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Flag to be Decided, Laythe Initiative

Y1 D1 -Y1 D5

Tsunami 1



Tsunami 1 was launched on Y1 D5, at KSC LC-1.

it was a three stage rocket, with an RT-1 first stage, a Little Leo second stage, and a Staara-10 third stage.


SIMULATION (Tsunami 1 in space)


Tsunami 1 reached an Apoapsis of 109 km, and returned 48 science points. (something may be borked there, i just ran every experiment on board at all situations possible)


1 Launch, Tsunami 1, Successful.

First Crossing of the Karman Line

To balance the probably borked science return I spent as as much as i could on Modular Launch Pads nodes instead of normal nodes.

Kronometer was not installed

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I see the rules changed to include Kronometer, but only after the first two launches. What were the "because reasons" reasons?

If it's just a matter of time keeping for fairness, just ask participants to submit their persistent.sfs and persistent.loadmeta files. There is a section describing all of the contract and milestone completion times in seconds, and one second is still one second whether on stock Kerbin or JNSQ Kerbin. 

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13 hours ago, Gordon Fecyk said:

I see the rules changed to include Kronometer, but only after the first two launches. What were the "because reasons" reasons?

If it's just a matter of time keeping for fairness, just ask participants to submit their persistent.sfs and persistent.loadmeta files. There is a section describing all of the contract and milestone completion times in seconds, and one second is still one second whether on stock Kerbin or JNSQ Kerbin. 

The whole after the first 2 launches 'reasons' was because most of us had done a few launches before Kronometer became a requirement, (I.E me and Ultimate Steve.) So yes, time keeping and fairness, though it shouldn't really matter if you install from the get-go. 

23 hours ago, Machinique said:

I'm interested in submitting a run. I have some questions:

*What's the KCT config in use?

*What difficulty settings are in use? 

*Is there a mod blacklist/whitelist?

*I normally play with USI LS/MKS and Oh Scrap! for additional difficulty. Should I remove them for this challenge?

We're using the Default KCT config.

Normal difficulty settings, but tweak as much as you like with that.

As for mod blacklists, just anything that isn't stupidly OP at the start.

If I were really strict on balance I'd probably say not to have those mods, but sure, run 'em if you like! (Kudos would probably be given if you compete with the extra challenge)

If you'd like to join, go ahead!

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3 hours ago, KerbalKore said:

I recommend KNES, Tantares, and BDB.

I'm using Near Future, KNES and BDB as my main mods, with coatl and reDIRECT thrown in. (And around 100 more but I can’t list them all here)

I'm running those as well.


My main concern is about science. If we have mods that add additional science experiments, then it means that's it's possible to gain more science per launch and advance faster. Now, I normally limit the science rewards to mitigate this issue and get the right tempo for my personal careers. However, I'm not sure how to balance it for this challenge. My plan was to just remove those parts and use the stock science parts for an even playing field, but it's unclear if that's being enforced.

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1 hour ago, KerbalKore said:

I am using all the science possible. I recommend at a bare minimum to get DMOS, if only because UKS needs more science

What's UKS?

Also I'm not using DMOS, so that puts me at quite the disadvantage unfortunately.

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BDB has not been configured for UKS, but is balanced. HOWEVER, it has command pods available quite early compared to the stock ones. I recommend you use restraint and do not use them until you have unlocked the stock equivalent.

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EDIT: Alright, I do have time an actual write-up.


Agency: Za Warudo! Space Agency (ZWSA).

Director: Dio Kerman

Motto: Conquest of the world by space!



Bio: After Enrico Pucci remade the universe, DIO found his immortal soul adrift shunted into the outer multiverse. Would this be an opportunity for a revival? For a chance for the once godly DIO to resume his conquest of the universe itself? Unfortunately for DIO, he emerged on a minor world, without access to either his vampire or Stand abilities. Reborn as Dio Kerman, DIO would have to rely on his charisma and wit to dominate the new world. While the Kerbals were not respective to displays of brute force, they had an obsession with space travel. In order to get the Kerbals to follow him, Dio muscled his way into the leadership of the Kerbal Space Program, which he renamed after his former Stand, Za Warudo!

Now, to plumb the secrets of the universe and keep his easily distracted minions occupied, Dio would have to begin the conquest of the world, via space.


Difficulty settings and modlist:


To balance out the additional science parts (BDB/DMagic) I'm setting the science gains to 80%.




Day 1 - Day 5

To begin the conquest of the world by space, Dio's Kerbals would need to collect basic data to raise funds from the public and aid in the design of new instruments and equipment. To do so, the ZWSA would deploy some small sounding rockets. Observing the tiny rockets as they left the assembly building, Dio decided to christen the line after the most pathetic person he could think of:




It was only appropriate that the rocket would fail to even get off the ground. The engineer who had failed to test the first SRB stage was severely punished for this humiliating incident.



The second rocket, with an additional SRB kick-stage, was much more successful, taking radiation and temperature measurements in both the atmosphere and in space.




Seeing the risks of flying rockets without proper testing. Dio made sure that his minions would appropriately test the next generation of engines, while additional sounding rockets were added to the production queue.


EDIT: 2 Launches. 1 successful, 1 MUDA.

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Laythe Initiaive, Stock KerbinMun Flag, D5 - D17



On Y1 D5, Tsunami 2 was launched, this time with a barometer instead of a Geiger counter


Photo taken by a chase plane. It returned around 20 Science.


Project Orbiter had been in planning for a while now, but LV development had had several delays. The "Interim Orbital System" codenamed "Rosuette" was inspired from a vehicle from the renowned alternate history "Bluedog Design Bureau". The payload was a simple spheroid with extendable antennas, codenamed "Obelix". A liquid first stage powered by a "Vixen" Liquid Fuel Engine propelled the 2 solid insertion stages suborbital, with a "Topaz" solid motor putting it barely orbital, and a Staara-20-II-A completing insertion to a stable orbit. Orbiter 1 carried no instrumentation.


Photo taken by a ground based telescope.


SIMULATION OF ORBITAL INSERTION. Orbiter 1 achieved a highly elliptical orbit. Expect detailed orbital characteristics later.


Orbiter 2 was launched on the RANGER orbital test system. The payload was an solar powered orbital imaging device that is most definitely not a spy satellite. An entirely solid fueled rocket, it made heavy use of Discouri motors, with the first and second stage being  a Discouri MGU27 and Discouri 4 respectively. The third stage was a Staara 31-IIIA. the mission returned a bounty of reconnaissance images  images of natural cloud formations. Its upper stage also included a camera, and returned this image:

All images of the payload are classified.


Orbiter 3 was launched on a "Viking" launcher, with an "Alpha" Liquid fuel engine powering the upper stage. the engine performed admirably, but the first stage was underwhelming. The payload reached an orbit of 15 Mm by 70 km, and burned up on the third pass. Temperature data was still returned.


Orbiter 4 was built as a backup to all the others, and was a re-purposed "Etoh" IRBM. The payload barely made orbit, but returned a plethora of useful radiation data from around the world. It ran of battery during its 6th transmission. The solid clusters on top will likely be used again, but the weakness of the Etoh IRBM has consigned it to oblivion.


Combining the upper stage of purpose built "Viking" and the availability of Ballistic Missiles came the Fenris-Alpha. its payload on this maiden flight was Orbiter 5 aka ImpactSat. It carried one device, and plate of impact sensitive material. The data returned is available to the public:


(I'm also running Kessler Syndrome, so this data serves an RP sense as well)

Many forces within the Laythe Initiative want the Fenris to be the standard launcher, and used for manned launches as well...

6 Launches, 1 Partial failure, 5 successes

Records: First Satellite, First Scientific Satellite, and First Solar Powered Satellite

Kronometer was installed



Also, if anyone has a problem with me using BDB replica-ish things, don’t worry, I have some other plans as well.

some advice as well, pour money into KCT build rate.

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Alright, I'd say it's time for some more.

Notebook Space Program: Days 26-45




On day 30, the sideways 2 was launched. It was upgraded from the sideways 1 to feature engines that gimbal.


This time, everything went right. Stage 2 fired, then stage 3.


The small battery powered satellite was placed into an orbit, with a surprisingly high AP, as we didn't know what the exact delta-v requirements for JNSQ were.


Mission success!

Next up, on day 36, upwards 4 was launched, with the goal of getting goo to space and back.



It was successful as well.


Next up, Sideways 3 was launched in an attempt to become the first polar orbit satellite of the program on day 39.


However, it flipped out on ascent and didn't make orbit.


On day 45, sideways 4 was launched with the same mission.



This time, it was successful!

Just 4 launches this time.

Milestones on day 45: 7, 3 new. Orbit, polar orbit, suborbital and return.



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Laythe Initiative, Stock Kerbin-Mun flag, d17 -d38




The first launch of this period was Tsunami 3, a sample return mission to expose Goo to the vacuum of space. launch occured at Day 20, 6:17:00 UT.


As we had no sounding rocket powerful enough for this, we took the first stage off of a RANGER solid test vehicle.


Orbiter 2 took this photo during launch. The mission was a success, and Tsunami 3 was recovered.


Photo taken by a recovery diver.


Ark 1 was launched on a Fenris-Alphastar, with 2 solid kick stages, 1 Snooky, originally intended for orbiter 1, but was deemed too powerful and was replaced by a Staara 20, and then a Vicenza. Its mission was to flyby the Mun, and return impact data.


All was going well, until just before Alphastar burnout, when 2 micrometeoroids impacted, destroying both the main engine of the Alphastar stage, and one of 4 solar antennas. The Snooky and Vicenza had to both burn for full time, but it was not enough to reach the Mun. It went farther than ever before, but fell just short of the Mun. it still returned science, but not Munar science.


Ark 2 was identical, and was launched after Ark 1 reached its apoapsis. It was flawless, and had a distant flyby of the Mun.


Ark 2 at periapsis. it returned around 30 science.


The spotty comms in LKO have the need for a relay network in the minds of the Laythe Initiative leaders...




The military and scientific importance of Kerbed spaceflight cannot be overstated. If a disaster occurs on Kerbin, a sustained presence in space will be crucial for a chance for survival. Reconnaissance on rivals and civilian research are also objectives of Project Genesis. All funding left over from defunct programs is to be diverted to Project Genesis.




3 launches, 2 successes, 1 partial failure.



First Moon Flyby





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Dressian National Rocketry Association


Circling the Marble!



Gaia III stood on the pad, waiting for the confirmation of the launch.


And the go-ahead was given. Eventually. The launch ended up being pushed back due to a telemetry issue, but on Day 35 it rose into the sky.


Booster Sep.


And the second stage ignited, this time higher up in the atmosphere, and Gaia III continued on its way.


Orbital insertion: The second stage did its best until it burned out, then separated. SRB Kick motor ignition, hopefully this'll get it to orbit


And orbit it did reach! Pretty.

Y1,Day 36, Milestones: First satellite. Sound barrier v(Manned)



DNRA had decided to make a Kerbal faster than sound. The original idea was to use a plane lent to them by the DAF


However, an issue occured on takeoff and the Marquis was deemed unsafe. So, of course, the only logical step was to strap the cockpit to some highly explosive SRBS!


The craft on the launchpad. The Kerbal who took this photo was quickly ushered off the site.



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Za Warudo Space Agency Day 6 - Day 15




The second round of rocket construction came off the assembly line a few days after the first pair of rockets were launched. The third JoJo would be an attempt to set an altitude record. While the rocket reached 722 km, it did not go high enough to collect additional useful data.




The parallel production line produced not another sounding rocket, but rather the parts for the agency's first orbiter launcher. To make sure that first launch was a success, the engines were tested fired and the tanks giving a check-up. Several instruments were bolted on as well to be calibrated. The dual engines on both stages gave the rocket a mirrored quality, causing Dio to reminiscence of another pair back on the old world. This rocket was still a trifle compared to mankind's accomplishment's in Dio's own time, so even though it would be an accomplishment in the eyes of his minions, Dio gave this new rocket a trifling moniker as well:



Unfortunately, one of the Viklun engines used on the first stage was destroyed in the tests. While the engineers assumed Dio that it was merely an issue with a gimble needing to be flipped in the final rocket, the questionable construction techniques used to build the rocket were concerning. Still, the explanation mollified Dio, and the parts were sent back to the vehicle assembly to be re-assembled into the final rocket.

As the first Oingo-Boingo would take time to completed, additional sounding rockets were ordered as well. As the engineers were able to devise parachutes, the new sounding rocket would be able to return its instrumentation to the ground, reducing costs and improving the fidelity of the agency's data. It had extended second stage, and removed the third stage entirely. After all, the team didn't have a heat shield that could protect the probe core for re-entry.



Unfortunately, like the first Jojo, the first Hermit Purple also had a SRB failure. Due to the inclination of the pad, and because the pad was set to release upon ignition, the rocket slide into the ground, smashing the expensive scientific equipment into dust.



The second Hermit Purple fare not much better, as while the launch was successful, the core landed deep in the ocean, with the capsule becoming unrecoverable after falling to a depth of over 300ft. Only a little information was relayed.



The final piece of this string of humiliations would be the flight of the Oingo-Boingo. While the gimble issue had been fixed, the construction techniques lead to a heat transfer from one engine to the other, causing the engine to be lost after 26 seconds into the flight. The low-TWR upper stage could not gain any altitude despite a frantic effort to save the satellite. The entire rocket would be smashed on the launch pad.




The engineering team was not going to been having a good time...


Summary: 1 Successful launch, 1 Stand Test, 3 Unforgivable Failures. An entire engineering team MIA.

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