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  1. zer0Kerbal

    Helping find out what this mod is?

    YW. Both have BIG BOXY FUN parts.
  2. zer0Kerbal

    [1.5.x] KSP Resonant Orbit Calculator

    but what day and time is it on the Mun? ;p
  3. zer0Kerbal

    Helping find out what this mod is?

    Is this it?? Or is this?
  4. zer0Kerbal

    [1.5.x] Kerbal heatshield

    Jeb approved of this ad.
  5. zer0Kerbal

    Duna Base building help with mods

    your English is just fine. since you are already planning on including a drill, why not use SimpleConstruction so you can expand your base if you need or want to?
  6. zer0Kerbal

    [1.5.1+] The Kaptain's Log

    Glad to see you hunted down and eliminated that gremlin.
  7. zer0Kerbal

    Ablative kerbals.

    did and I like. The KISO (Kerbal Intergalactic Safety Organization) has now made it mandatory (at least in my games) to have every Pod automatically ship with one of these, right next to the Kilwaukee Electric-screwdriver and helium filled balloon. nicely done!
  8. zer0Kerbal

    Ablative kerbals.

    Here is the MM patch to add to every (new) pod's inventory: Issue had was that the part name didn't seem to want to work with the patch, so I ended up renaming the part.
  9. I have a save with the bug. I can KML out everything but the space station in question - how best to get to you?
  10. a part am working on:
  11. zer0Kerbal

    [1.5+] Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) v1.16

    Help with a ModuleManager Patch appreciated Am trying to create a MM patch to add items to every pod's seat - like the KIS config does. Reason for separate patch is so don't have to edit with original and to keep changes between updates of KIS. I have tried numerous versions of the below patch (and yes, kerbal-heatshield is a real part and the correct name). Would love to have the evapropellellant stacked, but I don't believe that to be possible. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance! 0K @KISConfig[*]//:NEEDS[KIS]:FINAL { @Editor { @PodInventory { // Specifies items to add to every pod's seat. To add // more items add more lines. addToAllSeats = KIS.electricScrewdriver // Hotkey 1 addToAllSeats = KIS.evapropellant // Hotkey 2 addToAllSeats = KIS.evapropellant // Hotkey 2 addToAllSeats = kerbal_heatshield // Hotkey 3 // Specifies items to add to the first pod's seat only. addToTheFirstSeatOnly = KIS.evapropellant } } }
  12. My searchfu seems to be failing me. and yes - have a space station and a ship dancing the night away, conjoined by the kracken.
  13. The bug was just reproduced on the forums. will see if can find and post here. Thank you in advance!
  14. according to CKAN - compatible up to 1.4.9. which version of FMRS do you have installed? FMRS (the original - v or FMRS Continued( Both are available in CKAN.