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  1. yes we need kerbal skin in among us
  2. I like that idea! It'd definitely give each of our space programs their own unique flair.
  3. Okay so after gathering information by reading the thread, I have decided that perhaps a Beyond Home space race is in order. Who's up for that?
  4. ummm, sixthed? But yay dres needs friends Perhaps we give Dres several smol moons that could make going to each of them a mini jool-5?
  5. Recieves Floppy Disk. Inserts Model M Keyboard
  6. Recieves my full support. Inserts 50% of a human attention span
  7. Progressing far enough in a career save to do a crewed interplanetary flight. I normally stop after getting to the Mun. ugh i need more attention span.
  8. Recieves Gary, your local Mate From The Pub™ who tripped over a tissue.
  9. Yeah, Beyond Home is really fun but we'd definitely need a rescale mod if we want a similar challenge to the previous JNSQ space races. Sounds like a pretty cool idea. We could perhaps launch from Kohm if we're using beyond home?
  10. Recieves Star Trek Reference ™ Inserts Jojo Reference ™
  11. Who'd be interested in an S3? JNSQ space race 3: JNSQ Harder This time the NDSF are actually going to do something!
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