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  1. You are missed, my friend.

  2. @JadeOfMaar I have it fixed internally - just waiting for a new case for my NAS upgrade before pushing.
  3. suggestion @Syntax, post this in the SCANSat thread.
  4. whole craft and sub assembly - SimpleConstruction!
  5. +1 @Nertea Thank you for the troubleshoot. Yes, the most current release of ODFC is (plus pre-releases) - and the offending patch lines no longer exist in releases. the above is correct. when I get my local network fully relocated I will be releasing a new version of ODFC patches - just FYI. Current versions of either Modify or Copy Patches should not have this issue. It was something that slipped through from my personal patch collection. correct, and the & fixes the issue of NODE (resource) not existing. & only CREATES does not modify - so a &...
  6. forgot to say : excellent SpaceTape moment - if Jeb can't find the Mountain, then drop him on it!
  7. ScrapYard and OhScrap! and if I had it published - Komplexity (instead of 3 building levels in the Space Center - it makes it 10)
  8. the issue might even be resolved in the pre-release version on github; I say this because when I went to update the code - it was already updated.
  9. I don't think so - I force quit (<ALT><F4>) all the time and don't see codes like this. Will file it away in the back of my brain and see what it stumbles across.
  10. Excellent! +1 - Thank you. I've made an issue and should be out soon ( just waiting for a new-to-me graphics card to add to the new-to-me computer - and will then correct and push!
  11. try simplifying - do only one resource at first - to make sure the patch is working - then add complexity. The original patch (here) does everything one at a time. What you want to do (all at once) should be able to be done - suggest just start simple and work towards complex. also the '|' (pipe) means OR - when you mean to use is ',' (and) - at least in the @PART and maybe even in the @RESOURCE suggest replacing :FINAL with :AFTER[TacLifeSupport]
  12. only answer I have is has to be DX5 version of .DDS if importing from .tga/.png/.mbm - remember to mirror (flip) the image.
  13. +2 Good to know release date for 1.10 - very helpful for those who mod. Looking forward to more teasers! this. +1 if not - gives @IgorZ impious to update KIS/KAS to include harpoons again!
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