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  1. Yes, once I return home which should be this weekend. I also might have found a bug, but will wait to verify until this weekend because you might have fixed it already. You are that good!
  2. fought a Turkey Coma to say +1 +1 to all these worthy threads! and just remember, 'every time a rocket explodes, a Kerbal gets it's wings!'
  3. well beyond my ability might be possible to write an upgrade for these using the upgrade system, but beyond my ability and time available. I like.
  4. Am looking at (for 2020) ProbiTronics (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) (Thanks for reminding me of this one!) VTS: Versatile Toolbox System ((GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3)
  5. "doing the impossible', well that is what we do every day in KSP. +1 :
  6. On Demand Fuel Cells Refueled (ODFCr) v. - To Go Boldly (KSP 1.8.1 + .NET Framework 4.8) update to .NET Framework 4.8 update to Kerbal Space Program (KSP) 1.8.1 update .csproj: Reference Include="$(DevDir)\KSP_x64_Data\Managed\UnityEngine*.dll" / now can enter numbers instead of using slider by using the # on PAW recompile for KSP 1.8.1 Known Issue Tracker [BUG] AmpYear doesn't seem to recognize ODFC [BUG] TweakScale will not scale module ODFC [BUG] B9 module swapping - needs onLoad etc update to make work [BUG] next fuel mode should not be visible when only one mode [BUG] Does not seeming work with BackgroundProcessing or Background Resources mods (being looked at) (so ODFC doesn't work when doesn't have focus). Should not have both BackgroundProcessing and BackgroundResources installed. [BUG] Kerbalism doesn't recognize ODFC, ODFC still functions correctly Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 .NET Framework 4.8
  7. Jet's Chop Shop has a couple of rover bodies (and other fun parts) and if I ever get them working again - there is cleverbobcat's DEMV's of course there is always Bon Voyage for having your rover move while you are off doing more explosions (oops, more flights) - but if you really want to go that extra mile, there are several (hefty) kOS programs that can do it all, including pathing. (since you didn't ask about them, I won't post links unless asked).
  8. On Demand Fuel Cells Simple Logistics Field Training Lab Field Training Facility Targetron or Haystack there are so many.... I'd just say browse Spacedock 'recently updated'
  9. Thank you. Hopefully my schedule will clear up in the next couple of weeks. I plan on moving all of these related mods into their own github repo maybe this weekend. LGG and I looked at the mod, and turns out it was never released. Talked with Alexustas and there might be a possibility he will release it. I do believe I have the lights working internally, and the wheels need to be fully updated - which is beyond my current ability/resources. thank you. wheels need to be updated to stock and if possible to KSPWheel. Something beyond my resources at this moment. @wasml correct. I have the landing legs working internally - but only through animateGeneric, so the work, but should someone who knows how or is willing to learn decide to update them to stock and KSP Wheel - that would be fantastic. good to hear.
  10. This mod can be used (installed) into any part - just have to either modify the part.cfg or use a module manager patch to add it. It should work the way you want - and in fact that is how it is designed. However, does not work in the background - something I am working on hopefully in the new year (after tweakscale and B9). This mod allows you to set two things: at what point do you want the fuel cell to turn on/off? (% of vessel's total EC) how much EC do you want it to produce (from 100% of its capicity down to 5%) Hope that answers your question @B15hop. ps - tagging me will get faster responses. pss - I have been really busy in real life, and hopefully things will settle down in a couple of weeks. We are '' this close to getting ODFC to work with TweakScale. psss - this mod has patches to add it into stock (and other) fuel cell parts.