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  1. Aha! I think I might have found something in @Orbital_phoenix's screenshot collection! [Edit: Tested it in my 1.9.1 save, and sadly it doesn't work] @Kopernicus:AFTER[Kopernicus] { @Body[Sun] { @ScaledVersion { Light { sunlightIntensity = 1.5 scaledSunlightIntensity = 1.5 IVASunIntensity = 1.5 } } } }
  2. Hmmm... interesting idea. resists urge to say 'there's a mod already' Perhaps there could be an in-flight (like the action groups thingy) thing like the Making History mission planner. It could be included as part of the breaking ground DLC I suppose, it should fit in there pretty well.
  3. On the topic of alternate history missions, perhaps take a crack at doing a Apollo Manned Venus (Eve in this case) flyby: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manned_Venus_flyby Doing a Salyut mission would also be interesting, as I've not really seen that around here all that much. TKS would be a fun addition to that: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salyut_7 You could also do a Viking/Mariner program. Most people go off and do the Voyagers or the other exciting probes, but I think these need some coverage too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viking_program htt
  4. This is really cool! I think you should make the suit based off by the above design. (If you drew that, wow!). Would there be any interest for making a texture replacer version for those of us still on previous versions?
  5. I haven't seen myself in a little while. Where did I put my glasses again? *stumbles* @VoidCosmos You're up
  6. I sent up a basic Phoenix Shuttle to go crew and check out my new LKO fuel station (replacing the previous Kraken-struck one). Liftoff! Ascent was nice and smooth as usual via mechjeb, though I had to change the trajectory settings quite a bit in order to not flip over. However, Mechjeb isn't a human, and it can never handle the second stage of the Phoenix, so I had to take it manually from there, but it was nothing trivial, as the first stage had completed everything short of circularization, and my flying skills are (if I say so mysel
  7. Hello, and welcome to the forum! I would suggest using 1.7.3, as it's currently one of the most stable version aside from 1.3.1 and currently the new versions aren't that stable. However, I personally use 1.9.1 as a lot of cool mods came around after 1.8.1. I wish you luck on your adventures!
  8. KOFD-2 in LKO KOFD-2 in LKO ANTS-2 plotting a maneuver with the KOFD ANTS-2 approaching the KOFD ANTS-2 on approach course ANTS-2 approaching ANTS-2 approaching ANTS-2 about to dock ANTS-2 docked to the KOFD ANTS-2 docked to the KOFD
  9. Hi all. So, I've been looking for a sunboost config. For example. @Zorg has a sunboost config for JNSQ that makes the sun brighter, but so far I've been having trouble finding a sunboost config for the stock system except for an outdated one from 1.2.1. Could any of ya'll point me to a working one for 1.9.1 stock?
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