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  1. Kerbal Administration for Big Overpowered Orbital Machines - 1954 Batting .500 would be great in baseball...
  2. Feel free to indicate your preference in lieu of a like...
  3. So 1954 is done, and I can't decide what phrase to use as a synopsis in the writeup. Current contenders are: Curse you, Agathorn! My kingdom for a reliable engine... Batting .500 would be great in baseball... Push the button, range safety officer...
  4. Kerbal Administration for Big Overpowered Orbital Machines - 1953 One big milestone completed...
  5. Kerbal Administration for Big Overpowered Orbital Machines - 1952 Making progress...
  6. I'm thinking it would be an option, not a requirement. Far be it from me to take away someone else's grindy fun!
  7. Don't know if this has been brought up before, but I'd be supportive of being able to start in different eras in career. If you've already unlocked the whole tree and/or achieved a designated level of success, it would be nice to start in the Kerbal equivalent of 1970, or 1990, or 2010 in terms of infrastructure and available parts. Having to start from the very beginning every time gets a little old.
  8. 1952 was completed last night, and it should be Thursday or Friday when I get the report up - trying to do things with a phone while on the road is a bit too much challenge for my brain at the moment.
  9. @KerbalKore I make no promises. The crazy thing is, I've never actually put boots on the Moon and returned in RP-1. The closest I got in a previous race was a manned lunar flyby with a Gemini capsule, and I was still years behind the front runner in completing that particular contract.
  10. Kerbal Administration for Big Overpowered Orbital Machines - 1951 A busy first year...
  11. Some time was freed up this weekend, so I was able to start yesterday. Hopefully I'll have 1951 up in the next few hours.
  12. @Ultimate Steve Are you still accepting new entrants? I feel like my KSP burnout/hiatus is going to end soon, and this looks like fun. I'd likely be starting in earnest sometime around the 22nd.
  13. It makes me happy that people are linking to the wiki.
  14. @Tekaoh You might want to check out this mod: It operates pretty much how you were describing.