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  1. You should read the announcement!
  2. Very true. The one plausible exception I can imagine would be if there was a broad consensus on the thread asking for an easy thing (which almost no one is ). "Taking the temperature" of fans and adjusting course slightly is possible, but they're not going to go through and check off anyone's detailed bullet points.
  3. In one save I started experimental missions to every other planet. None of them arrived because I was too busy doing Mun and Minmus shots in the meantime.
  4. Works for me. Care to create an issue and include your installed mod list? https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/new/choose
  5. I found that attitude a recipe for missing out on big parts of KSP1 when I shared it and weaned myself from it. No fair setting up a ballparking scenario and then retracting it if it doesn't turn out how you wanted.
  6. Well, that sounds... completely fine? Considering how long we spend on Hohmann transfers and waiting for transfer windows already. Maybe there'll be higher levels of time warp for interstellar travel. A year divided by a hundred thousand is 5 minutes.
  7. From the trailer video I learned that Star Theory has some very talented cinematic artists. (Including links inline in case folks reading this haven't watched.) From the dev story video I learned that they are massive nerds. So far so good. I'm a little surprised no one has suggested a link between their Rampage arcade machine and the unique "physics challenges" of base building.
  8. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but this is the CKAN thread, not the "how I got banned from X service" thread. Could you please take this elsewhere?
  9. There's more out there than just proper stars and planets. I hope to have a ship torn apart by a neutron star's tidal forces.
  10. I've tried what you describe on Windows, but I didn't see any slowdown. Maybe try giving us more details in an issue? https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/new/choose
  11. If your SD username is wjolcz, it should be confirmed now.
  12. You can index a mod on CKAN without using SpaceDock. What is the mod and where is it located?
  13. How about an issue? https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/new/choose That way we can post investigation notes and track whether it's fixed.
  14. That's this one: CKAN now keeps track of whether a mod was installed because you chose it or because it's a dependency of something else. Then when you remove mods, any auto-installed mods that aren't needed anymore are automatically removed as well. All modules you installed prior to upgrading to 1.26.4 are considered as user selected, since we don't have a record of how they got there, but you can use those checkboxes to tweak that. If you right click the header, there's a menu that allows you to hide columns, including this one. Maybe you switched to the "Installed" filter?