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  1. HebaruSan

    Saved crafts folders mod?

    You might try CraftManager:
  2. They did their job; a QA staff member read the problem report, loaded up the game to try to reproduce the issue, didn't see it, and reported his results. If there's some extra trick that's needed to cause the issue, SQUAD can't be expected to psychically intuit what that trick is on the basis of no information. They did give you an answer: Lacking any further information for them to investigate, that answer still applies. If you have a save game where this happens consistently and you're not sharing it, you're only hurting yourself.
  3. Reading that thread, I wouldn't expect any action till SQUAD receives a save file that reproduces the problem, since a member of their QA staff already tried on his own and didn't experience it.
  4. HebaruSan

    Imaging a black hole - the EHT

    A talk by a member of the EHT team about how it works: He says the data has been collected and analyzed, but visual images won't be released until early 2019, "maybe."
  5. HebaruSan

    [1.4] Astrogator v0.8.1

    No, because that would require it to simulate the craft's engines and staging. I didn't want to commit to maintaining my own vessel simulator or borrowing one from KER or MechJeb. You can get that information by clicking the maneuver node icon to create the node and then checking the stock maneuver display as normal.
  6. HebaruSan

    [1.4.5-4 & 1.3.1-13] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Please forgive the interruption, but we're trying to decide something for CKAN and would appreciate feedback from Kopernicus's community. Specifically, we want to decide on a "tag" or category label to describe planet pack mods. Ideas so far are "environment, "locations," "planet-pack," and "solar-system"; I was optimistic about that third one until I checked the Snarkiverse thread and found it explicitly says it's not a planet pack. If you have thoughts on this, either opinions about those options or suggestions for better ones, please post comments on this GitHub pull request (rather than taking up more space on this thread): https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/pull/6775
  7. Side note, Kerbal mods are in an interesting place with respect to the typical usage of the GPL, owing to the forum rule that mod threads must include a link to the source code regardless of license. In other contexts, a developer might release an open source project under a GPL license to ensure that any derivative works remain open and allow others to learn from reading the code (among many other things, of course). But in order to be announced on these forums, even an All Rights Reserved mod must have source code available. Other modders can't copy-paste such code, but they can still read it to see which API calls it uses to get things done, and then use those calls themselves in new code. Even if I grant you a special exception to my hypothetical ARR, you'll still need to publish your source to announce your derivative work, thanks to the forums rather than the license, so the code remains available. In effect the forum rules universalize a good portion of the utility of a restrictively-permissive license like the GPL.
  8. HebaruSan

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    I have no clue whether that was meant in jest, but assuming he meant Really Simple Syndication rather than Real Solar System, there's an "RSS" link near the top of the "All Activity" list: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/discover/all.xml/
  9. What about specifying each sub-mod's folder in the "find" property of an install stanza, as you did for RecycledParts?
  10. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41561-018-0235-0 Scientists forecast that conditions on Europa are favorable for huge spikes of ice to form via sublimation, based on current understanding of the same phenomenon on Earth. No direct observations yet. If true, this might complicate design of future landers.
  11. Have you found the time to update your mod? I would love to try it.

  12. Please do not bother mod authors with CKAN problems. Take them to the CKAN thread. (This is why CKAN users sometimes can't have nice things.) I'll get it removed as soon as I figure out what the identifier is. EDIT: It's already frozen from looking for new updates; that's why the version @Gryffen1971 found is so old. There are just a couple of those older releases in the archive to purge... ... should be gone now.
  13. I see them. Any additional info?
  14. Maybe if you spell out why you think there's a problem? Such a setup would work well. ... then the bot will index your download based on its internal .version file, which will work fine. It will ignore the online version file, but that's fine, since it doesn't apply to the version in the download. Actually what I had in mind was Cybutek's server at http://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/, where some modders store their "current" .version files. As I told @Jacke, this would defeat the purpose of KSP-AVC. Your users would not be notified of available updates. That's the main purpose of the "URL" property. Checking for game version compatibility updates of the same version is a sideshow. I would strongly recommend against this approach. OK, stop. CKAN doesn't refuse anything. I thought we were talking only about the case where you want to make an update just to the online copy of a .version file and have it apply to people's already installed mods, but now it sounds like you're conflating it with just normal indexing of a new version. Please be clear about which scenarios you're discussing.
  15. I'm trying to avoid writing a complete technical manual for both KSP-AVC and CKAN here, partly because that belongs on a wiki rather than spamming some poor modder's forum thread, and partly because it just isn't necessary. There's nothing particularly complicated going on here. Make a correct .version file (meaning, ensure that VERSION, KSP_VERSION, KSP_VERSION_MIN, and KSP_VERSION_MAX are accurate) Put it in your ZIP file Also put it online somewhere (master branch on GitHub is a common choice, but not the only option by any means) Set the "URL" property to the location of the online copy (granted, this has to be done in step #1, but that's easy enough) Then if a new KSP version comes out and your existing version turns out to be compatible with it, you can update the KSP_VERSION, KSP_VERSION_MIN, and/or KSP_VERSION_MAX properties in the online copy, and users who installed the original ZIP file will benefit from those changes, and they'll be reflected in CKAN. If you decide to make a new release, start over from step #1, replacing the previous online .version file at step #3 That's it. The rest is just me trying to answer your questions without creating even more confusion. You're having difficulties because step #1 wasn't done.