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  1. Good job catching these realism issues--almost all of these are close to bugs than intentional design decisions. With the exception of changes to Jones (I did try it, but I do not like Giant Jones and neither does Triston, its creator, plus changing a planet's diameter after a 1.0 release is kind of a no-no), and using lower densities for Gwargin's moons (50x for phe and ber rather than 100x; similar densities for Phomos and Deibos), all of these changes have now been implemented in the Github version of PJ2, to be released properly soon with some more changes and improvements.
  2. I was not under the impression that Kerbalism functioned with WW. I was told a bug to do with both reparenting homeworlds (Kerbmun homeworld) and the time display system (Mesbin homeworld) rendered it unusable, which is why I haven't implemented compatibility yet. Several planets have canon atmospheres with CO2. But there is no configuration to support Community Resources in atmospheres. It is eventually planned to fully support resource mods, but the only support so far iirc is for SpaceDust and i dont remember if that was even finished. AFAIK the atmospheres and surfaces should be devoid of any resources at all as it stands.
  3. KSP with mods has done almost all of what KSP2 will be doing at launch, though? And it generally runs better?
  4. original meaning: haha they're kerbals they're goofy and get into trouble hehehe. meaning after i saw the minimum specs: nevermind i like your interpretation better.
  5. this is the original driver of the hype train reporting in for the first time since we left the station. i have just woken up after having passed out at the footplate. If you've been wondering why the ride has been so rough and we've been getting to our destination so slowly it's because I forgot to turn off the tender handbrake. I'm truly sorry for all the development delays I have directly caused as a result of my blunder. Our speed should begin its relativistic climb soon.
  6. i had been actively working on a PJ2 update between christmas and the new year, and then I got sidetracked by making a webcomic and then getting burnt out, but i would like to get back to the PJ2 update soon. it is possible to just download the github main version and install it normally. But as it is constantly in flux (well, it's in flux when it's under active development) and unfinished, it may be more buggy.
  7. Here's my latest--a launch vehicle which is as close to the Space Shuttle as I think you can get on Armstrong. Here's the orbiter, with the Bellyflop crew return system featured in the OP of this thread to scale. Armstrong Space Transportation System -- NCC-OV1 "Enterprise" Admittedly 17 tons isn't a whole lot as far as payload goes, in fact the Dove IV launch vehicle which is derived from the Bellyflop lifter can lift almost that much. But hey. It's a bona fide shuttle! On Armstrong! As an aside, here's the Bellyflop and Dove launch vehicle family.
  8. looks like the link broke because I changed the release from 1.0 to 1.0.1 without making a new release for it. The link has been fixed.
  9. i personally do not have a problem with you posting it in both fan works and in this thread. as long as you adequately spoiler tag any spoilers.
  10. Armstrong was originally built as "Mesbin but instead of the landing difficulty being no atmosphere at all, it was not enough atmosphere," inspired by the seven minutes of hell Entry Descent and Landings of Martian spacecrafts. Remember of course that Mars has 1/10th the atmospheric pressure of Duna. Armstrong's atmosphere is a bit thicker than it needs to be to be properly analogous to a super-Mars, but it's still really thin.
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