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  1. GregroxMun

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

    the central star, whatever it may be, will have an infinite SOI. the Stock Sun's soi will only be set to 0.8 if it is no longer the homeworld star. That's my understanding, but not being a dev I could be wrong (great username btw)
  2. The VAB, now open to space, proved terrific breathing for ground crews. Did I say terrific? I meant terrifying. (Requires Sigma Editor-View) Pragnik's least flattering side. WW 0.8.0 Changelog * Moved small fuel cell to Space Exploration to allow for mining if the player hasn't unlocked solar panels. * New body: Pragnik, a Trans-Mandrutherford Dwarf Planet. * Art pass for Aerious. * Art pass for Vizea. * Tidally lock Oshan to Valyr, make the atmosphere blue again. * Fixed the Tech Tree, Science Definitions, and Space Center for the Kerbmun Homeworld Patch. * Fixed Totooa's terrain color referencing a map which didn't exist. * Add a Wolfhound nerf patch because I hate that engine. It's now a service module engine matching the thrust of the Apollo SPS. (But with a somewhat higher Isp.) The Skiff is now as good as the Wolfhound was, because that makes more sense as the powerful high efficiency vacuum engine. If you don't like the patch it's easily removed, but also I will be judging you harshly. * Change orbit icons for minor and dwarf bodies, as well as Gememma and Mesbin. * New known issue: Module Manager reports 25 warnings, likely related to the Kerbmun patches, but this does not seem to interfere with the game. * Fix a science definition which had a typo. Download 0.8.0 at Spacedock: World Gememma will still flicker sometimes in 1.6.0-1, but that should be fixed with the next version of Kopernicus.
  3. No I haven't. I'll see about fixing that.
  4. I can verify that Whirligig World works mostly fine in Kopernicus 1.6.0-1. However, Gememma's sun flare has vanished! EDIT: In flight and map, it flickers horribly. Working on it. It's a real shame, because I was going to release a new update, but the Gememma flicker bug is so annoying that I will be holding off on releasing the update until it's fixed, either through Kopernicus updates or through unfortunate compromises like removing Gememma's flare entirely.
  5. The water goes down like a quarter of the way down the core of the planet! Arguably the super-boiling water is not reason for the lack of life, though it's a good reason to suspect so, but the lack of any mineral nutrients is. There's either no solid rocky surface aside from red-hot-ice, or it's so far down that there is no sunlight to power any life forms. Either way, I'd consider Imterril quite sterile. (Also, very surprised the Kerbal didn't poof, I could have sworn when I tried to EVA a kerbal he did)
  6. GregroxMun

    Tuning changes in 1.6

    Having historically accurate rocket parts suited to replicating the Apollo/Saturn V in function and appearance is a good enough reason to me, in a pack which is supposed to be a historical pack. I think the best game balanced Wolfhound would probably be around 370 s and 120 kN. Still overpowered by far for kerbal-scale apollo, but much better. Depending upon its cost and mass, it could still find a niche like that. The thrust is the most annoyingly high part of the wolfhound to me, that it literally beats an actual upper stage engine.
  7. We will have to wait for Kopernicus to be updated to 1.6. I'm going to release a small update, WW v0.7.5, shortly after Kopernicus 1.6.1-1 is released. I've never properly played with ResearchBodies because I feel like it's not quite what I want, but afaict how it works is you will slowly and randomly discover new bodies (there is easy, normal, and hard modes which determine whether most, many, or few bodies have been discovered yet, I think those are controlled in the save file settings menu) and you'll be able to target them. If you manage to fly by them without them being discovered by telescope, you'll officially discover them. Before you discover them, their orbit line and selectability will be disabled. I believe there are also space telescopes which can be used to discover planets. Easy mode starts with all planets and major moons discovered, normal mode starts with all planets discovered except around Gememma, and hard mode starts with only naked eye bodies, iirc. or you can just not zoom in on the bodies until you visit them with a spacecraft up close. A telescope mod with a functioning zoom may be a good idea in that case. The tech tree is changed properly, as outlined in the OP. Recommended mods are also in the OP. I look forward to hearing how your gameplay goes. Do consider making a mission report about it, I love reading them.
  8. GregroxMun

    Tuning changes in 1.6

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The Wolfhound and the Skiff are not balanced properly. The wolfhound represents the Apollo SPS, an AJ-10 variant. It should have a specific impulse around 310 s in vacuum, certainly no higher than 360 s. Even more, its thrust should be around 150 kN. The Wolfhound, unlike almost every other part, is at full scale compared to its original version, so 150 kN is actually enough for it. (The rest of the engines are about half scale). The Skiff meanwhile is a J-2 analogue that (when clustered five-fold) can't even lift the S-II stage with payload fully fueled. If any engine should fulfill the role of heavy, high-isp vacuum engine, it needs to be the Skiff. So yeah, the nerf to the Wolfhound is a step in the right direction, but it just isn't enough. It's still an absurdly powerful engine for what it is meant to represent, and in an historical parts pack I think that really matters. EDIT: Despite appearances, the Skiff is NOT an asl engine, it's based on the vacuum-optimized J-2 engine from the upper stages of the Saturn V.
  9. So for some reason people are downloading v0.3 a LOT on spacedock, even after that version became obsolete. Something has gone wrong somewhere. Perhaps someone posted a direct download link to the first version on Spacedock somewhere, I don't know. But if your game looks very different, if Mesbin is covered in a lot of craters, and if you're missing planets, then you have the wrong version. If YOU set up the direct link, kindly stop that behavior, both for WW and in general. The info on the Spacedock and the forum thread is important and that's super sketchy. If you downloaded post-obsolete 0.3 intentionally, let me know that, and let me know why. EDIT: i just pulled 0.3. If you must have it, PM me.
  10. GregroxMun

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.6.2 (2.1.2019)

    No need to take them down, there's enough of a difference that some people might have a preference for one over the other. Your straps are gray with colored accents, whereas mine are all blue, for example.
  11. GregroxMun

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.6.2 (2.1.2019)'s Multi Color Suit Pack 2.0 The spiritual successor to GregroxMun's Colored IVA/EVA Suits, the Multi Color Suit Pack is a stockalike set of space suit textures for TextureReplacer which adds recolored versions of the space suits which match the Veteran space suit texture. The new version also includes white variants, which use the default white and pale blue space suits as their basis. Included texture colors (with their intended class) in the default version are: Orange (Veteran) Yellow (Pilot/Engineer) Red (Engineer/Pilot) Blue (Scientist) Green (Commander) The extras folder also includes: Black (Secret Agent) Very Black (Ninja?) Grey (Cadet or Tourist) Pink (Token Female Cartoon Character?) Turqoise (Medic) White (Cadet or VIP) Green+GreenHelmet (Christmas Elf) Red+RedHelmet (Santa Claus) I included the christmas variants in this download in case I don't get around to updating Winter Kerbol for 2018. For the full-color variants, the EVA suits use the EVA gloves and boots, as my old suit pack did. Feel free to replace the eva texture with the iva texture if you don't like it. Images: Album: EVA Lineup: Yellow Blue Orange Green Red EVA Lineup 2 If there is sufficient interest, I might decide to make variants of the Orange Veteran suit with the different basic colors, since that was a feature in the old version. This texture pack shares some similarities with @Gordon Fecyk's Coloured EVA and IVA Suits for KSP 1.5, because both packs are based upon my original texture pack for pre-1.5. My main reason for updating the pack was that I didn't like the stripe colors on the helmets in his version. His version has a few other differences, and may be worth a look as an alternative. However, despite the similarities, these textures are based upon the stock textures.
  12. Oh no, you're not dead are you?