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  1. Thanks for merging those changes! I'm hoping to see lots of gas giants with rings and moons, all rotating and orbiting in the same inclined planes. Pull requests to make the new shader use the same texture coordinates as the old one (plus a few more shader-related goodies): https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/pull/206 https://github.com/Kopernicus/shader-export/pull/1 This should allow old rings to switch to the new shader (and gain the benefit of shadows cast by planets) without having to change their textures. It's not quite a Dyson sphere, but that pull request also includes three new properties to support the last missing piece of a real-scale Ringworld visualization, the shadow square shadows (just barely visible in the shot centered on the Sun): Coming Soon™ to a mod release thread near you (unless I decide it's important to be able to land on it first)...
  2. It was an absolute joy to read this in a Weekly. Thanks for doing it, and thanks for telling us about it! Translation from techspeak: Mods for 1.3.0 will also work on the release that the expansion uses. No more threads about surprise game crashes after automated Steam updates, no more busy work for modders, no more pestering of modders for updates. Caveats: The quote above is a description of an effort, not a promise/commitment, so they might still make breaking changes by mistake or necessity. But even that is a good step.
  3. As of this moment, I have purchased (thanks to the timing of sales): Snowfall After Dark Match Day Pearls from the East I'd be willing to grab Mass Transit and/or Concerts if this collab was starting up again.
  4. Unfortunately it's up to the planet packs to specify version limits in their CKAN metadata, and they couldn't have known ahead of time that there would be incompatible changes in Kopernicus. @linuxgurugamer, most of the existing Kopernicus dependencies in NetKAN should have "max_version": "1.3.0-4" added. Is there an easy way to add that quickly and safely?
  5. I'd like to explore and make genuine discoveries. Not just where I don't know, say, the atmospheric pressure of a new planet, but where no one knows. (I always picture this with a mild sort of fog-of-war mechanic.) Probes would provide not just artificial science points, but actual useful information for planning further missions. We can build replicas of the Voyagers or New Horizons, but launching them is always a bit anti-climactic because you're not going to use them to learn things. Agreed, there's little likelihood they'll do a rip-and-replace on the core of the game at this point.
  6. I've tried to summarize the ring settings here: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/wiki/Rings It's a wiki, so please correct any errors you notice. I'll add a few links from other appropriate wiki pages.
  7. SmartTank v0.1.1 is released. Spanish translation thanks to Fitiales Reduce CPU usage (previously ran the vessel simulator every tick, now only when the vessel changes) https://github.com/HebaruSan/SmartTank/releases/tag/v0.1.1
  8. Any reason we couldn't extend Kopernicus and/or ModuleManager to support randomized parameters? Something like: @Body[Kerbin] { %Properties { %radius = #$random(300000,800000)$ } } I guess you'd need a way to return the same value consistently per save file rather than resizing the planets on every load.
  9. Unfortunately, the lift indicator doesn't show what you need to see, which is the center of pressure, that is, lift plus drag. Only certain parts generate lift, but all parts generate drag. The easy solution to aerodynamic instability is always to move the center of mass further forward and/or add fins at the back.
  10. That's a really tiny stage for a Mainsail! I thought 6dof mice were already a thing, and I haven't bought one yet. I would think they'd be more appealing for games where you need to combine movements that would be awkward with a conventional control scheme. KSP places more emphasis on planning and design, where it's easy enough to hold a mouse button to switch modes.
  11. I've submitted a pull request to address this and add a longitudeOfAscendingNode property for rings: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/pull/204 My solution to the question about absolute coordinates was to set transform.localRotation and subtract off the parent body's rotation based on its rotation period and the current UT. The folks that I knew had encountered this issue are already tagged on Github, but if anyone else is interested in having a look, more eyes on the code would be appreciated.
  12. I doubt that such a tutorial exists, because the file doesn't have a strict format, and reading it is less about following tutorial-style instructions than about problem-solving. We can give you some rules of thumb that would help most of the time, but there will always be issues that require additional analysis and thought. I have two pieces of advice: To resolve a crash, look towards the end of the file to see what was happening right before the crash. Search for "exc" to find exceptions. These are the small crashes of mods that can cause big crashes of the whole game. But again, there will be plenty of issues that these tips don't solve. This is why it's so important to be careful up front, when installing mods; there's no guarantee that the mess you make will be fixable.
  13. When a new exoplanet discovery is announced, no one asks, "But how Venus-like is it?" We're happy to learn about more kinds of planets, but we're hoping to find one particular kind of place.