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How did you pick your username?

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First letter of my name + first letter of my middle last name + first letter of the final surname.


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my favorite Pokémon + my favorite Star Trek character


mikusingularity = miku (future) + sing + (technological) singularity.

(I originally named my YouTube channel "piplupsingularity" after Google's 2009 April Fool's joke involving an panda-themed AI called "cadiesingularity")

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carry over from the freespace community. which was a carry over from an even older and longer (now truncated) screen name i used to use in the doom/descent/quake days. these days i tend to go by lord nothing, but only on accounts newer than the ksp forum (like mwo). using something as simple as nuke nowadays is rather troublesome because someone always grabs nuke pretty quick. 

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I got mine from inspiration to going to a doctors office for a checkup. There we go today. Doctor kerbal. 

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