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  1. Looks like I'm late... 10.1 K posts. Not 10k pages, but we're getting there!
  2. Look at this! 


    The Megathread has 10.1k replies. And its HOT!


    1. Misguided Kerbal

      Misguided Kerbal

      I forget to check on it for a while... and 10.1K!?


  3. I made these rovers a while ago, but they're all still in service and completely functional. I present to you.. the Prospector-class rover! It fits a bit awkwardly onto my 3.75-ish launcher, mostly because of the 2.5m upper stage that doesn't want to accommodate the landing platform. Other than that though, it's quite easy to launch. Powered by a few RTGs, the thing is quite easy to drive around. Since this was made in my Sandbox save, it doesn't really have much except for a scanning arm. Contemplating the meaning of life
  4. The original was actually 100,000, but I decided that was impossible and revised it.
  5. I think the majority of people will migrate to KSP2, but of course there will always be people that just like the original KSP.
  6. Well.. I've had a little break from playing KSP because of real life stuff. But now most of the exams are over, I can finally get back to playing! So, after not playing for so long I decided to make a plane (doesn't everyone do that?) It was a flop (literally). Next thing I knew, the whole plane flipped over on its belly. Not good. So, keeping along with the plane shenanigans, I decided to do a routine crew rotation. After not playing for a month (mostly playing some Minecraft), I wasn't very used to the controls anymore,
  7. Frick, I was late to my summon! @Lewie
  8. I just want to say that this isn't dead, I have plenty of story ideas but real life has gotten in the way. I should have a new chapter in a week or two.
  9. Hmm... I thought the KSC would select Orbital Dynamics. It definitely has more potential than Phoenix Aerospace.
  10. Wow! That is really, really good! You drew all of that yourself?
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