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  1. I'm glad that people are still reading that older thread occasionally.
  2. If you enjoyed RP-0, you'll enjoy RP-1. And it's not possible to have both installed at the same time, which is a good thing since RP-1 is better developed than RP-0.
  3. And we're back yet again! After taking a bit of time off to check out The Outer Worlds, the JNSQ install has now been updated to release 0.8.6. More interesting things to come later this week, but here's a brief taste of the first shakedown flight in the new universe: All of the probes and other unmanned craft heading to various bodies appear to still be intact and on course, so we should be able to enjoy some close up views of various outer planets in the next year or so of game time.
  4. The version file in the 1.7.3 version of the release I just pulled off of github appears to have old data, indicating it's only compatible with KSP 1.6.0 to 1.6.99; this may be contributing to the CKAN weirdness.
  5. Observation of the day: NFP and NFE together can compensate for a wealth of mission planning shortfalls. Here's a probe spending far too much delta V to enter Laythe's orbit, even after a few gravity assists. I was impatient. :-)
  6. And we're back! After a long hiatus which included a time of no KSP at all, followed by Season 2 of the RP-1 Space Race, I've dusted off this career and put it into a new 1.7.3 JNSQ install. Largely unmanned probes exploring the system at the moment, but once we've figured out what looks interesting then we'll start sending crewed missions with some of the crazy powerful late tech tree engines we're unlocking. A bit of gravity assist shenanigans which will eventually result in a cheap capture around Laythe. Our first trip to Dres in a long time. Looking good, Team Galileo! Nice terrain on Dres, too! We'll have to land some sort of rover and explore a bit.
  7. I think the scale by itself with stock heatshields is challenge enough without DRE and prevents some of the more Kerbal-y shenanigans.
  8. Great mod. Sounds like it's similar to SmartASS surface mode, but with less clutter and computational overhead.
  9. And please don't ask the mod authors when it will be updated!
  10. Yep. And as a matter of practice things work best if the steam install remains unmodded. Just copy the whole pristine directory someplace else, then mod the heck out of it.
  11. Great year! I love seeing how your launch vehicles evolve over time.
  12. The farthest I had ever gotten previously was a manned lunar flyby, so a big thanks to @Ultimate Steve for the race to provide the motivation to go as far as I did. And for anyone interested in RP-1, I'd recommend checking out the RP-1 wiki: I contributed to it a few months ago, but it's been reorganized, added to and expanded on by a number of others since then.
  13. Kerbal Administration for Big Overpowered Orbital Machines - 1964 Flags and footprints...