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  1. Thanks to the AWESOME Gordon Facyk, I am now up to date with KSP and am ready to get JNSQ working.
  2. So, if everything goes to plan, and I manage to get JNSQ running, probably after Gordon Fecyk has provided me with said release, (this is being kept private) then we will use JNSQ. As for KCT, I have tested the modset we'll be using, but in the stock system to check it all works, and I used the default preset, and everything seemed good, so we'll probably use default
  3. Because I can't get any planet packs to work, I'm trying out the modset in stock system.
  4. JNSQ needs the latest Kopernicus Backport, which doesn't work with my 1.6 install. JNSQ just doesn't load at all in the older version of Kopernicus, which I have to use.
  5. Lost the password, then the recovery email... One of my friends has an up-to-date install, so I could beg him for a copy... buuuuuuut that's probably internet piracy or something and anyway we've been out of touch since easter
  6. I got the game on steam, and I no longer have access to my account, so the version on my computer, 1.6.0, is the only version I have.
  7. Hooray! Welcome to the OP, Gordon. Let's see how we go! (We'll wait for at least ultimate Steve before we start)
  8. If only I could update to a newer version... I bought the game on Steam and I now cannot access the account I purchased the game on, so I'm stuck on 1.6.0. I've tried a more recent backport, however Kopernicus gives me the Nyan cats on a 1.6 backport (my guess being its a backport for 1.6.1 and my copy of KSP is 1.6.0. A 1.5 backport wont work either. When I tried to load the latest Kopernicus 1.6 backport, this is what I got.
  9. If you've got suggestions for an alternative planet pack, hit me with 'em Due to me not being able to get JNSQ working, I've renamed the Thread. For now, at least. We'll be using UnKerballed Start, which uses CTT as a requirement, also for extra clarification, Career evolution doesn't use those three mods as a dependency, but it does need an unkerballed first tech tree. Enter UnKerballed Start.
  10. So it turns out I can't use JNSQ as it only goes down to 1.6.1, so would anyone be up for using a different planet pack? (Or stock, I guess) Because I'm blown out trying to work out how to make this work.
  11. I can't get JNSQ to load, when I think it works, the 'loading' part where you just see the grey logo with the planets just continues on an endless loop, though you can hear the main menu music in the background. I have a 1.6.0 install and therefore have to use an older version of Kopernicus as the latest Backport isn't working. Modulemanager is up to date, however. I've tried installing via the installer and manually, so I'm not sure what's causing the issue. I've also tried installing via the latest version of CKAN, but it doesn't show up. also, here's my GameData folder
  12. If I still can't get JNSQ to work, how would people feel about using an alternative (e.g, QSRSS or KSRSS, which I'm trialling as I write this)
  13. However, JNSQ still refuses to load.