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    Building a launch vehicle based on the Mk-55 'Thud' Liquid Fuel Engine
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    SPAAAAAACE, MOAR BOOSTERS, SFS 1.5, Jool, The Dres Appreciation Society, Making history expansion, The revival of KSP Wii U edition/KSP for nintendo switch. Gameslinx's planet packs, the Mk-55 'Thud' Liquid Fuel Engine.

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  1. Gotta say I'm loving this mission report. Just asking though, what's that cuboid-ish deployed science part in front of the leftmost part? It doesn't look like any of the stock parts I've seen, and if it's a mod, which one?
  2. Oooh, shiny! Very nice looking mod, will defintely check it out!
  3. Very nice picture there. What mods did you use for the lander on the left (not the LEM)
  4. I think that if they were to add orbital decay it should definitely be toggleable because I'm sure that lots of people would hate to hear that their massive space station that took them hours to build crashed into kerbin while they were on an interstellar mission because of it.
  5. Being able to make platforms and landscape-y things with ore or koncrete or whatever could be cool.
  6. If you're not vibing with it, then take a break. Simple as. You've given so much to the community already, you definitely deserve to give yourself a rest from time to time.
  7. That Soyuz/Progress-like craft looks really good! Did you make it with just Tantares or were there other mods you used?
  8. I only recently realized that you are not "The Dressian Explorer", but instead "The Dressian Exploder"


  9. Looks like a radial attachment point part. Couldn't say which one it is.
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