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  1. Well, thanks to one of the Peeps at the JNSQ space race. I have 1.7 again! JNSQ is up and running smoothly. One question though, how do you get the EVE config to work?
  2. Dressian National Rocketry Association Look mama! I made this rocket all by myself! What shall I call it? Recovered Y1, D28, Non-Kronometer. Milestones this launch: 1. Total Milestones: 1 Gaia II is already under construction. NOTE: You don't have to have only one launch in a post, that's only what I'm doing rn Also, I'm installing Kronometer (and DiRT, but that's not needed.)
  3. Yes. Definitely. Kronometer is a really good idea, so I think it'd be great if we all got that, but I've already done 2 launches (one of which you've seen) so I'd suggest we all do our first 2 launches and then install Kronometer. I haven't had any problems with career evolution, but if you encounter any, PM me or ask for support on the thread. The KCT reccomendations are by no means required or necessary. If you use a failure mod, then I will be applauding you all the way. Dang(it!), failure mods must be really annoying sometimes. How about 40?
  4. Dressian National Rocketry Association We are on the way to conquer space! Now, where did I put the snacks? And that wraps up the first launch of the Dressian National Rocketry Association.
  5. The DNRA is up and running and its first rocket is under construction. Let the space racing commence!
  6. JNSQ works now! *Endless cheering by me* Just dumping all my mods in GameData and I'm ready to race. @KerbalKore , If we've started before you're back from Canada, feel free to just begin a little later than us. @Ultimate Steve, you up still?
  7. Thanks to the AWESOME Gordon Facyk, I am now up to date with KSP and am ready to get JNSQ working.
  8. So, if everything goes to plan, and I manage to get JNSQ running, probably after Gordon Fecyk has provided me with said release, (this is being kept private) then we will use JNSQ. As for KCT, I have tested the modset we'll be using, but in the stock system to check it all works, and I used the default preset, and everything seemed good, so we'll probably use default
  9. Because I can't get any planet packs to work, I'm trying out the modset in stock system.
  10. JNSQ needs the latest Kopernicus Backport, which doesn't work with my 1.6 install. JNSQ just doesn't load at all in the older version of Kopernicus, which I have to use.
  11. Lost the password, then the recovery email... One of my friends has an up-to-date install, so I could beg him for a copy... buuuuuuut that's probably internet piracy or something and anyway we've been out of touch since easter
  12. I got the game on steam, and I no longer have access to my account, so the version on my computer, 1.6.0, is the only version I have.
  13. Hooray! Welcome to the OP, Gordon. Let's see how we go! (We'll wait for at least ultimate Steve before we start)