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  1. Hi, I've recently installed Rocket Sound Enhancement and I've been enjoying it greatly. However, it seems that it just completely disables realplume, when RSE is installed realplume just refuses to even show up where it normally does. I was wondering if this was probably just some installation mistake on my part, or if this is a known issue with RSE/Realplume?
  2. Continuing in my JNSQ playthrough, I've finally got a satellite into orbit - after 6 consecutive failed launches, thanks to BARIS: After all of these launch failures though, Explorer 7 FINALLY got to orbit successfully, with only minor hiccups. I've never really appreciated just how hard the early days of rocketry were - now I'm pretty sure I more than understand. Normally, I would have image spam of every single moment of the launch, but I was expecting more launch failures. Only when I realized that the launch might be actually successful did I start taking more pictures. Here, we have flawless stage separation. No problems to speak of! Ironically, some parts fail right after reaching orbit. However, redundancy prevents this from becoming a derelict satellite - only one of the 4 antennas are taken out, and 3 out of the 4 batteries. Finally, Explorer-7 becomes the first satellite in orbit!
  3. Yes, haha - I was a bit sleepy and tired when I wrote that last night.
  4. Well.. I would have gotten this out earlier, but I proceeded to have 6 launch failures in a row, literally. If you thought the last one was long and boring... here we go again. I promise things will get more exciting - unless we happen to have 6 launch failures in a row again. In fact, I originally thought I only had 5 launch failures in a row but I got so confused I missed one. Chapter 3 "7th time's the charm." - me
  5. At our school our filters are more lax, only the pictures hosted on discord are blocked. Which is a shame, since some people prefer to post on discord instead of imgur.
  6. I'm on the forums quite often during school since I tend to be an early finisher. If we're working on any assignment with a laptop and I'm done, I'll just start endlessly browsing the forums or checking up on some mission report.
  7. That's what's coming next! While I'm mainly focusing on the manned missions here, I do want to have a good mix of probes. Next chapter should have the first satellite in orbit, if all goes well.
  8. This one is a bit long, and might be slightly boring. To be fair, Mercury-Redstone wasn't the most exciting program. However, since this is complete, bigger, better missions will be coming up soon! Chapter 2 "Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? That's not my department, says Wernher Von Braun." - Tom Lehrer
  9. I've finally discovered that I could change FOV with the alt key. I never realized what a huge difference it made. Anyway, here's my latest (first!) mission in my latest playthrough:
  10. hahahahahah rampant procrastination insues. TUBM enjoys soup.
  11. Today I completed the first launch of my new JNSQ playthrough. The rocket is, as I'm sure you guys can tell, based on the Mercury-Redstone launch vehicle. It's a pretty simple launch really, go up, turn at the clouds, eject the spent booster. However, I've finally discovered the magic of changing the fov with the alt key. For some reason I've just never done it before? But now, since I have it, I plan to use it a lot. I hope nobody minds the image spam. Gotta love the amazing waterfall plume there. Jeb becomes the first kerbal to reach space! Not for long though, a few minutes later he's plummeting back through the atmosphere. During descent the capsule reaches an overwhelming 15 gees, which I never expected. Somehow, nothing broke (I'm using BARIS). And splashdown! Jebediah Kerman, first kerbal in space!
  12. I meant to get this out on the same day as the prelude, but I started messing with some mods. Long story short, we have a few more mods to add to the modlist! Most notable are BARIS and Snacks, since I decided I needed more of a challenge. I think it'll be quite interesting to see how it goes since I've never really played with life support or failures before. Chapter 1 "Before one can run, they must learn to walk." - Unknown
  13. Yeah, I was wondering if there was a 'cleaner' way to do it, like if someone else had already had the same thought as me and there was some preexisting patch. Anyway, to get the IVA to point to the Mk3 Passenger internal I just grab that filename from the Mk3 cfg, right?
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