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  1. @JadeOfMaar I have it fixed internally - just waiting for a new case for my NAS upgrade before pushing.
  2. suggestion @Syntax, post this in the SCANSat thread.
  3. whole craft and sub assembly - SimpleConstruction!
  4. +1 @Nertea Thank you for the troubleshoot. Yes, the most current release of ODFC is (plus pre-releases) - and the offending patch lines no longer exist in releases. the above is correct. when I get my local network fully relocated I will be releasing a new version of ODFC patches - just FYI. Current versions of either Modify or Copy Patches should not have this issue. It was something that slipped through from my personal patch collection. correct, and the & fixes the issue of NODE (resource) not existing. & only CREATES does not modify - so a &... line would do nothing if it exists. @RESOURCE[ElectricCharge] { // if no EC, add 50 units &amount = 50 @amount *= 30 @maxAmount = #$amount$ } there were other errors in my original patches - above is how I write it now. Of course I also adjust for pod mass, number of crew (if applicable) or SAS level; and round to nearest integer.
  5. forgot to say : excellent SpaceTape moment - if Jeb can't find the Mountain, then drop him on it!
  6. ScrapYard and OhScrap! and if I had it published - Komplexity (instead of 3 building levels in the Space Center - it makes it 10)
  7. the issue might even be resolved in the pre-release version on github; I say this because when I went to update the code - it was already updated.
  8. I don't think so - I force quit (<ALT><F4>) all the time and don't see codes like this. Will file it away in the back of my brain and see what it stumbles across.
  9. Excellent! +1 - Thank you. I've made an issue and should be out soon ( just waiting for a new-to-me graphics card to add to the new-to-me computer - and will then correct and push!
  10. try simplifying - do only one resource at first - to make sure the patch is working - then add complexity. The original patch (here) does everything one at a time. What you want to do (all at once) should be able to be done - suggest just start simple and work towards complex. also the '|' (pipe) means OR - when you mean to use is ',' (and) - at least in the @PART and maybe even in the @RESOURCE suggest replacing :FINAL with :AFTER[TacLifeSupport]
  11. only answer I have is has to be DX5 version of .DDS if importing from .tga/.png/.mbm - remember to mirror (flip) the image.
  12. +2 Good to know release date for 1.10 - very helpful for those who mod. Looking forward to more teasers! this. +1 if not - gives @IgorZ impious to update KIS/KAS to include harpoons again!
  13. The cupula is the 'PPD-12 Cupola Module' I will be trying to expand the patch to include more stock parts as survey stations. only dependencies are the ones listed - KSP, ModuleManager, SimpleConstuction! and Kerbal Inventory System. KPBS isn't one. IIRC the PPD-12 Cupola Module is under Command normally. it is - but that part shouldn't be required - the stock PPD-12 Cupula Module should be working. If it isn't working - well, will check for myself once I get fully moved into my new-to-me machine. That is the design philosophy of the entire SImpleXXX line of mods in a nutshell. It should and it will and will endeavor to expand to other parts as well *********************************** in general - I have started to update the OP. I am working on an update. Suggestions for what other parts (stock, DLL, mod) should be included as SurveyStations would be highly appreciated. Am working on another addon (Foundations) that might help keeping things stuck in the ground.