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  1. 'Fraid not. Perhaps @Kerballing (Got Dunked On)
  2. Woah! how have only just noticed this? I saw it and the first thing I thought was 'Oh my goodness Photon Corporation actually started!' But seriously, Brilliant work.
  3. Pretty sure that's the IXS warpship cockpit, which can be found in a couple of places like its own mod and KSPIE
  4. Indeedily so... Although it might actually be yoghurt. I'll have to check. TUBM plays Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  5. Indeed it is... Although I did this too. 6/9 DEMOCRACY!
  6. Also 1.10 is coming! woot! Comets! Ariane bits! European suits! jvnfjhksdjfncoulhrkfncduljhc! I don't know what I'm shouting about anymore! I'm off to mess around on my Windows XP computer! Bye!

  7. Did a bit of tweaking to my sig

  8. Basically what it says on the tin. Every time I load KSP, it reaches 'Expansion Loading Complete!', then freezes, and if you do anything, it stops responding and closes.Tried verifying files multiple times, no luck. PC: Toshiba satellite R830, Intel i5 core, 6GB RAM. Windows 7 home premium 64bit . KSP install: 1.9.1 Steam I've also had a look and there are no logs in the folder wherethe logs normally are.
  9. recieves @HansonKerman inserts @The Dressian Exploder
  10. recieves solid bar of birdseed inserts crappy texture for crappy 3d model