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  1. It looks like Pol is on the list. Maybe we'll be getting an (probably really thin) atmosphere on Pol!
  2. I made it onto @Fraston 's alignment chart! I feel like a slightly recognisable kerbal person now!

  3. Calling 999 because I don't know how to spell Lagrange correctly
  4. Any plans on ever developing this mod further, @Beale? If not then no worries. Cheerio!
  5. Banned for banning someone for something you aren't able to do
  6. Here is your big big boi with many gravity and many atmosphere I'd like a Mr. Krakenling with some extra dresberries on the side, please.
  7. going interstellar in 30 seconds with infinite fuel, no heating and about 64 vectors on a mk1 lander can
  8. Thanks @Foozle! Archtagon Aerospace was the mod I was looking for. The forums have been amazing once again!