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  1. Can I assume the rule against reaction images will be revoked for this thread, as usual?
  2. A whole new world has opened up and its naME IS KERBIN, HAHAHA! That's right it's ya boi GregroxMun back at it again with the Hype Train! Full steam ahead, boiler pressure is clocking in at uh... oh my. 360 gigapascals. Fantastic, we got earth-core energies. I seriously never thought I'd take the Hype Train out again, but she's been excellently maintained and let me tell you she's ready to go. And so am I, I genuinely don't think I've ever been this hyped, and that says a lot. As before, this thread is intended to serve as an outlet for people's pure unadulterated enthusiasm and as a way to collect the special hype fluids that enable super-luminal hype travel from our passengers. Here's your ticket to ride. I never thought I'd see the day, and I thought surely if I did, I would only be disappointed. But this looks amazing. It was amazing as it was, with parts based on NovaSilisko's old models but with a new shiny coat, and a return of the launchpad. And they used the Build Fly Dream music. And THAT NUCLEAR PULSE ROCKET blew me away when I saw it, and if that wasn't enough we see a beautiful shot of Jool with... oh my god... is that? A Daedalus drive? IT IS! GOING TO OTHER STAR SYSTEMS! I can only hope that the future is bright for planet modding too. I'd love to see Whirligig World 2 and Alternis Kerbol Re-rekerjiggered!
  3. a whole new world has opened up and its naME IS KERBIN, HAHAHA! That's right it's ya boi GregroxMun back at it again with the Hype Train! Full steam ahead, boiler pressure is clocking in at uh... oh my. 360 gigapascals. Fantastic, we got earth-core energies.

  4. What? Whirligig World has a sub-submoon, and I'm not aware of any sub-submoons in OPM (Only Tal, a submoon). And I don't think OPM changes any body SOIs inappropriately. Sub-submoons don't defy the laws of physics at all if you set the system up right. Ah of course, I never set the OPM support patch to use Unique Body Identifiers. I'll add that to the to-do list.
  5. I have just fixed that bracket and the change is available at the github repository. I may wait a little longer to release the patch (until I have some more fixes or features to release) since Echo's atmosphere isn't that different from the stock model and it's easily fixed by the end user. I'd like to get scatterer working again some time, since the newest scatterer versions broke support for old configs, and the color doesn't really make sense in the new defualt lighting. @eggrobin What's this about doubling the atmospheres? "(MM 4.0.3 is throwing errors with the Principia x2 atm curves up scaling)" Atmospheres in KSP scale are 7/8ths of their real-scale value (Kerbin uses an atmosphere model based on Earth that cuts off at 80 km, but in-game it cuts off at 70 km) so the correct atmosphere height rescale should be 8/7 times that of the stock scale.
  6. The reason for the lens-shaped equator (which I think would have had a level peak big enough to build the KSC) was because of internal differentiation and the extremely dense core Mesklin would have had to have. Mesbin has an even denser core, with no mass in the mantle at all, because KSP uses a point-source approximation. So really, Mesbin should have some kind of lens shape rather than an oblate spheroid, but finding out the exact shape would require using some modelling that I don't have access to cognitively or practically. So it remains an oblate spheroid for the time being. And as a result, the ground slopes incorrectly in the middle latitudes, whereas on a real oblate spheroid, the centrifugal force and gravity produce a perfect level (aside from hills and mountains that would already be there) along the whole surface of the ellipsoid.
  7. This is so exciting! I'm really looking forward to this, since in KSP there isn't really any real experience of putting together space probes, they usually just end up looking like rocket stages with science experiments bolted on. Maybe you can support some DMagic science experiments as well as other, new experiments? And a Really Powerful Antenna would be extremely useful especially for wide-spaced planet mods like OPM and Whirligig World. Maybe even a laser comm for interstellar-scale transmission? Just a few ideas. Whatever happens, I'm sure this will be one of the first mods I install for any KSP playthrough.
  8. Oh man you've only just learned of Whirligig World? You gotta play it some time, I think it's right up your alley. And for sure Mission of Gravity is the inspiration (Whirligig World is the name of Hal Clement's essay on how he designed Mesklin). I'd love to see a Whirligig World Travelling Circus some day--the name alone is just perfect. "Hell done?" Also they're called Mesbinites (play on the bug-like "Mesklinites" from Mission of Gravity), not Merbals. Merbals are probably the folks in Laythe Space Program (Under da sea...) As for the canonical status... well it's part of post-space-program history, which means it can't fit into the lore, since that means any player who DOESN'T fly this mission will be breaking the lore . WW History "ends" with the founding of the space program, since after that, it's the player's job to worldbuild--with their own missions. So it's no more canonical than @Ultimate Steve's Conquering Whirligig series. (Well, his "Typoball" nickname for the planet Tyepolbynar did become canon...) And, well, let's just say, there is a little token of pseudo-canonicity (akin to mentioning "Typoball" in the planet description) of this mission coming in the next patch.
  9. You would have to write your own compatibility patch to make it work. (Personally I feel the art style conflicts far too much so I won't make my own patch) If you're doing it just for yourself you can edit the Outer Kerbin mod's planet configs directly. You can change the reference body to "AKR/Jool" and pick a new orbit that you like. I'd be intensely skeptical but if you could pull it off my jaw would drop. Laythe and Kerbin use transparencies in their textures which is why they appear black and white. They're actually blue and white. The alpha channel (which controls transparency) is used to regulate how shiny the textures are. You need to actually install all your mods correctly though, or I can't help you. You shouldn't have any GameData folders within GameData. EDIT: Your GameData isn't just a mess, it's completely broken. My best advice is delete everthing except Squad (and SquadExpansion) and start over. You need to look inside of folders. Sometimes you have to unzip the contents of a zip file into GameData, sometimes you have to unzip the contents of a folder in the zip file. You have to actually look at how you're installing these things. I see, for instance, BDB and BDB Extras. BDB extras is, if I recall correctly, a folder that has a GameData folder in it, meaning ITS CONTENTS go into gamedata, not the folder itself.
  10. 1) If by "luminosity" you mean just light from Kerbol, then you'll need a patch to reduce the interstellar light of the sun. On the other hand if by that you mean heat and solar panel stuff, then for now you're just straight out of luck. No fix for that yet. @Kopernicus:FOR[InterstellarConsortium] { @Body:HAS[#identifier[Squad/Sun]] { %Orbit { %color = 1,1,1,1 } @ScaledVersion { Light { sunAU = 261600000 brightnessCurve { key = 0.0000000005 0.03 0 0 key = 0.00000005 0.04 0 0 key = 0.0001 0.1 0 0 key = 0.001 0.3 0 0 key = 0.01 0.4 0 0 key = 0.1 4 0 0 key = 0.2 6 0 0 key = 0.3 10 0 0 key = 0.5 22 0 0 key = 0.65 0 0 0 } IntensityCurve { key = 0 1 0 0 key = 6.044e9 0.9 0 0 key = 2e+12 0 0 0 } IVAIntensityCurve { key = 0 1 0 0 key = 6.044e9 0.9 0 0 key = 2e+12 0 0 0 } ScaledIntensityCurve { key = 0 1 0 0 key = 1007333.33333 0.9 0 0 key = 333333333.333 0 0 0 } } } } } Add that in a .cfg file somewhere in GameData to fix the sun light intensity. 2) You can redefine the size of the "ki" kerbal-interstellar unit in the Interstellar Consortium settings file.
  11. pV4Taki.png new forum signature :) 

  12. Everything Old Is New Again The Cline-1 system is a new star system mod which will be compatible with the Interstellar Consortium. The GitHub repository can be found here: Cline-1 Cline-1 is a small planet mod for Kerbal Space Program that adds 9 bodies, all of which are repurposed from now-defunct versions of old planet mods of mine, most notably the old version of Seven Worlds of SLIPPIST-1. Bodies: Cline-1: An M1V star. Cline-1f: A small tidally locked warm planet. Modified from the old version of SLIPPIST-1's Delta. Cline-1c: A tidally locked habitable planet. Modified from the old version of SLIPPIST-1's Echo. Cline-1e: A large tidally locked icy/ocean world with some landmasses. Modified from the old version of SLIPPIST-1's Golf. Cline-1d: A tidally locked icy/ocean world with a small landmass or two. Modified from the old version of SLIPPIST-1's Foxtrot. Cline-1b: A gas giant. Currently just a modified Jool clone. Cline-1b-I: A fat Io. Modified from the old version of SLIPPIST-1's Beta. Cline-1b-II: A cool waterworld. Modified from Revamped Stock Solar System's Laythe. Cline-1b-III: A frozen iceball. Modified from the old version of WhirligigWorld's Lito. The filenames for the textures are holdovers from before I decided to give everything systematic names. I intend to change the filenames at some point. Features: ResearchBodies compatibility. Biome maps for every body. Basic atmospheric visual configuration. Planets that weren't good enough for other mods. Mostly compatible with Interstellar Consortium standards. (But not on the map yet) To-do: Get Cline-1 on the official Interstellar Consortium map. Currently it's just using an arbitrarily chosen position, but I'll need to get it on the IC map to officially release it. Some basic science definitions. Balance science multipliers. (Though, how do you do that for an interstellar destination???) There's probably some bugs and stuff that I haven't discovered in the almost zero time spent testing this. Add a texture to Cline-1b. I could find an old gas giant map from another mod, but I may go ahead and just make a new one. Why? This mod is composed of bits and pieces from mods I've officially deprecated, specifically, Revamped Stock Solar Syste, an old version of Whirligig World, and the old version of SLIPPIST-1. The reason why they were deprecated: Revamped Stock System: My views for how the stock system ought to be changed over time, and I felt that I was modifying too much of the core of the system. Still, some of the bodies were pretty nice. Laythe, in particular, despite being one of my first "original" planets, still holds up today, and since almost none of the stock Laythe map remained, I figured it'd be acceptable to reuse it. if you look carefully you can in fact see some of the same islands used on the stock Laythe. SLIPPIST-1: SLIPPIST-1 is based on the real TRAPPIST-1 system, so when we got better data about the planets of TRAPPIST-1, I had to remake all the planets from solid planets into less dense water worlds. And while this was partly good because those planets were a little dated, I still ended up with some planets that were decent, though not particularly impressive, that wasn't going anywhere. This mod originally started out just as a reorganized old-SLIPPIST-1, until I decided to add Lito and Laythe. Whirligig World's Lito: The old version of Lito was little more than various bits of procedural noise, which while it worked and looked okay, it wasn't really satisfying for the level of detail WW ended up getting, and the revamped version looks much better. Still, I always intended to reuse the original version somewhere, and I finally got the chance here. Here's an album of images of the planets, but we all know it's more fun to play interstellar mods blind! This is a fairly low priority project, but I do intend to develop it a bit more. I am not likely to add any more bodies, and if I do, they will be more bodies which were "not good enough" for other mods. Currently the Interstellar Consortium compatibility is not official--it follows the guidelines but the star is not officially a part of the map yet (though I don't anticipate any problems getting it accepted) I probably will not be supporting any visual mods, but never say never. The mod does not require Interstellar Consortium to function, only Kopernicus and its prerequisites. To install: Install Kopernicus and its prerequisites. Go to and click Source code (zip) to download Put Cline-1 in GameData. If you have a planet pack that changes the home to another system (Whirligig World or Alternis Kerbol, for instance) you will need Interstellar Consortium to be installed. (Assuming that mod is compatible with IC)