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[Finished!] JNSQ Exploration Do-Over

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Broadcast Schedule

Join us on Discord at That Other Server 2 in the #gaming voice channel, nightly at 19:00 UTC -6 / 7 PM US Central Time.

Monday 28 DEC Tuesday 29 DEC Wednesday 30 DEC Thursday 31 DEC Friday 01 JAN Saturday 02 JAN Sunday 03 JAN
Kerbin Relays Launch Minmus Launches Minmus Exploration Minmus Return (Taking this day off) Mun Launches Mun Landings
Complete Complete Complete Complete   Complete 1 of 2 Complete
Monday 04 JAN Tuesday 05 JAN Wednesday 06 JAN Thursday 07 JAN Friday 08 JAN Saturday 09 JAN Sunday 10 JAN
Mun Exploration Postponed Mun Exploration Mun Exploration Mun Explore or return TBD Moho Prep
2nd landing complete Postponed Complete Complete Returned Safely! Cancelled Complete
Monday 11 JAN Tuesday 12 JAN Wednesday 13 JAN Thursday 14 JAN Friday 15 JAN Saturday 16 JAN Sunday 17 JAN
Moho Launches Moho Landing Moho Exploration Return to Kerbin Re-Arming Re-Arming Duna Build
Complete Complete Complete Complete Kraken attack! Complete Complete
Monday 18 JAN Tuesday 19 JAN Wednesday 20 JAN Thursday 21 JAN Friday 22 JAN Saturday 23 JAN Sunday 24 JAN
Duna Launch Duna Arrival Duna Exploration Duna Exploration Duna Exploration Quick visit to Ike? Return to Kerbin
Complete Landed Lander In Progress In Progress Complete In Progress Complete!

All craft used should be available on Kerbal X, in my JNSQ Do-over Hangar, at some point.

In 18 months and four KSP versions, I produced a JNSQ Exploration series. This came up after suggestions that no one ever explores past Duna, or no one ever explores past Jool, after completing the first JNSQ Space Race



It seemed like a good idea at the time, and once I fought through Moho and Eve I figured I could reach the rest of the system with relative ease. Then time constraints came up and I introduced RoverDude's Project Orion engines just so I could get to places within a reasonable amount of real-world time. But then came surface interaction problems that all started once out at Lindor, and I found the only way to work around those was to start over in a new saved game.

So what I'd like to do is stream the process. I wouldn't post new episodes to YouTube until out to Lindor again, and I'd redo episodes 18 and 19 for Krel and Aden. But I'm also curious if there's a viewership interested in watching that process, including the expected failures.

I don't have a Twitch account so that's out. I could stream to YouTube but I'd want to hide or delete the stream archives afterward. I think Discord would be a better choice.

Is there a Discord server someone has that would be interested in hosting this?

I'd like to do a regular schedule of 7 PM to 8 PM Central (UTC -6). five days a week. Once I'd reach Lindor again and ready to visit Krel, that's when the regular streams end. It would be a science mode playthrough with the goal of reaching each world's random monolith, assuming it exists. I'd use Bon Voyage to time warp through ground and ocean travel.

Please let me know in responses what you all think. I'll link to here from the JNSQ main thread shortly.


The JNSQ Exploration Do-Over

Looks like I'll be able to do this weeknights from 7 PM to 8 PM US Central (UTC -6) starting on 21 DEC 2020. I picked December 21 because that's the first day back from being on-call from work. 

Streams will appear on "That Other Server 2" in the #gaming voice channel on Discord.  Thanks so much to The @Misguided Kerbal for hosting this series!

I'll try to keep some kind of advance notice as to what point a given episode will be, and hopefully I can skip past boring bits like The Science Dance and long transfers to and from Lindor. Check back here for a table featuring dates and episode themes. In the meantime I'll occasionally stream over there to show off preparations and other work. But the next week (14-18 DEC) is off because of real life on-call.

I'll post an add-on list in another post here as well, so You At Hometm can play along. I'll also try to keep all craft constructed at Kerbal X, which should mostly be stock except for Explodium Breathing Engines and RoverDude's Project Orion parts.


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Add-Ons and Mods

Part packs:

  • Bon Voyage - by Maja, introduces automated land and ocean navigation
  • EVA Struts and EVA Transfer - by DMagic, a lightweight alternative to Kerbal Attachment System that enables strengthening connections between docked vessels, and resource transfer between separate vessels
  • Explodium Breathing Engines - by me, introduces jet engines and intakes that burn oxidizer using fuel in the ambient air, while not being overpowered (much)
  • JX2 Antenna - by Steedcrudgeon and Snark, adds extremely long range relay antennas to avoid spamming RA-100s, and is recommended by Team Galileo
  • SCANsat - by Dammy, David Grandy and Technogeeky, facilitates automated surface scanning and anomaly detection, is also recommended by Team Galileo
  • The Orion Project - by RoverDude, introduces the most kerbal propulsion system ever! A variant of this is expected in KSP 2.0
  • DLCs Making History and Breaking Ground - by Squad, introduces recreations of historical parts, additional engines, and additional ground-based activity

World changers:

  • Community Tech Tree - by lots of folks, expands on the stock tech tree for more advanced part packs
  • Ferram Aerospace Research Continued - by Ferram4 and Dkavolis, adds somewhat realistic aerodynamics and body lift to all parts, along with flap and spoiler controls for control surfaces - also introduces aerodynamic failures
  • UnKerballed Start - by Spink Arkon, redesigns the tech tree with an emphasis on probes and satellites
  • World Stabilizer - by Whale_2, to help landed vessels stabilize after entering physics range
  • Rational Resources - By JadeOfMaar, redefines the resource management system, is included with JNSQ, and requires Community Resource Pack
  • JNSQ - by Team Galileo, the system to be explored, a 2.7 times scale re-imagined version of the stock solar system with twice as many worlds to explore
  • I'll also add a patch to force JNSQ into Principa mode, moving Minmus closer and forcing Bop's orbit retrograde, but won't use Principia itself

Eye candy:

  • Environmental Visual Enhancements - by Waz, adds clouds, auroras, lightning, and many more additional atmospheric effects
  • Scatterer - by Blackrack, introduces realistic light scatter and diffusion, along with eclipses, colourization to clouds and surfaces, and improved oceans
  • RealPlume Stock - by Zorg and many others, adds realistic engine exhaust plumes and audio
  • Re-Entry Particle Effect - by PizzaOverhead, adds plasma trails and ablative effects to craft travelling fast enough through an atmosphere
  • Distant Object Enhancement - by MOARdV, adds light flares to the skybox to represent celestial objects and nearby craft
  • Texture Replacer - by Shaw, used here to replace kerbal skins and suits, and to give Chris Kerman his trademark moustache! 
  • Kanadian Dictionary - by me, not for the localization in this case but for the additional flags and agencies

Quality-of-life add-ons:

  • Transfer Window Planner and Kerbal Alarm Clock - by TriggerAU, makes long term mission planning much simpler
  • Kerbal Engineer Redux - by Cybutek and Jrbudda, provides more information on your craft builds and realtime data in flight

Utility add-ons:

  • Kopernicus Continued - by Prestja, Thomas P, Sigma88, and a long list of contributors, enables replacing the stock solar system without excessive hacks and is required by JNSQ
  • SmokeScreen - by Sarbian, enables replacing stock engine exhaust plumes and is included in RealPlume Stock
  • Firespitter - by UltimateFlash15, RoverDude, and another long list of contributors, is required by The Orion Project
  • Community Resource Pack - by RoverDude and many others, standardizes resources across several part packs and planet packs, and is required by Rational Resources and JNSQ
  • Modular Flight Integrator - by Sarbian, allows hooking into the stock Flight Integrator to introduce new effects, is included with Kopernicus Continued and required by Ferram Aerospace Research Continued
  • Module Manager - by way too many people to count, is required by a very large number of add-ons to perform magic without violating Squad's EULA

I probably missed one or two. But if anyone asks me for a mod list I can point them here now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Starting this evening!

After an on-call week I'm able to start the do-over. This first week will introduce JNSQ Kerbin and start building science for that first trip to orbit and that trip to Minmus.

I'll be on That Other Server 2 in the gaming voice channel starting from 7 PM Central / UTC -6. This first night will most likely be initial setup through, recruiting the original A E K team.

One change I'm adding is I'll pretend that Principia is installed, which will change the orbits of Minmus and Bop. Minmus will have a larger delta V requirement for getting there but it will be the second world in the series. Bop's orbit will be retrograde, but by the time we get back to Jool we'll have the Medusa nuclear pulse engine again.

I'll continue the series at 7 PM nightly, taking breaks on 24 and 25 DEC unless time permits. See you there!

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No audio in Discord

I haven't had any luck getting sound to stream in Discord. There's no option to turn audio on or off, and in the browser version it says it's streaming the audio but it is not.

I might end up moving this to YouTube after all, but I won't have it archive the streams if possible. I'll keep this thread updated.

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Week One Complete

In the first few days of the do-over we managed to get sounding rockets to the upper atmosphere and low space, a pair of Science Jrs to high space, Chris Kerman to a low equatorial orbit and Valentina Kerman to a high polar orbit.  We filled out tiers 1 through 4 of the tech tree and made inroads to tier 5 to get the Mk1 command pod.



I'll do The Science Dance off camera and prepare for our Minmus mission this Monday, 28 DEC.

I think I can continue this through Discord since sound is a problem streaming to YouTube as well for some reason.




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On 12/25/2020 at 12:14 AM, Gordon Fecyk said:

I think I can continue this through Discord since sound is a problem streaming to YouTube as well for some reason.

So, will this be on Discord or Youtube? And if its on Youtube, will it be on your channel?

Amazing photos by the way! If only I had a PC to run those graphics mods smoothly...

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@AeroSky I'm continuing it on Discord - whatever is happening with sound seems specific to my PC. But as long as recording audio with graphics still works I'm not going to fight over lack of audio in streams.

@Norcalplanner This is KSP 1.9.1 using the stable Kopernicus Continued. 

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Minmus Landings Complete

This was the tech tree after completing The Science Dance and driving a ways out from the KSC:



With this I got the Seismometer, which was more than I had the first time I did this. Then I managed to get a lander and rover out to Minmus, a day ahead of schedule.



See you all tomorrow for Minmus explorations.

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Schrödinger's Randolith?

The thing was a lot harder to find than it seemed, even against a background of bright grey.



Though in the end, we got Nuclear Power early, which means we unlocked enough to get Ol' Boom Boom in time for the trip to Moho!

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Tech Tree after Mun mission



This includes the Orion and Medusa nuclear pulse engines, which could make a Moho visit almost trivial. But we can't land with an Orion pulse engine, so I'll use lander designs intended for Talos.

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Oh, here we go again



I guess I should be expecting these things by now. We head back to Kerbin tomorrow after a successful, but hairy, launch back to Moho orbit.

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9 minutes ago, Gordon Fecyk said:

Oh, here we go again

  Hide contents


I guess I should be expecting these things by now. We head back to Kerbin tomorrow after a successful, but hairy, launch back to Moho orbit.


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11 hours ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:


Pretty much. That's what I ended up calling the picture.

By the way, I fully expect to have enough parts unlocked after returning from Moho to end this do-over, and resume the JNSQ Exploration series. I'd end up redoing the Lindor mission and, as long as Krel didn't explode my rover, continue through as planned. Though I suppose I could redo Duna first and maybe get a proper look for anomalies.

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Duna Adventures!



I haven't seen this object before! Looks like a few of these were added in the current JNSQ, along with a lot more Duna biomes. Also, all of the stock objects appear to be present.

That poor rover's been down the large volcano, found itself flipped at least once, and had three solar panels damaged plus one forward rocket engine destroyed. The thing limped back to the lander after 20 Kerbin days of exploration.

After returning from this revamped Duna and the also revamped Moho I'm pretty sure I'll be at the spot I was before heading to Lindor in the original series. So I'll stop this mission thread after returning from Duna, and resume the JNSQ Exploration series from there.


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