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What did you do in KSP today?

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Thought I had worked out a nice script written to launch into any chosen inclination. Already had tested a roll program that smoothly rotated the shuttle to the correct heading before the gravity turn.

Unfortunately it appears kOS does not like Kerbin's standard gravitational parameter.


Even if I remove the function and just have something like "Set x to 3531598400000 / 600000." somewhere in the code, it throws an error. :huh:I thought perhaps the number was too big or had too many digits of accuracy but that wasn't it. I give up for tonight. kOS, I'll deal with your oddities after I get some sleep!

Anyways, fun pic:




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1 hour ago, ARS said:

Guys, I need an advice. Can someone give me a guideline how to position the location of landing point (end of the line) while doing retrograde burn (while I'm still above the atmosphere) so that after reentry my craft lands on KSC? I'm trying to train myself about this. Last time I'm doing it it's too far from KSC (either past the island airfield on the east or on the mountainous region on the west) BTW, the craft in question is just a mk1 command pod with heatshield and parachute (initial velocity while in stable orbit is 2500 m/s)

I would recommend the trajectories mod. Gives a rough estimate of where you will land taking into account drag and stuff.

Not 100% accurate but it gives a decent enough tool to plan with. As a general stock rule of thumb, a reentry burn so that the PE is on the peninsula after the KSC peninsula (not the one it is on) will get you at least kinda close to the KSC.

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I had a bit of fun loading out my F-14 Tomcat.


Full loadout for a long-range intercept mission (the screenshot is missing the drop tanks, as I dropped them by accident), and fully functional.


Plus, by B-52 exited its retirement to help me test my M2F2 lifting body design.

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1 hour ago, joacobanfield said:

think you mean the Star Trek film about whales and time travel. I think it was number 4...

Yes, it was. And *kuch* the best of them all.

Hmmm ... think I'll redo that gif.

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Made my computer cry. Or in other words, I built a large-ish ship (55m length, 10m width). The KSS Princeton, with over 1500 parts at launch, will cut frames. It can travel at a top speed of 14 m/s (more if you want to stick even more engines on. or a rocket.)

Images in spoiler.








Also armed with 10 cruise missiles, two of which have an extended range. The launchers themselves also raise and lower, so that's cool.


Still needs some work, mostly on the launchers, but I think its almost ready



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Today I made a quick plane for the KSP Weekly "Crosswise the Sea!" Challenge

It went well. I completed the initial challenge. Then with almost half my fuel left, I decided to try crossing another ocean towards the north pole. 

I almost made it too... Careful use of the Whiplash engines and Mach speeds got me literally to the edge of the next continent. 

Actually in the dark (it was not yet sunrise) it looked suspiciously like the surface of the ice. I couldn't exactly tell whether I was over water or even where I was in the pitch black. I even put down my landing gears... Alas, it was not glacier. 



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I finished some Duna mission crafts... NFT and KerbalAtomics... Kerbalism and DeepFreeze...:cool:

Transfer ship running on nukes and LH2, for four Kerbals and a freezer installed for the journey:


KerbalAtomics and HeatControl FTW!


And the the crewlander, for three Kerbals, will be wrapped in a fairing untill reaching lower atmosphere:


and finally a supplies and cargo lander, also landed in fairing, you never know...:


Gonna go hardcore on Kerbalism, no turning back in my modded career...:0.0::confused::D

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more pigs, errm pics
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what did i do?

1. try to scare the pants of ISEA's team with a huge rocket (carries 96t to LEO, 40 t to GTO 10 t to TLI)

2. launched a man to orbit with the ESL OC3-4m-2b

(you can launch a payload with ESL just follow the link and drop a craft file in: https://kerbalx.com/hangars/20648 < public hangar free to put payloads in

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2 minutes ago, eloquentJane said:

I kept 2 kerbals in orbit for 30 days using Kerbalism, which is easier said than done. I also launched some nice new space probes. Details can be found here.


whats that next to the solar panels? kidna looks like KSC but its in the wrong position i dont think its kerbin side...

EDIT ah your using GPO

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Today was the final test run for the upcoming manned moon landing.


(Spoiler because LOTS of pictures)


Saturn V on the pad, ascent was fine:


Stage sep, 2nd stage performed better than expected:


3rd stage ignited  in order to enter into orbit


Tranferburn also without any problems, the tank had even about 1000 ms left, because the Lander is not as heavy as the apollo spacecraft:


Capture burn at the moon:


Orbit, 97km x 99km. Here you can see the lander. I wanted to avoid a docking maneuver, so the whole ascent stage will return back to Earth:


I was worried about the descent, I thought it will be quite difficult because the burn will take a long time:


Almost down.....:




Then, the ascent stage separated and flew back into low lunar orbit:


It was not easy to control it because only the pod had RCS thrusters and there was no pilot on board.


Splashdown in invisible water:


 Jeb ? get ready and buy some snacks, you are going to land on the moon!!! :) 


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Clearing out the rescue contracts from the to do list. Luckily no more whales were encountered.


Some of the targets were a tad unwieldy..... However mission control spotted a new button and were able to reduce the problem somewhat.


The occupants relatives had to be assured he had already moved into the can.


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24 minutes ago, NISSKEPCSIM said:

Oh, yeah - though I didn't feature it in my mission reports thread, I rescued a stranded female kerbonaut named Trillian. :cool: :wink:


As long as it was the Zooey Deschanel version and not the dish of the day's wife.....

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Faced with all that wonderful science that we just know must be down on the Moon's surface, mission control come up with a particularly ambitious plan. Not only will we land a robot probe and collect data, but we will deliver that data back home for full analysis!


Encouraged by our successes, a number of competing space agencies start scrambling to put people in orbit.

...turns out they're not all as competent as we are...


On the up side, the rescued kerbonauts aren't particularly keen to return to their previous employers, and prove willing to work for KSC for nothing but the cost of food and board.

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So I tried to do a video for the STS-1a mission in the shuttle challenge thread. I messed that up. My coding failed me yet again and managed to jettison the external tank before it was empty and while the SMEs were still running. The shuttle promptly ran into it and blew up most of the wings and one of the SMEs. It was only then that I realized I hadn't turned the recording on, so I did that. I was lucky enough to have been hauling an orange fuel tank to orbit for grins, and thus managed to limp to orbit using the OMS and the upper SME (yay for generic stock rocket fuel).

So my new attempt at the STS-1a mission became a sort of combo with the STS-4R mission, being to go and rescue the crew from the shuttle now stranded in orbit.

I decided to do that manually, and like previous manual flights, launch went without mishap. So I set up a rendezvous in map view, and warped towards close approach. I came out of warp and was just about to switch to regular view when I heard *poof*. 

I switched to regular view to see SAS arresting a slight shimmy in the orbiter, and most of my right wing missing. :0.0: FOR PETE'S SAKE! 

My closest approach was too close. I sideswiped the other orbiter. *facepalm*

Soo... now I have 6 kerbals to rescue instead of 4.

Video coming soon. 

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Failed to unlock a 3-kerbal pod. Sent three kerbals to the moon anyway. Koenig, Nimoy and Doohan seem happy to be there regardless of their weird ride.


(That engine is massive overkill. I realised this after transfer stage separation. With a simple Terrier, might well have managed to biome hop, but nuuuu...)

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18 minutes ago, eddiew said:

Failed to unlock a 3-kerbal pod. Sent three kerbals to the moon anyway. Koenig, Nimoy and Doohan seem happy to be there regardless of their weird ride.


(That engine is massive overkill. I realised this after transfer stage separation. With a simple Terrier, might well have managed to biome hop, but nuuuu...)

Creative. Did you have the Mk1 crew cabin unlocked yet? I assume that could have also worked too...

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