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  1. don't rope my friend back into this again! actually the next person to respond will be @Exo's Lab after all
  2. Nope. And, @AlamoVampire these days I'm a really risky move in this game. I shall have to play a risky move in turn: @Adstri will be next?
  3. It has a few important incompatibilities which I am now working on. Join the Gregrox Mods discord for more information about the WIP builds and changes.
  4. Very nice. Similar to what I was doing with Shol in this tweet thread:
  5. That Might Be a Reference? I like it. Clearly you've got your own lore (i.e, KCAS Longshot replacing the U.S.C. Manifest Destiny) so it's an alternate history, and it seems like maybe Longshot's landing was a fair bit more successful than the Manifest Destiny's, with higher technology surviving. In "canon," such as it is, it took 1600 mesbin years (around 500 earth years) to get back to space.
  6. if you've enabled the barycenter feature, it may be that Kaywell really *isn't* producing light. IIRC I set it up such that the barycenter would produce all the in-game insolation, to remove some unfortunate bugs.
  7. Jinx doesn't actually work, unfortunately. If the moon were stretched by tides, the atmosphere would follow as well, and pressure would be equalized. This should happen to Mesbin too but KSP forbids it, which is why I have put Mesbin's atmosphere in a deep basin, so it wouldn't spread out. Mesbin is very much more like Hal Clement's Mesklin. Egad, however, is vaguely inspired by Canyon/Warhead, and in the Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered planet mod, Eve is based on Plateau.
  8. Cool, I did something like this ages ago but never released it.
  9. Hi. Can you please change the name of Lowell? I have a planet already in WhirligigWorld (have done for years) called Lowel, and would prefer if there wasn't any confusion. My Lowel is actually related to the namesake of the astronomer Percival Lowell in ways which would be lite WW spoilers to reveal.
  10. New Horizons, Whirligig World w/ the Kerbmun Homeworld Patch, SnailsAttack's unreleased DPP, and certainly a few more I've forgotten. All of these use Kopernicus' PostSpawnOrbit to move the homeworld after the game loads to fight some of the game-breaking bugs resulting from reparenting planets, which I assume is where the problems arise.
  11. I HADN'T EVEN THOUGHT OF THAT! It doesn't! It shouldn't be too hard to change the localization to use They/Them pronouns but I don't think I can mix/match he/she/they pronouns randomly for when kerbals are referred to by contracts. And definitely you can't match pronouns to textures directly.
  12. Mesbin will never have a full atmosphere. If it ever becomes possible to add atmospheres to nonspherical planets, it won't be done on Mesbin, it'll have to be some other new planet. Don't get your hopes up. All of Mesbin's gameplay and lore is built around over two years of Mesbin being airless. That's not going to change. Mesbin is not that hard to land on, it's just like landing on Tylo. And if you really want an easier game you can play on Kerbmun. But honestly if you want an easy game, Whirligig World isn't for you. Interstellar Consortium is supported by WW, but I don't know the c
  13. You installed something incorrectly. Check all of your folder directories and make sure you don't have any gamedata folders within folders within gamedata, or mod folders which have version names, etc. Never install Whirligig World through CKAN.
  14. You can easily replicate the functionality of both Toy Solar System and smaller scales like N-scale (1/100th stock scale iirc) Solar System using the Sigma Dimensions mod. Just make sure you set the day length scale to exactly the square root of the rescale factor, where rescale factor = resize factor. I'm not really sure when 1.0 will be coming. I think it will be out before the end of this year. I can however promise within reasonable doubt that I won't be changing the terrain on any major bodies except MAYBE (but unlikely) the following: Mesbin (but all the infrastructure is bake
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