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  1. This is badS! fantastic report, hope to see more.
  2. I sent a simple little one-way mission to the new Dermun--and stranded D'vana Kerman on the surface. Would have stranded Samanthan Kerman too, but he uh... spaghettified. Kerbals are so fragile when they collide with things at 50 meters per second. So I put together a big rescue mission which was quite fun. The most fun part was that with very minimal planning I was able to make the ship design work well enough to get the job done. After a few hiccups. Hiccup one: the total launch failure of the U.F.M. Cerritos the totally successful structural test of the uncrewed U.F.M. Rubidoux. Hiccup two: the structural failure on the U.F.M. Cerritos' first orbital insertion, and the subsequent recovery. The U.F.M. Cerritos was recovered so that a new External Tank and ISRU module and launch vehicle could be prepared for it. After the second docking port was strutted to the first on and a note was made not to activate launch engines at full throttle with the tanks emptied, the Cerritos was ready for its second launch.
  3. https://github.com/GregroxMun/Whirligig-World/releases/tag/0.13.0 Major Changes Revamp Gannovar, planet of Gememma. It now has a more unique surface, including new biomes and science definitions. Pragnik Revamp by Exo of MPE fame. New biomes are also included. New body: Dermun, a major subsatellite of Derbin. It is superficially similar to Graymun, but has a few interesting geological properties of its own. It is completely implemented with biomes, science definitions and the same mod compatibility the rest of Whirligig World has. Scatterer support improved. Physical Changes Moved Derminmus inwards to accomodate Dermun's new orbit. Change composition of Lowel's atmosphere. It had previously used an atomic gas when it should have used a diatomic gas, resulting in an unrealistic scale height and an atmosphere which should have immediately burst into flames. Minor Changes More science definitions for DMagic Orbital Science and Bluedog Design Bureau. SpaceDust compatibility improved (though still unfinished): Deuterium, Helium-3, incomplete Hydrogen definitions. New biome on 1 Wers. Add a Kronometer setting patch made by Levana with named months. Change displayname of two of Lito's biomes. Bug Fixes Fix Rutherford's Sphere of Influence. Fix for Troymin's inverseRotThresholdAltitude, fixing the SOI-egress bug. Remove stock system science definitions for Kerbin and Sun. Fix two biome colors on Graymun. Visual Changes Jancy terrain pass. Graymun texture pass. Scatterer SecondarySun compatibility for Gememma. New Scatterer lens flares for all stars. Remade all scatterer atmospheres for the recent-ish scatterer update. Planet atmospheres now have (mostly) realistic scale heights. These actually tend to look a little too tall, but that's what we get for using Kerbal Space Program's unrealistic stock scale. New scatterer atmosphere for Derbin. Fix Derbin's clouds being partially transparent from low orbit. Replace all loading screen artworks with new, original artwork.
  4. Alien Space Programs had just converted Kerbin into a planet with no PQSMods except for the colormap and a mapdecal to put the space center at the 1 atm pressure mark. Is that not how you're doing it now?
  5. There is no bugfix for this, it's unintended behavior in the stock landing gear system. Playing around with the settings for the suspension might help. I actually have a working version of WW for 1.12, I just haven't got around to releasing it yet. Due to depression, I have not been able to work on Whirligig World much lately. Mostly what's left is just minor bugfixes and mod compatibility patches and little tweaks. The first 80% of the mod was done after 20% of the time. The last 20% of the mod is taking 80% of the time. Truth be told, WW is very near a valid "1.0" state. The main system is complete and not likely to see any major changes.
  6. i can't help you unless you share more info. It goes without saying that I don't get that bug and i don't hear about it from others, so you're doing something incorrectly and to figure out what it is you're going to have to give more information. KSP logs, screenshots of your gamedata folder, etc.
  7. changelog for WW 1.4.21: Mesklinites implemented. Manipulate them into recovering your probes left on the poles. Mesbin deleted Statmun deleted Thresomin deleted Graymun deleted Kerbmun deleted Troymin deleted Derbin deleted Derminmus deleted Added Mesklin, a superjovian mass rapidly rotating planet with a thick hydrogen atmosphere and methane oceans. Rotates once every roughly five minutes. Added Toorey, the Kerbin-mass moon of Mesklin. Kerbals now pass out on the surface at 7 Gees. New contract pack: Recover Probe mission. Impossible to complete without manipulating the local population of Mesklinites. Mapping mission. Difficult to complete with conventional rockets. Explore contracts take into account local "sea level." Space Center moved to Imterril's mantle. Ferram Aerospace Fork Included: includes realistic pressurized water hydrodynamics for launching rockets. Kaywell deleted. Gememma & Limnel mass increase, they are now K-dwarfs. New star/planet: Dhrawn. We're not sure if it's a planet or a star. Its gravity is high enough you will again need to manipulate Mesklinites to do your bidding. Lowel deleted Ollym deleted escape starship deleted escape pods deleted survivors deleted you can't run away.
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