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  1. I would suggest 'Komplexity' and 'SimpleConstruction!'
  2. best place to ask would be in the Kerbalism thread.
  3. Thank you @razark+1 ! @RB101 ^^^; just would suggest backing up your live save games and making sure you aren't using a live save game to test. Also sending your <KSP_ROOT>/KSP.log (in an archival format like .zip, .rar. .7z) and posting it as an issue on GitHub (link in OP) would also help; just a pic of your GameData folder doesn't help much. It is akin to talking to a Automotive Engineer and handing them a picture of your car's engine and saying 'it won't start'
  4. steady progress on version All parts are now localized and ready for additional languages. there is a true prerelease available here. Still some work to do, but feedback would be appreciated. Do not use on live saves (shouldn't be an issue, but you have been warned)
  5. @Forked Camphorthis doesn't preclude new parts; I make new parts all the time using existing textures/models.
  6. Issue with @mcdouble's HL-20 mod is there isn't a license listed anywhere, which means it is All Rights Reserved (ARR). I have asked @mcdoublefor permission and a license but nothing but crickets. I have several ones am working on - Dreamer from Axial Aerospace is one, and so is the WhimChaser, also from Axial Aerospace. Then there is the Pteron.
  7. @Forked Camphor well I didn't adopt just for maintenance. Maintenance implies doing the least possible; which is not the intention for any of my addons. The plan is to bring it up to 1.12.3, including functionality. Since I am no 3D modeler and my texturing skills are basic at best, there will not be new new models or textures from me. This doesn't mean there won't be new parts, that is up to you, and the other users to provide. This glorious addon is in my pipeline (see my signature for links to The Short List and the Mod List), and it should be updated before KSP2 is free-to-play.
  8. Thank [email protected]! +1 They are so good looking that George Ketson wants them from the future!
  9. Version - <Klaws II> edition 17 May 2022 Release for Kerbal Space Program [KSP 1.12.x] DO A CLEAN INSTALL: DELETE EXISTING INSTALLATION THEN RE-INSTALL Download from CurseForge Changes NOTICES This is the last version that will contain [ghost.cfg] Next version will only contain the Command Pods Other parts moving into their own parts mod See More Changelog Summary for more details of changes : See ChangeLog Discussions and news on this mod : See Discussions or KSP Forums Known Issues for more details of feature requests and known issues : See Known Issues GitHub Pages : See Pages Localization red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date How to support this and other great mods by zer0Kerbal
  10. This will be the last release of Transparent Pods that will include the MicroKlaw, the Handrails, and the legs; which will be moving into their own release. Transparent Pods (PODS) Home Parts Invoice This add-on adds eight (8) parts Mono Pressurized Command Chair [cycloPod] crew of one bulkheadProfiles = size00,size0 Cyclops Command Pod [monoPod] crew of one bulkheadProfiles = size0,size1 Panopticon Command Pod [panoPod] crew of up to three bulkheadProfiles = size1,size2 Hand Rail - Long [handrail1] Hand Rail - Short [handrail2] MicroKlaw [microKlaw] bulkheadProfiles = size0, srf Radial Micro Leg [microLegRadial] Ventral Micro Leg [microLegVentral] top
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