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  1. HebaruSan

    Assimilating Mods Into Stock

    I don't feel that's an accurate way to characterize it. SQUAD are developing their own implementations of features that were first implemented in mods, not taking modder-created content and adding it to stock. The mods are still different and separate, and in most cases can probably still be installed and used alongside the new stock functionality. Everyone can see the "KSP Loading..." announcements before the release. Probably only in cases where actual mod content (models, textures, code) has been incorporated, since that's effectively a sale of assets from modder to SQUAD, which I don't think has happened in quite a while. SpacePlanePlus? Beyond that, it's their game and they can add what they like. As opposed to being stuck permanently with a less featureful game out of a misplaced sense of loyalty or ownership? Sure. This is pretty much how it's supposed to work. Vendor releases a product, users identify gaps in functionality, some enterprising expert users develop solutions themselves, eventually vendor interprets that development as votes for features.
  2. The article linked in the OP is egregiously fraudulent pseudoscience. It may be beneficial to explain the red flags that mark it as such, to help build up our cognitive immune systems against buying into this kind of quackery in the future. First, if you google the name of the device in the diagram, you'll find a real technology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetohydrodynamic_drive#Spacecraft_propulsion "In such electromagnetic thrusters, the working fluid is most of the time ionized hydrazine, xenon or lithium." It's just a plasma drive (similar to the widely used ion drive but different). And it doesn't work at all as described in the OP's article (more on that below). That's red flag number one: a technical description that can't be verified through other sources, and apparent attempted co-optation of a real name for something else. Next, consider this from the article: "Tesla performed an experiment in which he applied high-voltage high-frequency alternating current to a pair of parallel metal plates. He found that the ‘space’ between the plates became what he described as “solid-state” exhibiting the attributes of mass, inertia and momentum." Several questions should come to our minds after reading this: When did Nikola Tesla perform this experiment? How do we know about this experiment? When/where were the results published? What was the experiment? What devices and materials and measurements were involved, in what configuration? What were the results of this experiment? Have they been replicated, and if so, by whom? Why did Nikola Tesla interpret the results to mean that he had discovered a "solid state" form of space? None of these questions are answered; a credible source would address them. That's red flag number two: An unspecified "experiment" the supposed conclusions of which we're expected to accept without knowing anything about it. But, you object, they did specify the experiment, it's that gray-and-yellow box thing in the diagram, isn't it? Well, no; the article is written to imply that was the experiment without actually stating it, by shifting from discussion of the alleged experiment and dubious physical speculation to the purported "drive" with no break or connective transition between the two topics. The description that follows of electric and magnetic fields sounds similar to the (real) plasma drive mentioned above, plus the baseless assertion that, "This propulsion force is not produced by ejecting any matter out of the box, instead, it is produced by a reaction against the ‘solid-state’ condition of space-time caused by the high-frequency electromagnetic pulsing of that area of space." As noted, no justification for this assertion is given; rather, it's tossed into a swirling rhetorical game of three-card monte in which the author tries to distract you with E&M (that he expects you not to follow) rather than inform. That's red flag number three. You may wish to know that rule 2.2.g. from this forum's guidelines bans "Content with no proof of concept or factual basis (e.g. "free energy" machines)", of which this article is arguably an example.
  3. CKAN currently doesn't do any tracking of stats on its own. It does have a download counts column, but that's sourced from the publicly available data about all downloads on the various hosts rather than based on CKAN user choices specifically. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/pull/2518
  4. Unfortunately that part of SpaceDock is broken at the moment: https://github.com/KSP-SpaceDock/SpaceDock/issues/188 We can take care of it for you. Started here: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/pull/6886 EDIT: Should be indexed now. If your users report any problems, please either file an issue on GitHub or reply in this thread.
  5. Finally it's my turn to lament the loss of an old part---the old Terrier's gold foil cone will always be iconic for me. Would love to see a variant inspired by the old style.
  6. Thanks for letting us know, should be fixed now.
  7. This is a known issue, being fixed here: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/pull/2600 (And DasSkelett was kind enough to provide a test build.)
  8. HebaruSan

    Contracts are glitched

    The Flea is not part of Making History. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Making_History_parts
  9. Probably not, looks like the author has his reasons:
  10. That's the "default version" according to SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/api/mod/1819 "default_version_id": 8818, { "changelog": "-Parameter Error Corrected", "download_path": "/mod/1819/Kerbal%20Academy%20Contract%20Pack/download/1.1.10", "friendly_version": "1.1.10", "game_version": "1.4.4", "id": 8818 }, I don't know how that's controlled on SpaceDock, but I would assume there's something like a checkbox or dropdown where mod authors specify which download is the main download.
  11. Correct, but if it's a need for it, we could arrange for them to "provide" something.
  12. Yes; this will pull in whichever of them is available (or prompt the user to choose if multiple), because both of those mods "provide" FAR: "depends": [ { "name": "FAR" } ] https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/blob/b7e2197e93cfb604332f4b9edf3e7c5d4cdabc89/NetKAN/FerramAerospaceResearch.netkan#L17 https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/blob/b7e2197e93cfb604332f4b9edf3e7c5d4cdabc89/NetKAN/FerramAerospaceResearchContinued.netkan#L16
  13. You're assuming that there's a universally meaningful "now" point in time to which you could jump at your spatial destination. The problem comes when you start combining your hyperspace jumps with relativistic speeds in normal space. If your ship passes near my ship going east at 0.9c, and we both perform hyperspace jumps one light year eastwards, we'll emerge at different points in time, because our "now" times at that point in space are different. That's how jump drives become time machines. I believe Stephen Baxter's Exultant uses this to travel back in time.
  14. What about the Bullet Cluster? As I understand it, gravitation lensing shows that the colliding galaxies' dark matter halos have flown off ahead of their gas clouds, which are slowed down due to friction. Seems like that would be pretty difficult to explain in terms of negfluid. The emptied out "bubbles" would have to have some kind of independent momentum similar to a collection of positive mass, such that they keep moving even after their positive mass companions fall behind.