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  1. so now looks like can really do some fun partupgrades - PartKaizen (KaizenKensai) mod here I come!
  2. I am considering it. really, like you said - straightforward - it is 99% configs and patches.
  3. yes, that one. I'd suggest to use it until the player changes over to the new parts/system.
  4. I ask because have been working on updating this mod for release shortly. I have asked @Orum (the mod's original author) for permission/blessing to do so, and that if I haven't heard from him by the 24th of August will go ahead with the release. The license is ( CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 ) and allows for such. Will not be releasing parts for this mod because the original license for those parts does not allow for such. This updated version will not require special parts to work. Will be looking for beta testers soon, will create new thread and link here. Thank you in advance to @4x4cheesecake for most of the heavy lifting and @linuxgurugamer for the support and guidance. here is a teaser:
  5. link is not working, anyone have a working link or a copy of the linked "taxecujize.cs" file?
  6. no specific example, just a tale. when we where updating Orbital Tug, I wanted to add a new version of a single part 'helperDrone' - great little part - self contained drone with RCS, grabber, light, and reaction wheel - totally a drone. This version was going to integrate the TACSelfDestruct part - so it could be used as a demolitionHelperDrone (blow up space debris etc). I could have just copied the helperDrone.cfg and added the TACSelfDetruct module to it, but I also wanted it to look like Val had strapped on several blocks of explosives, and remote control detonation controller (both parts in the TACSelfDestruct mod). So I created a new part.cfg file and copied the original base part into it. I then added the TACSD module into the parts configuration code. In order to get the final look, I created in the VAB a helperDrone and surface attached the parts I wanted to be there (weld). I kept it simple. I saved that as a .craft file, and opened the .craft in a text editor and found the individual parts and copied their PosX, PoSY, PosZ, RotX, RotY, RotZ I wanted four parts welded to the base (3 of the same X-1100 and one twsa_bomb) since I used +PART (copy part) everything from the original part was there (or you can just copy the entire part.cfg and modify) (REMEMBER: change the part name to something different) I then copied the MODEL (or mesh) from the parts I wanted to weld - and adjusted the position/rotation (scale is optional - leave off unless you need it or get much better) into the new part. then it was quite a bit of mucking about to get them just right - (nodehelper helps) - which required restarted the game (or reloading the database) numerous times. That's it. (Autoweld does more - but this is the 99 class on manual welding) see below finished
  7. make the part you want welded and save as .craft; then open the base part and merge in the models, textures, and features from the .craft file into a new part, by hand.
  8. broken feature, and until my non-programming person can remove that feature - it is still available on github -
  9. I had that happen yesterday - in flight - just recompiled RMM and two icons were showing up - but it went away.