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  1. I don't think any change was made here. On a freshly downloaded stock KSP 1.9.1, the Flea's slider goes from 0 to 140, and the minimum increment is 14 units: Not sure why you recall otherwise. Maybe you had a mod that changed it? Or maybe you were thinking of the thrust limiter, which does go from 0 to 100. (This, btw, is a good example of why an open beta would be generally unproductive.)
  2. You can list multiple "change = " lines in the main VERSION node, without CHANGE nodes. How about that? I was thinking you would go with something like: Fix * Various minor fixes - Fixed issue 1 - Fixed issue 2
  3. The "subchange = " syntax is still supported. It's not mentioned in the current readme because I based my fork on the develop branch, which had removed it. https://github.com/BenjaminCronin/KerbalChangelog/blob/master/README.md
  4. OK, you'll probably want to read about how to post log files and such (this will contain more info about the exception that's occurring): And then ask on the Kopernicus thread:
  5. Ahh, good point, a shader could make a straight line as stripey as you wanted with none of the risks or corner cases of trying to do it with geometry. Better performance, too. One more thought, if you expose this tesselation logic so mods can call it, you'll probably earn quite a few fans among mod authors.
  6. We don't necessarily know that the mouse wheel will be the only way to zoom in the new game. Given that the minimum zoom level could be calculated from the distances of the stars in the game, there are other possibilities.
  7. That's a neat idea. Expanding the home space center could even serve as a form of tutorial for later colonization mechanics.
  8. Ooh, so if you have a line that's really stripey in a particular region, that might generate more tesselations even if it was straight (and so the triangles are tiny)? Anything to share regarding how to avoid false optimizations? X, X+356°, and X+358° are going to have a pretty small triangle between them, but if the algorithm ever generated three such points, it might simplify a circle down to a tiny line. One way to deal with that is to make sure you have enough well-distributed starting points, but did you find anything else to deal with the more general form of this problem (e.g., if
  9. They're diverting an interesting thread with comments that are less interesting. This degrades the quality of the discussion.
  10. OK, then it might not want to install it for some other reason, like an unmet dependency.
  11. Maybe we could let the people who enjoy this post, enjoy it?
  12. That would explain it. Setting those versions as compatible might help.
  13. Hmm, maybe CKAN doesn't consider the mod in question installable on your version.
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