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  1. What's this? An Alternis Kerbol game? Fantastic! I liked the Slippist Root Beer reference. I hated the flat flags. I love the use of historical rockets. Looking forward to Apollo and exploration of Laythe and the other planets.
  2. Note: This is a patch for 0.12. Go read 0.12's changelog and 0.12.1's changelog Remove ability to rescale terrain on minor moons using Sigma Dimensions. Attempt to fix scienceValues configuration for homeworld-swap-specific settings.
  3. 0.12.1 Valyr Value Note: This is a patch for 0.12. Go read 0.12's changelog! Main changes: Valyr has been neglected for too long. I mean who would want to visit it, right? Flat islands on a massive planet? No thank you. BUT NO MORE. Valyr's terrain has been significantly revamped, and now has more interesting and varied biomes for you to visit, each based upon one of the regions of Chris Wayan's planet Lyr. Now Valyr is a cool and interesting place to visit! And I dare you to return from it! Asteroids now have their ore reserves cut one hundredfold. They've still got an enormous amount of ore because they're so huge, but now their ore mass is no longer such a huge part of their total mass. Also you know how in 0.11 I changed all the science multipliers? Turns out they never got applied in-game. Also a bunch of other weird and unpredictable behavior was happening with the homeworld swap configs, but NO MORE! Also no more module manager warnings. With that out of the way, here's the full changelog: Add much more interesting and rewarding terrain noise and some hand-drawn features to Valyr. Add brand new biome map and 17 biomes to Valyr. New terrain material shader for Valyr Cut ore mass one hundredfold on asteroids. Metallic asteroids can now reach 10x rather than 5x the stock sizes. Adjusted CRP Asteroid resources. Fix low altitude terrain materials being very very dark on Kerbmun. Remove Kaywell_A Science defs as they were overwriting other science definitions, presumably due to the absence of Kaywell A by default. Fix Dakkon's name in a few science definitions that were causing overwriting problems. Rewrite many MysteryGoo definitions. Actually apply ScienceValues modifiers in-game. Fix biome map ambiguity for Kerbmun, Derbin, Mesbin, Gannovar, Yeerbor, Jifgif, Aerious, Yalthe, Mally, Lowel, Rutherford, and Jancy. Change displayName of Shol's nearside clouds to say near and not far. Change ModuleManager configs to fix some warnings and make science definitions work properly.
  4. So yes, but it's also a matter of making sure all the relevant files are remembered to be opened and that auto-renaming something like "Mally," for instance, doesn't also rename "Normally." Nope. Lots of 1.8.1-specific changes. Tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern Daylight Time (7:00 PM UTC) @Shamash and I will be doing a release livestream as usual (though a few days late) on his Twitch Channel.
  5. What's on the Limb of Kaywell? It's Limnel! Kaywell was too big for its brightness so it needed some help from an early-M Red Dwarf to keep its planets in line as we lowered its mass. New Features: Update to be compatible with Kopernicus 1.8.1-1. Remove support for Kopernicus Expansions. Limnel, new star in close binary orbit with Kaywell. Kaywell-A is less massive, but the combined mass and luminosity of Kaywell-A and Limnel equals that of the old Kaywell. Setting patch in settings.cfg to turn Limnel and Kaywell into a binary. By default, Kaywell-A remains at the barycenter. New terrain for Mesbin, including tectonic rifts and different noise mods. Entirely new terrain for Yalthe and Yokane, supporting HazardousBody features. Entirely new terrain for Mally by SnailsAttack (I couldn't be bothered) Raise surface gravity of Mandrake & Rutherford's little moons. Three new flags: KaywellLimnelFlag, Amerikerbmun and Trans Kerbmun. Support for some of Bluedog Design Bureau's science definitions. Better cloud maps in EVE for many planets. Fix broken SOI transitions on tiny/close-in minor worlds throughout the system, including Statmun. Rewritten Mystery Goo science reports to be a biological sample exposure experiment. Fix the vacuum engines patch. New biome map for Yeerbor. Raise Mesbin's KSC and its foundation up by 400 meters. Remove biome mask modification from BG deployable experiments. Fix dependency on Kopernicus Expansions Fix broken and/or weird terrain material settings on many planets using the new 1.8.1 shaders. Fix weird KSC foundations color with 1.8.1 shaders. Replace Kopernicus Expansions EmissiveFX with EVE CityLights. Unfortunately for Yalthe and Yokane you must tab over to those moons in the tracking station, open up the EVE menu, select the CityLights config manager, and hit "apply," for the lights to show up in scaledspace.
  6. I know your intention wasn't to be rude, and I appreciate you explicitly saying it wasn't, but for a balanced critique you should really try to focus just as much on positive stuff as the negative. With that out of the way, a response: First of all: I'm not changing any planet names. Jifgif: that's the joke, in fact the description for this moon points out that astronomers got caught up in debates/brawls about the correct pronunciation. The name is also a pun that I will not spoil. Etrograd: Well it is a retrograde moon, after all. Mesbinites don't have much mythology of their own to take names from, sometimes they just say what they see. The consistent terminology of the Mesbin system's moons is very much intentional, reflecting a very serious and descriptive take at naming these worlds. The etymology of Thresomin and Troymin are right there! Lito and Yalthe are both scrambled up Tylo and Laythe. Reander is Meander with an R. This is a holdover from when the mod was very young and Lito and Yalthe were more analogous to Tylo and Laythe. Tyepolbynar is literally my favorite name in the entire mod. But you're not the first person to suggest it sucks. The description of the planet alludes to Mesbinites having a tough time with the name and suggests the alternative nickname Typoball. But Tyepolbynar will always be the official name. Yawer does yaw. In-universe the description suggests there's a conlang in which the word Yawer means "blinker," which it does. Again, it should be very obvious at this point that the frank naming conventions of many of these worlds is a stylistic choice. Lowel was absolutely named after Lowell. Lowel as a planet name actually dates back to before Whirligig World was first imagined. All the astrophotos suck and will be remade when 1.0 comes out. The bloom effect doesn't look good. Statmun's angular size from the space center is comparable to that of the Moon. This photo clearly does not represent the best photos of Statmun, but something taken with a powerful zoom on a camera. If I showed Statmun in too much detail then the impetus to visit it would be gone! It's actually not really trivial to rename a planet, so late in the development process. I have to make sure every single config file that references the planet is changed, and there's a lot. Not just the planet config, but any planets orbiting it, the description files, the science definitions, mod support files, all the texture filenames. Unless there's a really good reason (like if a name is offensive or sounds just really bad to me, or I come up with a much better name) then it's hard to justify the tedium and risk of accident involved.
  7. Kopernicus Expansions is not supported by KSP 1.8.1 and Kopernicus 1.8.1-1. I'm currently working on an update to Whirligig World. After that I may tackle SLIPPIST-1 again. That's a real cool skybox. Can you make one that looks a bit more realistic? Make the galactic plane much much dimmer/subtler and keep all the stars bright, and without any labels? I think it's really cool that you're able to do that, maybe I can have you make a special skybox for Whirligig World sometime. It's not a real system, but I know where it lies in relation to the Kerbol system, and as of now the Kerbol system uses all real stars.
  8. Whirligig World has been unplayable in the new version for too long! This week I hope to release a 1.8.1 and 1.7.3 compatible version of Whirligig World. Unfortunately the 1.8.1 compatible version won't have the following features: EmissiveFX (glowing lava) for Yalthe's lava lakes. New fancy terrain shaders on Mesbin.
  9. @AloE Scatterer changed how its scaledspace rendering of atmospheres works in a recentish update, which is why the configs no longer make sense. Scatterer also now takes into account starlight color, which is another thing that will need to be changed if the scatterer configs would be updated.
  10. unfortunately no, I haven't set up the configs for those. I love your cinematics by the way! Great work, I especially like the poem in the beginning of the second video! I don't check the forums so often these days, but if you want to get real-time responses to any questions you might have, you can come to my Gregrox Mods discord server linked in my signature.
  11. Kopernicus has been updated! Time for much rejoicing, right? Wrong! Whirligig World requires Kopernicus Expansions: Regional PQS and EmissiveFX. These mods are not updated for 1.8.1 and will not work as is. Also SnailsAttack just remade Mally for me because I couldn't be bothered. Not gonna show y'all any pics because that'd spoil it, but it looks a lot cooler than it did before.
  12. When I release Limnel, sure. It's already added to the readme's object list. Worldligreg Worm isn't dead, y'all, don't worry. Here's a new planet called Troymun, which will be a new trojan of Kerbmun. i'm really proud of it fits in really well with all the other planets in the mod, from a realistic and stylization standpoint Think it's real good, right? WELL YOU'VE BEEN FOOLED! TRICKED! BAMBOOZLED! This isn't Troymun, this is Themis, from my friend @SnailsAttack's Dauntless Planet Pack. This was a sneaky advertisement this whole time! Similar to Whirligig World's Kerbmun Homeworld option, Dauntless Planet Pack puts the space center on an Earth-like homeworld orbiting a super-earth called Orpheus. Except this isn't just a binary--it's a ternary, since the homeworld Eurydice has a trojan moon called Themis. I've been following Snails' planet pack development for the past over a year now, and have long been impressed by the exaggerated and stylized terrain forms he's come up with. It's a far cry from the attempted pseudo-realism of Whirligig World, but it sure looks cool. Snails actually beat me to the idea of putting a red dwarf in a close orbit around the Sun (As Limnel is in the upcoming Whirligig World). His M dwarf looks great, I gotta say. You can follow the development of Snails' Dauntless Planet Pack by going to my Gregrox Mods Discord Channel, which there are links to in my signature and in the OP of this forum thread. You can also see updates about Whirligig World.