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  1. What's up with my TWR?

    No, KER says he's viewing vacuum TWR. If you click Atmosphere, the button depresses like a toggle and some sliders appear: See above; the OP's screenshot is in vacuum mode.
  2. What's up with my TWR?

    Click here to see the truth about your lower stages, then click it again to switch back to dealing with the upper stage: The handling of atmospheric TWR is one of the few remaining issues I have with KER. It needs an option for "use atmospheric values until this total dV value and vacuum beyond," but the structure of the simulator makes that difficult to implement.
  3. [1.3.0 -- 1.3.1] Astrogator v0.7.8

    No, I have no plans to add any auto-pilot style "autonomous" features.
  4. [1.3.0 -- 1.3.1] Ringworld 0.1.0

    I've made a few more experiments and observations with Kerbal Konstructs: https://imgur.com/a/9D2ri The visibility distance, max 100km, is very limiting so far. You can make an object that's larger, but it blinks in and out of existence when you pass the invisible max distance line from its origin (which is at one end of the road I was using, not the center). That'll have to be patched in the KK source, possibly to "unlimited," or at least a few hundred billion meters. KK objects don't seem to be visible in the map view, but Kopernicus rings are, so that might be OK. KK objects of sufficient scale are visible from orbit. Credit to the Scott Manley video that originally made me consider Kerbal Konstructs: Now I'm curious whether I can make an invisible planet orbiting the Sun at distance almost 0, and put the KK objects and the Kopernicus ring around that body. That way I could set the rotation speed without affecting the Sun itself, rendering the surface-synchronous requirement moot.
  5. KSP Mod Analyzer 1.1.1

    Hmm, I've only looked at the widget for purposes of fixing CKAN's Curse support, which doesn't require that kind of query. Looking at the new web page for the widget, I don't see any list-based options, and my attempts to find undocumented list options by trying various URLs haven't worked either. All of which suggests that the widget API doesn't do what you need, and you'll still need to update your HTML parsing code for the new site. I apologize for leading you astray in that regard!
  6. [1.3.0 -- 1.3.1] Astrogator v0.7.8

    Are you familiar with the stock "Warp Here" and "Warp to Next Maneuver" options in the map view? I've found those quite handy for this situation. Just point the cursor to near your future Pe and you can advance time to the capture.
  7. [1.3.0 -- 1.3.1] Astrogator v0.7.8

    It does provide maneuvers for capturing into a circular orbit while you're on an inbound hyperbolic trajectory. Did you have something else in mind?
  8. [1.3.0] Procedural Parts - Starwaster Branch

    No, a few small code changes are needed to update the version for that warning. There's a pull request for that in the queue: https://github.com/Starwaster/ProceduralParts/pull/22
  9. Mind if we add this to CKAN? You've already got one dependent mod trying to bundle this one, and there will probably be more before long. It would be cleaner to have one standalone entry they can all depend on.
  10. [1.3.0 -- 1.3.1] Astrogator v0.7.8

    Speculating, there are circumstances where the maneuver icon doesn't appear, specifically when you can't generate a maneuver node such as at KSC or the tracking station. As always a screenshot is worth a thousand words.
  11. Nah, this is a bug. It's doing unnecessary work somewhere; recovering and re-launching should reset everything to the way it was at the previous launch.
  12. KSP Weekly: The Cosmic Snake!

    The list of handy story building blocks in the expansion is getting pretty impressive! And the gold/silver/bronze stuff will be great for competitive challenges. @JPLRepo, if you create a way of chaining one mission after another, you've got the potential for a full-on "campaign mode." Maybe a "Next Mission" button on the victory screen. Just a thought to consider.
  13. How does the FPS drop compare to launching from VAB and parking the craft within physics range instead of recovering? I wonder if the KSC scene menu is making a phantom copy of the vessel that sticks around in memory using CPU to do physics processing on invisible parts.
  14. Children of a Dead Earth: realistic space warfare game

    Unless the attacker took some action to disguise it or distract the enemy, etc. You know, like a military might do if they were launching an attack. Or if there were tens of thousands of ships flying all over the solar system and nothing unusual about this one from a distance, especially to a robo-telescope that has to sift through GB of data per hour. You'd have to ask their intelligence services, but there are many possibilities. First thing that comes to mind is targeting ground installations, second is very wide-effect weaponry, third is course adjustments later on, fourth is targeting a shipping lane and picking a specific ship later. Ha! Oh no, your spy satellites do not get to be stealthier than my weapons just because. They'll also be detected when they're launched and form a trajectory. And they'll be constantly beaming full-sky surveys to your HQ, which not only requires them to radiate heat, but also gives me the opportunity to stumble across the actual comms channel. To conclude: The objections raised are constraints on space stealth, not dealbreakers. They're things you'd have to keep in mind if you wanted to attempt (or write hard sci-fi about) stealth operations, not reasons why they can't be done. Yes, you'd need to control temperatures carefully. Yes, you have to be very conscious of your burns, and ideally find ways of masking them. Yes, your enemy might have an infinite field of spy satellites, or they might not, especially if you intervene. These are all challenges that some future space military might well accept.
  15. Children of a Dead Earth: realistic space warfare game

    I don't know. Maybe it's just a dumb projectile. Maybe it's dormant till it gets to close range. OK, so suppose it's years, because the attacker wants stealth. I haven't played it, but it's easy enough to make things up. Let's start with resource squabbles, or maybe religious conflict. ... and anyone else building warships would destroy such satellites as quickly as they were placed, which wouldn't be very quickly without torch drives. I'd love to see the cost estimate on a swarm of thousands of orbital LSSTs.