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1 hour ago, Anth12 said:

bug fixing DLC

I agree with what you’re saying and appreciate that others are using the bug tracker, but charging extra to fix existing bugs would annoy a lot of people.

I hope that BG will be successful enough for @SQUAD to add some staff to allow them to seriously work through the backlog, or at least clear out outdated issues.

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On 6/12/2019 at 3:06 AM, Anth12 said:

They dont seem to be listening anymore.


Thank you very much for sharing your feelings about the game. The KSP crew is always working hard on fixing bugs and improving the performance of the game and we try to include as many fixes as we can with every update and patch we release. For example, in our last patch (1.7.2) we included 70 bug fixes between the base game and the latest expansion.

Currently we have put more resources on QA than ever before and the team is continuously working to identify problems that could affect the experience in the game and solve them as swiftly as possible. Sometimes a few issues might go under our radar and there is where our bugtracker plays an important role and that’s how you can help us identify and prioritize bugs and issues.

Thank you for raising your concerns. We appreciate your enthusiasm and your passion for KSP, and hope we have given you some peace of mind. :)

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On 6/6/2019 at 1:27 PM, Nightside said:

what happens to bugs reported in previous game versions that are not resolved? Do they need to be resubmitted?

A significant fraction of recently-fixed bugs were reported more than one version ago, so it does not seem that we need to resubmit. 
Some bugs get updating comments "still present in version x" (example) but that does not seem to be required (example).

Private Division seem to be going through the list over the last two weeks, trying to reproduce old bugs.  Some, they report as 'Resolved' and 'Closed' and the original poster comments to say they are not correct.  Maybe they are fixed with the forthcoming 1.7.3, or maybe we will need to resubmit those.

It is helpful when @SQUAD cites the change-log entry, or other similarly brief explanation, that gives the reason to mark a bug 'ready to test'.  Some  of the 'not fixed' bugs have the bug reporters saying "nothing changed' what am I missing?"

If anyone prioritizes by upvotes the sorting is maybe a little stale.  Bugs that were fresh when this announcement was made are still high on the list, so several involving Making History (M.H.) .  Some recently-appearing bugs are more important, and maybe easier to fix while the changes are fresh. 


20745  +29 Request: consistent mating diameter for 1.25m Parts
18108  +28 Landed craft (in vicinity of Island Runway) re-load far above ground
17984  +25 Joysticks not recognized under Linux
19376  +22 M.H. Structural Tubes missing config, causing drag
17912  +21 Request: unlock Personal Parachutes with a Building Upgrade
19427  +20 Landing-gear suspension oscillates forever
21278  +19 Request: switch to high-res mipmaps earlier when we zoom-in
20762  +18 M.H. Triangular Panels do not place in mirror symmetry
20346  +17 Using editor for extended periods results in performance drop
20268  +16 M.H. Round KV- pods have very high drag
19232  +15 Wheel-suspension retracts when same-craft parts are too close 
21006  +15 Request: "Warp to maneuver" button available in flight-view
20683  +15 Revamped engiens have drag unrelated to their visible shape
20423  +14 Mk2 Fuselage textures flip when the need not flip
18126  +14 M.H. Structural Tubes don't shield objects inside of them
19231  +13 Wheels too grippy (maybe resolved; 22147 says wheels to slippy)
13101  +13 Flickering orbit lines in Tracking Station
20840  +13 Revamped rocket motors have incorrect Centres of Mass
18289  +12 Landing gear bump on relaod or ending time-warp
19597  +12 EVA Kerbals can become unresponsive on console
21314  +12 Request: 1.25m Engine Plate
21915  +11 Interstage fairings now hold on to decoupled parts
20266  +11 M.H. Drag on parts node-attached to Structural Tubes (duplicate)
20513  +10 SAS orients control-point-part to point from *root* part to target

I up-voted the new inter-stage fairing bug for this reason; there are probably others that deserve more attention.

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