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alright, going to start looking into what needs to be done on Mir now, as I believe I can get that back into circulation first, before I am happy enough with ISS to put it back into circulation!  images to follow as I make progress on that as well as giving Mir its own page (I am not yet decided if I want to give it its own, or just create a new page dedicated to both mods)

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Alright, been doing some checks in RSS/RO based on the Space ODY space shuttle payload bay...and it appears to already be sized perfectly...both Mir and ISS components, so all I will need to do from there is some cfg trickery  to get those to show compatibility with it on relaunch.  Also, my intent is, now, with so many stockalike versions both in existence and high popularity, stock version will not be a high priority at this time.  Instead, focus will be placed on RSS/RO compatibility and focus.  I will make it compatible in default kerbin eventually, but it will hit the backburner for a while.

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On 7/30/2020 at 2:35 PM, BobCat said:

Very nice. 

:awe::valawe::heart_eyes: @BobCat

On 2/5/2021 at 4:46 PM, MacLuky said:

I fixed the Mir stuff a long time ago, but was unable to release it due to the license. If you have Bobcats permission you could pull in the patches. (though I may need to go through them again...)

@MacLuky please.


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Ok, with the partnership going full swing, It has been decided that this page will eventually be taken down.  But I am going to keep it open for now, until we get around to working directly with the mod and create a new dedicated page for it, recognizing the partnership.  Until then, I will maintain the page with news on that.  Before I shut the page down, I will provide a link to the new one.

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