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[1.6.1] Behemoth Aerospace Engineering Large Parts v1.6.1


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NOTICE: With permission from Greystork I am now updating this mod. Can a mod / Admin could update the mod index please.



Behemoth Aerospace Engineering

Large Parts Pack


Download from SpaceDock



This parts pack contains engines, tanks, and other part categories in three sizes that do not exist in stock KSP, namely 5m, 7.5m, and 10m. Parts are color-coded according to the universal electronic color code, simply because the author is an old RDAF radar technician. Hence, size4 (5m) is yellow, size5 (7.5m) is green, and size6 (10m) is blue.

Engines are kept at reasonable thrust figures and are thus not overpowered compared to the thrust/size curve of stock parts. The same goes for reaction wheels. Big spaceships are going to be sluggish, as one would expect.

This parts pack contains config snippets from the Community Tech Tree by Chris Adderley.

NOTE: As of version v1.3.5, BAE no longer includes the Firespitter plugin, but supports both it and Interstellar Fuel Switch. Either must be installed to enable multi-fuel tanks. In addition, Cross Feed Enabler is required to enable cross feed to radially attached 'Predator' tanks.

Recommended mods:



Change Log

# Updated supported KSP version in AVC version file
# Changed version number to be more inline with KSP version number

± Fixed engine heat animations
± Updated test subjects to new format.
± 'Predator' tanks now support ModuleCrossFeed.
± Multi fuel tanks now default to LiquidFuel/Oxidizer if neither InterstellarFuelSwitch nor Firespitter is installed.

± KSP 1.0.5 compatibility upgrade

+ Added scaled flag in /Agencies to fix problems with Texture Replacer mod.

± Converted flag decal to PNG to fix problems with Texture Replacer mod.

± Fixed visual bug with solar panel arrays.

± Replaced Firespitter plugin with newer version.
+ Added parachutes.
+ Added bi-, tri-, and quad-couplers.
+ Added docking ports.
+ Added solar panels.
± Adjusted drag for all things red and/or checkered.

± Adjusted procedural fairing parameters to better reflect KSP 1.0.4 fairing values.
± Adjusted thermals and drag for SRB nose cones to better reflect KSP 1.0.4 nose cone values.
± Adjusted drag for radial tanks and nose tanks.

± Fixed KSP version number in version file.

- Deleted Firespitter version file.
± Adjusted engine heatProduction to better reflect KSP 1.0.3 engine values.
± Adjusted SRB thrust and Isp to better reflect KSP 1.0.3 SRB values.
± Adjusted heat shield maxTemp, etc., to better reflect KSP 1.0.3 heat shield values.
± Fixed landing leg piston retraction

+ Added 8m landing legs.
+ Added modular solid rocket boosters.
+ Added resource ModularSolidFuel, allowing for modular SRBs.
+ Added large radial decoupler.
+ Added ablative heat shields.
± Fixed A1 & A2 engine strut normals.
± Fixed A2 engine texture.
± Fixed agency logo loading error.
± Moved nose tanks to correct tech tree locations.

+ Added procedural fairings.
+ Added nose cone tanks.
± Fixed Ajax engine cost.

± Fixed engine overheat problem.

± Tweaked engine ISP curves to better reflect realistic payload capabilities.

± Converted all textures to DDE, so they will load faster.
± Corrected location of version file, so it will actually work.






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I have just asked @greystork and @Comwarrior for permission to adopt this mod. 

now to test the superstition about saying names three times.... @greystork @greystork ... @Comwarrior@Comwarrior

here is the adoption letter / notice.

14 minutes ago, zer0Kerbal said:


  • Behemoth Aerospace Engineering Large Parts Pack

I am asking for your permission to update / continue / adopt / release the above named wonderful mod.

I absolutely love this mod and really want others to enjoy it as well.

Hopefully I hear back from you with an answer, but in case I don't hear back from you I intend to respectfully proceed as soon as the middle of Oct 2021, as permitted by the license of this mod.

I will provide recognition of original authors/maintainers; and I will gladly step aside should you ever want to continue this mod yourself.

Couple of requests:

  • In the interest of continuity and for the players, I am asking to be added to the SpaceDock and CurseForge 'Authors' so I can update / release using the same listing. Using the same listing will benefit the players and avoid confusion.
  • A posting on the related Forum thread would be swell along with a public posting in the mod's thread tagging and telling @HebaruSanand @DasSkelettabout this adoption so CKAN will be smoothly updated.
  • Permission to post this communication in a public space, specifically in the GitHub repo holding it for the purpose of legal transparency.

Thank you!

Behemoth Aerospace Engineering (a.k.a. BAE) CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Forums - greystork
Forums - Comwarrior

Thank you kindly in advance!


greystork link to greystork


Comwarriorlink to Comwarrior

I will post a new thread when it is time; and will post news when there is news.

Edited by zer0Kerbal
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