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  1. And the more delta V the ship has on tap and the longer the burns, the more importance is attached (for me anyway) to the accuracy of the burn, which translates to a higher departure orbit. A Karborundum-powered ship making a 20 km/s burn does much better when departing from a 2,000 km orbit.
  2. Not strictly related to this mod, but is anyone aware of a mod or configuration edit to set a higher minimum altitude for pods to spawn? Having a craft appear at 75 km in an upscale system with a thicker atmosphere makes these rescues a bit difficult.
  3. Couple of questions as I'm working on my new GPP install - Has Thalia's heat been nerfed in this update? I did a quick sandbox flyby with a stock ship at a Pe of 9 km and didn't see any evidence of overheating. And is KK a requirement for anomalies to be present in the system? I'd like to spend some time hunting for them in this career, but am also trying to limit the number of mods as much as possible. Thanks in advance.
  4. Without putting any pressure on anyone, I'd just like to state for the record my sincere hope that Taranis has Karborundum or some other valuable resource present. :-)
  5. Three words.... Nodens or bust!
  6. Forgive me if this has been answered before, but is pruning done on a per-save basis or a per-install basis? I'm setting up a new install and would like to open a sandbox save, perma-prune all the parts I don't want, then begin a new career save.
  7. Yep. All the indicators on the lower left will turn blue. Also works great with aircraft that have too much control authority at higher speeds.
  8. @Shadowmage What you described is nearly identical to what I do when docking, and the technique works great. The only refinements I would suggest are to hit caps lock for fine RCS control (this helps a lot if the RCS thrusters arent perfectly lined up with the CoM), and to use the "PAR-" hold for the actively maneuvering craft during the final approach. This particular hold keeps the docking port lined up perfectly parallel and opposite of the target port. It's also great when you have a truly massive station you don't want to rotate.
  9. BDB as it sits currently is well balanced for 2.5x scale (which is what I've been playing for the past few months). Nothing need be done. It's a tiny bit OP for stock scale.
  10. Insane Science in Career Mode?

    It can make sense in a modded game with reduced science payout, life support to create time pressure, and CTT for lots more nodes to unlock. I still only ever use one at a time these days, though.
  11. The trick is designing a craft that won't overheat and explode while down at the requisite altitude above Ciro. Especially if your craft has any parts with a heat tolerance of only 1200K.
  12. @eddiew Karborundum is a bit unique in that there's no way (that I know of) to scan and map it on a permanent basis, unlike most of the other CRP resources. You have to have the scanner window open and be watching it as you explore to find where it is.
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    This last weekend I took Jeb to see the booster on display at SpaceX. Here he is checking out the business end of the rocket: And here he is expressing his enthusiasm: