less extremely boring, and is now only a little boring. Statmun is cool now. I am probably going to rename it to something more like "moon mountain" or something, as it looks like a floating mountain hovering over Mesbin.