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  1. When IG releases official modding support I'll be looking for Ferram Aerospace Research 2. @dkavolis @ferram4 any thoughts?
  2. Update to Kerbal-X 2 and More Fuel Lines It looks like fuel flows through the fuel lines from tank to tank, rather than from tank stack to tank stack. I ended up adding three more sets of lines to match up the bottom, middle and top tanks on the 1.25m stacks, and finally connected the third stage's three lines to the bottom of the 2.5m stack. This produced a fuel drain similar to the KSP 1 Kerbal-X but still not identical, as the 2.5m stack ends up being half-full by the time you stage away the 1.25m stacks. Maybe I need to run the third stage's tank lines to each of the 2.5m stack's tanks or something. I updated the craft file in my GitHub repository.
  3. I've found that if I cycle crew in and out of the craft in the VAB, recovered kerbals will reappear. In my second attempt at launching a Kerbal-X-alike, I added someone and then Bill appeared on the bottom. Repeating this twice added back Bob and Jebediah. So they're in there, not dead, just not visible at first. I figured that a debrief and recuperation mechanic seemed appropriate for just-recovered crew.
  4. I have done IT since 1994, and have dealt with individual PCs, ad-hoc workgroup networks and domain networks using various Windows desktop and Windows Server editions. This is a suggestion on where to store game data based on this experience, and it looks like Intercept Games is at least working in this direction so I'd like to see refinements. %userprofile% is unique for each user on a Windows PC, effectively the user's home folder or home directory. It includes the user's desktop icons, documents, registry settings (*.reg files), and lots of other things. In addition to the visible items like desktop, documents, there is a hidden folder named Appdata, which in turn has three sub-folders "Local," "LocalLow," and "Roaming." Right now IG is storing all KSP data in appdata\locallow, which is a good choice on a stand-alone PC running Windows, but it is hidden to the current user, normally. This makes craft sharing and save sharing very difficult unless you're an advanced user. Also, I'm pretty sure there are versions of these folders for MacOS and Linux. Please consider putting game saves and workspaces (crafts) in Documents, or at least the beginning of the home folder. Maybe keep autosaves for these back in appdata\locallow, but moving intentional saves to a visible folder helps players find them to share. While I don't expect people to play KSP 2 on a domain network, especially a domain network that uses roaming profiles, putting intentional saves in Documents or the home folder also allows these items to be backed up and can follow the user around. Even a user on a stand-alone PC can use File History to keep regular, automated backups of this on an external drive or something. I've seen some really messy applications store a lot of garbage in the Roaming section of the user profile, which just ruins the roaming profile experience in a domain network. Zoom is one of the worst offenders right now, storing almost ten thousand little files in an "Emjois" folder, causing very long delays signing in and out. That folder really belongs in Local or LocalLow. I've had to set up roaming profile exceptions for these messy applications. So try to determine what data needs to be visible, what data is specific to a single PC, and what data can move between PCs or should be backed up. Also, please keep executable code out of the home folder entirely. Having executable code in the home folder is exactly how ransomware works. Even a stand-alone PC can benefit from having a software policy that blocks executable code in the user home folder. KSP 2's launcher runs out of the LocalLow section, meaning a PC with software restriction policy will not launch the game from Steam. I can launch the KSP2_x64.exe executable directly though, even with SRP enabled. Put the launcher back in the installation folder, and have the launcher's data stored in LocalLow if you must. These might seem like changes no player would normally see, at least until they try to recover a lost save or a lost craft workspace. And you'd also prevent some hair-pulling from frustrated "turbo-nerd" moms and dads trying to let their kids on their PC to play games.
  5. I'm not suggesting that we build domains for home networks or such. I was trying to explain what the folders in appdata were for. Even in the Windows XP Home days, having each family member use their own account on one PC could save a brother from trashing his sister's desktop.
  6. Yesterday I managed to build what I think was a Kerbal X-like ship. I think you can grab this folder and unzip it to your workspaces folder to open and edit the craft. I'm a bit confused about fuel flow though. There's no visible option to set tank priority that I could see, so I didn't try using decoupler crossfeed. I had to place each pair of outer tanks separately so I could stage them separately, as there wasn't an option to place a set of six decouplers into different stages that I could find, either. Each stage does have fuel lines. The fuel line part is on the bottom of the list of fuel tank parts, and they are attached in what I think is the correct direction. So how can this be improved? Do I need more fuel lines to increase the fuel flow or something? Have I missed a step? Here's the thing in action. YouTube is just finishing up its processing.
  7. Looks like I erased my lovely attempt at a Saturn V clone by forgetting this simple trick: My Kerbal X clone is OK but my Saturn V clone was lost, Don't make my mistake.
  8. This happens on an apollo-style design I built. I tried looking for my craft in the appdata\locallow folder but am not sure what craft files are supposed to look like here yet.
  9. I had this happen too, and it didn't seem to have anything to do with struts.
  10. The launcher patcher seems to have other issues, such as, "why is it running from user-writeable space?" It tripped my Software Restriction Policy ruleset alarm. The Steam installation already grants modify access to the install folder, so that seems like a better place to put this thing.
  11. I built an Apollo-like craft with probably way too much delta-v to get to the Mun. Managed to get into a 20 km by 20 km Munar orbit and found no way to transfer crew, except via EVA. One kerbal EVA ejection later and I'm like, "OK, let's try undocking first." Attempting to undock results in a mission failure (or fission mailer?) but the craft is still in Munar orbit. I can reacquire the craft from the tracking station, but now the undock button is missing. I'm uploading a video example now, and should be viewable in a few minutes. So echoing others, where do we submit bug reports?
  12. I had the stock Kerbal 2 not detach its second stage from its service module. Remembering joined parts issues like this from KSP 1, I did on-rails time-warp for a few seconds and this caused the spent stage to drift away.
  13. Just bought and installed the thing. Runs OK on Core i9 11th gen and RTX 3070 (not Ti). First couple of times I attempted to launch the thing from the Steam app, but couldn't. On a lark I opened it from the installation folder and it launched. Also got a Windows Firewall prompt to have it accept inbound connections, which I figured was unnecessary in single player mode so I ignored that. I made it to a Mun flyby and came back in one piece, though the seas were pretty rough on splashdown kicking the pod around. Trying to launch it from within Steam only had it exit right away, with '1 min' play time logged. Granted, I do have Software Restriction Policy enabled, and looking in my logs I found this: Access to C:\Users\gordo\AppData\Local\PD Launcher\pcr-\LauncherPatcher.exe has been restricted by your Administrator by the default software restriction policy level. And shortly afterward: Fault bucket 1920914238771734676, type 5 Event Name: RADAR_PRE_LEAK_64 Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: KSP2_x64.exe P2: 2020.3.33.23162 P3: 10.0.19044.2.0.0 Attached files: [snip the rest] I'm not too worried though. My setup is unusual compared to most. Though I do wonder why it's trying to run executable programs in user-writeable space. It launches from within File Explorer, so the game itself seems OK.
  14. Good that it saves things in the user's profile, not so good in that it saves things in a folder normally hidden to users. "LocalLow" and "Local" are used for non-roaming portions the user's profile on Windows. "Roaming" is where things get copied to and from a network share if the user was a domain user, and a profile location was specified in their user account. Even on a stand-alone computer, this means each user can have their own set of game saves, crafts and so on. If you have a family that shares a computer, each person having their own user account and settings (and saved games) is good. Use this space for data you don't want to edit, but might be a good idea to keep things you'd like the user to see in their Documents folder, or some other per-user space, or provide a shortcut link to the places you'd like people to look in.
  15. If anything, @JadeOfMaar deserves as much credit as me for getting the thing going. That was my first real add-on for KSP so I had to learn a lot from experienced modders. As for @OhioBob and his contribution, I really needed his help to make sure I didn't cheat my way off of Nara.
  16. You probably didn't need to drive that turbofan so hard to get where you needed to go; I could see from the screen shot you were driving the thing much harder than necessary. The Zephryus Turbofan was sort-of based on the Advanced Jet Engine version of the Wheesley, based on its performance at Tellumo in Galileo's Planet Pack. I devoted much of an episode of Purple Space Program explaining why.
  17. I find the Umbra Space Industries parts a little more manageable. You can pick and choose the part packs you want, and with a combination of the Orion pulse drive and the Alcubierre (warp) drive you can get pretty far.
  18. Oh you went retrograde, too! Nice touch - that seemed to keep us in signal range of Kerbin during the most important parts of the mission.
  19. I stopped myself from looking at the submissions until I finished mine. Your design went overkill on the decals - no wonder you knew. You got the appearance down, and I had no idea the decals didn't block solar panels!
  20. And here we go! Aside from it being a while since posting a video, it's also been a while since playing pure Stock, no Kerbal Engineer, no Ferram Aerospace, no anything even DLC. But here it is. I tried to meet all of the rules, including the music which is all from the game. I'll add save file download links to this post, and I'll provide proof of eligibility to Squad staff that ask.
  21. Thanks so much for responding to this. I'm almost ready to film the mission. It's easy enough to check - just remove all of the decals and review the engineering report. I'll of course make the save and craft file available for inspection.
  22. That confirms the sizes are correct. I hope the judges take the flag decal oddity into consideration.
  23. I have an issue with how KSP is interpreting the sizes of these things. The structural panels are 1 m wide. Stacking four of them gives me 4 m tall, but the Engineer Report tells me this: The engineer report says 4.7 m tall, and over 4 m wide and over 4 m long. I added the panels on the side for comparison. I'm also using flag decals as panels. But this does not look like 4 m wide or long to me.
  24. Kerbal Konstructs Kompatibility I'm not sure what the problem is with Kerbal Konstructs and why I get frequent questions about it. I can use it with different home worlds without difficulty, and it appears objects placed with one homeworld setting will continue to work in other homeworld settings. This was a Level 1 launch pad, crawlerway, and VAB dropped on top of a MapDecal placed in the middle of Laythe's ocean. These objects remained accessible in saves from Kerbin and Eve, and I presume other home world settings. Now the current edition of Kerbal Konstructs requires a support add-on called Custom Pre-Launch Checks, so make sure when using KK to also have that support add-on installed. Otherwise I don't see what the problem is. Now some home world placements won't accommodate all of the customized KSC layouts some folks constructed, but nothing should stop anyone from adapting these.
  25. Alien Space Programs v1.12.0 Released After a long break caused by Real Life[tm] I inspected and corrected problems in Alien Space Programs caused by the updated surface textures. ASP 1.12.0 works on KSP 1.12.3. For releases earlier than 1.12 the older releases of ASP are still available.
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