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  1. Correct. We plan on implementing scatterer support for the other atmospheric bodies which do not yet have them, complete biome maps for all planets, and possibly science definitions. I'd also like to make a few sun intensity curve models to be switched between in the SETTINGS.cfg. Seeing the light dim as Diredul reaches apoapsis might be very cool. But I don't want anything to be too bright or too dim, either. Some of the developers have left their work finished as-is and aren't interested in doing further work on WWPJ, so the science definitions will have to be split between those of us who are still involved in polishing and maintenance. The biggest incomplete aspect right now is Windswept, which was never finished before the deadline, since Adstri had an emergency. There's a large square which covers most of a hemisphere which is finished, and beautifully detailed at that, but the rest of the planet is at a low resolution. Our solution for this was to cover it in a global dust storm map in scaledspace which is slightly transparent over where the terrain is finished, so you know which region to land in. I added a biome map which also indicates the finished vs unfinished region. One day we'd like to finish Windswept and perhaps get rid of the dust storm obscuring everything. Windswept being unfinished is the main reason the initial release is called 0.7 and not 1.0--but it's the only body likely to be changed significantly. you could upload these screenshots to imgur rather than filling up a deviantart account with them. KEX needs to be all in one folder called KopernicusExpansion. Delete the KEX files and reinstall that mod. Just install all of the plugin files rather than picking just the ones that are listed as dependencies. Also, and this won't help the game work better, but consider getting EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements-redux, which WWPJ supports shadow-casting for. there's a few locations for which this looks really spectacular.
  2. The old KEX doesn't work. that's why there's a new KEX. Unless VabienArt wants to put their version of KEX onto CKAN in its current state, WWPJ should be removed from CKAN. Do you have ModuleManager? Is there an error message when you start the game and reach the kerbin main menu? That error message contains instructions for how to get support from planet pack developers. Did you install Week World Planet Jam such that files that are supposed to be in GameData are actually in GameData/WeekWorldPlanetJam/GameData?c (i.e., if you just unzipped the contents of the zip file) More info is needed.
  3. It's been great helping to administrate this planetjam. Wolf-Rayet (Exo's Lab) initially roped me into the project to make the system layout, but because i had no planet of my own I was free to help the other contributors and to see their progress report over the course of the week. It made the end-of-week reveal that much more rewarding for me. In particular seeing Techo's (mrpasta44's) progress developing his very first planets has been spectacular. In the span of one week he's come a long way. Rushing to get a functional integrated build during the final day of the planetjam did at least give me a taste of the rushed pace the rest of the contributors dealt with.
  4. Current version: v0.7 Download at GitHub: https://github.com/GregroxMun/WeekWorldPlanetJam/releases/ Download at SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3124/Week World Planet Jam If you want to discuss our work and more, check out my Discord. Week World Planet Jam A collaboration between ten planet modders to create a Kerbal Space Program planet mod within the span of one week. On 2022 August 14, at the behest of Techo, ten planet builders on the Gregrox Mods discord server came together to build a solar system together within one week, in an event called the Week World Planet Jam. We present the results of this collaboration here. The Sauwel system contains 9 planetary systems comprising 30 celestial bodies. Aside from a few initial conditions, each contributor created their planet blind, with no spoilers or hints about the other contributors' work. The system is therefore an interesting mix of different styles of planet design, resulting in a system where every planet is something of a unique oddball. The mod is released as of September 22nd, 1 month after the "deadline" version, and includes a few tweaks, art passes, compatibility patches, and bug fixes. Mod dependencies: Kopernicus (and its dependencies) https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases KopernicusExpansions-Continueder https://github.com/VabienArt/KopernicusExpansion-Continueder/releases/ Specifically KEX-Common, KEX-RegionalPQS and KEX-VertexHeightMap16 SciRev/Scientific Revolution (bundled with WWPJ, MIT License) TextureReplacer (bundled with WWPJ, MIT License) Mod Support: Scatterer: scatterer atmospheres are present on Elaan, Askilos, Asite Par, Reticulum, Caen, Mindo, Ildebra, and Noir. Atmospheres for remaining planets are pending. Environmental Visual Enhancements: Only supports shadow casting, no clouds. Install plugin only; do not install additional configs/visual packs. Kronometer: Several custom clocks are included, with instructions on how to change them in the SETTINGS.cfg file. Credits: Luna Gregoria (GregroxMun) - The central star Sauwel, layout of system orbits and masses, Scatterer sun lens flare, cloud map for planet d, project lead. WarriorSabe - Planet b (2 objects), Scatterer sun lens flare. Wolf Rayet (Exo's Lab) - Planet c (8 objects), cloud map for planet d, project lead. Adstri - Planet d (1 object), polar ice caps on planet e. Techo - Planet e (3 objects), project lead. Marshall (Myth) - Planet f (3 objects). Caps Lock - Planet g (3 objects). Tholin - Planet h (6 objects). CIOCIA (Cloverdove) - Planet i (1 object). Jo (JoQueebious) - Planet j (2 objects). The Homeworld and the Kerbals who Inhabit it The interstellar starship U.S.C. Optimism intended to settle Sauwel d, only to find it a bone-dry windswept desert poor in elements vital for Kerbal biochemistry. A new homeworld had to be chosen. Elaan, Caen, and Asite Par were voted on by the crew. No one wanted to land deep in the gravity well of volcanic hothouse Elaan, but cold Caen and warm Asite Par nearly tied, with Asite Par winning by just six votes as it had much more oxygen. Asite Par was chosen as the homeworld. It has 0.7 atmospheres of pressure, 0.68 G gravity at sea level, 0.432 Earth masses (Kerbal-scale), and a 507km radius. It's also hot, getting more illumination from Sauwel than Earth gets from the Sun, with daytime temperatures climbing over 100 degrees fahrenheit. It is kept cool enough to support water and life by high-altitude reflective dust. But Asite Par's life has had millions or even billions of years to adapt to these temperatures, and it's also nowhere near the boiling point of water. A nasty strain of the purple lichen-like material coating the wetter regions of Asite Par had evolved to metabolize Kerbin biochemistry, and soon became a blight on Kerbal crops that was difficult to control. Even worse was the variant which attacked the algal symbionts which give Kerbals their green color. These parasitic fungus-like infections would result in death if not treated. Eventually doctors found that infected patients could endure much higher temperatures, and they could metabolize the opposite chirality sugars and other biochemicals of native Asite Par life, at least until they died. Instead, they set to work coming up with a genetically modified variant of the parasite which could entirely replace the symbiotic algae in Kerbals. This version would be stable, non-infectious, and would defend against the original parasitic strain. Eventually, the benefits of the treatment for inhabitation on Asite Par would be studied and recognized, and many began getting the treatment done intentionally, and have the procedure done to their kids from hatching. Now, most Kerbals on Asite Par are purple, and those that aren't mostly live around the polar regions to escape the worst of the heat. Purple Kerbals are called Parbals, which is, depending upon who you ask, a portmanteau of "Purple Kerbal," "(Asite-)Par Kerbal," or "Parsite Kerbal." System layout: Science/Career Compatibility Astrophotos Simulated views through telescopes of each of the planets, just enough to give you a hint of what they look like, without spoiling them entirely. Screenshots These may contain spoilers and may show inaccuracies since they were taken over the course of development. [pending] License Please provide attribution both to Week World Planet Jam, and to the modder whose work you are using. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  5. I can't get the latest version to work using Google Sheets. Something is going wrong; even with iterative calculation enabled there are div/0 errors everywhere and the config doesn't end up getting generated. I don't have access to Microsoft Excel. Is there a known way to get it to work with Google Sheets or am I going to have to find a way to use it with Excel?
  6. here is the delta-v map. Mesbin's low orbit velocity, non-rotating frame, is comparable to RSS-scale Saturn. Delta-v in orbit is high. Luckily Mesbin has a volatile-rich diffuse ring and two volatile-rich minor moons to stage refueling infrastructure from.
  7. ------ Chapter 2: In Dessert. Chapter 3: Hopper-9 Outer Space Ventures looks to the Mun: .Chapter 4: Hopper-10 & 11. Tech Tree Unlocks: Chapter 5: Hopper-11, 12, 13; Groundskeeper, Automaton 1 & 2. Chapter 6: Mystery 1 & 2
  8. Outer Space Ventures - A Very Small Career. Somewhere in a little pocket universe, there is a little pocket universe, and in that pocket universe's pocket universe, there's a little blue planet, and on that blue planet are a people who, like all peoples who can see the night sky, dream of traveling beyond it. Prologue - The Scapegoat Prologue 2 Chapter 1 - Hopper flights 1 through 8. (You know. Basic Flea Stuff.) GAME SETTINGS MODLIST This is a career mode game that I've been posting in the mission reports section of my Discord server. My server has a long-standing tradition of fairly narrative-heavy mission reports, both with the stock solar system and with planet mods. So I figured, you know what would be funny? And then I started playing this game. The contents of this first post were originally posted on 2022 June 15.
  9. KSP1's asteroids and comets are not large or massive enough to have gravity that would matter from a gameplay perspective, even accounting for the notion that KSP's gravitational constant could be super high and its planetary densities more like real planets, and asteroids and comets which ARE large enough wouldn't be movable by crafts buildable in KSP1...although KSP2 includes vastly more powerful rockets, which does mean there is a potential overlap between the kinds of planets which you would be able to move and the kinds of planets which could have a measurable gravitational influence. (Personally, I think there's a pretty big gap in KSP between the movable "part" asteroids and celestial objects no larger than Gilly. KSP1's terrain system makes it difficult to have tiny celestial body asteroids because its level of detail system freaks out as you increase distance, and because the near clipping plane for the scaledspace camera prevents you from seeing scaledspace objects which are too close. KSP1's physics (and art) makes it difficult to have huge part asteroids; the enormous and realistically dense ones in Whirligig World tend to get buggy when you interact with them. I just wish KSP had analogues of major and interesting Main Belt Asteroids, Kuiper Belt Objects, and Minor Moons!) Still though, even if you added gravity (a simple newtonian force calculation, perhaps), it seems unlikely that that could work in timewarp, since iirc KSP2 will still have patched conics gravity. If it is possible to do it in timewarp (since i believe rocket power will be usable at timewarp?), it has the advantage that you might could do realistic things like gravity tractors for asteroid movement, but that seems like it'd be really difficult to pull off unless the game specifically gave you the tools to help you do it.
  10. interesting report. i'll be interested to see how this goes.
  11. This is badS! fantastic report, hope to see more.
  12. I sent a simple little one-way mission to the new Dermun--and stranded D'vana Kerman on the surface. Would have stranded Samanthan Kerman too, but he uh... spaghettified. Kerbals are so fragile when they collide with things at 50 meters per second. So I put together a big rescue mission which was quite fun. The most fun part was that with very minimal planning I was able to make the ship design work well enough to get the job done. After a few hiccups. Hiccup one: the total launch failure of the U.F.M. Cerritos the totally successful structural test of the uncrewed U.F.M. Rubidoux. Hiccup two: the structural failure on the U.F.M. Cerritos' first orbital insertion, and the subsequent recovery. The U.F.M. Cerritos was recovered so that a new External Tank and ISRU module and launch vehicle could be prepared for it. After the second docking port was strutted to the first on and a note was made not to activate launch engines at full throttle with the tanks emptied, the Cerritos was ready for its second launch.
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