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  1. Norcalplanner

    Are SSTO's worth it?

    I like the idea of SSTO spaceplanes, but I rarely use them because I'm frequently playing in 2.5x scale. It's a bit harder to cram in the extra delta V and still have a useful payload.
  2. Norcalplanner

    "Role Play" versus Contract or Science missions

    I just added Space Age, which I'm liking a lot so far. It's basically like a recording secretary in the corner keeping track of everything. How many times has that craft landed on a particular moon or docked with a particular station? Who has flown the longest duration mission? Etc...
  3. Norcalplanner

    [1.3] Karbonite Plus (K+) - A Karbonite Expansion!

    My Karborundum harvesting sundivers in GPP career generally found the goods much higher than that. I'd suggest putting the craft in an eccentric orbit with Ap just inside Moho and Pe down at 1000 km, then watch your harvest rates and see where the best band is for your save.
  4. After having played with this for a few hours today, the best word I can use so far is "disorienting". Low orbital operations around Mesbin and Statmun (which is all I've done so far) remind me of being in orbit around Lili and Tellumo, where you can't trust any visual references to orient yourself. The delta between surface mode and orbital mode on the nav ball is significant and fraught with peril for the unwary. Not sure I'm going to do a long-term career with it in its current state, since it's not the most compatible with my preferred mod list, but definitely an interesting change of pace.
  5. @GregroxMun This planet pack looks great with some unique challenges. Would you say that Mesbin and nearby bodies are fairly close to their final parameters and locations at this point? Just looking to start a new career where upgrading to whatever new hotness you come up with is an option as you continue to refine your creation.
  6. @Tyko I agree we're getting off topic. There are some threads which explored this topic extensively with complicated math a few years ago. I'll see if I can find them back when I'm at a real computer. Back on topic, it looks like I need to download some NF dev builds and check them out when I get home tonight.
  7. A good rule of thumb is to not burn longer than 1/6 of the orbital period. And if you're in a high orbit, a retro burn to lower the Pe first is frequently a good idea, assuming the timing and phase angle are correct.
  8. Norcalplanner

    Project for my Rocket Propulsion Class

    With RSS and RO and appropriate RO-configured parts, I would say yes, you should be able to get in the ballpark showing whether your design concept might possibly work.
  9. I like this idea. Similar to Kerbal RnD or KCT, it gives you a reason to keep collecting science and forces you to choose between unlocking the next node, and doing something else (leveling up Kerbals in this case) which helps your space program in a different way.
  10. Norcalplanner

    [1.5.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (Nov 7)

    Not in front of KSP atm, but it seems to me that greenhouse output would scale linearly with volume and/or mass, rather than some artistic arrangement of the plants in the windows. Possibly with greater efficiency for parts further down the tech tree. Idea just now - upgrades to greenhouses in career mode. Probably not the easiest thing to code, but it seems logical that our industrious Kerbals would build better greenhouses over time.
  11. Impressive achievement! Is this in 1.4.5?
  12. Norcalplanner

    [1.5.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (Nov 7)

    IVAs are a pain in the rear to make for something that many players look at rarely or if all. You're new to the forums, so you may not realize that the predecessor to this mod had even plainer IVAs. For something that the modder offers to us for free, I think that they're great. :-)
  13. There's a great post here that explains the various combinations:
  14. Kerbals recover back to their maximum health when on Kerbin. However, maximum health slowly degrades based on cumulative radiation exposure, and there's no way (yet) to reverse this process. That said, a Kerbal starts with 100 HP and adds 10 per level of experience, up to a max of 150. The most I've ever lost in a single Kerbal in properly designed ships is 5 health points, and that was an interplanetary explorer who spent several years in space outside of any planetary SOI. The health loss is really a way to force you to consider radiation shielding in your designs and make your stations and motherships even more massive. With a touch of crew R&R because of the time-based health recovery mechanic. All of this should be couched in my lack of recent Kerbalism experience, since I haven't played with it for several iterations of KSP.
  15. @tonimark Speaking as an enthusiastic user of the mod, I view as an alternative to Kerbalism, since both contain habitation and radiation mechanics. Making the two compatible would be a huge task, especially considering all the other subsystems that Kerbalism that touches.