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KSP Challenge: " Visiting Duna and Ike"

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Hello everyone, 

Check out the amazing and creative entries of  the last challenge!

This week we have another theme for you: " Visiting Duna and Ike"

The challenge will be to visit at least one of the locations shown below:


Highest Point on the surface

Poles (one of them)


Highest Point on the surface

Any of the craters

Polar mountain or canyon


Mission should be:


-Without cheats (i think you know which i am talking about)

-Should carry one or multiple rover(s) and and only one lander

-Plant flags and take the coolest screenshot they can



-Drive 5 kilometers in total

-Copy the ALPINE mission

***  Any mods except the unbalanced ones are allowed ***


Thanks to @cratercracker for making this challenge happen! 

Share your screenshots, videos or images. We want you to have fun and share it with the whole community!



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Nice! This looks like a good opportunity for some leisure KSP gaming and keep me away from the tedium of my RSS install. 

Good thing you let us use mods, I couldn’t do this without ScanSat

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1 hour ago, Darth Badie said:

***  Any mods except the unbalanced ones are allowed ***

USI Warp Drives could be considered balanced.... RoverDude made it that way

1 hour ago, Darth Badie said:

Poles (one of them)

I think I'll try this one.

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I'll give it another shot...  any bonus points for doing Ike and Duna, and then returning to the KSC?

Don't see landing my plane on a mountain doable though... will have to drive there.

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Well, I so far have never landed on Duna and returned to Kerbin, (I've done 3 missions, and have not yet achieved the latter. Well, there was that one time with the SSTO...).

If i'm going to do this, I might as well as overdo it...

I'm gonna' make a Duna mothership.


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32 minutes ago, Cassel said:

Is there some kind of hidden challenge in here? Or it is just visit A and B?

I think it's actually A or B, with the challenge being visit highest point (mountain), lowest point (crater), or one of the poles. 

If I read it correctly, you do have to bring a rover, and "extra" challenge for driving it 5km and/or doing the Alpine mission.  Also, there can only be one lander, so your lander (whatever form it may take) needs to contain the rover.  Additionally, there seems to be no "Return to Kerbin" requirement, nor a requirement to visit both Duna and Ike.

At least this is how I read it...   I may add for my own extra challenge, return to Kerbin and land at the KSC.

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@The Dunatian@Terwin

I noticed the single white spot on the Ike topo-map, so the highest point seems obvious.  ...lowest point seems pretty obvious too.

The topo-map for Duna was a little trickier...  I'm maybe leaning toward one of the pink spots on a mountain range near the North Pole.  Lowest point for Duna looks to be a guess for which equatorial crater/crevace you'd most like to visit.  I see a nice round one that looks promising.  

Duna Topo-Map



If the highest/lowest points aren't definitively a given, some exploration and screenshots of flags at various high/low altitudes may be a fun competitive element. 

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18 minutes ago, XLjedi said:

...and there appears to be no requirement to actually depart from the KSC; correct?

Idea being an orbital mother ship is delivering the lander/rover and it's already in orbit somewhere.


Except if it is already at Duna.

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Mission: climb the Olympus Kermons. Propably the highest point on Duna.

  • general condition: Pics, or it didn´t happen!


Launch, obviously.fh8xnFv.jpg

Separation and preparing vessel for "trans-dunian injection" maneuver.arXaTNK.jpg

105 days and finally! Duna!hIzg26a.jpg

Aerocapture maneuver, altitude set to 30km. Well, still a bit high.ZK6oMm9.jpg

Heatshield fairings decoupled. Starting our descent.5wnB58f.jpg

Landing map with marked target destination.lxq2Yc1.jpg

Landing capsule separation.YYIC8n5.jpg

Capsule descent.Mt5vvUE.jpg

Parachutes opens 5000m above surface.hD44yfe.jpg

Landed! Finally! Note Ike above the horizon :)Yzsrj21.jpg

Time for little snack, before starting the hike.iwI9YWK.jpg

Collecting science while climbing up is a matter of course.drC930a.jpg

Mountain peak reached at 7226m! Read the plaque. Olympus Kermons, highest climbed peak on Duna, believed to be the highest overall.72dvsFi.jpg


..... few moments later ... Anybody solved our way back home already? :o

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