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[1.3.1] Imperial Planet Pack v0.6 [Alpha]

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9 hours ago, steelthunder said:

the download from Spacedock did not contain any readme files

ah, i must've forgotten to include the readme in this download...sorry

well, what you need to do to install is extract everything from the downloads folder into gamedata (as you did), but download kopernicus and EVE separately, and download scatterer but delete the 'config' folder. Delete the boulderco file from EVE before installing. (also send me log files + a screenshot of your gamedata folder)

edit: install modulemanager too if you havent already

edit no 2: this is what a functional gamedata looks like- green is bundled, yellow is separate DL but still needed, and red is ignore



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Due to the testing of @JadeOfMaar, a number of issues with planets have been realised: space-to-surface transitions, at least on Insula and Nova, are flawed, and possibly other bodies; Insula has a weird pressure curve; and a variety of bodies have weirdly coloured atmospheres from the surface due to some weird things with atmospheric colouring. The next update will fix all this (hopefully anyway) or at least begin to work on them (I've not had too much time to actually test them myself, so I'd not noticed these issues till now). If you experience these, hold on tight because fixes are coming soon :)

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A variety of new problems have been discovered with the mod, including:

1) DDS textures being very pixelised and low-resolution

2) atmospheric colouration without scatterer having a weird bar thing sometimes

3) pressure curves that are messed up for no apparent reason on some of my planets

4) disappearing oceans

5) colour maps that show an incorrect boundary between where ocean and land should be

6) textures that randomly unload for no apparent reason, leaving behind only a white ball


Soooo most of these are either annoying to fix or have no reason to exist at all...which means that the next version is pretty far off. These also have decreased my motivation/morale for working on the mod, which isn't helping, along with some of my textures disappearing into nothingness somehow.

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If there's still anyone following this mostly-dead thread for whatever reason, take note:

I am discontinuing IPP, since first of all it's been a long, long time since I last worked on it.

Second of all, the unfinished 0.7 version was...a bit screwed up. Massive, for one thing. If I were to finish it, it would certainly be the most significant update I'd have ever released. Except for one issue: it simply did not work as intended, primarily as a result of atmospheric issues, terrain loading, etc.

And third of all, the scope of IPP was simply too expansive. I had plans to make the mod far larger than it already was, and the unfinished v0.7 pushed 825 Mb. That's a lot more than most equivalently sized planet packs. I simply have neither the skill nor the time to complete such a project.

Which brings me to my fourth point: time. Rather than spend a massive amount of time working on this mod, I'll start work on something smaller. (it'll be a bit before I can post anything more about it on the forums :wink:)

Note: While this mod is no longer on Spacedock and is no longer being worked on, I would like this thread to not be deleted or closed. It's possible that someone will want to pick it up later, so I want them to be able to easily contact me through this thread if this should happen.

For any prospective adopters: tell me if you're interested, and then I'll fill you in on relevant data.


Until next time, cheers.

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